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TheBKTickler – The return of Ginary – feet (uncut)

So I was in Fort Lauderdale, and the first woman I had to shoot with again was Ginary. Our shoot last time was great. But we had to change venues in between the shoot. It’s a Long story explains on OF: theBKTickler. SUBSCRIBE. But anyway… now it’s time to do the things that was the original plan. Starting with her feet. Now as it was explained before. Ginary is a screamer. I wasn’t worried about the noise this time. So I was ready with more tools. But I started with the fingers which made her scream more.. and it was hard keeping up with them, cause she’s definitely a squirmer. I even tried tying her toes together.. and it was wasn’t enough to keep her still. So I just went in with the digging of the fingers to her soles.. then I decided to be nice with some toe sucking… while applying the electric toothbrushes to her toes.. ok maybe I wasn’t that nice. And there were tools adding to the intense tickling, and i was just getting started with feet, the rest of her ticklish body was next.. but that’s for another time. Enjoy the full focus on her ticklish feet. Available now!

Length: 8:22
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The return of Ginary – feet (uncut)

TheBKTickler – The intense tickling of kandi kiss – full body

so I loved having fun with kandii kiss’ hyper-ticklish feet, but now it’s time to give the rest of her beautiful body the works. I did a lot to her armpits with claws, electric toothbrushes, flossers, etc. and throughout all that, she didn’t realize that I was just getting started with her. Got on top to work her beautiful ticklish belly and found another spot on the sides of her boobs. Also she got to the tickle machine and was happy to use it on her midsection. All the tickling I put her through made me lose count on how many times she said that she hates me…. which put a smile on her face. Which gave me more motivation to continue to do what I was doing. Enjoy watching her get put through tickle hell. Available now!

Length: 20:42
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The intense tickling of kandi kiss – full body

TheBKTickler – The intense tickling of Kandi kiss – feet (uncut)

The fun in Fort Lauderdale was not over yet. I got into contact with Kandi kiss. And you know happened next.. the tickle shoot. One of the coolest models I ever across. And one of the most ticklish. You probably see me say that a lot.. that’s because I deal with a lot of women who are very ticklish. Wouldn’t have it any other way. You know I love starting with the feet. She has very ticklish feet. When we started, she had these cute hedgehog socks on, so I started the tickling over the socks first. Getting a great reaction from that. But i was ready to see those bare soles. And then my fingers got busy on them. And soon after, I tied her toes together for more intense tickling right on her toes. I was not her favorite person at that moment. But there more. Electric toothbrushes on and inbetween the toes, along with the flosser, the spike ball on the soles, that was hitting the spot. And then the special tickle weapon (DUN DUN DUNNN!) purchase this new video so you can see why she referred to me as a mad scientist of tickling. Another HUGE compliment. available now!

Length: 18:58
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The intense tickling of Kandi kiss – feet (uncut)

TheBKTickler – Lucie’s Tickle Table Return – Full Body

Lucie yang is one of the most ticklish women that I have came across… and that say a lot.. so when she got strapped to my tickle table for a second helping of some intense tickling, she knew that it was be a moment that she was hoping to survive. Everything on her person is ticklish, and before I had a partner (shoutout to megan Jones) to help give her the business. And once again, I have her all to myself. So her ticklish armpits, neck, belly, inner thighs, knees, etc. we’re not safe from my fingers, along with other tickle tools, didn’t stop her from reacting the way I was expecting… in nonstop hysteria. That’s the best way to describe it in a summary. More is explained once you watch the video that you can’t miss out on purchasing.. so get to that so you can see this beautiful Asian get more tickling than what she bargained for!

Length: 13:10
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lucie’s Tickle Table Return – Full Body

TheBKTickler – Ama’s bellygasmic experience

There Lies the beautiful Ama Rio… and her beautiful body laid on the bed. But to be honest, I was more intrigued y her beautiful belly and bellybutton. I have just been yearning to taste it, and so I did. She just laid there enjoying every moment of my mouth on her sexy well-toned belly. And of course I like to play around so I added a little tickling and a couple of raspberries. Then I went back burying my tongue deep in her navel. She was getting turned on to the point, she was her hand to bury my hand deep in her stomach. She didn’t want me to stop until she climaxed. And who am I to deny her an orgasm ? And you can’t deny watching this. Available now

Length: 5:40
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ama’s bellygasmic experience

TheBKTickler – Sinthia bee’s tickle table debut

It’s time for sinthia bee to introduced to the tickle table. Strapped, naked, and ball-gagged! Her mouth may have been full but I can still hear the laughter that was given to her from the tickling given to her armpits, belly, and nipples with fingers and tools.. and some licking of her sexy belly button and some toe sucking….. while applying a vibrator to her vagina. Her sexy laughter and and the sound of an orgasm makes this one of the best tickle table debuts to date. Available now!

Length: 17:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sinthia bee’s tickle table debut

TheBKTickler – Marilyn’s year-awaited tickle torture – feet

Lemme explain real quick. Marilyn Midas and I have been wanted to work with each other for the longest. It was supposed to happen has year but my schedule with personal events got in the way, and that was my fault. We were supposed up other afterwards, but plans had to change again. And rescheduling kept happening. But we bother we’re fixated on shooting with each other cause that’s how bad we wanted, and after a year, it finally happened. And there disappointments whatsoever. Being the presence of her beautiful self we’re all worth it. Now I know she later ticklish, but it was time to find out for myself. Started with her beautiful feet. Long story short, those soles of her are ticklish AF. Of course start with the fingers, and then later on with tools like the brush, flosser, and of my special tickle weapon, she realized I was bringing my a-game for such amazing event. It’s available now it witness, so you can see the tickle given to her one year in the making. You will enjoy once you purchase. And there be more tickle given to her very soon.

Length: 14:47
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Marilyn’s year-awaited tickle torture – feet