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RandomSoleEncounters – Tickle Training – Breaking In Bree – FULL BODY TICKLE – FEATHER TICKLISH!

Bree and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and I think it’s time to ramp up the tickling. If she’s going to be my girlfriend she has to be open to being tickle on a regular basis. Bree is “vanilla” when it comes to fetishes so she definitely needs some training.

I have Bree’s wrists and ankles restrained for a long tickle session. This is the first time she’s ever been fully restrained so she is a bit nervous. I make sure to test her entire body for ticklishness but focus on her feet and armpits the most. Bree has very ticklish feet and armpits, the best part is she seems to get more ticklish as the session goes on instead of it wearing off.

I even pull up her shirt to get some topless tickling action in for all of you who enjoy that!

This is a very long session, over 20 minutes! Bree is just starting her tickle training….stay tuned!

Length: 22:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Training – Breaking In Bree – FULL BODY TICKLE – FEATHER TICKLISH!

RandomSoleEncounters – The Penance Of Step-Sister Elle – Custom Video – (Foot Tickling & Orgasm)

Step-Sister Elle comes to her priest to confess that she is having immoral thoughts and dreams. She wants to know what she has to do in order to have these lurid thoughts go away and asks for forgiveness.

The priest informs her that these thoughts are a serious sin and could lead to her being excommunicated from the church. A simple penance of “Hail Mary’s” isn’t enough for this type of offence. They must take drastic measures for her to show how sorry she is and to be forgiven in the eyes of god.

The priest locks Step-Sister Elle in the church stocks and removes her shoes. He tickles her black nyon clad feet shocking our poor innocent Step-Sister into unrestrained laughter. The priest pays no attention to her laughing and continues his tickling to punish Step-Sister Elle for her immoral thoughts.

Soon her stockings are ripped away exposing her young, soft soles and the tickling punishment continues. Step-Sister Elle laughs and struggles in her restraints. She’s never been touched like this before! The priest continues this punishment until he feels Step-Sister Elle is truly sorry.

He then proceeds to tell Step-Sister Elle there is one last step to wash away all her immoral thoughts. He orders her to spread her legs, close her eyes and to think about all the sinful things that run through her mind. As she does this he applies a vibrator to her. Step-Sister Elle is soon overcome with the thoughts and physical sensations and spasms to an eye rolling orgasm.

Only then are all her sins forgiven.

Length: 11:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Penance Of Step-Sister Elle – Custom Video – (Foot Tickling & Orgasm)

RandomSoleEncounters – Shy Softball Players Spontaneous Sole Show & Tickle Test

Jen was rehabbing from a shoulder injury (she plays softball in college) at my workplace when she was introduced to me, she was interested in taping a testimonial for our website. Jen is 18-years-old, 5’4″, and wears a size 7 shoe.

Jen’s step-dad was with her which made me hesitant to ask her to model her feet. I didn’t need a protective step-father over reacting at my job! While filming her testimonial, Jen’s step-dad was very laid back and constantly cracking jokes. This made me a little more comfortable with asking but I still wasn’t completely confident.

As we finished up, I decided to just ask but much more casually then I normally would, being careful to try and avoid the word “fetish”. This approach worked because Jen agreed to model!

As you’ll see in the clip, Jen is quite shy about showing off her feet. She starts off in her sneakers, then white socks, when I tell her to take her socks off she tells me; “I wasn’t prepared for that….my toes look terrible.”

One thing is for sure, Jen’s soles are the complete opposite of terrible. She has nice soft, pale/pink soles. She hardly ever goes barefoot, even rests in socks!

I have Jen scrunch, spread and wiggle her toes which she finds to be funny. Her step-dad finds this entire foot modeling thing to be amusing as he inserts his one-liners here and there throughout the shoot.

I decide to use a new tool, a pinwheel, to test Jen’s ticklishness. I didn’t want to push my limits and use fingers with step-dad present. So, I use the pinwheel on Jen’s soles and get some ticklish reactions….she says the word “TICKLE” quite a bit for those of you who like to hear the model say that.

Length: 3:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Shy Softball Players Spontaneous Sole Show & Tickle Test

RandomSoleEncounters – Paige The Ticklish Cosplayer – First Time Tickle Torture!

Paige is a friend who is into all things nerdy. She especially loves cosplay, video games and manga. I’ve been helping her build a cosplay portfolio showing all of the different costumes she’s created. In return she agreed to do a “quick” (her words) tickling shoot. Paige told me she is ticklish but doesn’t like it at all.

The final costume of the day was Rey from Star Wars. I thought it would be fun to tickle her in that costume.

Paige is a complete newbie to tickle fetishes and was very curious about it. She was very nervous about doing this video and asked me a ton of questions as I was setting up. The clips starts off with a short interview to give you an idea of Paige’s personality. She is very cute and soft spoken.

Paige is locked in stocks and her boots are removed, she wasn’t wearing socks. Paige has extremely soft, shapely big size 10 feet! She told me that she almost never goes barefoot.

I use all of my tickle tools on Paige’s tender feet. Paige tries her best to maintain her composure but can’t help but to burst out into what would best be described as “giggle fits”, she tries to hold in her laughter but can only do it for so long before it comes out in a burst of giggles. She seems almost embarrassed that she is laughing.

While Paige doesn’t have an extremely over-the-top laugh or response to being tickled, I think she has an adorable laugh and very cute, playful reaction to being foot tickle .

Length: 10:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paige The Ticklish Cosplayer – First Time Tickle Torture!

RandomSoleEncounters – Julie Tries To Keep Her Composure – Don’t Laugh Challenge

Tough Julie (32-years-old, 5’10, size 9 shoe) is back!

She told me that her inability to control her laughter the 1st time she was tickled really annoyed her. You see, Julie is ultra competitive and a bit of a control freak, she didn’t like that I made her laugh when she didn’t want to.

Julie really thought she could control her laughter!

So, I offered her another chance to redeem herself and prove she was in control of her own emotions.

A 10 minute foot tickling challenge where Julie has to try and hold in her laughter, I would allow a little snicker or smile but that’s it. The only catch is I get to tickle her for the full 10 minutes no matter how she reacts. Loser would buy dinner.

I told Julie to come dressed up ready to pay for my meal!

I test out all the tools on Julie’s feet. I find that feathers between her toes and the electric flosser get the best results!

It’s fun to watch Julie desperately try to control her emotions. She bites her lips, grips the armrest of the chair tight all in an effort to try and not laugh.

“I’m trying to keep it in!” She even says at one point.

If you enjoy seeing a tough, competitive woman really try and remain in control then this clips is for you!

Length: 11:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Julie Tries To Keep Her Composure – Don’t Laugh Challenge

RandomSoleEncounters – College Interns Tickle Test – Tickled at work!

Melody is a 20-year-old college intern at my job. She has a very sweet, innocent, laid back personality that made me think she’d be open to modeling. Melody always wears the same shoes (sperry boat type shoes) everyday, never giving me the opportunity to get a look at her feet!

I took a very casual approach to asking her to model for me. I thought explaining too much may in fact scare her off. This worked and she was down to model!

We shot this quick video during her lunch break at work. I get Melody to prop her feet up on a table with her shoes on first. She kicks them off and is wearing a pair of socks with identical holes in each sock. I have Melody talk about her shoes & feet.

When I ask if she’s heard of a foot fetish she tells me no! It turns out in this world there are still women who are completely oblivious to foot fetishes! She also has never had anyone compliment her on her feet or even had a proper foot massage from a guy before! A total newbie!

I ask if she’s ticklish and Melody tells me she is “semi-ticklish”. There is one spot that she confesses tickles her a lot during pedicures; the spot between her pinky toe.

I ask if I can try tickling her and she agrees right away! I try a variety of tools on her feet but don’t get a great “ticklish” reaction until I break out the electric flosser (seems like this tool never fails.) Melody laughs and looks very surprised at how ticklish she is. Very real reactions from this model, she doesn’t laugh out loud but instead tries to resist and hold in the laughter.

Melody was very embarrassed to laugh, she told me she didn’t want the rest of the office to hear her laughing and wonder what was going on. I was hoping to do a full shoot with her and really get her to let loose. But unfortunately, she told me she wasn’t interested in doing more shoots.

Another amateur one and done for all of you!

Length: 5:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – College Interns Tickle Test – Tickled at work!

RandomSoleEncounters – Property Manager’s 1st Time Tickled – Spontaneous Shoot!!!

NOTE: This is not a super-ticklish model. She’s more of a “hold it in” type. I’d rate her as moderately ticklish, maybe 3/10. I still think her honest reactions are great along with the backstory. But just wanted to give everyone a heads up and let you decide! Thanks for the support as always!

Karen is the property manager where I’m renting my new office space and studio. When renting I’m always very transparent with the type of content I’ll be shooting. The worst thing is for them to find out that you’re shooting content they don’t want to be associated with and they decide to terminate your lease.

I was a bit nervous giving this info over to Karen when I saw the bible sitting on her office desk! I also noticed she had a tattoo on one of her breasts so maybe she wasn’t as conservative as she originally looked.

When I told her that I shoot tickling and foot modeling videos she was more intrigued then repulsed. She thought it was “Odd but harmless.”

– Flash forward to a few weeks later –

I’m fully moved into my studio now and Karen stops by to see how I’m getting situated. I decide to give her a tour. I put in a considerable amount of work and money to upgrade the space and she was very impressed.

In my studio, I had the “invisible stocks” (ankle straps) set up on the table. This wasn’t a devious plan on my part, I just left them there. Karen saw them and asked “What are those?”. Perhaps the tickle gods were looking out for us because that was the perfect introduction to talk about her ticklishness.

I casually explained the set-up that I use for filming and used the tried and true “Hey, I need to set-up for a shoot. Can you help me?” Full disclosure – I didn’t have any shoot scheduled!

“Yeah, sure. What do you need?” Karen asked. She had no idea of my intentions.

I told her that I just needed her to act as a stand-in for the model while I set up lighting and camera. I got her seated and started setting up.

She asked about the restraints and I decided to show her and strap her ankles in. She let out a nervous giggle as I did this. I explained the reason for the restraints as “To avoid getting kicked in the face.” Karen laughed and thought that made sense.

“Would you end up kicking me?” I asked.

“Probably!” she laughed.

“Really? Let me try and see.”

“You want to tickle me? Now?” She asked.

I told her it would be a quick “tickle test”, just for fun. I could see she was nervous so didn’t want to push the issue. I would have to see her on a regular basis and making things awkward wouldn’t be a good idea.

At this point I remembered to switch the camera on so you get some behind-the-scenes content! You can see that Karen is pretty nervous as she asks me a bunch of questions about what being tickled involved.

Luckily she agreed to try it out!

The biggest revelation of this shoot is that Karen has some amazing size 6 feet. Beautiful soles!

I give Karen a complete tickle test, you can tell she was pretty nervous doing something so out of her comfort zone. I’m able to get some giggles and laughs out of her but she is resisting the entire time. She loosens up as it goes on.

This if for those of you that love real, spontaneous tickling and reactions with completely vanilla models!

Not sure if I should ask her back or not, I feel like there might be some more laughs to get out of her now that she’s relaxed.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Property Manager’s 1st Time Tickled – Spontaneous Shoot!!!