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TheBKTickler – Bubbles And The Foot Stocks

Quick story: bubbles and I chatted online months ago about meeting up for tickling. We Met for a quick drink and after that, did some quick car tickling. Just wanted to give her a feel of what it’s like if she ever did ever did a full-on tickle shoot with me. Months later, I reached out to her saying that it’s time to get into the stocks. She gladly agreed. She stopped and saw the stocks as she walked in the door, and she started to hyperventilate a little. But she wasn’t backing down. Once locked in, she knew there was nowhere for her to go. She looked at all the nice tickle toys, like the brushes that she knew were going to be used thoroughly on her cute soles, and knew she was gonna be in for a wild ride. I can see soles shaking in the stocks. Is it fear, excitement, or both ? Doesn’t matter. Whatever’s coming, I have faith that she’ll take it like a champ. Purchase now to see how well she took it.

Length: 18:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bubbles And The Foot Stocks

TheBKTickler – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training- Part 2

Black widow (played by autumn bodell) rarely phase 1 of the special interrogation training. But that was just her feet. Next is her upper body. Still annoyed by this idea, she had no choice but to go along with. I started around her armpits and midsection over her attire, I was getting a bit of a serious reaction. Apparently she’s ticklish in that area. And I went zip down her suit to reveal her full upperbody and that’s where the rest test for her began. Her armpits, nipples, belly and ribs were not safe from my training technique, even though for her, she was going through hell trying to stay strong. I even started using the same tools that were being Used on her feet. But they were more effective on her upperbody. But do you think she the training and is able go through tickle interrogation if the opportunity presented itself ? Find out by purchasing this new video.

Length: 13:25
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training- Part 2

TheBKTickler – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training – Part 1

Agent romanoff is one of the best agents that shield has came across. But due to the threats has caused new training sequences that’s mandatory for the agents. This new training for her happens to be interrogation-related. So she had to meet with their best agent in the interrogation department for more training. This time, it was going to be different for the black widow. It was fully explained to her what the exercise was going to be. And she was kinda weirded out by it.. what was the technique, you ask ? It’s tickling. Once we got started, she learned some new things about herself. She already know that she is extremely tough, also she knows that she is ticklish, but she didn’t realized how ticklish she really is. Her feet are locked in my special equipment to start the interrogation training. A lot of tool were used and a lot of things were learned about her that day. Even with everything that was being done to her feet during training, she was shocked to know that I was just getting started. You will enjoy part 1 of this new role play video collection starring autumn bodell. Available now.

Length: 13:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training – Part 1

TheBKTickler – BK’s Tickle Asylum Goddess Marcy

Let me get to the point. I have a beautiful Amazon named Marcy that is 6’1 and decided to check herself into the asylum. Wrapped in a straight jacket and blindfolded, anticipating the tickle torment that will be done to her size 9 soles. Check it.

Length: 6:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – BK’s Tickle Asylum Goddess Marcy

TheBKTickler – The Reunion Tierra’s Upper Body Tickling – Part 2

Tierras upper body is still getting the business. Now it’s time to focus a little lower in the thigh and leg area. The wands are going in on her sides and belly button, and surprisingly, she was holding her own. Until I went after the pelvic area, which resulted with more profanity and laughter, of course. It caused her to turned all the way over again, but of course that didn’t stop me. Then I whipped back on the mitt and back to the upper body to end part 2 right. My mentor got thorough reminder of the monster she created. And for that, I will always thank her. Available now!

Length: 9:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Reunion Tierra’s Upper Body Tickling – Part 2

TheBKTickler – The Reunion Tierra’s Full Body Tickling – Part 1

Oh this is the part that I missed. Tickling Tierra’s upper body. Well at least for starters. This is just part 1, you know. The anticipation on her face said it all. I started with the ribs and she already started knocking her elbows together because it tickled so much. She commented how big of a smile I had on My face while tickling her ribs. Didn’t know I was so much obvious. But On to the armpits and elbows. Claiming she had no idea how ticklish her elbows were. She I never tickled there before or it’s just been that long that she’s been tickled. Then I got on top of her and focused fully on her ribs and the bucking intensified. Leaving her in complete hysteria and starting just blabbing thing out of her mouth. But the babbling turn into pure profanity once I introduced to the tickle wands. An experience she’ll never forget. Part 1 is out officially….. NOW!

Length: 7:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Reunion Tierra’s Full Body Tickling – Part 1

TheBKTickler – Iah K’s Spread Eagle Tickle Experience – Part 1

Oh it’s not over for the goddess iah k…. Now I got her toes in a one of my favorite positions.. spread eagle! This may be worse than when she was in the stocks. Seeing that A lot more tickling was done to her soles. And I learned that it didn’t stop her from bucking all over the place. Also I got to taste her toes during this segment. Which she was enjoying, but then I got all evil and went back with the tickling. The tickle torment seems endless for her and this is just part 1. Available now!

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Iah K’s Spread Eagle Tickle Experience – Part 1