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RandomSoleEncounters – Dalvina Takes the $100 Tickle Challenge!

This is an older, un-released clip of Queen Dalvina taking the $100 Hold The Note Challenge.

The rules of the challenge:

– Dalvina starts with $100.
– There are 5, one-minute rounds.
– Dalvina must hold a small piece of paper between her feet while being tickled. If she drops the paper within the minute she loses $20 and the round is over.
– Whatever money she has left after the 5 rounds are complete, she gets to keep.

The scene starts off with some Behind-The-Scenes footage of me explaining the challenge to Queen Dalvina and her removing her shoes (crocs) and socks.

Dalvina seemed determined that she would be able to succeed at this challenge. I wasn’t as optimistic about her ability to win after learning how ticklish her feet are.

The fun part of this is to watch the dominant side of Dalvina come out. She tries to adjust the rules as the challenge goes on to give her the best chance of winning. But, even that doesn’t stop her feet from being so ticklish!

How much cash did Dalvina walk away with? Check out the clip to find out!

Length: 9:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dalvina Takes the $100 Tickle Challenge!

RandomSoleEncounters – Goth Meg goes to Tickle Hell – LEVEL THREE FACE DOWN FOOT TICKLING

Tough goth girl Meg has already endured stocked foot tickling and upper body tickling. Now, she is going to have to make it through the final level of tickle hell – face down foot tickling!

This is a double-camera shoot. One camera is close-up on her tender goth soles as they are tickled. The other camera is a close-up of her face so we can see every ticklish reaction. I instruct Meg to make eye contact with the camera during the entire ordeal.

The great thing about this position for tickling is that Meg can’t see when, how, or what tool I’m going to use to tickle her vulnerable feet. The element of surprise can make already ticklish feet even more sensitive and this technique really gets Meg laughing!

I test out all my tools on Meg’s soles; fingers, feathers (feather and quill end), two hairbrushes, the electric flosser, and oiled-up sole tickling.

This is the final part of Meg’s tickle hell but it won’t be the last time we see her!

Length: 7:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goth Meg goes to Tickle Hell – LEVEL THREE FACE DOWN FOOT TICKLING

RandomSoleEncounters – Laid Back Laugher Part 2 – Nylon and Bare foot tickling!

Mixing it up some with a shorter clip for everyone.

This is another clip, shot at the same time as her first, featuring Addie! Check out her 1st clip here: Laid Back Laugher – Addie’s Intro to Tickling!

Addie is a completely vanilla model. She has never done anything like this and doesn’t want to be a fetish model.

I had Addie try out some nylon foot tickling. I told her nylons could make her feet more ticklish but she wasn’t sure if that would be true or not. So we gave it a try! She’s wearing black nylons to start, locked in the stocks.

Addie and I talk a lot during this clip as I test out different tools and techniques on her ticklish feet. Addie is really fun and seems to have a love/hate relationship with being tickled. There are moments where she laughs like she’s having fun and moments where it seems like it’s too much for her.

I love Addie’s laugh, especially when I hit an especially ticklish spot on her feet and send her into a laughing fit.

Do the nylons make her more ticklish? I’d say yes. Certain tools work especially well on her. About halfway through the clip I cut the toes off the nylons and pull them halfway down Addie’s foot. So half of her foot is bare and half is covered in nylon. This way I can tickle her with and without nylons and see what works better.

Addie has long toes that are especially ticklish so now that they are free from the nylons I can work them over and get her laughing! The longer I tickle the more ticklish Addie gets which is always fun! By the end of the clip she is really laughing and everything seems to tickle!

Not sure if or when I’ll get Addie back again so enjoy her ticklish feet and lovely laughing!

Length: 8:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Laid Back Laugher Part 2 – Nylon and Bare foot tickling!

RandomSoleEncounters – TICKLE FLIX JIllian Justice and the Stocks of Suggestion

Investigative reporter Jillian Justice has just broadcast a story on local con..I mean…business man Albert Cadabra. Cadabra is a failed magician who now makes props for other magic acts. The problem is, Mr. Cadabra has been ripping off his customers for years!

Jillian has exposed Mr. Cadabra on local television and he is not happy about it it all!!!

A furious Albert calls Jillian Justice and asks her to come to his office so he can give his side of the story. Jillian feels it will be a waste of time but humors Cadabra anyway. She agrees to meet him later that night…who knows, she might get more evidence of his con-man ways.

What Ms. Jillian Justice doesn’t know is that Albert Cadabra has a very special trick for her…a trick so powerful it can even get the toughest, most stubborn person to change their mind. This trick is called…


Watch as Jillian Justice is tricked into the stocks!
Be amazed at how ticklish her tender soles are!
See her will break under the non-stop tickling!

Length: 8:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – TICKLE FLIX JIllian Justice and the Stocks of Suggestion

RandomSoleEncounters – Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART TWO SAFEWORD TICKLING

Here is the 2nd part (or 2nd lesson) in tickling for our teacher!

Check out part one here: Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART ONE: An Introduction to Tickling

For this part, I decided to let Mrs. Lynn have a safeword, she decides to use the word “BLUE”. I tell her if she uses the word too much I’ll just ignore it and keep tickling!

Not that I know what techniques and tools work best on Mrs. Lynn I’ll concentrate on those!

Right away I decided to test out the tops of her feet. Not enough ticklers try the tops and they usually end up being ticklish. Mrs. Lynn is no exception, the tops of her feet turn out to be very ticklish!

Then, it’s right to the silicone brush that works so well on her. For Mrs. Lynn, it’s more of a light, slow but steady tickling that drives her crazy so that’s exactly what I do on her soft soles.

Mrs. Lynn’s heels are especially sensitive so I really concentrate the tickling there with great results. But don’t worry, the rest of her feet get lots of tickle attention too! No space on her soles is neglected!

I use hairbrushes, silicone brushes, and toothbrushes! Brushes, brushes, brushes, and they all make Mrs. Lynn laugh! Brushes work so well that Mrs. Lynn uses her safeword! How fast and how often does she use it? Does she use it so much that I stop listening and keep tickling?

You’ll have to watch it to find out!

Length: 10:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART TWO SAFEWORD TICKLING

RandomSoleEncounters – Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART ONE An Introduction to Tickling

I’m very excited to bring this one to you! I’ve been working on it for a while and finally was able to get it done. This is a three-part series featuring my friend that we’ll call Mrs. Lynn.

Here’s the best part…Mrs. Lynn is a real teacher! I know this is a fantasy for many of you, we’ve all had a teacher that we would’ve loved to tickle or see tickled. This clip is years in the making! It took a lot of negotiating and convincing to get Mrs. Lynn to finally agree to participate.

I’ve known Mrs. Lynn and her husband for several years. They both know all about my fetish and that I make these “strange videos”. I don’t remember the first time I asked her to be in a video but I know I’ve asked more than a few times over the years. Her husband was even on board with the idea, he thought it would be funny.

The biggest hang-up was Mrs. Lynn’s job as a teacher and being recognized. Even though I think the odds of that happening are low it’s not worth the risk. Mrs. Lynn told me she would get tickled if she didn’t have to show her face but I didn’t see the appeal of tickling her without being able to see her facial reactions. In my opinion, just a close-up of her feet or a blurred face wouldn’t be very good content.

I suggested her wearing a mask but she was unsure about that so me tickling her never came to be.

But I don’t give up!

Mrs. Lynn is changing jobs. Without getting too specific, she’s still going to be in the education field but she finally felt comfortable to do a video! With one caveat, she still wants to hide her identity so she’s wearing a mask. I chose a mask where you can still see her reactions and a lot of her face!

And with all that backstory here we are! Mrs. Lynn was still a bit nervous, she’s never done anything even close to this. She told me she found it kind of exciting too! I’ve gotten many looks at her feet over the years but have never touched or tickled them so this was exciting for me too!

This 1st video is me introducing Mrs. Lynn to what tickling and making a tickle video is all about. I start off slow, showing her all the different tools and techniques to tickle her feet. As I find what works best I focus more on that.

Mrs. Lynn tells me she hasn’t had her feet “really” tickled in years and never like this or for this long. Part of the fun of this first video is seeing her react and realize how ticklish her feet are!

She has some tickle hotspots that really get her going. The more the tickling goes on the more ticklish she ends up getting. This is pretty normal with newbie models, once their nerves go away they always get more ticklish and Mrs. Lynn is no exception!

I may have even got our teacher to beg me for a break…but we were just starting out. There are two more parts to this tickle session that I’ll post in the upcoming weeks!

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Length: 12:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Real Teacher, Real Ticklish! – PART ONE An Introduction to Tickling

RandomSoleEncounters – Goth Meg Goes to Tickle Hell – LEVEL ONE STOCKED FOOT TICKLING

I received a text from a friend telling me that one of their friends named Meg was looking to make some cash and asked if I had any modeling jobs or work around my studio. They also warned me about her attitude…never a good sign when that happens but I was intrigued by the photos the friend sent of Meg.

Meg ( 21 years old, 5’9, size 8.5 shoe ) came to my studio the next day so we could meet….

I quickly learned that Meg is the definition of a woman with a dominant attitude. She’s extremely confident, cocky, and sarcastic. She clearly doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks and I could see how that attitude could rub people the wrong way.

I immediately thought about how fun it would be to take this arrogant goth girl and tame her with tickling.

Meg told me that she needed rent money, she was already three months behind. She said that she modeled before for a friend’s clothing line and was in some local band’s music video.

Meg made it clear that she needed to make money fast. When I asked about fetish shoots she said whatever made the most cash…the only thing she wasn’t going to do was get naked or porn.

When I asked Meg if she was ticklish she told me that she wasn’t, then said she wasn’t sure really, then said she wasn’t again. I’m not sure if she knew and didn’t want to say it or if she wasn’t sure that she was ticklish.

I thought “The 3 Stages of Tickle Hell” was exactly what Meg needed for an attitude adjustment.

When I told her about it all she wanted to know was “How much does it pay?” and “How soon can we do it?”

“How about right now?” I asked.

Meg said, “Hell yeah, let’s do it!”


Meg was wearing all black (the official goth uniform color I guess!). She had on a pair of very well-worn boots that I noticed as I locked her into the ankle stocks.

In the clip, you get a good feel of Meg’s smug attitude right off the bat. It’s just the way she talks and carries herself. I tell Meg I’m going to cuff her hands behind her back and she tells me that’s a new one for her because she’s usually the one tying people up.

I take off her boots to reveal the dirtiest pair of socks I’ve ever come across! Meg is wearing thick black socks (It was 97 degrees out that day) and her socks were damp with sweat. I have no doubt she had been wearing these multiple days. I even point it out to her and she isn’t the least bit embarrassed by it..most models would be horrified…Meg didn’t care at all.

Once I start to tickle Meg, even through her thick sweaty socks, you can see her tough girl demeanor start to crumble. She’s definitely ticklish and realizes quickly that this may not be as easy as she first thought.

I strip her sweaty socks off to reveal her tender goth soles. They are slightly dirty with chipped black nail polish (of course black nail polish!). Tickling her bare soles, which were also quite sweaty but very soft, reveals that she is ticklish!

It’s very entertaining to make such a dominant, tough goth like Meg lose control and laugh. You can tell she’s not 100% comfortable being made to laugh and it’s great to see!!!

I use all the familiar tools on her soles and find out Meg’s toes are extra ticklish to her surprise! I make sure to that area!

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of Meg’s tickle hell torment….she’s the one who was so eager to earn some cash and I’m gonna make sure she earns every penny!

Length: 9:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goth Meg Goes to Tickle Hell – LEVEL ONE STOCKED FOOT TICKLING