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ClickChix – Tiny Odette Meets The Stocks!


Odette is a gorgeous tiny blonde, with very ticklish feet! See her get wrecked in the stocks by Princess C!

Duration: 8:54.534
Size: 659,253 Mb

Download – Tiny Odette Meets The Stocks!

ClickChix – Princess Kaelin IN THE STOCKS

Princess Kaelin is an incredibly beautiful red head girl next door, but dont let her sweet looks fool you she is a vicious femdom who Princess C was lucky enough to be granted permission to TICKLE HER GORGEOUS FEET!!

She lockes Kaelin in the stocks, and begins to lightly tickle her gorgeous smooth soles. Kaelin is surprisingly ticklish too! But Our tickle princess wants to push her limits just a little farther!

So she oils up the gorgeous femdoms feet!! Making them even more TICKLISH!!

Kaelin can’t help but laugh and giggle, as Princess C destroys her ticklish soles and toes.

Duration: 7:35.633
Size: 254,584 Mb

Download – Princess Kaelin IN THE STOCKS

ClickChix – Kymberly Jane In The Stocks!!

A flash from the past! This ClickChix classic, has the amazing Princess C (Crystal Clark) tickling the gorgeous and voluptuous Kimberly Jane. Princess C locks Kimberly into the stocks, and starts by sensually teasing her with her soft finger tips. When she removes Kimberlys sneakers, its time to go to town! C attacks Kimberlys delectably cute and tickling soles! Sending Kim into a fit of laughter. The tickling continues to get more and more intense once Princess C pulls out the infamous hair brush!! Kimberly struggles and laughs so hard she loses her top exposing her incredible natural breasts, which are then also a tickle target for our beloved tickling princess!!!

Duration: 10:21.121
Size: 765,696 Mb

Download – Kymberly Jane In The Stocks!!

ClickChix – Freshie The Ticklish BBW!

Freshie is an adorable BBW model who came to ClickChix upon her return to the fetish industry.

When she told Princess C how ticklish she was, our tickle Princess couldn’t wait to tie this beauty down to the bed and tickle her!

Freshie is SO ticklish, she can barely be contained! As she tries to escape, Princess C and her camera woman begin to tickle her more!

Watch as Princess C tickle destroys Freshie! The Ticklish BBW!

Duration: 8:13.993
Size: 607,756 Mb

Download – Freshie The Ticklish BBW!

ClickChix – Ela Darling In The Stocks!

The beautiful Ela Darling, made the mistake of telling Princess C about her insanely ticklish feet!! And so, it was only a matter of time before our tickling Princess got her hands on those gorgeous feet!

Princess C, locks Ela in the stocks, ties her hands behind her back, and toe ties her. She sensually teases Elas sensitive soles before going to town, sending Ela into a laughing frenzy!

Duration: 7:45.965
Size: 573,365 Mb

Download – Ela Darling In The Stocks!

ClickChix – Brittney Is Back SPREAD EAGLE!

My good friend Brittney is BACK! Only this time, SPREAD EAGLE!!

Her pretty feet, were amazingly ticklish in the stocks! So I couldn’t wait to get her back but this time tickle her entire body!!

She is super ticklish, and when I oil her up she gets even more ticklish!!

Duration: 8:40.353
Size: 638,96 Mb

Download – Brittney Is Back SPREAD EAGLE!

ClickChix – Wrapped In Laughter!

Crystal is massaging her girl friends feet, when she explains to her this amazing new way to lose weight!

Intrigued she lets Crystal mummy wrap her in plastic wrap. Once she’s completely immobile, Our tickle princess decides to let her in on the true way to lose weight in plastic wrap….

and that is having her feet tickled!!!!!

Duration: 12:46.743
Size: 264,414 Mb

Download – Wrapped In Laughter!