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RandomSoleEncounters – PRIVATE STASH- My Birthday Gift; Luna in Tickle Hell – Gang tickling, Pure Tickle !

With my birthday approaching, Luna was trying to figure out the perfect gift to get me. When she asked what I wanted she was expecting me to give the usually answers of “Maybe some camera equipment, a watch.” You know, very basic stuff.

But I had other ideas on the perfect gift………

I’ve tickled Luna in every way imaginable but there is one that she refuses to do, being gang tickled! She’s done it in the past and it was too much for her to handle. So when I told her what my birthday wish was she wasn’t having any of it…but I’m quite persistent and was finally able to get Luna to agree, reluctantly, to this. Although, she told me that this was the only gift I would be getting! No problem!

I arranged for three tickle doms to come over, I made sure they had very dominant personalities that would take pleasure in taking Luna to the limit.

And they did!

Luna is a laughing (snorting), begging, cursing mess in this video. This is non-stop tickle for almost 15 minutes straight! The ticklers all relentlessly tickle her entire body, even nibbling and licking her toes and soles. By the end Luna was not happy!

I on the other hand, was very happy with my B-Day gift!

Length: 12:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – PRIVATE STASH- My Birthday Gift; Luna in Tickle Hell – Gang tickling, Pure Tickle !

TickleIntensive – GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY!




AGE: 37


Bondage Prep: A Trump supporter is tied to the bed spread eagle for a non-stop gang tickling… unless she changes her vote.

KITTY QUINN IS ONE LOYAL TRUMP GIRL. She goes to the President’s rallies, she buys his flags and shirts, she even has that damn Trumpy bear – so when Onyx Kim, Courtney Commings, and Ari Parker tie her to the bed and inform her that she’s either going to change her vote or suffer through an endless gang tickling, she scoffs – IT’S GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN EMPTY THREATS TO CHANGE HER MIND! Unfortunately for Kitty, the girls are more than happy to make good on their word!!

Kitty is subjected to the worst tickling she’s ever suffered through. All three women gang up on her and sadistically tickle her without a trace of mercy. They viciously rake their sharp nails across Kitty’s bare soles and tickle every square inch of her upperbody until she’s shaking and screaming with peals of hysterical laugher! She breaks out in a cold sweat as the brutal tickling goes on and on without a break – “ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE BIDEN?” “NO!” More tickling. “READY TO CHANGE YOU VOTE? NO?” More tickling. They even concentrate on tormenting Kitty’s EXTREME TICKLISH INNER THIGHS AND PUSSY!

The girls taunt a hysterical Kitty as they tickle her thighs and pussy. “YOU’RE TRUMP GIRL SO YOU MUST LOOOOOVE BEING GRABBED BY THE PUSSY!”

Kitty gets pushed WAY beyond her limits in this scene – she grows furious with the girls, but there’s no stopping and she has no choice but to take the brutal tickling! She screams with equal parts anger hysteria as the tickling goes on and on – until she finally breaks and promises to CHANGE HER VOTE!… or does she??


Brutal non-stop gang tickling.

Length: 10:24
Resolution: 1920×1080


TickleIntensive – ARE YOU COMMITTED




AGE: 21


Bondage Prep: A ticklish Biden supporter is tied to the bed spread eagle for a gang tickling that only stops once she changes her vote!

Ticklish Korean hottie Onyx Kim is a true-blue Biden girl and no one’s going to change her mind – but Trump gals Courtney Cummings, Kitty Quinn, and Ari Parker know just how to get a young and sensitive girl to change her vote – GANG TICKLING! They converge on the restrained hottie and proceed to viciously tickle her ridiculously sensitive feet and upperbody at the same time, spidering their nails in her arches and squeezing her ribs, Onyx to burst into peals of hysterical laughter!!

The girls hone in on her most sensitive areas and use their fingernails, combs, and DUAL HAIRBRUSHES to drive Onyx wild! She shakes and screams uncontrollably as the gang tickling goes on and on without respite! The girls even subject Onyx to SNIFFING AND TICKLING!! On the rare occasions Onyx is allowed to catch her breath, she begs the girls to stop but she refuses to change her vote, so they tickle even her even HARDER!

Onyx get completely destroyed in this scene – she’s reduced to a gasping, sweaty wreck – but will it be enough to CHANGE HER VOTE??


Brutal non-stop gang tickling.

Length: 10:46
Resolution: 1920×1080


TicklingParadise – Vivianna’s Ticklish Massage!


This is clip 3 from The Ultimate Massage….Now Tye wants to give a gift of one of these massages to a bitchy friend of hers… but she also wants to be there, involved in the “massage”. Let’s see… that would make 3 on 1 and this next scene will blow you away! Enter Viviana, once of the most ticklish and responsive girls we (and YOU)have ever seen!! She enters with an “attitude”. She takes her clothes off exposing her huge breasts and the cutest little panties. She is very upset when she sees Tye enter the room and wants to get out of there. Out comes the relaxation, because she’s staying!! They decide to teach her a real lesson and they attack her with a vengeance for a session of heavy and sadistic tickle . They taunt her, they tease her, they work her over like crazy… Erin sucking one foot, Avery using feathers on the other, while Tye is all over her upper body. You would think that’s enough… but oh no! Now each of the three girls gets out a vibrator… all different sizes and types. They turn them on and use them on Viviana’s feet, thighs, pussy, tummy, and nipples like you would not believe. She laughs until no more sound can come out because she can hardly breathe.

Duration: 17:53.501
Size: 140,446 Mb

Download – Vivianna’s Ticklish Massage!

TickleIntensive – Undecided





AGE: 28


Bondage Prep: Ama is stretched out tight on the bed in a patriotic but barely-there bikini. Nipple and pussy slips abound in this wild scene.

Desperately ticklish Southern belle Ama Rio is an undecided voter – hell, she doesn’t even know if she WANTS to vote – but Kitty Quinn, Courtney Cummings, and Ari Parker are going to force her to make up her mind, Tickle Intensive-style!

Poor Ama gets totally destroyed in this scene, plain and simple. She shrieks with hysterical laughter as the girls subject her big and sensitive soles to a sadistic tickling – sharp fingernails, dual combs, dual hairbrushes, it doesn’t matter, it all drives her to frantic hysterics! The extreme foot tickling is bad enough, but combine that with brutal upperbody tickling and Ama goes completely insane – STRUGGLING, SQUEALING, SCREAMING, CACKLING WITH PURE HYSTERIA AS SHE’S FORCED TO ENDURE THE RELENTLESS GANG TICKLING! Her skimpy bikini slips and her nipples are exposed, but the girls aren’t concerned with Ama’s modesty, and the tickling continues uninterrupted.

Dripping with sweat and gasping for breath, Ama breaks and agrees to vote on election day, but she can’t make up her mind for who – SO BOTH SIDES TICKLE HER EVEN HARDER IN AN EFFORT TO SECURE HER VOTE! Ama makes promises, begs, and even curses in her hot Southern accent, but no matter what she says nothing stops the tickling! Will it ever end for this ticklish undecided voter!? FIND OUT!

Brutal non-stop gang tickling. A scene for the books.

Duration: 10:26.959
Size: 616,413 Mb

Download – Undecided

TickleIntensive – Riot Ravaged



AGE: 27


Riot is a tall hottie with strong legs, a toned body, and a dominant personality. She’s a natural tough girl, but it’s hard to be tough when you’re DESPERATELY TICKLISH, and Riot’s going to find that out today the hard way!

She’s tied tight to the bed in a Y position and her muscular legs are wrapped extra tight in industrial strength cling wrap, rendering them useless. To ensure her extremely sensitive soles stay completely accessible her feet have been toetied. As Dacey and Onyx close in on her ticklish feet you can tell by the way Riot’s muttering and moaning that she’s in WAY over her head. The girls viciously tickle Riot’s soles with their sharp fingernails and she can’t take it for even ONE SECOND – bursting into bouts of hysterical laughter, screaming and jerking in her bondage, begging for a break, but the tickling’s only begun!

Kitty soon joins the party to tickle her upperbody, and with three vicious women ravaging her sensitive body at the same time, all Riot can do is scream at the top of her lungs with pure hysteria! “STOP, YOU BITCHES, STOP!!” SHE SCREAMS, BUT THERE’S NOTHING RIOT CAN DO – SHE’S OFF-THE-CHARTS TICKLISH AND SHE CAN’T MOVE!! The girls hone in on her worst spots – her soles and armpits, tickling and tickling, driving her crazy until this hysterical tough girl is at the point of TEARS!! There are no breaks – the only time they stop is to SWITCH POSITIONS so they all get a crack at their victim’s incredibly ticklish soles and upperbody!

The girls tickle her so bad that Riot’s GENUINELY ANGRY and screaming “I HATE YOU, IFUCKINGIHATEYOU!” but the girls don’t care and tickle her until she’s laughing so much she doesn’t have the breath to speak! She’s left ravaged in a puddle of her own sweat, gasping with total exhaustion and relief, for now…


Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 8019 kbps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps
Duration: 10:26.459
Size: 622,532 Mb

Download – Riot Ravaged

TickleIntensive – Gang Tickling Surprise



AGE: 20s


A gorgeous and VERY ticklish Asian woman is tied to the bed BLINDFOLDED AND COMPLETELY NUDE. She thinks she’s just going to be lightly tickled and teased for this scene, but she’s sorely mistaken – Dacey Harlot, Ari Parker, and Akira are going give her the worst of surprises – A BRUTAL GANG TICKLING!

The scene starts out simple enough – Dacey tickles the woman’s feet with her sharp nails, making her sputter with uncontrollable laughter as her toes are held back and her silky soles are scratched without mercy. Dacey’s soon joined by Akira and BOTH GIRLS PROCEED TO TICKLE THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEIR VICTIM’S FEET, using fingernails and dual brushes to make her scream with laughter and beg for a break, but instead of stopping Ari Parker joins the scene to make it a 3-on-1 gang tickling! The blindfolded Asian hottie has NO IDEA what’s coming, and when Ari squeezes her bare sides, she shrieks with surprise and cackles with hysterical laughter, jerking and screaming as her SIDES, STOMACH, PITS, TITS, INNER THIGHS, AND PUSSY ARE ALL VICIOUSLY TICKLED!

The poor girl can only laugh and scream hysterically, squeezing in a few “OH MY GOD!!”s and “STOOOOOPP!”s between bouts of laughter as three sadistic women brutally tickle her from head to toe without any breaks! The only time they stop is to switch positions so everyone has a turn at this Asian hottie’s sexy feet and naked body. Fingernails, combs, and dual brushes are used to explore every inch of her ticklish soles and the girls tickle her upperbody so bad that they leave SCRATCH MARKS ALL OVER HER SIDES, PITS, AND TITS!!

The girls completely destroy this poor woman. By the time it’s over she’s completely wrecked, a puddle of sweat and a mess of hair, her tits jiggling as she gasps with relief. This sensitive Asian hottie will never look at tickling the same way again…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 8038 kbps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps
Duration: 10:15.881
Size: 613,457 Mb

Download – Gang Tickling Surprise