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TheBKTickler – The return of latina marina – ticklish foot worship

this was an awesome reunion for both of us. latina marina (formally known as latinastoes) came from london to NYC just in time to bring the new year. she let me know ahead that she was coming back down. so i already knew that she and i were gonna meet up to have some fun. and fun did we have. so we chatted, smoked a little bit, then got started. she propped those beautiful soles of her on the table, and before you knew it, my fingers were all over her feet. she has a very unique laugh, and it intensified as i tickled the balls of her feet. but i wanted to be nice to her a little bit. so hooked her up with some foot worship. we both enjoyed that very much. ohhh, forgot to mention. she has her own safe word…. PINEAPPLES! and i made her say it alot. i even lost track of how many times she used it after i applied some tools to your soles. and thats just the brief summary. god bless you if you can keep track on how many times she screamed PINEAPPLES when you purchase this video that is totally worth seeing.

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TheBKTickler – Puertoricanfeet’s tickle torture – feet

Before actually linking up, I always wanted to work with puertoricanfeet, and vice versa. She actually reached out to me when she was in town, and I’m glad she did, or else I would’ve missed out, and missing out on working with a great model like her would be a huge shame on me. So I went to her to represent. And I couldn’t disappoint. And her having an amazing pair of feet is what it’s all about to day. Her feet was gonna get some proper tickle treatment. Starting with the fingers. And you would think that be enough for her, but her feet are incredibly ticklish, and I couldn’t stop at this. I even bought more tools to make an even better impression, even though she kinda wishes I didn’t. Because once again, her feet are Hella ticklish. All different kinds of brushes, the flosser, and with my special tickle weapon, she was wondering if she bit off more than she can chew with dealing with me. And she’s had experience with tickling before. But I don’t think ever like this. But go and see for yourself if you want to see some amazing feet tickling. I know you want to. So go to my clips4sale store and purchase this awesome video. And more…

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TheBKTickler – Garnet’s tickle torture – spread eagle

So next up for garnet rose is some spread eagle tickling. Imma stay brief about it. Legs, knees, under her knees, and of course feet.. hella ticklish.. I saw she tried her best to hold her composure, but her moving around on the bed, will tell the whole story for you… and her upper body (I.e. belly armpits ribs) were no exception.. and wait till you see how the tools I used her tickle left a reaction on her. But you lll know and heading to the clips store to purchase. Another one for the books.

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TheBKTickler – Anushka’s ticklish foot worship 2

Anushka and I are back at it again! I couldn’t stay away from those lovely soles of hers for too long. It was great adding tickling to the foot worship that I released on her, so why not do a sequel ? This time, I kicked it up a notch with some edible oil and some amazing tickle tools. The oil made her feet better than they already do. It also made her feet more ticklish than usual. I loved watching her giggle while being in complete ecstasy. But I loved seeing how it tickled when I applied the flosser to her soles. She was trying to control herself, but it wasn’t working that well. And to think, I was being nice to her about it. Then she really got conflicted when I mixed the best of both worlds by sucking on her toes while tickling her feet. I can talk more about how it was affecting her but I want you to see it for yourself. You’ll love the video starring this beautiful domme brat once you purchase it.

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TheBKTickler – Puertoricanfeet’s tickle torture – full body

so apparently, i wasnt done with puertoricanfeet yet. shes been looking forward to me (at least to me, she was). and i only say that because i didnt think she expected this much tickle torture. she went through so much with her feet being tickle by me, but she got terrified cause she knew that i wasnt done with her yet. and now it was time to go after the  full body. she informed that her armpits were super ticklish, so you can guess where i started off with. i even oiled them up at the beginning because i wanted to get straight to the point. but i did slow down. from her elbows and went down her arms. then she felt my fingers going towards the pits and she started freaking out…. so i gave her a reason to freak out. i dug right in to those pit. enjoying her laugh, while watching her big beautiful boobs bounce around. speaking of boobs, thats what i tickled next. even those lovely pierced nipples. despite enjoying that, it tickled like HELL! oh, and her belly tickled like hell too. and me being a fan bellies, i had to take advantage of that… with a lot of raspberries. well, it wasnt just that but it was a lot of them. and her feet got more attention as well, which she thought i forgot about that, but i feel i would be rude if did forget. this new video will be unforgettable to see. so purchase this classic today

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TheBKTickler – Kk Qing’s tickle torture – feet

I have a serious thing for tickling amazons. And kk Qing falls in that catagory. She’s around 5’11 and her feet size is 11. I was thrilled to know that she was coming to nyc and I jumped at the opportunity to work with her and play with those beautiful soles. When we started, I was toying with her starting with one finger to the bottom of each soles. And the giggling began. And of course it was music to my ears. But loud laughter is music to me as well. So I began using all fingers on both soles. She wanted to burst out of the bondage cause it tickled so much. I intensified it by going after the toes. And her big toes are severely ticklish. And it didn’t make it any better when I whipped out the tools. The electric toothbrushes, flosser, hairbrush and scrubber was enough to put her in a frenzy bigger than the one she’s already in. But I don’t wanna spoil anymore than I already.

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Download – Kk Qing’s tickle torture – feet

TheBKTickler – Garnet’s tickle torture – full body

I’m back with some more tickle goodness that includes the beautiful garnet rose. Things are about to get more intense for, cause it’s time for some full body tickling. She’s in her most vulnerable state with her arms tied above her head. So you have an idea on where imma start. That’s right… ARMPITS, BABY! But when I start she wishes I didn’t, only because they’re super ticklish. Along with her arms and elbows. But believe it or not, that’s just part of the appetizer. We both found out something that day… her nipples are CRAZY ticklish. When I got on top of her to put the tickles on her midsection, it was a lot for her to handle.. from her sides, to her belly and belly button, she wishes this was over already. Especially when I used 2 electric toothbrushes and applied it to nipples. Like I said: CRAZY ticklish! She was screaming in her way. I say that because she’s not a loud laugher. And of course, I went back for the feet.

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