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SolesScreamExperience – Catherine Foxx Tickled Everywhere

Catherine starts out face op on the bed, and it doesn’t take long for her to erupt in laughter. She has been in the fetish world for decades and enjoys being tickled. Due to this, I was slightly more intense than normally. Rest assured, she was fine with it.

The view starts at the foot of the bed, where so all of her. It switches to side view to show the action if the other angle is blocked. Halfway through the clip, Catherine lays on her stomach for the remainder of the clip.

I tickle her: neck, ears, underarms, rips, arms, hands, thighs, butt, inner thighs, hamstrings, and a little bit on her feet. I mostly use my hands, but a feather and manual scalp massager are also employed

Length: 14:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Catherine Foxx Tickled Everywhere

RFStudioProduction – Tickling Sexy Kelly on the throne, Licking her feet and body on the massage table, Playing with ice and feathers around her goodies

Kelly sits tied up on the throne and tries to get out. A black sheet is thrown over her. I go in and tickle her body through the sheet.
Then I throw off the sheet and put a ballgag into her mouth, then unbutton her shirt exposing her body and breasts. I tickle her more and more on her sides and armpits and Kelly laughs and tries to get out. She screams and laughs through the gag.

In the next part, Kelly is lying face down on the massage table and I start tickling her sides, lifting her tank top and tickling her back, and then her sexy ass with feathers. I pull her panties down and tickle between her buttocks.

Then I take some oil and lubricate her back and ass. I tickle her with narrow brushes between her buttocks. Then I flog her butt a little with a long strap. After that, I run the Wartenberg pinwheel down her back and ass. I pounce on her sides and dig my fingers into her ribs driving Kelly crazy. I bite her sides and it really tickles Kelly. Then I move to her feet and oil them. Then I tickle her with my hands and a massager. Then I bite and lick her beautiful expressive toes.

Now Kelly is lying on her back, blindfolded. She’s not wearing panties, so I cut her shirt off, exposing her tits. I tickle her belly button and breasts with a feather. I tickle her pussy, and Kelly moans in pleasure. I bite her sides and belly. This makes Kelly horny and laugh. She loves it a lot. I add oil to her body and massage her belly.

I go over her belly and belly button with the Wartenberg pinwheel. And a little on her pussy. I take the thin tassels and tickle her crotch with them.
Now it’s time for ice play. I take a cube with my tongs and run it over Kelly’s body alternately tickling her body. I run an ice cube over her belly button and then lose it. Taking it again and running it over Kelly’s sexy body… I wipe the moisture from Kelly’s cool body and start massaging her. Then I bite her belly and legs and tickle her intensely at the end making Kelly squirm and moan…

Length: 48:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Sexy Kelly on the throne, Licking her feet and body on the massage table, Playing with ice and feathers around her goodies

UKTickling – Elegant Eve 8

Length: 6:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Elegant Eve 8

SteffanysTickleTantrums – Stop Tickling My Butt!

My butt is extremely ticklish, and what made it worse was that I was tied in a position that left me completely vulnerable to butt tickling…

Length: 7:53
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Stop Tickling My Butt!

SolesScreamExperience – Stella Loves to Laugh

Stella is incredibly ticklish and seems to enjoy it a bit. What makes this clip different than the others I’ve shot is that I tickle her nipples with brushes, and through her top. It won’t be a common occurrence so enjoy that when you can.

Length: 12:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stella Loves to Laugh

BCTickleAndFetish – Bella’s Face Down Destruction Part 1

Bella got Macy really good previously. However, Macy is about to get revenge in a big way! The face down position is proving to be an effective one. Bella is put in this position and boy did we get some great reactions out of her. We’re actually releasing these clips out of order but we wanted to drop this one first because it’s a doozy. Macy is also a really good tickler and she pushed Bella over the edge in this one. She starts on Bella’s thighs and ass. She gets deep in the muscle on her inner thighs and uses her long nails under her butt cheeks. Bella is bucking and already struggling but the worst is yet to come. Macy moves her long nails to Bella’s armpits and immediately gets results. Bella starts bucking, cursing and panicking like never before. Macy applies more pressure and digs in a little more and it’s all over for her. Bella starts jerking at her restraints so hard that she pulls an arm free. She desperately begs for a break with tears in her eyes! Macy continues to focus on her armpits and ribs. Every time Macy invades her armpits Bella freaks out. For whatever reason Macy’s technique and this bondage position is driving her insane! Her hair is a mess, she’s sweating profusely, and she’s struggling unlike ever before in this clip.

Length: 6:26
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella’s Face Down Destruction Part 1

YourAlexis – Tickle Tuesday Gang Tickle Edition

Length: 5:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Tuesday Gang Tickle Edition