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CurationDeTickly – Asia Perez Bra and Panties Upperbody Tickled

Asia Perez is back with us, this time to have her fantastically fit upper body tickled relentlessly. Strung up in the bathroom by her wrists in nothing but her underwear and cute fuzzy socks, our tickler continuously overpowers his petite victim to prey on her ticklish armpits, bellybutton, ribs, hips, waiste and hip pockets to his hearts content. She does what she can to resist, even at times slamming her petite and physically fit booty into his crotch as hard as she could at random points (he didn’t seem to mind ;). She struggles, tries to run, kicks, scuffs, but resistance is futile (and arousing) and the laughs and screams are extracted from her ticklish upperbody with precision despite her best efforts lol.

Length: 14:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Asia Perez Bra and Panties Upperbody Tickled

TicklingIsFun – Asia Perez Tickled All Over Her Upper Body

After Asia’s belly button has received some nice tickling, it’s time to move up her body. With her arms tied to the bench, her torso is open for some severe tickling. Asia might not have her arms over her head, but this restraints have them help far enough that there is no problem getting her ribs and underarms. Within minutes, Asia Perez is a laughing, swearing mess. All of her most ticklish spots on her torso are completely worked over in this clip.

Length: 12:50
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Asia Perez Tickled All Over Her Upper Body

TicklingIsFun – Asia Perez Has Her Very Ticklish Feet Worked Over

We didn’t want to leave Asia’s feet untouched. How could we? Her feet are just as ticklish as the rest of her body. Poor Asia is practically begging for it to stop by the end. She absoutely can’t stand it when she is tickled on the tops and bottoms of her feet at the same time. Will she learn that it is never a good thing to be a brat or will she have to come back for another session? Time will tell.

Length: 14:23
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Asia Perez Has Her Very Ticklish Feet Worked Over

SolesScream – Asia Foot Worshipped and Light Tickling

Clip starts with some light conversation as I pull off Asia’s socks. The prospective is soles view. I proceed to worship her feet with my mouth. The camera is then zoomed in on Asia’s soles as I massage. I proceed to worship them and do some light tickles along the way. The camera is then positioned to the side for some more worship and brief tickling. The final portion of the clip is from Asia’s POV.

Length: 11:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Asia Foot Worshipped and Light Tickling

SolesScream – Asia Distracted By Foot Tickles

Asia is trying to surf her various social media feeds while sitting in a chair. I sit on the floor and proceed to worship her feet. The perspective is just off my right shoulder. She doesn’t acknowledge my existence in the meantime. About halfway through I succumb to my tickle fetish and glide my nails over her soft skin. The view is now much closer as you see her feet dance and twitch at my fingers. She begins to succumb to these sensations as the intensity picks up.

Length: 6:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Asia Distracted By Foot Tickles

TheBKTickler – HAPPY BDAY, BK! Asia Perez (feet)

there I was. Las Vegas, Nevada. It was my bday weekend. This was my 3rd time being in Vegas for my bday, but this is my first time going to shoot with models. And the first person that comes to mind when I decided to go to Vegas to see was Asia Perez. I’ve been following her work for years, she’s a true pioneer in the game. And I had to make that happen. Funny story, Time schedules got mixed up and she showed up earlier than expected. And I wasn’t nowhere near ready. So we had a little to spare.. got some margaritas and headed back to the room to give her some amazing tickle . I started with those beautiful soles of her. Which were very ticklish. Shes not new to this. So I had to something to prove by giving her the best tickle treatment that she’s had in a while. She’s a fire cracker though. It was hard for her to stay still. At one point, she tried pushing me off her feet… with her butt. She had a terrifying Look when I whipped out the tools. And she couldn’t do nothing about it. She’s looking at me like I was a monster at one point… and I was flattered by that facial expression. Check it out. Available now.

Length: 11:09
Resolution: 960×540

Download – HAPPY BDAY, BK! Asia Perez (feet)

TheBKTickler – HAPPY BDAY, BK Asia Perez – full body

I’m so enjoying my bday in Vegas… because started it off with the legend Asia Perez! It was fun giving her feet the tickle business.. but I wasn’t done. I had the rest of beautiful body to tickle . And by following her work for year, I know every inch of her is ticklish, and with the sadistic tickler I am, I had to impress her. I start with the armpits.. barely touching and she wanted to scream for the cops. That didn’t stop from teasing her pits with a finger or 2, before going in on them. And she had the cutest safe word: bubbles. I was in love with it. So much that I wanted her to say it more and more. And I did with electric toothbrushes to puts and the rest of her upper body. Very ticklish nipples she has. And of course, that cute little tummy of hers was not gonna go unnoticed. My fingers running up and down her belly of assurance of that. And raspberries… can’t forget those. I put myself in the line of fire messing with knees. I noticed has mean expression on her face after I make her safe word. It’s too cute. Aside from the intense tickle being given to an amazing model, it’s definitely Another reason to purchase this video. Available now!

Length: 14:07
Resolution: 960×540

Download – HAPPY BDAY, BK Asia Perez – full body