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TheBKTickler – “I Fucking Hate This!” Stefania’s Full Body Tickling

Due to Stefania Mafra know how ticklish she is, she low key hates tickling. And she’s about to hate it even more. Because now it’s time for her full body to get it. Her armpits are CRAZY ticklish, and I had her bucking around like a mad woman! Minutes in with my fingers, I gave her a break, and that’s when said “I FUCKING HATE IT!” What sucks for her is I’m just getting started. The tickle wands wrecked shop on her upper body like you wouldn’t believe. She also learned that her neck is VERY ticklish as well. I had to hold her down still for her to get the full experience. Same when I went after her oil-ed up belly. The knuckle technique worked wonders for her well-toned stomach. Of course a few raspberries to the belly button did wonders as well. She really hated those. Purchasing this will do wonders for your collection.

Length: 11:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – “I Fucking Hate This!” Stefania’s Full Body Tickling

TheBKTickler – Alison’s Tickle Table Debut – Feet

Earlier this year, I got to work with Alison wonderland, and got to introduce her to my tickle table. She has a amazing portfolio in the model world, and I happened to reach out to her struck gold on saying yes to getting tickled. Of course we gonna start with feet. This was prior to getting my foot stocks. But they would came in serious handy with how ticklish her feet is. Even working with what I got, I made sure it was Going to be a intense time for her. Find out by purchasing

Length: 15:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Alison’s Tickle Table Debut – Feet

TheBKTickler – Anastasia And The Foot Stocks

So this is another nice tickle shoot from my many adventures in Philadelphia. This time I finally got to meet Anastasia Maye who came all the way from Virginia to see me. Which I found flattering. Because Virginia is rather far. Given that her feet are rather ticklish, She was nervous to be locked in my stocks. But it was too late to turn back now. Every Inch of her soles were not safe from me. The way my fingers were running all over her soles caused her to giggle nonstop. But if she wasn’t nervous Before, she definitely had a reason to be. Because it was over for her soles when I whipped out all types of tools: the wands, the gloves, the extended fingers, the brushes AND my special tickle weapon that I haven’t used in so long. I felt it was the best time to bring it back. And it was the best time for all of you to bring out your wallets to purchase this awesome new clip with this awesome model.

Length: 15:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Anastasia And The Foot Stocks

TheBKTickler – Anastasias Full Body Tickle Experience

I was digging through the unreleased content, and this new vid with Anastasia Maye should’ve been released a long time ago. It’s that good. Especially once you see tickle her armpits and she turns into a laughing mess. And that’s just for starters. Her upper body was going through the most with fingers and tools. The belly area was the sweet spot. She didn’t realized how ticklish her upper body was until she met me. But you get to enjoy her reactions to her tickle spots being exposed once you purchase this. Enjoy.

Length: 14:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Anastasias Full Body Tickle Experience

TheBKTickler – Ayla Vs Kitty – Kitty – Part 1

You know Kitty Quinn deserves this. Ayla Aysel was jumping for joy to put the tickles on Kitty’s ticklish body. Even with ayla teasing her with her hands and fingers on her belly was enough to get her. I bet you kitty is regretting more and more about crashing in on my shoots. There’s repercussions for actions like that, and I’m happy to condone the tickle treatment she’s getting from Ayla. But do you think it’s enough for her to learn her lesson. Find out now!

Length: 4:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla Vs Kitty – Kitty – Part 1

TheBKTickler – Bella And The Foot Stocks

Another moment that was a long time coming. I finally get to meet the belle from texas… Bella luxx!! And she was excited to be locked in the foot stocks, if you can believe it. I slowly started on her soles, which sent a surge through her body. But she enjoyed how slow I was going because I like to nice to models when I work with them for the first time. But that all changed the oil was applied to her soles. I saw the fear in her eyes. But that didn’t stop me from wrecking her soles with my fingers and cause her into a frenzy of laughter. My evil ass had to up the ante and use the spike ball and tickle wand at the same to get the bigger reaction out of her because I she was starting to look at me like I was crazy and started to wonder what did she get herself into… which is the perfect reaction that I wanted out of her. And there’s more. Once I blindfolded her, that’s when felt she was in trouble.. i applied the flosser and that didn’t get much of a reaction, but out of nowhere, I got with the hairbrush and tickle mitt.. which where I hit the jackpot! Another new clip that’s mandatory to add to your collection. Available now!

Length: 15:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella And The Foot Stocks

TheBKTickler – Kitty Vs Gigi Kitty And The Foot Stocks

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I finally to meet the oh-so-ticklish kitty Quinn. We missed each other the last time I was in Tampa. But that didn’t happen today. For woman that loves tickling, she was nervous to meet me. And I was nervous too. But it didn’t stop me from going HAM on those soles of hers. She was locked in the stocks in her heels. So I started to tease her tickling on top of her feet. Which got a great react. Then I took the heels off. That’s when the real games Began. Before you knew it, my fingers were all over her soles, which got her shaking uncontrollably. But then I got help. From who ? The legend herself……. MILF GIGI! It’s been a dream of mine to work with her. But right, she’s my tickle partner against kitty. Once Gigi joined in, all bets were off. We just whipped out every tool that was on display and then we—- u know what ? It’s better for you check out this video to see what happens next. Yeah that good and intense about what’s gonna happen next to her. You will enjoy this.

Length: 9:22
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Kitty Vs Gigi Kitty And The Foot Stocks