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ImpactStudios – ~Bella Ink~ Get’s Cruelly Tied Tickled & Stripped Topless

Bella Ink finds out just how sadistic Miss Vivica Lase can be. Tightly tied up and hogtied. Vivica begins a relentless attack tickling and tormenting the bound beauty with waves of uncontrollable giggles. Squirm as much as she wanted there was no escape for Bella.

Length: 5:35
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – ~Bella Ink~ Get’s Cruelly Tied Tickled & Stripped Topless

Fettish – No Safeword Therapy- Bella Ink

Oh my…I almost had to replace my therapy chair. No, really. If you’ve seen my prior material with Bella, you know how brutal the tickling can get with me toward her. Well this time, Goddess Tickles and Lilith were there to assist me.

I’ve not done a No Safeword with my chair before, but I figured why not! Straight jacket on, wrap gagged, into the individual stocks and tie ties….leather belts strap her legs down completely, and then a long strap across her chest, cinching her in place.

But man oh man! This lovely blonde thrashes SO hard she damn near broke it I think! My older jacket is what she had on, with a small rip in the hand from an earlier subject, and at one point she flips me off! She paid for that.

With No Safeword you know the rules. Camera is on, time limit is set, and stop for NOTHING. Nothing. There are zero cuts to this series, if the camera is bunked or even drops, it stays going to prove the video isn’t cut and the intensity continues.

She suffered greatly.

Length: 11:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – No Safeword Therapy- Bella Ink


I came back for Bella ink.. and I brought the foot stocks with me. And she was terrified. Because she know how tickle her feet are. One stroke to her soles, and she screamed instantly. That’s when she realized this was really gonna suck. Once all 10 of my fingers got to her feet, the shaking intensified. At one point she started growling at me like she was growling at me and trying to slap my hands while saying “GET OFF MY FEET!” of course that just made me wanna tickle her more which I did. When I walk away to get oil and tools, she whispered to the camera “HELP ME!” As if people could. That was so cute. More profanity was spewing out her mouth when the tickle wand came into play. She tried to stay strong, but that didn’t work. Especially when it was time for the tickle mitt. She was begging for her life at that point. She didn’t wanna spread her toes when I told her to, because she know what was gonna happen. I eased her soul by kissing and licking her soles.. for about a minute. Then the tickling continued. You’re not gonna wanna miss out in this new clip. Buying is a great way to end 2021. Available now.

Length: 14:53
Resolution: 1280×720


TKLCLAWS – Bella’s Right Foot

For my 2nd session with Bella I decided to focus on each foot by itself. I start off with her right foot, and tease every inch of it. Her sensitive sole was my playground, as I switched up between slow, soft tickles, and more aggressive ones. Her feet are incredibly ticklish, but not only that, she can handle a lot of it, and she likes it! The way her toes spread when her feet get tickled is really hot, it seems like her feet were just meant to get tickled by me.

Length: 6:59
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella’s Right Foot

TKLCLAWS – Bella’s Left Foot

One thing I love about Bella is that she’s a talker, and we both like to joke, so she’s laughing from more than what I’m doing to her feet. She has this beautiful laugh that sounds like it never ends, there’s nothing better than a woman with pretty, ticklish feet.

Length: 9:54
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella’s Left Foot

SimplyTickling – Bella Ink’s Belly Tease and Tickle

Bella Ink is back and she looks amazing right? In this clip Bella has to try and keep her hands up above her head like in the old hold the shoe game while I lightly tease and tickle all over her bare belly and bellybutton with all of my tickle tools. Feathers, fingers, the brush, all work amazing with how sensitive and ticklish Bella Ink is. Bella does her best to keep her arms up but occasionally I hit a really ticklish spot and she starts swatting my hands away. Which makes me tickle her harder of course.

Length: 7:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella Ink’s Belly Tease and Tickle

Fettish – The Tickle Table – Bella Ink 2

If you watched myself and Skullcandy Bri fuck with Bella, you know what to expect. But this time I’m home with ALL my toys!

She’s back in the bag, back in the straps, and back for more laughs!

Length: 13:34
Resolution: 1440×808

Download – The Tickle Table – Bella Ink 2