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TheTickleRoom – A Date Gone Wrong! FFFM Gang Tickle!

This man is on a blind date that he cannot BELIEVE. A beauty swiped on him and she is STUNNING. New haircut and all. She is everything and more. He gets ready and rushes to get to the bar with her but what he does not know is the plan she has for him. See Tiffany has been WANTING to get a man under her thumb for SO long. The dominatrix life has been a little dry and she REALLY wanted some action. So her and her fellow Dommes get together and decide to stage a fake little date spot. Then when the man least expects it, they TURN HIM into their submissive!

The man shows up. Awkward and nervous he happily sits across from the beauty in front of him. This spot seems a little odd but in NYC new and more intimate (yet very odd) date spots have been popping up. Tiffany. Such a beautiful smile and giggle he is entranced by her. He realizes his drink REALLY tastes strong. Such an odd pairing of flavors it tastes like gasoline mixed with mint. But before he knows it. He feels, off. Dreamy. Trying to stay focused on the conversation he slips off into a dreamy wonderland.

Upon waking up he is faced with a hellish nightmare! Or maybe exactly what he needs according to Tiffany. Tied, masked, and in nothing but underwear he is faced with Mei Mei, Tiffany, and Claire Coda!!! What do they want with him?? Well he finds out immediately as they begin raking their fingers all over his super ticklish body. He is grunting and fighting them as they tease him. He fights his laugh but when they work together he cannot help letting his laughter out. Check out this sexy gang tickle with these evil woman and one really helpless (or in heaven) man.

Length: 13:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Date Gone Wrong! FFFM Gang Tickle!

ItaliansTicklingCruel – Roommates From Hell

An unexpected tickling festival with foot domination and gagging, tickling with nails, toes, hair, feet… that’s only a portion of the package, which poor Gabriel found out is included in having these two devils as roommates!

The constant verbal taunting and teasing, and the merciless domination the two girls impose was a secret part of the renting contract, Gabriel discovered. Too bad for him… there’s no way back, not for some years at least!

I’ts going to be a very long year with these two terrible ticklers as roommates, and Gabriel has no choice but try to endure and survive the sexy ordeal, anytime they want to…!

P.S…. There’s even some FFF/M action in the clip: just when gabriel thought that two ladies were enough… why not calling the neighbour over?

Length: 14:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roommates From Hell

MissMedea – Tickling by 3 Mistresses

Length: 11:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling by 3 Mistresses

MacyDivine – Macy Meets Nicky FULL

Length: 12:02
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Macy Meets Nicky FULL

HinakoHouseOfBondage – Welcoming to the Tickling Club

This is a collaboration with Eri Kitami, SuzyQ and Mistress Hinako.

This episode is a tickling restraint course by three tickling professionals. In formal attire and sexy stockings, the three ladies strap their client down to the bed and get started tickling. Tickled by three pairs of hands, he flails around but he can’t escape because of the restraints.

Next, they step on his body with three pairs of feet. Stripped naked, the client’s penis also becomes a toy for them to play with. He gets handjobs, footjobs from feet with the stockings taken off, and more tickling. He can’t get a break from it. Finally, he ejaculates. He couldn’t hold out against the treatment by these three experts.

Length: 12:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcoming to the Tickling Club

Fettish – Grand Tickle – Vengeance

Ok the time was now. After the hell I’ve reigned upon Violet and Mia for the last year, I finally gave in. The stars aligned, and Scarlett was here for her first visit, so what the hell.

Vengeance was here. I let myself get jacketed, gagged, and blindfolded. Strapped up, my feet of course were inescapably locked in my own bracket.

The girls were cute about it (I say that sarcastically) and took selfies over my unawares self. Yes really.

Then it began. I had all three on me, at times it was 2 on 1, while the third worked the camera. I DIDNT give them a time limit and didn’t realize this fact until my face was well gagged and taped firmly to the table. I couldn’t lift my head. I couldn’t speak.

And they had their way with me.

For 20. Long. Minutes.

Enjoy. I didn’t.

Length: 22:23
Resolution: 1440×812

Download – Grand Tickle – Vengeance

MadameSvea – LOST IN LEIPZIG – Kille-Kille-Kitzelspass

Length: 14:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – LOST IN LEIPZIG – Kille-Kille-Kitzelspass