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ClickChix – Wrapped In Laughter!

Crystal is massaging her girl friends feet, when she explains to her this amazing new way to lose weight!

Intrigued she lets Crystal mummy wrap her in plastic wrap. Once she’s completely immobile, Our tickle princess decides to let her in on the true way to lose weight in plastic wrap….

and that is having her feet tickled!!!!!

Duration: 12:46.743
Size: 264,414 Mb

Download – Wrapped In Laughter!

ClickChix – Janira And Daisys Ticklish Bod!

Our favorite little Lee/Ler switch Janira Wolfe is back! And this time brought her gorgeous friend Daisy (Silvia Sage). She wants to show off her hot new friends ticklish body for you!

She ties Daisy to the bed, so she cant get away. And starts bottom up! Starting at Daisys pretty feet, and up her legs to her stomach where Daisy REALLY starts to laugh. Just when Janira thought Daisy couldn’t get anymore ticklish she reaches her ARMPITS sending Daisy into a frantic state!

Turns out Daisys armpits are her achilles heel!! She can hardly handle Janira tickle attacking her sensitive armpits!

Duration: 8:22.702
Size: 618,348 Mb

Download – Janira And Daisys Ticklish Bod!

ClickChix – Brook The Most Ticklish Girl!

We are so lucky to have the gorgeous Brook, locked in our foot stocks today! This gorgeous brunette has INSANELY ticklish feet!! Instantly when our tickle princess, begins to tickle these beautiful feet it sends Brook into hysterics! She nearly loses her mind, when Princess C pulls out her favorite tickle tools!!

Watch Princess C wreck Brook for the first time in the stocks!

Duration: 6:40.066
Size: 489,096 Mb

Download – Brook The Most Ticklish Girl!

ClickChix – Bitch Stole My Promotion!

Amo Morbia is extremely pissed off that her promotion was given to the new girl at the office, Candace Leilani a gorgeous Playboy model.

She feels Candace only got the position because of her stunning good looks and slutty behavior and feels its time to teach this newbie a lesson!

She blind folds her, ties her to a chair and begins to lecture Candace as to why she’s upset. But when Candace appears less than apologetic Amo breaks into a fit of anger and begins her relentless attack, and by relentless we mean TICKLE ATTACK!!

Candace is extremely ticklish, and cant help but laugh and curse as Amo tickles her sensitive cute feet.

Amo pulls out all the stops, with the hair brush, and tools to drive Candace into fits of laughter and rage. When she moves to her upper body, and tickles her armpits and sides poor Candice cant help herself but laugh and almost lose control!

Will Candace give up the promotion to Amo? Find out in this fun and curse word filled tickle attack!

Duration: 6:01.094
Size: 443,444 Mb

Download – Bitch Stole My Promotion!

ClickChix – Tomiko Gets Her Fishnets RIPPED In The Stocks!

Princess C has one of her all time favorite fetish models, Tomiko, LOCKED IN THE STOCKS!

Tomiko has terrifically ticklish feet, and though she wore fishnets in hopes to save her from the tickle sensation, it does not work with our tickle princess eagerly tickling!

Princess C sends Tomiko into hysterics. She then rips the fishnets, exposing Tomikos bare soles, perfect for tickles!!!

When Princess C wants to send Tomiko over the edge, she oils up her pretty feet and them trades between finger tickles and using the infamous hair brush!! Tomiko can hardly control herself!

Before Princess C, can unlock the gorgeous Tomiko from the stocks, she has to get to her armpits and sides as well! Tomiko is a terrific Lee, so ticklish with an intoxicating laugh.

Duration: 7:48.101
Size: 574,067 Mb

Download – Tomiko Gets Her Fishnets RIPPED In The Stocks!

ClickChix – Princess C’s Ticklish feet and Janey Does Pay Back!

Janey was such a good sport, losing the card game and letting Princess C tickle her in victory!

But now it is Princess C’s turn to get tickled!! Janey has been wanting to tickle her for so long, and part of their deal was she had to also be allowed to tickle our tickling Princess!

So Janey zip ties Princess C’s feet together and her hands together, sits on top of her and removes her shoes showing she’s serious!

She begins by tickling Princess C with her socks on, which drives our tickle princess crazy as she’s VERY ticklish under thin fabrics. But then Janey removes her socks, and the real fun begins!!!

She tickles Princess C’s tiny size 6 feet, sending her into hysterics!

She tickles the tops and bottoms of her pretty little feet, and she tries to toe wiggle away but alas….it doesn’t work. Janey won’t stop tickling until she’s felt she’s had enough pay back!

Duration: 4:15.288
Size: 275,619 Mb

Download – Princess C’s Ticklish feet and Janey Does Pay Back!

ClickChix – Jasmine Mendez STOCKED

The incredible Jasmine Mendez (The Laughing Latina), visited Clickchix thinking they were just going to shoot some “cutesy stuff”…..But what’s cuter than tickling?! Nothing! So Princess C locks the gorgeous Jasmine in the stocks and begins to tickle her gorgeous large feet, sending Jasmine into a fit of screams and laughter. But princess c cant and won’t stop there, she pulls out all the stops with this gorgeous Latina! Jasmine is gets so worked up she even pushes Princess C into the camera man! But that doesn’t deter our lovely tickle princess! She just digs in harder!! Using the hair brush and more!

Duration: 6:17.499
Size: 307,951 Mb

Download – Jasmine Mendez STOCKED