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TheBKTickler – Sinthia bee’s tickle table debut

It’s time for sinthia bee to introduced to the tickle table. Strapped, naked, and ball-gagged! Her mouth may have been full but I can still hear the laughter that was given to her from the tickling given to her armpits, belly, and nipples with fingers and tools.. and some licking of her sexy belly button and some toe sucking….. while applying a vibrator to her vagina. Her sexy laughter and and the sound of an orgasm makes this one of the best tickle table debuts to date. Available now!

Length: 17:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sinthia bee’s tickle table debut

TheBKTickler – Marilyn’s year-awaited tickle torture – feet

Lemme explain real quick. Marilyn Midas and I have been wanted to work with each other for the longest. It was supposed to happen has year but my schedule with personal events got in the way, and that was my fault. We were supposed up other afterwards, but plans had to change again. And rescheduling kept happening. But we bother we’re fixated on shooting with each other cause that’s how bad we wanted, and after a year, it finally happened. And there disappointments whatsoever. Being the presence of her beautiful self we’re all worth it. Now I know she later ticklish, but it was time to find out for myself. Started with her beautiful feet. Long story short, those soles of her are ticklish AF. Of course start with the fingers, and then later on with tools like the brush, flosser, and of my special tickle weapon, she realized I was bringing my a-game for such amazing event. It’s available now it witness, so you can see the tickle given to her one year in the making. You will enjoy once you purchase. And there be more tickle given to her very soon.

Length: 14:47
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Marilyn’s year-awaited tickle torture – feet

TheBKTickler – Gia’s tickle table debut – feet

queen Gia love is amazing fetish model.. and finding that she was gonna be in town was the best news ever. This is my first time meeting her. And she has history with tickling. So of course, me being the person that yearns to make a great first impression with a plan is to tickle the hell out of her. Point blank. Starting with her feet. And I happen to bring the tickle table with me.. so it’s a debut for both of us. Look her feet on the table, and the began… we’re gonna between the finger work on the toes and the amount of tools applied her beautiful, she started to realize I was there for serious business. And she also realized that just with the feet, I was just getting started. But that part is another story for another time. But the work I put on the queen is available to see now.

Length: 11:12
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Gia’s tickle table debut – feet

TheBKTickler – Footsimichi’s tickle table return – feet

Oh I got the pleasure of meeting up with footsiemichi… she is one of the most adorable models I have ever came across… and one of the most ticklish. And she lives in jersey… not too far from me.. so we gonna be seeing each other ALOT . But back to talking about how she hopped back on the tickle table while tickled the hell outta her feet with fingers, tools, finger picks, oh, and about being introduced to the tickle machine.. because all of that happened. I made it brief so you can get to purchasing the new video faster.

Length: 11:51
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Footsimichi’s tickle table return – feet

TheBKTickler – Claudia’s tickle torture – full body

if you enjoyed Claudia Lewis’ feet getting tickled, youre in for a treat today. now its time for the upper body. and i didnt realized what i got myself into.. her body is ticklish on a whole ‘nother level. i started with the armpits and it didnt take much touching to for her burst out laughing. bnut i couldnt tease her any longer, so i started going all in on the pits… and this is before i applied the oil. but then i whipped out the tools. but i couldnt help but to tease her doing a little dance before putting the electric toothbrush onto the pits. i only did a few dabs but it was enough to have her screaming. next i got to the more acquainted with the upper body. including her ticklish tits. the flosser and the toothbrush combined tickled but i can tell she was enjoying… and i used that same method on her navel and her nipple at the same time. (it was sort of a mess in the background, but dont focus on that) lol. and we BOTH figured out that her ass is actually ticklish. so i definitely too advantage of that…. especially under the cheeks. but all that you can see for yourself once you purchase it now.

Length: 20:32
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Claudia’s tickle torture – full body

TheBKTickler – The debut of the tickle tigress – full body

It was softwrinkledsoles’ very first tickle shoot.. and she choose to do it with me. So I had to make it memorable one for her. So now it’s tune to go for her rest of her body to see how ticklish she really is. Foot tickling, she’s used to. But I don’t think her body got tickling it deserves, but I could be wrong. Either way, it was time to find out for myself. From her armpits, to belly, to inner thighs, back to her feet. With the help of some electric toothbrushes and some hairbrushes, this will be a tickle shoot she will never forget. And you’ll never regret purchasing this awesome new tickle clip.

Length: 24:26
Resolution: 960×540

Download – The debut of the tickle tigress – full body

TheBKTickler – The debut of softwrinkledsole -feet

I went to visit one of favorite cities… Atlanta! And I came across a new model by the name of softwrinkledsoles….she definitely owns up to her name with her soft size 10s. And what’s also great about this georgia peach is that she loves tickling. And I was her first tickle shoot. And once again, I was honored and more than willing to pop another tickle cherry. How she was laying, she couldn’t really see me coming towards her ticklish soles, but she could feet my presence. Once the fingers started running on the feet, that laughter was uncontrollable. But it got worse as I poured oil all over the feet was pushing her over the edge sooner than later. It was fine to introduce her to the tools! First electric toothbrush: effective, but she love the vibration against her soles no matter how much it tickled. I used the flosser and gave her toes some pokes just to tease her. And next was the hair brush. All imma say I was very THOROUGH with the brush and decided to be a little more evil and combined the brush with my special tickle weapon. You’ll enjoy seeing this newbie limits get tested. And I just getting started no matter how high the level of tickle was given to her feet. Available now!

Length: 11:56
Resolution: 960×540

Download – The debut of softwrinkledsole -feet