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RandomSoleEncounters – Tickling my Girlfriend – I didn’t know you were going to torture me!

It’s been tough finding new models this year, for obvious reasons, luckily I have someone who is very ticklish living under the same roof! I’ve tickled Bree (25 y.o. size 7-7.5) a few times for the store but she’s pretty camera shy so the majority of her tickling stays off camera. Getting her to agree to be tickled on camera is a rare treat.

Bree wanted to get dressed up, full hair and make-up for the shoot, but I told her not to. I thought it would be cool to tickle her just as she was. She was dressed very casual; sweats and black socks.

Bree is locked in the stocks and I take off her black socks (she’d been wearing them all day). There are a few tools and techniques that really drive Bree crazy, to the point where she can’t take it. But I start off slowly and build to her.

I use fingers, the flosser, oiled up soles and two different hair brushes – The brushes are her kryptonite! I use the brushes on the most ticklish areas of her feet and get her laughing real good. She even says “That damn brush gets me everytime.”

Than, at one point she says “I didn’t think you were going to me.” Not sure what other type of tickling she expected!

Length: 8:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling my Girlfriend – I didn’t know you were going to torture me!

RandomSoleEncounters – Powerlifter’s First Foot Tickling!

Jamie and I both take Tracy’s fitness bootcamp program. I was talking to Tracy, trying to get her to do another video shoot (I’ll never stop trying to get her back!) when Jamie over heard us joking about it.

Jamie is an extremely outgoing, motivated, go-getter. They type of person who is always looking for new exciting things to do and try. She was really curious about the “tickling video” we were talking about.

I explained the type of videos I shoot and Jamie really wanted to see Tracy’s video. I pulled it up and showed it to her and she couldn’t stop laughing.

“I can’t believe you’re that ticklish!” Jamie said to Tracy.

Jamie thought it looked “So fun!”.

I asked how ticklish she was. She told me that it tickles when she gets pedicures and they use the brush on her feet (always a good sign). Jamie said she has never been “properly tickled”, meaning tickled for a long period of time or being restrained.

“Would you try it out?” I asked.

“That would be so crazy!” she said. “Hell yeah, why not!” she laughed.

We exchanged numbers and I was able to set up a shoot with her just three days later.

Jamie showed up and was very enthusiastic! She told me she was very curious to experience being tickled and how she was going to respond to it. She considers herself to be very mentally tough and has high tolerance and endurance.

I get Jamie locked in the stocks still wearing her workout shoes. I take them off, she is wearing grey socks that cling to her feet. When I get her socks off Jamie has a great pair of plump, soft soles.

I give Jamie the full tickle treatment, using all the regular tools of the trade. Jamie turns out to be more ticklish then she expected. She is a squirmer and a squealer with a mix of laughter in between. She seems genuienly curious and surprised at how ticklish she is.

This is a very fun one!

Length: 10:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Powerlifter’s First Foot Tickling!

RandomSoleEncounters – Nicole’s Custom Torture – Bondage, Upper Body Tickling & Forced Orgasm!

Nicole has never done any sort of “extreme” tickling or a orgasm clip. She was hesitant but desperately needed money so agreed to this custom.

This clip features almost entirely upperbody tickling (armpits, ribs, waist, thighs & knees).

Nicole is blindfolded and tape is placed over her mouth. She is first tickled in a bikini with her soles pointed right at the camera. We discover Nicole has very ticklish thighs and knees (she had no idea she was ticklish there).

The next scene, Nicole is topless and her upper body is tickled. Nicole responds best to “poking” and light finger tickling and I exploit that!

The final scene, Nicole is in a more extreme bondage position, totally nude and exposed and is given her first orgasm. Prior to doing this Nicole said she didn’t think she would be able to have an orgasm…as you’ll see she was very, very, wrong and cums very quickly!

Length: 8:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nicole’s Custom Torture – Bondage, Upper Body Tickling & Forced Orgasm!

RandomSoleEncounters – Breaking Bella – Bella’s Last Laugh

Bella could be the most popular model of all time from my store. Bella was an agency represented model who did some major commercial and print ads all across the world! She modeled for me for around a year before deciding to retire.

She’s stunning from head to toe and has amazing ticklish size 10 feet!

This is one of the last time I tickled Bella on camera. I made sure to really give it to her good! The thing about Bella is that she genuinely hated foot tickling videos. She really only was interested in foot modeling but I somehow always only had foot tickling vids for her to shoot (haha).

Bella is laying face down, soles up. This is a two-camera shoot, one close-up on her face and the other close-up on her amazing slender soles. I use a lot of creamy lotion on her soles to make them extra sensitive. I use fingers, an electric toothbrush and hair brush relentlessly on her tender soles. The hairbrush is the magic tool on Bella and drives her crazy.

Bella can’t handle the non-stop foot tickling, at one point she even says that she can’t do it anymore.

I decide to play a game with her. One thing Bella was uncomfortable with was “dirty fetish talk” in clips, she didn’t like to say things like “Do you like my feet?” or anything sexual. It flat out made her embarrassed and she refused to do it.

So, I tell her if she says “Please tickle my feet.” I would stop. You can see her hesitation to give in to this but she also wants the tickling to stop. So, she does it and I don’t stop! I make her say it over and over and she really hated me for this.

I tickle Bella to the point of exhaustion, when I stop she seems “out of it” and doesn’t even realize I’m finished! Totally in a tickle daze!

Length: 6:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Bella – Bella’s Last Laugh

RandomSoleEncounters – Uber Driver’s 1st Time Tickle Torture – FOOT & UPPERBODY TICKLING!

I shot this the same time I shot her surprise foot worship clip: SEE IT HERE

I met Annie way back in December, she was my Uber driver. Annie has a cool look and I was hoping to get her to do a “random sole encounter” type video for me right on the spot.

Unfortunately she was very suspicious about why I wanted to film her feet. She asked me a ton of questions; “Where are you going to post this?” “Why do you want to see my feet?’…etc.

She told me she had other passengers to pick up and declined my offer. I decided to give her my card and told her to check out my site and if she was ever interested in the future to get in touch. I left it at that and didn’t see much hope in ever getting her to model for me.

Flash forward to the end of February and I get a text from Annie. She asked if I was still interested in her foot modeling. Of course I was! She told me she was only interested in doing a foot modeling shoot which was pretty disappointing for me but I thought I could get her into my studio and see how far we could take things.

Annie told me her boyfriend wouldn’t approve of her doing foot fetish shoots so she’d have to come by at night when he thinks she is out driving for Uber.

A few nights later, Annie comes to my studio to shoot!

Annie starts off locked in stocks, her boots already off. I had her put her sheer nylon socks back on. Annie wears a size 8.5 shoe and has a punk style. Annie has great feet, long slender toes and soles, it’s a shame she keeps them hidden away in boots.

I start off briefly tickling her feet in sheer socks before removing them. I use all the familiar tools; feathers, fingers, flosser, hairbrush.

You can tell Annie isn’t completely comfortable with being tickled. She’s not sure how to react in front of the camera. She tries her best to remain stoic but she starts to squirm, bite her lip, her toes curl…she tries to resist laughing, such a tough punk!

Her reactions to the foot tickling aren’t laugh-out-loud but you can tell she’s ticklish and trying to fight it.

Then I move to her upper body and once again this tough girl tries to resist laughing…but she can’t! Her upper body is way too ticklish and she can’t help but to show her weakness and laugh! It’s real for her and it’s great to see.

I reached out to her again and she said “No thanks” to doing another shoot. So looks like a “one-and-done”!

Length: 9:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Uber Driver’s 1st Time Tickle Torture – FOOT & UPPERBODY TICKLING!

RandomSoleEncounters – Sophia’s Foot Tickle Audition

Luckily my tickle table and tools travel easily. This studio is reminiscent of my 1st for those of you have been with me since the start….with the green screen background. I even broke out the older restraints so you can see Sophia’s body during the tickling.

I’m working out all the little technical details of being in a new location (lighting, framing..etc) so bear with me as I perfect the look of my videos.

Say hello to Sophia! She helped me christen the new studio with a foot tickle audition. Sophia reached out to me for some advice on getting into the world of fetish modeling and I was happy to lend a helping hand!

She is 21 and wears a size 7-7.5 shoe.

Sophia starts off strapped down in her Nikes and a pair of thick fuzzy socks. I unlace and remove her Nikes and do a brief sock tickling, her socks are so thick that I abort that quickly, strip them off and tickle her barefeet.

Sophia has soft slender feet with long toes. I make sure to test out every inch for ticklishness! I use fingers, feather, toothbrush, two hair brushes, oil and the electric flosser on her sensitive soles. The hairbrushes really get her going!

Sophia is the type of ticklee that can’t sit still when being tickled, if I didn’t have her strapped down she may have flown out the studio!

Length: 6:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophia’s Foot Tickle Audition

RandomSoleEncounters – Instagram Models Get Tickled #2 – Bollywood Actress Tickled!

With quarantines and social distancing taking 1st priority I’ve had to get creative in order to bring you new content. I’ve been reaching out to different Instagram models to see if they would do remote shoots for my site. My requirement being that they have never done any fetish modeling.

Elli is a 27-year-old model/actress from India. She has acted in several Bollywood movies and TV Soap Operas. I reached out to her on Instagram and she thought the idea of being tickled was fun!

Elli told me she has very ticklish feet and doesn’t get professional pedicures because she once kicked the nail technician and was so embarrassed! She doesn’t even like foot massages because they tickle her!

This is more playful, unrestrained tickling. Elli is tickled with fingers, lotioned up soles and a hairbrush all get great reactions from her!

I told Elli if she ever visits the US to get in touch, would love to lock her in the stocks for a true tickling experience!

Length: 3:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Instagram Models Get Tickled #2 – Bollywood Actress Tickled!