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FiestyGoddessFina – Tickle the Anxiety Away! ft Goddess Fina, Mistress Nahla Feti, Sativa Feti

Fina arrives at the doctor’s office, clearly stressed out and very nervous. In walks twin healthcare providers, Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla to help treat her. After a brief clinical evaluation, Dr. Sativa ultimately diagnoses that is Fina suffering from anxiety brought on from her high stress job! Dr. Sativa doesn’t hesitate to tell Fina about a new form of immersion therapy that’s promised to cure her anxiety but ONLY if she finished the treatment to completion! Willing to do anything for a quick fix, Fina signs all medical releases from Nurse Nahla without properly reading the paperwork describing methodology and side effects! Dr. Sativa instructs Fina to strip completely naked and change into a patient gown.

Once they leave the room, Fina strips naked but doesnt seem to be able to find a hospital gown anywhere! Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla hastily come back into the room who’s greeted by an anxious, nude patient Fina who’s supposedly “not ready for treatment anymore and needs some more time think things through”. Dr. Sativa informs Fina that’s it’s simply TOO late and if she would’ve ACTUALLY read the fine print of medical release package like she was supposed she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

Refusing treatment after signing the consent forms is simply not an option! Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla calm Fina down and begin their innovative machiavellian-like treatment to calm Fina’s nerves.

Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla bind naked Fina to their medical table and with each brush of their instruments the healthcare twins start to torturously tickle her anxiety away! With every stroke of their fingers all over her ticklish naked body, Fina emphatically squirms and thrashes all over the operating table. Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla then grabs a series of their very own hand-made tickle tools used to tickle Fina as she completely immobilized. Every surface of Fina’s naked body is tickled relentlessly until they’re ready for phase 2 of their treatment plan!

Length: 13:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle the Anxiety Away! ft Goddess Fina, Mistress Nahla Feti, Sativa Feti

FiestyGoddessFina – Goddess Fina Bound & Tickled! Pt 2 & 3

Well look who’s back for parts 2 & 3 of Goddess’s intense mid-western tickle welcome from The Stocks Studio! Now that The Stocks Studio has gotten a taste of just how truly ticklish the sensitive Goddess is, he firmly intents to continue exploring her tickle limit through a series of deviously creative games! Hell, Goddess Fina barely chuckled her way thru the first level of intensity! Thinking she’s going to be released after the first round, little does Goddess Fina know just how truly unprepared she is for the next series of tickle games. Can she powerhouse thru the VERY END and survive her mid-west encounter with The Stocks Studio???

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Goddess Fina Bound & Tickled! Pt 2 & 3

FiestyGoddessFina – Fina & Onyx Bff Sleepover Tickle Fight

Length: 2:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fina & Onyx Bff Sleepover Tickle Fight

FiestyGoddessFina – Bratty Bitch vs Barista Tickle Takedown

Sheeshhh! Goddess Fina must’ve woken up in the WORST way possible for her to be such a bratty little bitch to the beautiful barista while ordering Starbucks??? Fina has NO CLUE this barista is none other than the calm, cool, collected & calculated Goddess Alice who’s very well skilled in ‘uniquely’ handling cunt-y customers like Fina who attempt to give her a hard time

Length: 7:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bratty Bitch vs Barista Tickle Takedown

FiestyGoddessFina – Takes 3 to Tickle

Part II of Maria Jade’s first tickle encounter with Goddess Fina!

It takes two to tango alright but everyone knows it takes 3 to make a tickle party! Sweet Maria Jade thought the fun was over when Goddess Fina initially left; but little did Ms. Jade know Goddess was simply leaving the room to call for more ‘reinforcements’ What better way to christen their first encounter than inviting a very familiar face to the party. Well you know what they say, it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.

Length: 10:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Takes 3 to Tickle

FiestyGoddessFina – Nurse Fina’s Tickle Revenge Takeover! ft Goddess Fina & Ama Rio

It’s been a few days since Dr. Ama experimented on Nurse Fina using her barbaric behavioral tickle modification treatment and unfortunately since then, Nurse Fina has been experiencing some major complications. Arriving at Dr. Ama’s office to discuss her treatment options going forward, Nurse Fina discovers Dr. Ama has fallen resting at her desk during her office hours. Without hesitation, Nurse Fina seizes the opportunity to seek revenge and gives the unbeknownst Dr. Ama a large gulp of her own medicine! Let’s see if the painfully sadistic Dr. Ama can handle the intensity of Nurse Fina’s Tickle Revenge!

Length: 11:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nurse Fina’s Tickle Revenge Takeover! ft Goddess Fina & Ama Rio

FiestyGoddessFina – Nurse Fina’s Tickle Adjustment! ft Goddess Fina & Ama Rio

Dr. Rio is Nurse Fina’s supervisor and chief of medicine who’s absolutely HAD it with Fina’s lack of professionalism around the hospital! Dying her hair all different shades of crazy colors, not covering up her extensive tattoo collection, she’s even received complaints from some angry spouse’s for flirting with their invalid husbands while being administered for treatment! Although she spoken to Nurse Fina several times about her conduct at work, Dr. Rio resorts to taking one final drastic measure by using a new form of behavioral modification therapy through Tickling to help adjust Fina’s attitude. Dr. Rio gives Nurse Fina an ultimatum; lose the attitude thru tickle therapy or lose her job!

Length: 10:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nurse Fina’s Tickle Adjustment! ft Goddess Fina & Ama Rio