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TheBKTickler – Macy Divine Wrapped And Wrecked!

Tickling Macy divine is always a special moment. But this time is extra special. This is her first time doing mummification tickling. I showed her my past work in that department, but she’ll admit that she was nervous to even consider doing it. But then she put her big-girl pants on and decided to knock out this new experience. And I cranked up the tickling for this moment. The reason was she was talking smack about busting out, which I dared her to do before the camera came on. So those oiled up soles got the business and some foot worship here and there. You don’t wanna miss out on this.

Length: 15:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy Divine Wrapped And Wrecked!

TheBKTickler – Kitty Vs Gigi Gigi And The Foot Stocks

I got another legend locked in the stocks. Here’s milf gigi (I’m still geeking out just mentioning her name) getting ready to take a turn at getting her feet tickled. I was the first to have my fun with feet. But then Kitty Quinn was getting too impatient in wanting to get her payback. She already had the oil in the hand, ready to help wreck havoc on her soles. Purchase now to see how well she handled the double team of BK and Kitty.

Length: 5:41
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Kitty Vs Gigi Gigi And The Foot Stocks

TheBKTickler – Fayth And The Foot Stocks

Another Saturday morning well spent. And Fayth ended up completely spent! Fayth is a well-known veteran in the fetish community, and has a good amount of history in the tickling department. But until today, she hasn’t experienced any tickling like this. She was nervous, and she had a reason to be. And she didn’t want me to hold back. The courage on her! My nails were going in on her soles. Causing her to release a very heavy laugh that is so addictive. It was probably a good idea for her to not try me how bad it tickles inbetween laughs. It wouldn’t have mattered. Because it was going to get worse for her! The spike balls got her cackling like a Muthaf……! Head bobbing back and forth. A little shortage of breath..same reaction for when I combined the tickle wand with the special massage tool. She claims it felt amazing despite how much it tickled. Then I used the wands inbetween her toes which was leaving her into a hysterical shock. But I do still have a heart. I let her catch her breath again… until the mitt went up against her feet…..let’s just say it gave her a reason to say I was cruel. Still a compliment in my eyes. There’s more that’s gonna happen to her, but look at this clip that you’re about to purchase as an appetizer. Enjoy.

Length: 13:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fayth And The Foot Stocks

TheBKTickler – Diamond’s Tickle Table Debut

I made sure Diamond’s first-ever tickle shoot was an intense one for sure. What’s more ticklish than her feet ? Her upper body! Like extremely! Digging into her armpits reduced her to a screaming mess. But even that did slow me down. I moved on to the belly and ribs. And going all deep in her belly button had her bucking all over the place. And I didn’t make it any better by applying vibrating tools in the navel. Which caused her to get even louder. It’s no secret that I wanted to get the best reactions out of her. You’ll see once you purchase this.

Length: 14:28
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Diamond’s Tickle Table Debut

TheBKTickler – Bella’s Spread Eagle Experience

Here I have Bella luxx laid on the bed in a spread eagle position for some full body tickling. I’m going after your armpits first. And I can tell she feeling and I think she wanted to feel. Because she started what spots in that area tickles the first before I was going to find out myself. And once I struck those spots, I didn’t hold back. Especially when I whipped out the finger picks… I had both plastic and metal.. and the metal picks were hitting then tickle spots harder than the plastic. I hit more spots between the collar bone and armpits, right close to the boobs. Then it was to go after my favorite spot… the belly and ribs. And she began squirming all over the place. The rib area happened to be a sweet spot. Because that caused her to scream for god. There’s more spots that were effective to hit, but you’re going to need to purchase this video find out for yourself.

Length: 21:10
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella’s Spread Eagle Experience

TheBKTickler – Fayth’s Tickle Table Debut

So Fayth is strapped to the tickle table for the first time. She made a joke asking if it was nap time.. ohhhh she wishes. It’s tickle-her-until-she’s-exhausted-enough-to-take-a-nap time! And that’s exactly what happened. Started with the belly a little and went right for her arms. She somewhat challenged to find out her tickle spots that she never told me about. Well I found one that even herself had no idea about. Her elbows.. YES! They happened to be extremely. And I took advantage of that while laughed in confusion. I yanked out the wands for wreck havoc on her armpits and necks. At that point, she was looking at the camera screaming for help. Once I got to the belly with the tickle mitts, while she was topless. she couldn’t do nothing but scream and laugh in pure silence. And the belly raspberries given to her didn’t make things any better for her. My tickle massager was used on her legs and knees and they were doing an excellent job on making her squeal. If you love my tickle table series, you’ll definitely love this one. Available now.

Length: 13:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fayth’s Tickle Table Debut

TheBKTickler – Gia And The Foot Stocks

If you knew how many times we been trying to see each other… but great things are worth waiting. Hailing from Florida, we have the amazing adult film star Gia Lovely for some long-awaited tickling. She was in town for Exxxotica, and that when opportunity reared its beautiful head. I lock her in the stock and believe it or not, she was nervous AF! Because she knows how ticklish she is, and I was about to find out. The answer…. VERY! Slow strokes had her toes wiggling all over the place. And imagine when all 10 fingers went full speed. She was ready to give up on me. I encouraged her to stay strong, cause I was just getting started on her which put her in more fright. As time went along, it was time for some tools. The wand and toothbrush used on her feet is where things get interesting. Not only did it tickled, but it was turning her on to the MAX. I believe her eyes rolling back like the undertaker is what gave it away. Even the spike balls being scrapped against her soles was causing her to orgasm. And then I made things worse by sucking on her toes. She was even shaking a little from that The vibrations from the wands by her ankles got her cross-eyed and she just fell back enjoying the moment. The hairbrush against her soles while her toes were sucked was putting in a position where she didn’t know whether to laugh or cum. Her struggle is worth seeing. Available now!

Length: 19:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Gia And The Foot Stocks