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TheTickleRoom – Alex and Aurora Playing Foot Games Pt 2 Maximum Overload

Ok WELL here is the INTENSE conclusion of Aurora and Alexs foot games! So Alex lost….A LOT and Aurora is VERY excited to get her room mates ticklish body in her hands. Aurora is a learning ler and is getting VERY vicious and good at it. So Alex is tied to a massage table, arms up, and feet out for 4 wanting hands. She IMMEDIATELY is a giggling mess the moment we overload her with foot and tummy tickles. She writhes and tried to get away as I make her tell Aurora “TICKLE MY TOES” and Aurora gladly does tickling poor Alexs toes. She begs “NONOHOHOHOHO TICKLE MY TOHOHOESSSS”. Aurora and me lickle tickle duo poor Alex as she screams and begs. We realize that some toe tie string flossed between her toes ALSO drives Alex INSANE. Neck tickling and stomach tickling continues to break poor Alex down. For the end I let Alex just HAVE it from Aurora who uses toe tickling and lickling as a major breakdown on poor Alex. She ends it with some beautiful artwork in sole writing on Alex claiming her room mates feet as her own. This is def one of the best tickle clips for hysterical laughter I have put out!

Duration: 25:28.159
Size: 849,998 Mb

Download – Alex and Aurora Playing Foot Games Pt 2 Maximum Overload

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy with Paris Love

Paris Love comes to see Dr. Whitney Morgan for a case of the foot tickle phobia. It seems as though Paris has a new man in her life and he has a FOOT FETISH! But Paris Love isn’t terribly comfortable with what he wants to do to her feet.. “He wants to lick them, kiss them, massage them, suck them.. and.. and.. TICKLE them…” Dr. Whitney offers a little bit of reassurance, offers to give her a demonstration of how AMAZING it’s going to feel.. Paris can trust her, after all… she can trust Dr. Whitney, she’s a doctor after all…. Dr. Whitney straps and ties Paris down to REALLY REALLY get at her feet… kissing, licking, sucking, worshiping her huge size 10/11 soles! BUT… what could REALLY get Paris to enjoy foot fetish is a little orgasm therapy-fantasy… Dr. Whitney places a vibrating wand in between Paris’ legs making her CUM while worshiping her feet! After orgasming though… Dr. Whitney REALLY lets her have it – tickling her feet ALL OVER to exhaustion!

Includes: feet, foot fetish, therapy-fantasy, therapy-roleplay, foot worship, foot licking, toe sucking, big feet, ebony feet, soles, toe wiggling, bondage, bound, laughing, tape gagged, tape gag, orgasm control, orgasm training.

Duration: 16:13.105
Size: 904,372 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy with Paris Love

RussianFetish – Poor Agata stripped and tickled with oil again + Lick tickle of her body and boobs

1. Agata is tickled again by two hands on a black background. She is tied up by her hands and tickling hands (in gloves with bones) touch her body and squeeze her breasts, caressing her nipples and tickling her sides. All this time, Agata’s boyfriend was present in the studio and watched what was happening with interest.
Then hands remove Agata’s pantyhose and panties and stroke and tickle her crotch. Agata rolls her eyes in pleasure. They add a little oil to Agata’s breasts and the hands again touch her tits and smear the oil all over her body. Then they go back to Agata’s crotch and tickle and stroke her.

2. Agata is tickled while lying down with nibbling and licking her armpits and breasts. First, I tickle Agata with feathers all over her body. Then I near her belly and tickle her navel with my lips and bites. At the same time, I tickle her sweaty armpits. Agata begs to stop because she is very ticklish. But it’s too early! I squeeze her nipples and cover her mouth as she laughs.
Now the camera shoots from above and I again bite Agata’s sides, tickling her. I bite her breasts and nipples and then grab a vibrator and tickle Agata’s body with it. In the end, I bite, tickle, and squeeze her belly and boobs again. I tickle her armpits intensely so that her tits shake.

Duration: 25:05.712
Size: 2 397,047 Mb

Download – Poor Agata stripped and tickled with oil again + Lick tickle of her body and boobs

GinaryTickleAdventures – Ivy Secret Bound Foot Tickle By Maria Jade

Ivy Secret is all tied up, with her heeled feet in a rack. Maria worships Ivy’s size 11 shoe…wondering if Ivy is ticklish. Maria slowly strips off Ivy’s shoes, showing off her sexy soles. Maria takes Ivy’s heel, and drags it across her soles…tickling her with the bottom of her heel. Maria tickles in-between Ivy’s toes. Maria takes off Ivy’s other heel, and tickles her with it and her tongue at the same time. Maria pulls out various tickle tools, and ties back Ivy’s big toe. Maria tickle’s Ivy’s soles as Ivy screams and laughs. Maria tickles Ivy’s soles with an electric toothbrush. She grabs the hitachi wand, and rubs Ivy’s pussy while she tickles her feet. Maria makes Ivy cum while tickling her feet.

Duration: 11:07.066
Size: 437,192 Mb

Download – Ivy Secret Bound Foot Tickle By Maria Jade

TheTickleRoom – Rominas Double Trouble “Imeldas Lickle Tickle Fun”

Intense custom time. Poor Romina thought the lickle tickle was all she was getting….WELL now its time to turn it up. She is laid down and strapped to the table with Imelda now getting a chance to torment Romina with her tongue and tools as I torment poor Rominas upperbody. I am honestly going to keep this brief because its something you have to watch as Romina is confused by the sweet lickling then INTENSE tickling she gets put through in waves. She fights so hard she rips a strap off the table…..but we don’t stop for that ^_^. For the people subscribed to my loyal fans…..there is the ALTERNATE upperbody angle!

Duration: 12:05.257
Size: 500,866 Mb

Download – Rominas Double Trouble “Imeldas Lickle Tickle Fun”

RussianFetish – Olivia tickles her friend Paloma while their feet get licked

In this video, we realized our own fantasy, and Olivia and her new friend Paloma were here at the right time. In general, Paloma is sitting on a bench, her small feet are locked in stocks, her hands are tied above her head.
Olivia’s (she cosplays Harley Quinn in this clip btw) feet are fixed in the same stocks, she is kneeling, hanging over her girlfriend. Two pairs of bare and sexy feet are next to each other and are going to be licked and tickled. Olivia was tasked with tickling Paloma and trying not to be distracted by the pleasant sensations of licking her feet. She really tried, but then the foot worship aroused her a lot and in addition to the usual tickling, she began to moan and caress Paloma. Paloma, on the other hand, experienced sensations from two sources. Olivia tickles her upper body and I tickle her feet and lick them.
In my opinion, it turned out very fetish and sexy. Enjoy!

Duration: 17:36.880
Size: 1 294,273 Mb

Download – Olivia tickles her friend Paloma while their feet get licked

TheFootRoom – Rosies First Foot Worship “It Tickles So Bad”

For all of my major fans supporting the Foot Room thank you so much! Now Rosie is a HYPER ticklish model who NEVER lets anyone near her feet let alone worship them. On all videos where I implement lickling and worship she goes crazy. But here Indica rides the wave. Indica has a HARDCORE foot fetish and is easily one of the best foot worship models I have ever seen. She wastes NO TIME peeling off a sock of Rosies foot. Rosie is SUPER nervous and you can see it. Indica gets RIGHT INTO IT holding Rosies foot down. She gets in her toes before sucking them down. But she realizes she has neglected the other foot. This is one SEXY foot worship video you do NOT want to miss!

Duration: 6:07.500
Size: 676,916 Mb

Download – Rosies First Foot Worship “It Tickles So Bad”