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UKTickling – Angelina 24

Length: 5:31
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Angelina 24

UKTickling – Angelina 23

Length: 6:28
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Angelina 23

UKTickling – Angelina 22

Length: 4:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Angelina 22

UKTickling – Angelina 21

Length: 7:32
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Angelina 21

UKTickling – Angelina 20

Duration: 5:26.520
Size: 299,443 Mb

Download – Angelina 20

UKTickling – Angelina Pick Your Poison – Custom

The amazing Angelina returns to UK Tickling for one last visit and she gets the tickling of her life in this hot custom! Dressed in tight gym gear with socks and trainers, Angelina goes into the double stocks once more…it’s a long while since she’s been tickled and even longer since she’s experienced the double stocks! You get to watch her anticipation as she’s put into the stocks before her shoes come off and the tickling begins. Angelina is crazily ticklish, even more so than usual (and that’s saying something!) as her socked feet are tickled followed by the upperbody. She screams and howls with laughter, freaking out completely! After a few minutes, the socks come off and Angelina is then shown four items that will be used to tickle her: feathers, baby lotion, hairbrush and the electric toothbrush. They will all be used, but she must choose the order! Angelina chooses the feathers first and is soon howling with laughter again as they are used on her soles and in between her toes. Next, she chooses the baby lotion and is cracking up again as soon as it’s applied! She’s hysterical in no time as her slippery soles and toes are tickled but she still has to choose the other tools. The toothbrush comes next with more squeals and shrieks, followed by the hairbrush – last because it’s the worst! Angelina is crazy as her lotioned feet are scrubbed by the brush, she really struggles to cope but there’s a lot more in store for her. More lotion is added..a lot more until her soles are completely covered and Angelina is already laughing but she gets a shock as her upperbody is attacked again and she really can’t handle it! The worst is still to come though as her feet are completely lotioned up and the brush comes out again. Angelina can’t cope with it this time and she screams like crazy – us to use one of her own socks as a gag! The gag works a treat as Angelina’s feet get some merciless brush tickling in the final minutes. It is truly tickle- and she can only scream and beg through the sock. An intense ending, one of Angelina’s best. She hadn’t been tickled for a long while and it definitely shows in this one!

Duration: 15:05.698
Size: 1 648,517 Mb

Download – Angelina Pick Your Poison – Custom

ShyAndWildTickling – My Twisted Landlord – Angelina Elise – Part 2

Duration: 11:07.767
Size: 431,827 Mb

Download – My Twisted Landlord – Angelina Elise – Part 2