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SolesScreamExperience – Ophelia Kaan’s Silent Laughter

Ophelia is incredibly sensitive but there are only a few places that will cause her to go from silent laughter to bursting out laughing. Her silent laughter is an open smile and rapid breathing as if they were pre giggles, turns out they were.

I saw this when doing the foot worship shoot earlier that day. When you see her reactions, it kind of makes you laugh along with her. Definitely some moments of surprise for both of us.

Length: 12:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ophelia Kaan’s Silent Laughter

SolesScreamExperience – Ama Rio Tickled In Nylons While Talking to Stacy

This scene style was organic. I saw how Ama was sitting between shoots while talking to my girlfriend – Phoenix Stacy – and I knew I had to get some tickling in. There are two perspectives, one that shows the tops of her feet, and the other shows more of the soles.

The image focus switches to her nyloned feet in focus, to more of her face in focus as she has some pretty fun reactions to what I’m doing. All the while, she tries to maintain a conversation with Stacy.

Length: 6:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio Tickled In Nylons While Talking to Stacy

SolesScreamExperience – 4 on 1 Tickling

Greasy Rose is laying on the floor when Vicky, Bri, Blondi, and Marcy arrive from their day out. They had some souvenir feathers with them. They decide to take advantage of the lovely situation. They lightly tickle Rose and then turn up the pressure as time goes on.

Pretty much every exposed area Rose has gets touched by the feather and or fingers.

Length: 11:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 4 on 1 Tickling

SolesScreamExperience – We Want to Sit Too!

Indica and Kitty are relaxing and waiting for their chronically late friends to come over. Mia and Vicky arrive and are dismayed to see the entire couch taken up by a sprawling Indica. They ask Indica if she’d move, but she insists that she is comfortable and suggest the two sit on the floor.

Vicky and Mia proceed to sit on Indica and what takes place is a struggle for the couch. Indica is determined not to give up her spot, no matter the risk. Kitty tries to watch the TV and voices her annoyance over the proceedings.

Will Indica yield to the tickle by Mia and Vicky, will Kitty finally enjoy the movie in piece?

Length: 10:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – We Want to Sit Too!

SolesScreamExperience – Let’s Go Shopping!

Bri, Rose, and Indica head over to Wakia – a national furniture chair store – to look for a bed. The go into one of the display rooms and test out a mattress. Eventually Bri uses this as in opportunity to quickly tickle Rose, then Rose retaliates and it’s all downhill from there.

Later, Indica shows up and things get more crazy which eventually causes the manager of Wakia to get involved.

Length: 9:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Let’s Go Shopping!

SolesScreamExperience – Ama Tickled Whilst Singing

After hearing Ama’s singing voice after a previous shoot, I knew I had to do a singing distraction with her. The clip starts with her introducing herself, and then I proceed to tickle her feet while she attempts to sing Mad World. Next, I tickle her upper body while she attempts to sing Million Dollar Man and Issues, we finish up by seeing if she can sing Someone Like You while possibly being tickled anywhere.

This is playful, and I want to give her a chance so the tickling builds up the longer she can go. I only use my hands for this. You get to enjoy her lovely singing voice and her giggles in this one.

Length: 11:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Tickled Whilst Singing

SolesScreamExperience – Session Madison Swan Tickled on Bed

Madison was even more ticklish than I anticipated. First half of the clip has her on her back, the second half she is on her stomach. She also blurts out her thoughts in addition to laughing especially when you hit her very sensitive spots. Her long torso is explored and tickled with my fingers and some sensual tickle toys.

Areas covered include: ears, neck, underarms, sides, back, abs, ribs, belly, butt, thighs, feet. I even find out that her palms are ticklish as well.

Length: 12:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Session Madison Swan Tickled on Bed