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TicklishGirls – Sabbia Turned Over and Tickled Again

Here is another face down tickling session with Sabbia. She doesn’t have the cutest reactions when getting tickled, she actually really just hates to be tickled. This isn’t the reaction that I like to see, but if you want to see a girl that really doesn’t like being tickled, then Sabbia’s clips are for you.

Length: 29:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sabbia Turned Over and Tickled Again

TicklishGirls – Molly Tickled in a Bikini

It has been so long since Molly was tickled on the bondage table, and I really had to make up for lost time. She brought a bikini today, and somehow I just knew this was going to be a great day. Molly is slightly taller than some of the other models I work with, so I decided to pull out the top straps on the tickle table for this scene. This is something I very rarely do, but it’s totally worth it when it’s needed. I think it’s pretty obvious now, that I am going to tickle Molly’s underarms relentlessly. Baby oil is used, a lot of it actually, and this session goes on for a full hour. Molly is tickled on her armpits for a long time, and I make my rounds tickling her everywhere else for a good amount of time also, including her belly and her legs.

Length: 1:00:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Molly Tickled in a Bikini

TicklishGirls – Jazmine’s Tickle Time in the Stocks

This clip is one to really stand out. I have been tickling Jazmine for many years, and she is really able to handle a lot. I usually have to be very aggressive with the massagers to keep her laughing, and this works well, but I always felt like there had to be a better way. And then I tried this new mechanical pencil on her baby oiled soles. Jazmine couldn’t handle it at all. But she was locked in the stocks, and I had my way with her feet, having just made this amazing discovery of how well my new tickle tool works. Looking back at this now, I realize that I didn’t say one word the entire time. I just stayed focused and tickled Jazmine’s feet with my usual assortment of tools, making a point to use the mechanical pencil for most of the time. This was working so great, that Jazmine was literally begging me to stop at some points. This is absolutely the best stocks tickling clip I have done in a long time.

Length: 30:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jazmine’s Tickle Time in the Stocks

TicklishGirls – Jazmine’s Extremely Ticklish Body

As the legend goes, if a girl looks in the mirror and says TickleMan five times, she may soon be the next girl on his table. The TickleMan is all that remains of a soul who was condemned as an outcast from society for his entire life. Upon his demise from any chance of a normal lifestyle, the TickleMan emerged as a ruthless spirit that will seek vengeance on those who may mock him. Your girlfriend could be next. She might be at work, or even at home. She can be looking in the car mirror, and he may appear. Just know that if you say the words, he will be coming for you.

Length: 30:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jazmine’s Extremely Ticklish Body

TicklishGirls – Jazmine Latex Wrapped and Feet Tickled

The unidentified subject has resurfaced, and has recently been showing erratic behavior. We are able to match profiles with many fugitives in the early stages, but we have learned that the subject’s patterns are unpredictable, as we have not yet encountered someone like this before. It seems that his interests are evolving over time, and for this reason, we really do not know what to expect in the future. This further development of unusual interests is very likely to spread into casual interactions in everyday life, as we do believe this progression is irreversible. He may not even truly know who he is anymore, and be completely unaware of what is happening around him. The only thing we are absolutely certain of at this point, is that he will continue.

We find his latest victim bound and completely immobilized by latex stretch wrap. This is the most restrictive bondage we have seen used, and it is clear that the girl cannot escape, or even move around to try and defend herself. We have seen this girl before, indicating that the subject does not actually harm his victims, possibly because he plans to continue to have his way with them. The girl is wrapped from her shoulders to her ankles, with only her feet hanging off the edge of the table. And then he tickles her. He tickles her worse than we could have imagined, and the girl cannot move the slightest bit to try and escape. This tickling went on for longer than we were able to watch, as several of our staff members went to use the restroom during parts of the video. But they were very relaxed when returning. We sure hope that she told him what he wanted to know.

Length: 34:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jazmine Latex Wrapped and Feet Tickled

TicklishGirls – Molly on the Tickle Table – UNCUT

Molly is now on the tickle table, after making it through her first session in the tickle chair.  Molly is a hot blonde girl who is 28 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, and wears a size 7.5 shoe size.  She was a little exhausted already from the first shoot a few minutes before, but I’m not going to be easy on her because of that.  I start off tickling her legs, as she actually requested.  She is squirming in the restraints and laughing a lot, so it was a good place to start.  Tickling her knees and her thighs are getting some great reactions out of her, and I eventually move up to her belly.  I am tickling her stomach lightly at first, but soon I unstrap the middle strap, pull up her shirt, and go to town on her tummy.  She is laughing like crazy, saying “NO STOP!  OH MY GOD!”  I then go down and tickle her feet for a minute before implementing my real master plan.  I’m going to tickle her underarms so bad and there’s really nothing she can do about it.  I grab a big bottle of baby oil once I move up to her armpits, and she is already giggling as I’m rubbing it on her sensitive skin.  We’re only a third into the session at this point, and it’s about to get way harder for her.  Once I start the relentless tickle torture on her oiled up armpits, she is constantly begging “PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!”  She says that so many times, which is great to hear, because I have no intentions on stopping.  This goes on for a very long time, before I move back down to her belly and her legs again.  When I’m tickling her legs, she is going insane.  It’s the squeezes and knee tickling that’s making her squirm and beg.  I tell her to let me know when she’s had enough and she screams “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!”  Good, now I know to keep doing it for a few minutes longer.  This was such a fun scene with a great model.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 2351 kbps, 30.000 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 91 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 30:22.933
Size: 530,849 Mb

Download – Molly on the Tickle Table – UNCUT

TicklishGirls – Molly Arms Up in the Tickle Chair – UNCUT

Molly is back in the tickle chair, with her arms tied up above her head.  Molly is 28 years old, and she starts the scene wearing her size 7.5 sneakers.  Her shoes come off, and she is tickled for a few seconds before her socks come off too.  In the beginning, I tell her to keep her feet still for this scene, or the toe ties are going to have to go on her.  I really want her to be good for me during this scene, because I don’t always like to use the toeties, and I’m happy that I don’t have to this time.  I use heavy amounts of baby oil on Molly’s feet throughout the session, and I tickle her with my fingers, the massagers, and the electric toothbrush.  I put the camera at a side angle, so you can see her squirm around in the chair as I tickle her.  I’ve been doing this camera angle a lot recently, so you can see upperbody tickling too, but I make sure you can clearly see the bottom of her feet also, which is my main focus of this video.  She is tickled on her upper body a little throughout this session also.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 2356 kbps, 30.000 fps
Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 92 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 30:17.833
Size: 530,677 Mb

Download – Molly Arms Up in the Tickle Chair – UNCUT