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UKTickling – Unbearably Ticklish Lara Can’t Handle The Double Stocks!

Insanely ticklish Lara-Lee is back for more and this time she’s in the double-stocks! Lara really, really hates being tickled…she says she doesn’t know why she comes back in fact, but lucky for us she does. This one is especially crazy as Lara really can’t move and her unbearably ticklish feet get a very intense workout. Looking hot in sheer pantyhose, little shorts, top and heels, Lara goes into the double-stocks with her wrists cuffed behind. Even light touches on her feet have an electric effect and she is soon jumping, squirming and getting very hot and bothered, long before her heels come off! When her shoes are removed she really loses it…what follows is a very torturous tickle session as Lara laughs, shouts, squeals, pleads…and swears! Lara had already lost her voice a little before we started, so her screams are contained and she ends up making some truly crazy noises as she vents her frustration! Her sexy nylon soles and toes get worked over with fingers, feather and the brush (which she cannot handle at all!) Lara does get frantic and even a little mad at times as she hates her feet being touched – let alone tickled! The toe-ties are used and later, the nylons are ripped to expose her perfect bare soles. The toe-ties are used again as her bare feet get some serious torment. The wild facial expressions tell you just how crazy this one is for her…poor Lara has to keep taking breaths to try and cool herself down! She has amazing feet – just don’t try tickling them!

Length: 13:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Unbearably Ticklish Lara Can’t Handle The Double Stocks!

UKTickling – Rebecca Makes Amber Squeal!

Tall blonde Rebecca Leah teases and torments super-ticklish redhead Amber Coen in this hot F/F scene! Amber hates being tickled, which is unfortunate because this time she’s stretched out with her feet in the stocks Rebecca’s a very effective tickler! Looking cute in a red dress with sheer, shiny tan pantyhose, Amber knows she’s in for a wild ride as Rebecca begins stroking her nylon soles. She soon cracks up as Rebecca finds her tickle spots, teasing her toes and soles before moving up to tickle her legs too. She jumps and squeals when Rebecca attacks her body too, tickling her belly, sides and exposed underarms as Amber laughs and pleads with her to stop! It gets worse as Rebecca finds further tickle spots on her hips and waist, pulling up her dress to expose her belly and her boobs, which prove very ticklish too! After tormenting her body, Rebecca returns to her super-ticklish feet. She rips the nylon to expose one bare foot, then drives Amber mad as she tickles it relentlessly…she has Amber howling and begging for her to stop when she uses the toe-ties to hold it in place! When she exposes the other foot, Amber goes nuts and Rebecca has a fight to get the toe ties on as Amber struggles to pull her foot away! It doesn’t stop her though and Rebecca gets her fingers right into Amber’s sensitive toes, making her hysterical in the final minutes…she’s still giggling uncontrollably when it’s over! A great scene – you’ll love these two!

Length: 13:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rebecca Makes Amber Squeal!

UKTickling – Payback For Ayla’s Super-Ticklish Feet!

Finally, time for Ayla to get some payback and this time it’s her little bare feet that are trapped in the table! Poor Ayla hates this position so luckily for her, it’s not a long one – but it is torturous for her! She laughs, squeals and shrieks whilst having her unbearably ticklish bare soles and toes tormented for over seven minutes without a break. They are teased and tickled with fingers, feathers and hairbrush, including a mini hairbrush that is perfect for using on her little (UK size 2/3) feet! Due to their tiny size, Ayla’s feet have to be cuffed through the table to make sure she can’t slide them free! Nevertheless, they squirm and writhe around frantically as she wriggles helplessly under the table. Her reactions get pretty crazy, especially when the brush comes out and her ass, thighs and body get some sneaky tickles that she isn’t expecting. A crazy clip for this super-ticklish cutie…Ayla loves dishing it out but she really doesn’t like to take it!

Length: 7:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Payback For Ayla’s Super-Ticklish Feet!

UKTickling – Natasha’s Never-Ending 10 Minutes In The Stocks!

Super-ticklish Natasha returns to try out the new stocks and gets an extremely intense tickle session! Ukranian beauty Natasha has some of the most ticklish feet we’ve ever seen and she somehow gets more ticklish the longer it goes on. She definitely gets more than she’s bargained for in this one as her 10 minute session goes on for longer than planned and she’s a complete mess by the end! Wearing a cute little t-shirt, with panties, sheer stockings and heels, Natasha goes into the stocks with her hands free this time. The timer starts and the tickling begins, almost taking her breath away as her nylon feet prove more sensitive than ever. She cracks up as her feet are tickled through the heels, before they are removed and her sexy sheer soles get a merciless tickling for the whole ten minutes. Her nylon feet are tickled with fingers, hairbrushes and the electric toothbrush. Natasha goes to pieces and the brushes have her squealing and shrieking with laughter! The toe-ties are added and she loses it all over again as her trapped feet are continually tormented. Even the feather is ticklish through the nylons but fingers and the hairbrush are the worst! The ten minutes runs out but we didn’t notice, and so poor Natasha ends up getting tickled for quite some time afterwards, even finishing up with a little body tickle too (which she wasn’t expecting!) We left the camera running afterwards to get her reaction to the experience – once she’s caught her breath…if you’re a fan of truly torturous nylon tickling, you will love this one!

Length: 12:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Natasha’s Never-Ending 10 Minutes In The Stocks!

UKTickling – Luna Shows Storm That Payback Is Worse!

Now Storm is in trouble – big trouble, as it’s her turn to be on the receiving end and Luna is in a very mischievous mood! She may be petite but Luna turns out to be one crazy tickler and Storm is crazy-ticklish from head to toe, so this one is kind of a roller coaster ride! Storm is strapped to the Mule in the same position so Luna can have some fun. Luna’s nails are even worse than hers and she really knows how to use them as she starts playfully tickling her nylon feet. Storm is soon struggling and squirming as her heels come off and Luna goes to town on her! She squeals and shrieks as Luna really torments her soles, getting right under her toes. Luna has excellent tickle skills and she loves being mean! She tickles her legs and body too, playfully attacking her from all sides and making poor Storm lose it completely! Luna is having a great time however, and she really ramps it up in the second half as she launches a a fast and furious tickle on Storm’s feet, making her kick and squeal like crazy! She playfully teases throughout, ripping the nylons and going to town on her bare soles too. It’s a short clip but a very intense one…Luna is merciless! A great revenge scene and a fantastic debut for Luna as tickler!

Length: 10:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Luna Shows Storm That Payback Is Worse!

UKTickling – Indian Puja’s Super-Sensitive Feet!

Sexy Indian foot model Puja returns for another tickle session! This time, Puja is a little more relaxed as she’s left untied while her feet are tickled on the sofa. She’s even more ticklish as a result though, and she laughs and wriggles as her sexy nylon feet are tickled! Wearing a beautiful mask with pink sweater, skirt, sheer pantyhose and heels, Puja giggles and tries to pull away as her feet are teased and tickled. The heels come off and she’s soon laughing like crazy, especially when the brush is used! She gets a couple of little leg and body tickles too but this one focuses mainly on her sensitive feet. The nylons are tied together to stop her trying to get away as her feet get some intense tickles! They are then ripped to expose her amazing wrinkly soles which get more intense tickling with fingers, brush and the electric toothbrush. Puja howls with laughter. Just when she feels she’s immune to the hairbrush, finger tickles set her off again and she’s laughing and squirming until the end of this one…a short scene but a very cute one – we’re very glad she returned!

Length: 9:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Indian Puja’s Super-Sensitive Feet!

UKTickling – Ayla Has Her Way With Natasha’s Table-Trapped Feet!

Now Ayla has Natasha in a great position…with her sexy feet trapped in the tickle-table so she can have some fun with them! Natasha sits on the table with her legs through the holes. In this position, she can’t see what Ayla is up to as she lays underneath and plays with her helpless soles. Ayla starts off, slowly stroking her long nails all over Natasha’s nylon feet. It’s not long before she’s laughing like crazy as Ayla tickles her more and more. Ayla has a great time making her jump and squeal, and you get a great view from above and below the table simultaneously! After a little while, Ayla begins to worship Natasha’s sexy nylon feet, licking and sucking her toes and soles, then tickling and lickling them at the same time. She rips the nylons and really goes to town on her bare feet too. Natasha is caught between pleasure and torment as Ayla’s little tongue expertly works it’s way over her soles and toes. She gasps and moans with pleasure then cracks up because the tickling drives her nuts! It’s a long slow, sexy tickle-lickle session as Ayla constantly teases Natasha’s feet until she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She finishes with some fast and crazy tickling, her nails sending Natasha into hysterical laughter until the end! Afterwards she tells us: ‘That was hot!’ – and it really is! Both girls had a great time and you’ll love it too – there’s even a couple of brief behind-the-scenes moments that we kept in just for fun!

Length: 16:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla Has Her Way With Natasha’s Table-Trapped Feet!