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DoctorYukino – Japanese lesbian tickler and massager

Length: 38:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Japanese lesbian tickler and massager

RussianFetish – Gorgeous Mary Sole – Bondage on a chair and making her cum

It all starts with how I massage the neck of charming topless beauty Mary. The babe relaxes and surrenders to my power. Then I start tying her hands behind her back, her elbows, wrists… After that, I put her on a chair, and tie her legs to it, spreading them. Now the cutie Mary is firmly fixed on the chair with her mouth gagged. But this is far from all that awaits her today…

I take out Magic Wand and fix it to the chair with leather ropes, positioning the vibrator exactly in her crotch area. Then, I push the power button and step aside, leaving Mary Sole alone with sweet torment and upcoming orgasms. The girl moans sweetly, her saliva flows abundantly from her mouth down her tight breasts and lower to her already wet panties. Our heroine is completely helpless in this position and she cannot hide from the impending orgasms…
Subsequently, I remove the vibrator, free Mary’s mouth, and she sweetly relaxes in my arms.

Length: 30:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Gorgeous Mary Sole – Bondage on a chair and making her cum

Sashalikescats – Teen Tied, Tickled, Wedgied, and Vibed

Length: 15:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Teen Tied, Tickled, Wedgied, and Vibed

RussianFetish – Miss Sensity – 3 in 1 Tickling – Wonder Woman suit, Catsuit, and Naked tickling with vibrator

Three challenges await Miss Sensity. But they will also be pleasant for her. Two parts will include stimulation with a vibrator that will be strapped to her thigh and run at high power.

The first part is about tickling on a bench. The beauty wears a Wonder Woman costume. Her hands are tied, and her legs are locked in stocks. In addition, she is tightened with straps and her eyes are blindfolded. I will tickle and massage her crotch. Miss Sensity is definitely very sensitive and I tickle her pretty body from different angles with no mercy.

In the second part, our heroine has a ballgag in her mouth and is still blindfolded. This time she wears a black catsuit where a hole is left between her legs for a vibrator that is tied to her thigh. I go over and caress the cutie Miss Sensity and then I unzip her costume to reveal her big juicy breasts and then I tickle her nipples. She moans and squeals from touching her nipples. Then I tickle her sides and armpits, and under her amazing tits.

The third part will show passionate sensual tickling with a strapped vibrator. Our ticklee wears only panties now. I start with soft strokes and then begin to tickle her with increasing power. Sitting on top of her, I bite her breasts a bit and lick her nipples, and then caress her neck with my tongue and bite her sides. Then I left Miss Sensity alone with a vibrator to have some more fun alone.

Length: 36:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Miss Sensity – 3 in 1 Tickling – Wonder Woman suit, Catsuit, and Naked tickling with vibrator

RussianGirlsInDistress – Maya tickled and vibrated with tied wais

Maya is tied up to the pole, her hands are tied above her head, her waist tightly tied with ratchet to the pole. Olivia torments her with tickling and vibrator.

Length: 22:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Maya tickled and vibrated with tied wais

KendraAllure – Professor Allure Teaches Misty a Lesson

Length: 11:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Professor Allure Teaches Misty a Lesson

TheTickleRoom – Dias Begging Upperbody

Dia has been through Tickle Hell so many times but she has one of the HIGHEST endurances of any model we have. This shoot shows it. From getting her feet tickled after YEARS to Natasha Ty getting her nails all over her Dia is spent. The wrapped foot tickle so much out of her but now the worst is here. Dia is fully nude, arms above her head, and her worst enemy the hitachi is here. Dia starts gagged with her nipples and armpits getting it but I move to her exposed tummy and she begins to scream and giggle but I need some oil. I get her armpits making her tits jiggle before moving down to her side boob and nipples. Dia is actually a giggling mess through her gag when I grab the nipple suckers. Even though we were supposed to use them Dia begged and said she hates it so I decided to be nice and not use them (give her credit people she was DESTROYED). I get her neck and we have found new spots! Ears and neck are bad. Dias eyes go WIDE with the neck tickling. Then its back to the sides and tummy. I go so fast Dia is a giggling hysterical mess while crying in between. I change the angle and learn Dias hips near her pussy is SUPER ticklish. I use the Hitachi and attempt to push her but she is so spent I honestly cannot push her any longer so I hold her off and tell her next time. Poor naked spent Dia literally slides off the chair so exhausted.

Length: 10:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dias Begging Upperbody