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TickleIntensive – Columbian Cruelty

Age: 33

Foot Size: 9.5



Akasha, or rather Goddess Akasha, is a tall, beautiful, and EXTREMELY TICKLISH Columbian Domme who likes to be in control, but today it’s her limits that are going to be severely tested! She’s getting a BRUTAL introduction to the world of tickling – GANG TICKLING WITH NO SAFEWORD TO STOP THE SCENE!

Akasha’s wrapped and tied tightly and to the bed TOPLESS with her incredibly sensitive feet stripped bare and her long toes tied back, pulling her slender soles completely taut. She’s so nervous that she’s already begging in Spanish and broken English before the tickling even gets started, and when Akasha feels Sydney Paige’s sharp red nails tickling her sensitive soles, she EXPLODES into peals of hysterical laughter!


She pleads and begs for the tickling to stop, but ten wicked fingernails soon evolve into TWENTY nails when Courtney Cummz joins in, and both girls proceed to TICKLE THE LIVING HELL out of the hysterical domme! The girls meticulously explore EVERY INCH OF AKASHA’S TICKLISH SOLES with their nails, dual combs, dual brushes, and dual SKEWERS (which drives her fucking crazy)! She screams with laughter, struggling wildly and cursing and begging, all to the delight of her tormentors!

Then Adara Jordan hops onto Akasha’s upperbody and mercilessly tickles her armpits, EXPOSED BREASTS, ribs, and stomach, making it an official GANG TICKLING! She begs and pleads for the tickling to stop, but the only time stop tickling are when they rotate so everyone gets a chance at Akasha’s ticklish feet and upperbody! Three vicious women tickling her at the same time drives Akasha to total hysteria, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs with hysterical laughter and struggle fruitlessly into complete exhaustion.

Akasha’s totally wrecked. Her body is dripping with sweat and her hair and makeup are a mess. She gasps for air and whispers with relief, trying to save her breath for the next ordeal…

Brutal Non-Stop Gang Tickling.

Length: 10:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Columbian Cruelty

TickleIntensive – A Devilish Punishment

Age: 29

Foot Size: 10



Ama’s joined up with a Devilish cheerleading squad – and they’re VERY STRICT, especially when it comes to dress code and learning the routines. Unfortunately for Ama, she forgot her panties to practice, a severe dress code violation! Even worse, her squadmates Courtney Cummz, Sydney Paige, and Kitty Quinn are on hand to deliver a devilishly ticklish punishment!

The girls take Ama straight from practice and tie her to the bed clad in her Satanic cheerleading outfit, minus her panties, leaving her TICKLISH PUSSY COMPLETELY EXPOSED!

The girls subject Ama to a brutal non-stop gang tickling. Her big feet are sore from practice and are extra sensitive, so the girls make sure to tickle every inch of Ama’s big soles, using their fingernails, combs, and brushes to drive her to hysterics! Her upperbody is thoroughly explored, with the girls paying special attention to her pits, ribs, stomach, and especially her ticklish PUSSY! Ama screams at the top of her lungs with hysterical laughter and struggles like a madwoman, but she’s tied down tight, and there’s no escape from her cruel tormentors. “ADMIT IT, YOU LIKE IT!” TEASES COURTNEY, BUT ALL AMA CAN DO IS SCREAM WITH LAUGHTER. “STAAAA-HA-HA-HOP! HAHAHAHA!”

The sadistic gang tickling goes on and on until Ama’s drenched in sweat and COMPLETELY WRECKED! Satisfied that she’s finally learned her lesson, the tickling stops and the girls leave their victim tied to the bed gasping for air, perhaps regretting her decision to join a Satanic cheerleading squad…

Non-Stop Gang Tickling.

Length: 10:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Devilish Punishment

SlaveShow – Diana’s first triple tickle

Length: 17:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Diana’s first triple tickle

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Col solletico diventerai una dipendete perfetta! – Thanks to tickling you’ll be a perfect employee!

Ariane has surprised her employee Lili in her office and now she is scolding her: Ariane is a very orderly and methodical person and cannot bear to find her office in disorder, also important documents have disappeared and now she is suspicious of Lili, so the girl she tries to justify herself and denies that she is responsible, but Ariane doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile Eleonore and Valentina crawling under the desk reach Lili’s feet and begin to tickle her by stroking her soles and tickling her between her foot and her shoe. Lili is in trouble: she can’t be serious and she laughs as she apologizes to her boss. Ariane is increasingly annoyed and it is impossible for Lili to concentrate while the two colleagues tickle her. When the boss notices the two lying on the ground she asks all three what they are doing and Lili confesses that it was all a challenge between them: Ariane is stunned, she does not tolerate these behaviors and promises to take action. Shortly after, taking advantage of Lili’s tiredness, Valentina and Eleonore put her to bed and unbutton her shirt, Ariane arrives and sees the napping girl topless, while her colleagues tickle her. Basita asks what is happening and the two explain to her that these resistance challenges and tickle tests have been going on for some time and serve to increase concentration, they convince the girl that thanks to the tickle Lili is increasingly concentrated and her work performance improve. At this point Ariane is convinced and decides to take part in the challenge, so the three resume tickling Lili all over her body, on her breasts, under her armpits and obviously under her feet. The girl continues to rest, but to a certain she can no longer resist and she laughs out loud while the three do not stop tickling her. Ariane mounts her on top of her and keeps her locked while Eleonore and Valentina tickle her feet. Lili laughs and screams asking to stop, but the three continue, after all they are doing it for her sake!

Length: 24:52.740
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Col solletico diventerai una dipendete perfetta! – Thanks to tickling you’ll be a perfect employee!

RussianFetish – Tickling blindfolded game – Agata, Marica, and Aksinya vs Lisenok and her Revenge on three friends

We haven’t seen fresh clips from Dero for a long time! Today we have a tickling game.

Here’re are a few charming participants (Agata, Marica, Aksinya) and all are located around the host of the game – Lisenok, whose eyes are blindfolded.

Each represented participant is handcuffed and have chains at their feet. It is difficult for them to move. As soon as the music starts playing, the girls start walking around the room, while Lisenok waits for the end of the song. When the music stops, Lisenok begins to carefully search for the participants. Girls can run from place to place. Lisenok must catch them all!

After capturing a participant, Lisenok takes off her outerwear, leaving her topless.
In the end, when all the participants have been caught, according to the rules of the game, now the participants must move in pairs. And here Aksinya and Marica lost – Lisenok tickled them properly.

The last stage, Lisenok strips topless. The other girls are also topless and blindfolded. And after the music starts, Lisenok moves around the room ALSO blindfolded. Her task is not to be caught by the participants.
Of course, Lisenok was caught soon and tickled by all three girls.

But we left for her a small prize – a revenge. And at the end Lisenok will tickle three girls who are blindfolded and locked in stocks!

Length: 40:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling blindfolded game – Agata, Marica, and Aksinya vs Lisenok and her Revenge on three friends

SexualAlexis – Amazonians tickle Whitney

Length: 8:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Amazonians tickle Whitney

TheFootFantasy – Tickle Punishment

Roxie and Courtney are bff and they share the same bedroom. Roxie took Courtney’s shoes from her closet without telling her to wear them during a party at night. Courtney realized her shoes are missing and she wants to know who took them away. Roxie tells Courtney that it was Macy, and she has decided to confront her. Macy is in her bedroom sit on the bed and suddenly Courtney comes in with Roxie and Mandy. Roxie and Mandy confront her and Courtney start asking where her shoes are, but Macy asks to let her go and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Courtney is getting tired and asks Roxie what she thinks they should do to punish and make Macy confess, and Roxie says, “Let’s tickle her”. Mandy and Roxie take Macy to the bed while Courtney sits in a chair that is right beside the bed, she put her socked feet over the bed and start checking her smartphone. Mandy is tickling Macy’s armpits while Roxie is tickling her socked feet. After a minute, Roxie asks Courtney if she should take Macy’s socks off to tickle her bare feet and Courtney says, “Great Idea”. Macy doesn’t want them to do that, but Roxie removes each sock and tickle Macy’s bare feet. Macy still getting tickled reminds Courtney that Mandy had a nap in her bedroom, so now Courtney changes her mind and orders Macy and Roxie to tickle Mandy to see if she confess. Now is Mandy the victim, Macy tickling her armpits and Roxie tickling her socked feet. Roxie again asks Courtney to take the socks off and Courtney says “Off Course”. Roxie removes each sock to tickle Mandy’s bare feet. Nobody knew that Courtney had a secret camera in her bedroom, and while using her smartphone she found the video where she clearly saw that it was her best friend Roxie that took her shoes from the closet. She tells that to Roxie and, called her a traitor and immediately ordered Mandy and Macy to tickle her. But Roxie managed to convince them to tickle Courtney instead since she has always been mean with them, so they both took Courtney to the bed to tickle her. Mandy and Macy tickling Courtney’s armpits and body while Roxie is tickling her socked feet. Then Roxie starts to take her socks off and Courtney says “No please not my bare feet, I am your leader and I order you not to do that”. She doesn’t listen to her and take each sock off and tickled her bare feet. Things may seem resolved, but Mandy and Macy were unfairly tickled because of Roxie, so is time for payback… They put her in position to be tickled, Mandy starts tickling her armpits while Courtney and Macy tickle Roxie’s socked feet. Then Courtney tells Macy to take her socks off (flipping them) so she fully pays everything she has caused… Roxie is begging them to leave her socks on but it doesn’t work and they all enjoy tickling her barefeet and being punished.

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Punishment