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TheSoleExperience – Priya and Sassy on the train — Priya lovingly tickled

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At this point it was Priya's turn for some public sole tickling and there were a lot more people on the train, and as you can see in the vid the girls were more aware of people watching, their eyes darting around a little sheepishly now and then, including two high school girls who sat in the catty corner seats in front of me and made snarky comments about thosee "two college girls" tickling each others' feet! Now, Priya looks like an Indian princess, and she often has that serene aloofness about her that intensely beautiful girls have, which is the look you can catch on her face in the VERY beginning of this segment, UNTIL Sassy begins tickling her soles. THEN Priya, as always, dissolved into helpless giggles, the complete slave of delicious torture! And Sassy's behavior was unusually quirky here too, I noticed that she had a look on her face that looked like she was almost in a trance, with a grin like the cat that ate the canary as she stroked her fingernails very lovingly on Priya's soles and Priya twitched and squirmed and tried to hold the laughter in. Oh yeah, check this out, a funny thing happened in the second half — a guy was walking along the platform outside the parked train and I noticed him out of the corner of my eye do a double take, and come back and give a long look through the window at the girls! (I would too of COURSE!) But what I might NOT do is come right onto the train, walk over to the seat where the two girls were sitting, and just frigging STARE at them! Which is what this guy did, a Latin guy in a jacket, about medium height. You will see a break in the tape where this happened. When we were done shooting the girls said to me, "did you SEE that? (Err, of course I did, he blocked the shot!) That cop totally stared at us!" They told me that he was wearing a and a badge under his jacket, which I hadn't noticed. How weird! I think he was into feet because of the double take, because he left after a few seconds of drinking in the scene and sat down on the train, and because Sassy told me he seemed very pleased by the sight he was taking in. Anyway, the coda to this story — I later discovered that Sassy is into girls and has a girlfriend and all. She was so friendly to Priya after the segment, cooing and talking gently, I think she was in love! Girl crush! That explains the whole experience on the train and if anything makes it even more delightful, an experience I'll never forget, and now you won't either!

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TheSoleExperience – Pamela’s Huge Soled Humiliation — Tickling

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Toward the end of their attack on Pamela I came back and found Scarlett and Esmerelda humiliating Pamela's big feet, and it was delightful! So they left and then I settled in to tickle. I had told Pamela that it would be light tikling because her tootsies are as ticklish as they are large, and she can't bear intense tickling. But the squirming big feet seemed so vulnerable at that point, aleady derided and humiliated, her soles actually BLUSHING with shame (I'm serious!!!), that I decided she had not suffered enough, and I decided to tickle her big vulnerable soles without relenting at all. I settled in to stroke her soles and Pamela was ready for some cute, sexy light tickling … how surprised she was! I rakes my fingers up her soles without letup, even slipping my hand under her big heels to lift her feet up better to get every square inch of sensitive soft flesh. Pamela squeals and her eyes bulge with helpless shock as her soles explode with sensation. Those five minutes must have felt like hours to Pamela's poor suffering flippers! She's so confident and superior about her success that I can imagine her lying in bed at night, trying very hard NOT to think about this AWFUL GIG as her squirming big feet make huge tents in the bedsheets!

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TheSoleExperience – Natasha’s Public Bare Sole Exposure — Public Tickling!

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Natasha is gorgeous, and so are her HUGE size 11 feet. She is sitting in front of the big library, in a crowd — the BIGGEST library in the country! And there are hundreds of people around on this very warm spring day. I took her shoes off and her big soles were exposed to all the passersby! Ok, what is crazier about exposing those big feet to the public in this incredibly busy place? TICKLING THEM that's what! Natasha has ticklish feet, "VERY ticklish, INTENSELY ticklish" she tells me when I ask her. I tickled them lightly now and then in the second half. Because she told me how ticklish her soles were, I told her not to slide her feet off the table when I tickled them and she took me a little TOO much to heart and she attempted to keep her feet as steady as possible when I tickled them. Oh well! But despite that, her willpower couldn't stop her from giggling and her gorgeous face lights up in a delightful smile when her sensitive soles — still warm to the touch from being in her shoes — were stroked. I'm going to shoot another gig with her and just let her squiggle her feet around as much as she wants when they are tickled, but this is still nice because of her lovely smile when her feet are tickled. And there were these teenaged girls who were watching us the whole time and there were all like, "oh … my … GOD Vicky, look at her feet. And EEEWWW. He is tickling those giant feet. I mean like, EWW." lol it was classic! I wish I had taped them too. Natasha seemed a little embarrassed now and then when people walked by and looked at her big feet sticking way up like two skyscrapers, but later said she wasn't! Wouldn't YOU have loved to walk by and see this?

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TheSoleExperience – Natalies train sole tickling LIGHTENED

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Natalie's sole experience on the train — PUBLIC TICKLING!!! This tickling segment is LIGHTENED so you can see it a bit better but it loses a bit of the image integrity when it is altered like that. (The previous clip, right above this one, has the tickling part in the original lighting so if you'd prefer, buy that one instead.) We met in the train station and went over to the train to get on and shoot, but unfortunately the lights were not on when we boarded — unusual but not really hugely surprising as it was pretty early. It was disappointing as Natalie was only up from the South for the day and we had gone to some lengths to shoot this. Oh well, that's what happens when you use the wide world for your studio! Undaunted we settled in and Natalie put her huge, soft, shapely feet up so I could tickle them — and you can bet your boots that I did! Great fun, as Natalie is very ticklish on her big soft soles and she has a hard time holding them down so that I could tickle them. As we were shooting and my fingers were dancing along her sensitive sole flesh, she would wriggle and giggle but then she would see a shadow moving on the darkened train and we would stop for a second. It wasn't very clear to either of us, but it seemed that as her big soles were being lovingly tormented by yours truly, people were quietly slipping into seats a bit down the train car … perhaps to watch?!?!?! You will see the tickling session interrupted several times as this happened.

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TheSoleExperience – Jamie Daniels in Nun Soles 1 — Sole Tickling

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AMIE DANIELS has forsaken the life of the flesh and has taken the cloth! As Sister Teeny Feeta, she has become a teacher, and what a sour-puss she is! The dour religious penguin is not happy unless she is terrorizing the students and threatening to fail each and every one of the miserable little snots. In the third part of this clip, the daring student, crazed with passion, has been massaging the soles of the nun's feet — and she seems to be alomst by it. The pleasure-loving nun does not seem to care about how extremely inappropriate this is. So weak and open to the sins of the flesh is she! But as he touches and strokes her sensitive soles, the student begins to think about all those times Sister Teeny Feeta kept them after school when other students were out enjoying the world, when she failed them for work that didn't deserve it, when she yelled at them and smacked them with her nasty ruler. Something comes over him — he MUST get revenge! So he grabs a bit of string and slips it around her ankles, with bad intentions in mind. So tiny and slender is she that it's all it takes to immobilize her feet, and his hands head back to her wriggling soles, with tickling retribution in mind! His nails scribble scrabble up and down her poor helpless foot flesh, and now she is the one that is made to squirm! Sister Teeny Feeta explodes with anger and begins to go at the vengeful student with her trusty ruler attack, but soon she is reduced to a helpess wriggling wreck! Oh how WONDERFUL this is! Look at her sweat! She calls for holy assistance to save her soul (soles?) but Sister Teeny Feeta is a naughty nun and no divine intervention occurs. She squirms and whimpers but to no avail — her beautiful, tiny, sensitive soles are mercilessly attacked! By the time the student has has his fill of tickle torture, the lazy nun has realized how helpless she is to do anything about it — after all, why were her feet up on the table in the first place? All around her are smirking faces, looking at the humiliated nun, knowing how vulnerable and helpless her soles are. It could happen again, sister! How the worm does turn. Things are going to be very different in the classroom from this point, I think, now that a certain nun has been tickle-humiliated in front of everyone ….

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TheSoleExperience – Pamela and Sakura’s Strange Audition 3 — Sole Tickling

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Pamela and Sakura have gone to a crazy audition! They've been told to run in track shoes until their poor feet are completely aching, but after that they can sit and relax and to their surprise their track shoes are peeled off and they can rest their poor tired tootsies. They do some foot flexing and then, strangely, their feet are pleasured (see clips 1 and 2), the inevitable savage twist — the girls are told that they need to be fitted with ankle restraints for the part, and relunctantly agree, and this is followed by tickling! Sudden, unexplained, and, for Sakura, mind blowing torture! This is where Sakura comes into her own, for while Pamela's soles are undoubtedly sensitive and she feels the discomfort of them being tickled, Sakura's soles are unbearably ticklish! She squirms and wriggles and begs and pleads, but this just makes her tormenters more excited to tickle her more! First the female torturer lightly punishes her sensitive soles with her hard nails, but then the male tickler moves over and strokes her soles nonstop and Sakura is sent into paroxysms of despair! It is so difficult to resist tickling this beautiful, delightful little gal's soles that the female tickler reaches over and tickles them too. It's just too much fun. Sinx minutes that seemed like six years to poor squirming Japanese cutie Sakura.

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TheSoleExperience – Lil Dee in Soles Sisters (Complete)

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LIL DEE and her sis are at it again! This time it's Dee who puts her perfect tiny feet up and relaxes, and it's sis to the rescue … for a while! This clip first has Dee putting her feet up and then sis realizing those are her shoes! It's ok though, she takes HER shoes off of DEE'S feet and let's poor Dee relax a little — and it is quite a sight to see those gorgeous feet wriggle and wiggle around as Dee casually chats with her sis. Dee's feet are legendary and there is a reason why!!! They are gorgeous and really on display in this clip, and it is totally natural as she is sitting there shooting the breeze with sis like she would on any relaxing evening. But Dee's tender tootsies are REALLY aching — having her shoes off isn't good enough for her and she asks for a foot rub, and sis steps up to the plate! Yeah, it's pretty hot to watch Dee's gorgeous feet get caressed and rubbed and pampered, and who knows how to do that better than a sister? Dee looks like she's in heaven! EXCELLENT bare-soled massage action including many close-ups of the sole flesh being pleasured. Finally, it all gets to be too much for sis — first Dee is wearing her shoes, then she wants a foot massage, and finally she blows her sister off in favor of reading the room service menu? WHAT? Sis has had enough and she invites over the stranger ogling Dee's naked soles from afar, to rub those gorgeous feet. Dee is quickly on to the shenanigans so sis pounces and holds her legs down and encourages the stranger to tickle Dee's vulnerable little soles, and he is happy to oblige! Oh how Dee wriggles and squeals and struggles as her helpless soles are tickled and her sister enjoys the revenge. Dee's sis knows that revenge is best served ON SOLES!

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