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TickleAbuse – Catfished

Macy’s bf got himself in a little catfish situation and who he thought he was going to hook up with and have a night of kinky sex turns out to be a party to punish men. He is going to represent all men to the girls as they take out every frustration they have ever had on him. Macy, Sahyre, and Ari are merciless and cruel for sure.

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Download – Catfished

TickleAbuse – Catfished Part 2

Macy and the girls continue to torment Macy’s cheating bf. They may be a little more undressed and sexier but they are meaner in part 2.

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Download – Catfished Part 2

TickleAbuse – Nails Done

Sunshine, Macy and Stefania are all pretty eager to get their nails done nice and sharp whenever the opportunity arrives to get to torment the house slave. The girls show off their nails in the beginning, not that the slave can see anything but he hears them and knows what is coming, brutal and unmerciful tickling torment!

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Duration: 11:11.170
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Download – Nails Done

TickleAbuse – Gang On Gimp

Ari, Macy and Amethyst all have had their fair share of tickling and need a little release, that is some fun tormenting the Gimp. The girls annihilate him tickling his upper body and feet at the same time, definitely more than even the Gimp is used to.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6836 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 12:42.261
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Download – Gang On Gimp

TickleAbuse – Brutal Behind The Scenes

This video is a little different. I decided to include a lot of the behind the scenes stuff so everyone can see what goes on before a shoot. First you see Meiko helping Amethyst get dressed and talk about the shoot etc. Then Macy, Meiko and Amethyst along with Jon and Johnny are setting up and getting Johnny in the bondage while in his zentai suit. The girls are comparing their nails, taunting their tickle victim and deciding what to do with him exactly which whatever they decide they Johnny has already figured out that it won’t be good for him. The girls destroy him and show no mercy at all.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6700 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 19:57.529
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Download – Brutal Behind The Scenes

TickleAbuse – 3 Way To Hell

Ari, Honey and Nika all want some play time with the house slave but decide it would be more fun if they all tormented him at the same time. Slave has always dreamed of being with 3 girls at once but maybe not so much like this. The girls viciously torment his entire body without any regard for him, he of course is just there for their pleasure.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6597 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 10:30.129
Size: 505,234 Mb

Download – 3 Way To Hell

TheTickleRoom – Triple Teaming the Masked Man Pt 1 Kidnapped By Perla

Ok so! HERE IS A SPECIAL CLIP!!! This clip is a FFF/M tickling worship clip! You will LOVE this clip. Its def one of the sexier clips. It has Perla, Zero, and MARYLOU!!! I was never going to post this but I am ALWAYS getting asked about F/M so after 9 months….here it is….

The Man was sitting at the bar nervous. It had been a rough week and now he just sat there depressed. He would love for one of the woman to come home with him yet they all never even look his way. But little did he know this was his lucky night. Perla sat eyeballing him from the other side of the room. The one man not trying to get anyone….alone…..vulnerable and probably horny. Perla made her move walking towards the man. The man never saw it coming as she got close behind him and held him in place in his chair. She whispered "Its obvious you like jack and coke, I hate this place full of these fucking idiots and I want to have a good time with a man who is not looking for another dumb bitch." The man was shocked as she spun his bar stool to meet face to face. He was stunned by beauty as she finished her rant "So I have some Jack and Coke at my place and its way more intimate so what do you say we go have some fun and get to know each other?" As she said this she ran her hand slowly up his leg. The Man stood no chance melting by his hormones racing. He fell apart inside knowing he may never get this chance again so he blurted out "Sure I would love to!" Little did he know Perla had different plans……Perla handed him one last Jack and Coke and lifted it to his lips while staring in his eyes so he would never notice the bubbling on the bottom. He gulped the drink down and walked to her car. After that things starting feeling weird. The world starting blurring and then he looked at Perla. Smiling she looked at him and said "Goodnight slave". 

The Man awoke completely tied up….he slowly struggled against the restraints adjusting to bright lights in front of him. His head was covered in what felt like a ski mask. A camera was facing him as Perla came from the shadows hitting record. The man could make out shapes moving in the background but Perla spoke…..

"Sorry I had to you, but it was the only way we could have you all to ourselves. I hope you don't mind but I brought some friends". As she said this the Man felt Perla licking and sucking his SENSITIVE toes. He was terrified and all the same HORNY. He giggled under her tickling tongue as 2 more woman emerged from the shadows… fear and arousal he moaned as their tongues and lips explored his body until…he felt the tickle and tried SO hard to hold in his laugh until…"are you ticklish?"……

So in this clip Marylou, Zero, and Perla ABUSE this guy. He gets his nipples licked while his feet are tickled and toes sucked. Even Marylou comments on his feet sucking his toes. They tickle him and leave red lipstick ALL over him. I do not wanna give too much away from this clip but this is just part 1 and its a MUST BUY. Let me know what you guys think! Did I mention he is gagged and blindfolded? 😉 

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 15672 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 14:07.379
Size: 1 602,531 Mb

Download – Triple Teaming the Masked Man Pt 1 Kidnapped By Perla