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TheBKTickler – Vicky Vs Bailey- Bailey – Full Body – Part 1

I mentioned how much I love Tampa right ? Here’s more reasons! Vicky Vixx and Bailey page! Amazing duo.. both amazingly ticklish! They haven’t seen each other in a while, I chose the right moment to reunite them in the best way possible… through tickling of course! Starting with Bailey… I think we flipped on who should go first… but it didn’t matter actually… plus both me and Vicky wanted to see her get tickled first. And then it was settled! And Vicky was very to start wailing on Bailey’s body. And I mean EVERY WHERE! To the point where we didn’t know if was laughing or screaming.. you be the judge. Enjoy!

Length: 5:52
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Vicky Vs Bailey- Bailey – Full Body – Part 1

TheBKTickler – The Sensual Foot Worship Of Ama Rio

awwww isn’t that cute ? Ama rio is laying on the bed wearing nothing but some gray socks. Well that’s not gonna stop me from having the urge to worship her feet. That’s when I start to remove each other sock to taste her 9 1/2 feet one by one. Do you think she was enjoying that ? Find out now!

Length: 5:59
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Sensual Foot Worship Of Ama Rio

TheBKTickler – A goth girl’s tickle treatment – full body

This naughty goth (played by Arielle) has learned her lesson yet from the tickling that was given to her feet. So now I have see if I get better results by putting the tickles on this goths sexy body. But all I can think about is will I get the results that I want by tickling her armpits, and Exposing her belly and belly button and tickling them with electric toothbrushes and raspberries, AND crawl my fingers into her inner thighs ? Well you can find out by purchasing this awesome new role play video. Available now

Length: 12:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – A goth girl’s tickle treatment – full body

TheBKTickler – A goth girls tickle punishment – feet

This bratty little spoiled goth (played by Arielle) has been showing out in class AGAIN. And she decided to bring that sass to my office. Apparently, she doesn’t know about my methods of discipline. She about to learn that her step-daddy’s money is not going to get her out of this predicament. Since she wanna put her dirty boots on my furniture while in my office, that was a great time to start with her feet. I helped her take those heavy boots to reveal her size 11 feet. Super curious about what I’m about to do to her, she had an idea when I started testing out her feet by tickling them. She didn’t approve of methods, but she has no choice, as she goes to lay on my special table. And she realized there’s plenty more foot tickling here that came from. But I don’t know if it was enough for her to learn her lesson. You can find out by checking out this new role play tickle video.

Length: 16:42
Resolution: 960×540

Download – A goth girls tickle punishment – feet

TheBKTickler – Tools, claws and worship (starring gia love)

Tickling gia love to a high degree is making a good impression right ? I think so. Even though she kinda hates me right now due to all the . I decided to mix it up. Of course I was still tickling her, but I decided to add some finger claws to the party. As she sat on my tickle table, waiting to see what other tricks I have up my sleeve, that’s when the claw came out. The slightest touches with those claws had her going crazy. But she was taking it like a champ. And because of that, I wanted to reward her with some foot worship. I sucked on each of toes, just so in she can forget about all the tickling at that moment, but she knew in the back of her mind, I wasn’t done with her yet. Found out what happens since this new clip is available now.

Length: 6:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tools, claws and worship (starring gia love)

TheBKTickler – The return of Ayla aysel – feet

I got the chance to reunite with Ayla aysel while I was in tampa for a week. Which was great in many ways. Because I couldn’t wait to show her my new tools to use in her ticklish body. Of course I love starting with the feet. Especially since Ayla’s feet is as ticklish as they come. I decided to go slow in the beginning.. basically fingers, finger pics, electric toothbrushes, etc. (yes, that’s my definition of going slow.) compare to introducing her to the new tickle machine, everything else was slow motion for her. And she’s actually the first to experience my new toy. It’s availAble now to see how much I add using it on her.

Length: 20:10
Resolution: 640×360

Download – The return of Ayla aysel – feet

TheBKTickler – The BK Santa – full body

Mrs. Claus (played by Autumn Bodell) hasn’t learned her lesson yet. Her sexy upper body needed to get some special treatment to put her in line. Her saying she’ll bake the cookies that she was supposed to bake at the beginning with ease was not convincing.. the cookies were top priority (to me.) so she had to pay for that as I started the tickling on her armpits, which happens to be very ticklish. And my long luxurious beard was affective in unleashing some tickle punishment at the moment. But my fingers were doing the most tickle damage as I went for her midsection, and that’s when I notice I hit a sweet spot. Even Mrs. claus has a safeword. But she still needed to have her lesson learned. So between going after her belly, more foot tickling because it’s fun to tickle her feet. It’s only fair to sing a nice Xmas song since it is that time of the year…. but she’s singing it while being tickled. Whether you can understand her while trying she’s trying sing, you’ll love it regardless. Here’s more festive content to see during the holidays with such an amazing model. Available now!

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The BK Santa – full body