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RandomSoleEncounters – Renee’s After Work Tickling – 1st Time In Stocks!

My neighbor and walking bud Renee (27-years-old, size 6.5-7 shoe) is back again!

It’s been awhile since her tickling debut – Renee Tries Out Tickling

I have to admit it’s my fault she hasn’t been back, we go on nightly walks together but I never brought up her being tickled again. She’s my neighbor so I don’t want to push the issue and make things weird when I have to see her pretty much on a daily basis.

I figured I’d let her bring it up if she wanted to shoot again. But she never did, which isn’t a surprise, Renee is quiet and can come across as shy so I think asking me to tickle her may have been a bit embarrassing to her.

I finally decided to just bring it up and ask her, it had been long enough. Renee said “Yes!” right away. The 1st time I tickled her was right after a walk, this time I wanted to get her in a different scenario so I told her to come by the next day right after work in whatever she was wearing.

This time I decided to break out the stocks.

Renee stopped by straight from her job (She does interior design) and she looked great. When she saw the stocks she laughed and said “That looks dangerous.”

I got her locked in the stocks and took her heels off. Her feet were slightly dirty and sweaty from being in heels all day. The 1st time I tickled Renee the brushes on her soles were the worst for her so that is what I use the most. I also use fingers, oil (of course), and the electric flosser.

I ramped up the tickling for her 2nd session, really giving her tender soles a workout and Renee reacts accordingly. She told me “That was much more intense than the first time.”

Just wait until I get her back again!

Length: 8:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Renee’s After Work Tickling – 1st Time In Stocks!

RandomSoleEncounters – Powerlifter’s Upper Body Workout – LEVEL TWO UPPER BODY TICKLING

After Leigh’s endured the first level of tickle hell she was pretty nervous about what she’d gotten herself into. When I told her the next level was tickling her upper body her nervousness only grew. If you remember, Leigh insisted on telling me that her upper body was her most ticklish area. Now it was time to see how true that statement is!

I start off slow and tickle lightly with feathers on the armpits thinking maybe this will calm Leigh’s nerves a bit. But I was wrong! Unfortunately for Leigh, her armpits are extremely feather ticklish! She tries to hold in her laughter to start but that only lasts a few seconds before she’s laughing out loud! She looks as if she can’t believe feathers are so ticklish.

I soon turn to fingers in her armpits and this sends Leigh into a mix of panic and hysterics. Actually, everything I do to Leigh’s armpits, ribs, and stomach gets this reaction and it only grows stronger the longer I tickle her.

Leigh is dripping with sweat as she laughs and struggles. She really had no idea how intense this tickling would be but realizes she’s in for it now!

Great ticklish reactions!

Level three next week!!!!

Length: 5:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Powerlifter’s Upper Body Workout – LEVEL TWO UPPER BODY TICKLING

RandomSoleEncounters – Oh Goodness! – Mya’s Ticklish Turn-On!

When I first met Mya she told me that she doesn’t like to have her feet touched. Well, it looks like her attitude about that has changed!

I introduced Mya to both foot modeling and foot tickling, those clips are available here:

“I Don’t Like People Touching My Feet” – Ballerina’s Sole Show

Ballerina’s 1st time foot tickled!

Mya was a ballerina for 15 years before she grew too big to do it anymore (she’s 5’9 with amazing size 10 feet).

Prior to modeling for me, she had no experience with foot or tickling fetishes and doesn’t understand why anyone would be attracted to feet. Because of that, I considered myself lucky that I was able to get her to model and didn’t expect her to come back for more shoots. But, Mya ended up texting me and asking if she could model for me again!

When I was talking to her about setting up a shoot Mya told me that she’s become a lot more comfortable with having her feet touched thanks to modeling for me.

“Having my feet lightly tickled feels really good.” She told me. “Sometimes I’ll just lightly tickle my own feet, it’s kind of a turn-on.”

That got my attention because Mya wasn’t the flirty type so I thought it was interesting she just mentioned this to me out of the blue. I decided to do a lighter foot tickling session with her, where I would tickle more gently and see just how she reacts to it.

Mya really liked that idea!

We start off with Mya locked in the stocks. Her size 10 soles pointing at the camera. I tickle with light to medium pressure on her feet and get some very nice reactions. Mya giggles, laughs, twitches, her eyes roll, and she bites her lip. It’s a mix of pleasure and laughter that is very interesting and fun to watch!

She says “Oh goodness!” a lot as I try out different techniques on her sensitive soles.

When we finished up I was able to catch a very interesting comment from Mya on camera, it’s included at the end of the clip and hopefully will lead to more interesting clips with her in the future!

Length: 4:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Oh Goodness! – Mya’s Ticklish Turn-On!

RandomSoleEncounters – My Friend Tries Tickling – I Don’t Know How Ticklish I Am


Susie (33, size 7’s) and I met years ago at a mutual friends wedding, we were seated at the same table and ended up remaining friends until this day. She is a very fun, kind-hearted and artistic person.

When she learned about my foot fetish she told me that since she was young she always had people compliment her on how pretty her feet were. I actually witnessed this first hand once when a random woman told Susie how much she loved her toenail color and how she had “beautiful feet.”

This woman happened to be correct, Susie has very beautiful feet. She always wears polish on her toes and I don’t mean chipped or worn polish. Its always perfect, like she just came from having a pedicure. Susie told me she did this because she couldn’t wear nail polish on her fingers due to her profession so all her care and attention went to her toes.

Unfortunately, Susie was in a long-term relationship and because of that, she was never open to modeling for me. She would even joke and say her feet were under a strict “Look but don’t touch” policy.

She didn’t feel like her partner would be comfortable with her being in fetish videos. That along with her profession (She worked in the healthcare field) if someone found a video of her online it would be pretty awkward.

A few month back Susie ended her relationship then decided to quit her job and start a new self-employed career. She told me for the first time in years she felt free and adventurous! I figured if she wasn’t going to model for me now then it would never happen.

Susie was very much up for foot modeling, she was actually really excited to do it. When I asked about doing a tickling shoot she was hesitant. Not because she was nervous about it, but because she wasn’t sure how ticklish her feet were and didn’t know if she would be ticklish enough.

I told her that we could give it a try and see how she reacts.


I get Susie locked in the stocks which she thought were “Pretty neat.” Once I slip her flats off, It doesn’t take too long for Susie to realize that her feet are pretty ticklish!

She is a great ticklee! Very responsive! She talks a lot about how much all the different tools and techniques I use tickle and points out what spots tickle the most. She’s surprised by how ticklish her feet actually are.

I tickle every inch of her beautiful feet (including the tops) with all my tools. The big brush and electric flosser work very well on her tender soles. Susie even seems to get more ticklish the longer we go for.

I start to push up the intensity once I see how ticklish she is and Susie even breaks a sweat from the tickling!

This was very fun to get a long time friend into the stocks and make her laugh uncontrollably. Hopefully it won’t be the last time for her!

Length: 9:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My Friend Tries Tickling – I Don’t Know How Ticklish I Am

RandomSoleEncounters – Geek Girl June’s 1st Foot Tickle!

June is a video editor and graphic designer that works freelance for my mainstream business. She is a cool, quirky, alternative-type geek girl. She loves anime, manga, and video games.

My first clip with her was involving foot worship. You can see that clip here: June’s Unexpected First Foot Worship (Lickle Tickle)

During her foot worship, I found out that her feet were very ticklish when I licked them! After seeing the way she reacted to just light foot licking I just had to see how she would react to real foot tickling.

June hurt her left ankle a few days prior so I had to be careful with her left foot. But that didn’t take away from her ticklishness! June is a pretty ticklish girl and she’s never been tickled like this before. A total new experience for her.

She is wearing her favorite boots but had no socks on. She told me because her ankle was sore putting on socks was uncomfortable. Her feet were extra sweaty and soft which only made her soles more ticklish. Bad luck for her!

June is a “snorter” when he laughs. She also can’t seem to sit still when she’s tickled, so it’s a good thing I have her ankles strapped down! She goes through all the phases of laughter; giggling, trying to hold it in, snorting, and laughing out loud when it gets too intense for her!

The brushes really have a good effect on her tender soles! But I make sure to use all your favorite tools and techniques to gauge what works best and gets June really laughing.

After, June told me it was fun but also not fun. Whatever that means!

Length: 6:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Geek Girl June’s 1st Foot Tickle!

RandomSoleEncounters – I Hope My Fiance Doesn’t See This! – Nervous Maddie’s Tickle Test

Bride-to-be Maddie (25 y.o.) contacted me about doing a pre-wedding photoshoot for her. She had a lot of ideas so it took a few meetings along with lots of text and e-mails to put together her vision.

My first meeting with Maddie was also the first time seeing her. She’s very cute and petite (5’1″), with a very bubbly personality. She was wearing a pair of flats so I couldn’t get a look at her feet but I did notice they were just as petite as she was (turns out they are a tiny size 5).

While workout out the details of her photoshoot I got to hear Maddie’s fantastic laugh. She would throw her head back and laugh with her mouth wide open which immediately brought my mind to her doing that while being tickled.

Could I convince her to get tickled? The first time meeting her wasn’t the proper time to bring it up. But, I would be looking for an opportunity to introduce the idea to her in the future.

Our 3rd time meeting was the charm! Maddie mentioned that she needed to get her nails done before the photoshoot. I continued the discussion on her nails by asking what color she was looking to get; Maddie said she was thinking red.

I asked “fingers and toes?”. She said yes and even slipped her foot out of her shoe to show me that her toes needed to be painted too! I told her my girlfriend always laughs during a pedicure because she’s so ticklish. Maddie told me she does the same thing and that she is very ticklish!

And that was the confirmation I needed!

Maddie’s ticklish admission allowed me to continue the conversation in a casual way. I said something to the effect of “It’s funny you mentioned how ticklish you are.” – She didn’t bring it up, I did (haha)- “I’ve been doing this goofy video series about ticklishness.”

Maddie was equal parts confused and intrigued when I told her about how I film women being tickled and how there are people out there who like to see it. As usual, I don’t mention the word “fetish” as it can result in a negative reaction. I even showed her a few clips I filmed and she was amused but also thought it was weird.

I asked if she would ever participate in something so “weird” and she laughed nervously and said, “probably not”. “Not even for a nice discount on your shoot?”. She had told me how much her wedding cost and the budget she had for this photoshoot previously. The mention of a discount turned “probably not” into “How much of a discount?”. Money always talks.

I gave Maddie a fair offer but she was still hesitant. After a little bit of negotiating Maddie agreed to try being tickled. We decided that we would wait and do it the same day as her photoshoot.

We did quite a few photos where Maddie was barefoot and I had to try not to get distracted by her ticklish feet being on full display. I wanted to get to the tickling but had to finish the photoshoot first.

Once we were finished I started setting up for the tickle session. Maddie was pretty nervous and was asking a lot of questions, I told her it would just be a “tickle test” and she could stop at any time but would only get the discount if she completed the tickle test. She said, “I can’t believe I’m letting you tickle me.”

I put Maddie in the ankle straps/the invisible stocks. I thought the big wooden stocks might scare her away. She told me that she might try to punch me when I tickled her! To prevent that I cuffed her hands behind her back. I was surprised she let me do that!

I start light with Maddie but she shows that she is ticklish right from the start. Her feet were extremely soft, always a good sign! I was worried her nerves might take away from her ticklishness and I think it might have at first but the more I tickle her feet the more reaction, and laughter, I get out of her.

I really liked Maddie’s reactions to this new experience. You can tell she’s slightly unsure of the situation she’s gotten herself into but can’t help but laugh when she’s tickled!

When we were finished Maddie told me “I Hope My Fiancé Doesn’t See This!”.

Length: 7:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I Hope My Fiance Doesn’t See This! – Nervous Maddie’s Tickle Test

RandomSoleEncounters – Dom Alexandra Turned Tickle Sub

Alexandra is a traveling model who has done some fetish work strictly as a Dom. She enjoys having men worshipping at her feet and has never been in the submissive role.

When she contacted me about modeling I told her I mainly do tickling. She thought I meant that she would be doing the tickling, I had to correct her and let her know that she would be the one tickled.

After I made it clear she would be restrained and tickled she told me she doesn’t do those type of shoots. I thanked her and let her know to contact me if she ever changed her mind.

A few months passed and I forgot about our previous discussion. Alexandra got in touch and asked if my offer to shoot was still on the table. It turns out she had a few guys cancel on her and was looking to recoup some of the money she lost during her trip.

What will a Dom desperate for cash do?

Alexandra agreed to do her first ever foot tickling shoot and here it is for you to see. She has very long toes and slender soles. She’s used to having them licked and sucked not tickled and you can see how the tickling reaction hits her differently.

She’s more of a giggler and fighter than someone who lets go and just laughs…I expected that from her dom personality. Her facial expressions are great as she tries her best to fight the laughter.

She told me it was “not fun” for her, being submissive isn’t her style I guess.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dom Alexandra Turned Tickle Sub