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UKTickling – Katie Punishes Liz With Lickling & Tickling!

Sexy Liz Rainbow returns for another tickle session and gets thoroughly schooled by Katie! Katie’s in the mood for serving up some punishment and she has Liz right where she wants her – totally vulnerable on her back with her sexy feet up in the stocks! Wearing a tight body with sheer stockings, Liz is helpless with her wrists cuffed behind her head. Katie loves having her sexy nylon soles at her mercy and she begins by teasing and playing with them before using her long nails to make Liz squeal with laughter! Liz is very submissive and loves being dominated and tickled. Katie tells her there’s no mercy for her today however, and she means it, as she teases and torments her feet! Katie’s nails are super-ticklish but she can’t resist tasting Liz’s sexy toes and soles too. Liz enjoys the licking but shrieks and squeals as Katie uses her teeth on her sensitive feet! Liz goes nuts as Katie nibbles her stockinged soles and toes, which tickles like crazy! Katie is having a great time tickling, licking and nibbling on her sensitive feet and decides to have a little more fun as she runs her nails over her legs and body too. She soon has Liz squealing and laughing like mad once again as she goes to work on her sides, armpits, neck and thighs, before unzipping her body to expose her amazing breasts. Katie’s long nails find their way into Liz’s exposed underarms and tease her breasts, which prove very ticklish too. She can’t resist teasing and tasting Liz’s nipples before making her jump and scream as she attacks her sides and underarms again! Working her way back down her body to the feet, Katie tickles her nylon soles some more before ripping the stockings to expose her bare feet too. Her nails torment Liz’s bare soles and then she spends some time sensually worshiping and licking them, running her tongue in between each toe and occasionally nibbling on her sexy soles too! After a last burst of intense tickling, Katie is finally satisfied. A long and very sexy scene with Katie really teaching Liz a lesson – and reminding us that she’s one of the hottest ticklers around!

Length: 18:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Katie Punishes Liz With Lickling & Tickling!

StarNine – You Never Let Me Play With Your Feet

Star’s girlfriend Jezabel has the nicest little feet & she always walks around the house in her pantyhose, showing them off. Finally unable to contain herself any longer, Star restrains Jezabel so that she can play with her feet.

Star alternates between massaging, worshipping & tickling her girlfriend’s hosed feet – turns out the reason Jezabel was so resistant was that she’s extremely ticklish!

Length: 9:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – You Never Let Me Play With Your Feet

KinkyNaughtyCpl – feet tickle,bondage, gagged

Length: 6:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – feet tickle,bondage, gagged

GinaryTickleAdventures – Paris Love Uses Sexy Ebony Feet To Tickle Valentina Bellucci

Valentina Bellucci is trying to sit and study as her friend, Paris Love, barges in her room and laughs about the “Nerdy Valentina”, and says she had to come visit her. Paris sits and takes her shoes off, and reminisces about high school and asks Valentina if she remembers tickling her all the time in high school. Paris tickles Valentina with her feet as she squirms on the couch, making Paris laugh. Paris knocks Valentina to the ground, and takes off her socks so she can tickle Valentina with her toes. She strips off Valentina’s shirt and lifts her bra, then licks her nipples before she tickles them with her toes. Paris sits on Valentina’s face as she tickles her with her feet, muffling her laughter with her ass. She keeps tickling Valentina until she can’t take it anymore!

Length: 11:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paris Love Uses Sexy Ebony Feet To Tickle Valentina Bellucci

Bottomsup5 – My first time tickled

watch me as i get tied up and have my feet tickled tickled for the first time, using feathers fingers and a variety of brushes!!!!

Length: 6:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My first time tickled

TicklishLaughter – Bree Bedtied and Tickled by Kelli Lynn Sage Part One

Kelli Lynn Sage is our 1st pro model and she has Bree tied to the bed and she jumps right in. Tickling Bree from head to toe. Paying alot of attention to Bree’s feet!

Length: 10:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bree Bedtied and Tickled by Kelli Lynn Sage Part One

SolesScream – Asia Foot Worshipped and Light Tickling

Clip starts with some light conversation as I pull off Asia’s socks. The prospective is soles view. I proceed to worship her feet with my mouth. The camera is then zoomed in on Asia’s soles as I massage. I proceed to worship them and do some light tickles along the way. The camera is then positioned to the side for some more worship and brief tickling. The final portion of the clip is from Asia’s POV.

Length: 11:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Asia Foot Worshipped and Light Tickling