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JamieDaniels – Aria Tickle Test

Armpit tickle test for Aria Khaide. We first ask her a bunch of tickle questions then I administer the tickle test to her armpits while she is sitting in a chair. After I realize she is super ticklish I decide to tie her down on the bed to really let her have it. Using my nails and tickling fingers I tickle her armpits while she is tied helplessly down on the bed loving every minute of it!

Length: 15:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Aria Tickle Test

JamieDaniels – Bored Into Tickling

Its been a long boring day. Jamie and Dee are in the bedroom surfing channels hoping to find something to entertain them. Jamie comes up with a fun idea. They are going to arm wrestle each other and the winner gets to tie up the loser and tickle them. Round 1 Jamie loses and Dee ties her to the bed and beings upper body tickling in her armpits then moves down to Jamie’s feet and begins to tickle Jamie’s socked feet. Round 2 of the arm wrestling and Jamie wins. Dee gets tied to the bed and the same thing, Jamie tickles Dee’s upper body and armpits then tickles Dee’s socked feet. Round 3 Dee loses again and gets tied up. But this time Jamie removes Dee’s socks and tickles her bare feet. Round 4 Jamie loses and gets tied up and Dee removes Jamie’s socks and tickles her bare feet.

Length: 10:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bored Into Tickling

JamieDaniels – Dee’s Ticklish Armpit Interview

Dee is ready for her tickling interview. She sits anxiously awaiting Jamie’s questions. After answering them Jamies does a tickle test to see how ticklish Dee’s armpits are while sitting. Jamie soon realizes Dee is super ticklish and cannot keep her arms above her head. So she has Dee tied up to a bed with her arms extended above her, exposing her armpits. She then does the tickle test again while Dee is screaming and begging for it to stop.

Length: 15:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dee’s Ticklish Armpit Interview

JamieDaniels – Investigative Tickling 2

Sometime back Jamie and Dee were stuck with a foot tickling pervert who tied them up and tickled their barefoot. Jamie wants some revenge, this time she brings another friend with her. But Jamie’s plan is foiled and once again she and her friend are tied up on the couch, blindfolded and having both of their bare feet tickled.

Length: 10:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Investigative Tickling 2

JamieDaniels – Ticklish Butts


Jamie found out about her teacher Dee and another student having butt tickling sessions. Jamie finds this ridiculously hilarious. She confronts both the student and Dee. Makes fun of them and forces Dee over her lap to have some tickling fun with Dee’s cute butt. She pulls Dee over lap, pulls up her skirt to reveal her cute butt, then uses her long nails to tickle her buns. Dee laughing and kicking about. Jamie then gets up to tease the student with her cute shapely butt, then Dee grabs Jamie and pulls her over her lap and does the same butt tickling to Jamie. Jamie is laughing hard as her butt is super ticklish too.

Duration: 10:32.098
Size: 519,638 Mb

Download – Ticklish Butts

JamieDaniels – Tickled Into Talking


Rachel Adams has Jamie tied up and ready for interrogation. Jamie refuses to talk, so now Rachel is wasting no time and the tickle torture must commence. Rachel gets down and begins to remove Jamie’s heels. Jamie starts to panic wondering what is going to happen. As soon as she realizes that Rachel is serious and is going to tickle her bare soles she starts freaking out. Rachel uses her real long nails to send Jamie into a tickle panic. Jamie begging her to stop and not do this. Rachel’s long nails gliding up and down Jamie’s soles making her laugh uncontrollably. Jamie’s feet are super ticklish and Rachel knows that this is the only way to get her to start talking. Jamie is still holding back, not wanting to talk, but the tickling is getting worse and worse. Now that Jamie’s soles are super sensitive from all the nail tickling, Rachel breaks out the feather. Flossing it through Jamie’s toes and using the hard part of the quill to run up and down Jamie’s now super sensitive soles. Jamie insanely laughing not sure how much longer she can stand the tickle interrogation. Then Rachel starts switching back and forth from her long nails to the feather, back and forth till Jamie can no longer stand it and gives up.

Duration: 10:05.655
Size: 499,989 Mb

Download – Tickled Into Talking

JamieDaniels – Princess Punishment


Jamie has been put in charge of bratty princess Cali. Princess Cali is a party girl and has been getting into all sorts of trouble. Jamie has been trying to calm this little princess down. After reprimanding princess Cali on all the trouble she has been getting in, princess Cali gets mad and demands she administer a royal spanking to Jamie’s behind. But soon the table turn and now bratty princess Cali finds herself over Jamie’s knee for some royal butt tickling. The tickling and spanking is fun and playful.

Duration: 10:13.212
Size: 509,629 Mb

Download – Princess Punishment