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RandomSoleEncounters – Sarah’s Foot Tickle Endurance Training – Very Long Tickling Session!

Sweet Sarah is back (23-years-old, 5’5″, size 7.5-8). She’s an aspiring “mainstream” model who’s looking to get into light-fetish modeling. We filmed an audition type video before to test out her ticklishness, it turns out she is very ticklish.

Now, it’s time to test her endurance. If you’re going to make it as a fetish model you need to be able to withstand a lot of tickling, Right?

I told Sarah that she would be tickled for a minimum of 15 minutes. No breaks, no quitting before. I may go over the 15 minutes, it’s totally up to me. She was very nervous to do this type of tickling. She’s never been tickled for this long in her life.

I lock Sarah in the stocks and ask if she’s ready. She laughs nervously and says “No.”
As I’m trying to take her boots off she tells me she tied them extra tight so I would have trouble getting them off. She was hoping that would cut into her “tickle time”. I made sure to keep that in mind.

I pull Sarah’s boots off (which she was wearing with no socks). I start off right away tickling with fingers and Sarah immediately braces herself for a long tickling session. Her toes are a particularly ticklish area for her.

I work a feather between her toes which is very ticklish for her. It’s always fun to find a model who is feather ticklish! I really work her over with the feather, using mutiple feathers and the quill end.

I use all the “tickle tools” in my arsenal (oiled up soles, hairbrushes, electric flosser) as I slowly ramp up the intensity and give Sarah her first true tickle torture experience.

Sarah asks me to “Stop, stop, stop.” even “Please stop!” on quite a few occasions but an agreement is an agreement and there is no stopping!

I ended up tickling her for almost 20 minutes!  

When I’m finished she is exhausted and can only say “wow!” at what she just experienced!

I told Sarah she should come back for some more training, we need to build up her endurance even more if she’s going to make it in the fetish model business.

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Download – Sarah’s Foot Tickle Endurance Training – Very Long Tickling Session!

RandomSoleEncounters – Sarah’s Extremely Ticklish Armpits – Tickle Test Part 2

Sarah’s tickle test continues by testing out her armpits. She told me her armpits were ticklish and was nervous about being restrained and not being able to fight back or get away. I have her cuffed, hands over her head, armpits exposed.

I start off with feathers, Sarah didn’t think the feathers woud tickle but she was wrong! Her armpits are VERY feather ticklish and I make sure to get every inch of them with the feather. But that’s just the beginning. I try out lots of different techniques with my fingers, probing for her most sensitive spots. It turns out every part of her pits are extremely ticklish! I have her asking me to “Stop!” within seconds of using my fingers on her. Do I stop? Of course not!

Sarah really struggles with the tickling. This was just me testing her, wait until I get her for a full tickle session!

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Download – Sarah’s Extremely Ticklish Armpits – Tickle Test Part 2

RandomSoleEncounters – PRIVATS STASH #5 Elle’s Unexpected Dirty Foot Tickling

Here is a clip from my “Private Stash”, I never intended to release this clip. It’s more of a test/audition clip then something I’d put in the store. But Elle is one of the more popular models and she said it was cool if I posted it so here you go!

Elle has been taking a break from modeling but we still hang out. We were out together at a music festival all day, she was all dressed up and looked pretty hot. When we got back to my place asked Elle to help me test out my new set-up for tickling in my studio.

Elle said she was tired and wasn’t feeling like being tickled but after some convincing (I promised I’d take it easy on her) she agreed. Elle starts off in heels that she’s had on all day. When I take them off her feet are dirty from stomping around the festival grounds. I tickle Elle with fingers and she giggles right away. I think at this point she remembers that she has pretty ticklish feet and tries to trick me.

She says “You should use the feather and I’ll just giggle real loud.” From tickling her I know better, the feather is the least ticklish thing on her feet, so no deal! Instead I decide to break out the hairbrushes to which Elle says “Oh no, I dislike both of them (hairbrushes).

Elle is a fighter in this clip and a bit of a smartass, somewhere in her hiatus from making tickling videos she picked up an attitude.

I use two different hairbrushes, fingers, oiled up soles and the electric flosser to re-introduce Elle to tickling. This is a fun tickling clip, not super intense but more “behind-the-scenes” with lots of Elle’s cute laughing.

Hopefully Elle wants to get back into making clips soon!

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Download – PRIVATS STASH #5 Elle’s Unexpected Dirty Foot Tickling

RandomSoleEncounters – Newbie Nicole Takes The Tickle Challenge – Feet & Upper Body TOPLESS Tickling!

Nicole is the perfect example of why I always give my contact information to random models I meet…
I first met her almost over a year ago on a “Random Encounter” see that clip here: NICOLES RANDOM ENCOUNTER

Like all models, I gave her my card and told her to get in touch if she ever wanted to do a full shoot and make some extra cash. Like many, I never heard back and completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and Nicole texts me out of the blue asking if I was still looking for models. I had to go look up her video to remind myself of who she was! Once I remembered I was very excited to get her in for a full shoot!

Nicole is 20, 5’9 & wears a size 8 shoe. She is a complete newbie to fetish modeling. She hates seeing herself in photos or on video which you’ll hear her talk about.

I decided to introduce Nicole to the “$100 Tickle Challenge”. The rules are simple, Nicole has to endure 10 minutes of foot tickling. If she does, she gets $100. However, if she at anytime says the safeword “Blue” the challenge is over. Nicole gets no money and must endure a tickle punishment that I decide.

Nicole was game and motivated and thought she could endure 10 minutes without much trouble. I get her locked in the stocks wearing boots and thick socks.

When I first start off the challenge I was a bit worried, Nicole didn’t show much reaction to the tickling. Looking back at the video I can see she was doing her best to hold in the laughter. It takes me some time to find the right tool and technique. But when I find it Nicole can’t tough it out any longer and has to laugh.

How long does she last once I find that spot? NOT LONG! (Don’t worry, I’m going to do a much longer endurance shoot exploring that spot much further!)

So now it’s time for her punishment…

Nicole told me her armpits were her most ticklish spot so I decided to do an upper body punishment. Nicole wasn’t lying, her armpits are very ticklish. What she didn’t realize is her ribs, waist, knees, and stomach are also extremely ticklish! There is no “toughing-it-out” for Nicole here, she is way to ticklish.

She starts off in a black tank top but I take a chance and slowly raise her shirt up during the tickling until her breasts are exposed. You can see at one point she looks down and realizes she is topless but she just continues laughing!  Quite the introduction to tickle torture for Newbie Nicole!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 15497 kbps

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Duration: 13:11.725

Size: 1 498,951 Mb

Download – Newbie Nicole Takes The Tickle Challenge – Feet & Upper Body TOPLESS Tickling!

RandomSoleEncounters – Instagram Models Get Tickled #1 – Tati’s “Stay-at-Home” Tickling!

With quarantines and social distancing taking 1st priority I’ve had to get creative in order to bring you new content. This is a new series that could continue post-lockdown if you guys like it.

I’ve been reaching out to different Instagram models to see if they would do remote shoots for my site. My requirement being that they have never done any fetish modeling.

Tati (27, 5’7, size 6) is originally from Ukraine. She is a model/dance instructor. She told me that her feet are “So ticklish!” and that she is so ticklish she never gets pedicures or lets anyone touch her feet.

Well, after learning that, I knew that I had to see those feet get tickled!

Tati’s boyfriend is the tickler in this clip. I talked to him about how to tickle, what tools to use..etc. He did a good job for not being a true tickler.

He uses fingers, a pointy comb hair clip and lotioned up soles to tickle Tati. Tati has good reactions and gets more ticklish as the clip goes on.

This is unrestrained tickling, more playful then torture, but after watching Tati’s reactions to having her feet touched I really want to get her locked in my stocks!

Something different for you all, let me know what you think.

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Download – Instagram Models Get Tickled #1 – Tati’s “Stay-at-Home” Tickling!

RandomSoleEncounters – Sweet Sarah’s Tickle Test – Fetish Newbie Gives It A Try!

Sarah is an aspiring model (23-years-old, 5’5″, size 8’s) that I’ve worked with a few times helping to build her modeling portfolio. She’s extremely sweet and open minded.

When I asked Sarah if she’d be interested in fetish modeling she was very interested in giving it a try. Sarah has heard of foot fetishes before, she told me she get’s messages from guys online asking to see her feet all the time, but she has no experience with fetishes other then that.

She had never heard of a tickling fetish before but told me that she was “somewhat ticklish” and that her boyfriend tickles her sometimes. Sarah has only ever been tickled by fingers and never restrained or “tickle tortured”.

After she told me that she was “somewhat ticklish” I decided that I would do a tickle test with her just to make sure she was in fact ticklish and to give her an idea of what a fetish shoot is all about.

Sarah showed up to the shoot after her morning workout. Little did she know she’d be getting some extra cardio in today! She is locked into the stocks wearing her sneakers. I take them off and she is wearing black socks. I start off tickling her in socks and her initial reactions are a good sign.

Once I take her socks off I try out a feather, Sarah was skeptical and didn’t think a feather would tickle her at all. But she is very surprised once I use the feather between her toes. Turns out she is feather ticklish!

I use feathers, fingers, oiled up soles (Sarah didn’t understand how oil would make her more ticklish….but she finds out), two different hairbrushes and the electric flosser.

Sarah is much, much more ticklish then she thought. The hairbrushes really get to her. I give her a good introduction to foot tickle torture and leave her exhausted. Sarah is very interested in doing more shoots but she has no idea how intense the tickling is going to get!

Stay tuned!!!!

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Download – Sweet Sarah’s Tickle Test – Fetish Newbie Gives It A Try!

RandomSoleEncounters – Randie’s Ticklish Workout

Randie replies to an ad to test out some brand new, innovative, workout equipment. She’s really into fitness and always looking for new ways to exercise and thought this would be really fun. She arrives in her workout gear and ready to break a sweat.

She has her ankles strapped securely into the “workout machine” but doesn’t quite understand how this is going to be a good workout. Once her ankles are secured, her sneakers are removed then her white socks. Randie is even more confused at this point. Then the workout begins….

The inventor of this innovative new workout applies oils to her soles and reassures her it’s all part of the workout and she’ll see it’s benefits soon enough. With that he begins to use a hairbrush on poor Randie’s soles that send her into immediate laughter. Her heart beings to race and she breaks into a sweat as the hairbrush glides up and down her tender soles.

The inventor of this devious exercise routine uses two different brushes, fingers and an electric flosser to improve Randie’s cardio! He makes sure to give her the workout of her life until Randie begs for him to stop!!!!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 15432 kbps

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Duration: 7:53.673

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Download – Randie’s Ticklish Workout