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Fettish – Hogtied, Hairtied, Tickled Duo

Length: 9:30
Resolution: 1440×812

Download – Hogtied, Hairtied, Tickled Duo

BrokenShellFantasies – Foot Tickling Talia and Maria

Feet tied together for restraint, Talia and Maria giggle from your sweet, aggressive feet tickling. Your hands run all over their soft-pinkish soles, and before they know it, you suddenly amp up your tickling with your tickling teasing fingers. The girls laugh hysterically as you play with their feet, making sure that you leave no empty spaces to run your hands over. You continue to trail your hands in between their toe fingers, and they fidgeted while trying to resist. As you feel their feet running dry, you oil up their soles with lubricant, and now, it makes it a lot easier for you to tickle the hell out of their feet. Their wrinkled soles are slowly getting sore from your abrasive caressing, scrunching, and trying to prevent you from reaching their most sensitive sole spots. They turn their backs on you, thinking the sensation would be a lot lighter than when they are in front. Unfortunately for these hot ladies, it just gives you more access to their beautiful feet with a spectacular view, for you to tickletorture until they are begging for mercy.

Length: 13:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Tickling Talia and Maria

TheTicklingArts – Isadora and Lorena tickled together

Isadora brings her friend Lorena for a double tickle session. Lorena has beautiful and tiny feet, but with a big sensitivity. The left foot is her really weak point, and when the Tickler moves the brush under her little fingers, Lorena goes crazy with the tickles! And when it’s time for Isadora to be tickled, Lorena doesn’t waver and punish her beautiful feet with a maximum tickle!

Length: 9:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Isadora and Lorena tickled together

SolesScreamExperience – Remyboo and Honeydew Foot Tickled

Remyboo and Honeydew are a real life couple and here, they get to experience some foot tickling together. Honey is in Remy’s embrace throughout the scene. I tickle their feet as we banter back and forth. It’s a session, but we joke about it being a low budget massage amid the tickling.

The picture-in-picture shows the sole view. I couldn’t decide which to use so I incorporated both.

Length: 10:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Remyboo and Honeydew Foot Tickled

Federstreich – Nina and Mariella – Combo tickling

Time for doubling the fun. Fotographer Nina and Dominatrix Mariella getting both tickled the same time in my stocks. Could´t choose between their soles, so it was only logic to have them at the same time.

Enjoy the clip about these two ticklish beauties from Vienna. We will definately do this again.

Length: 5:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nina and Mariella – Combo tickling

Fettish – Hogtied Tickled Duo

Mia had assisted me prior to this scene, with Unique enduring the No Safeword challenge! She didn’t hold back, so it was only fair that Unique gets a turn back isn’t it?

Mia is bound in a hogtie on the floor, bare feet vulnerable when Unique happily takes a seat next to her! Eyeballing the nearby items, she gives her a feet a good working over as the girls banter back and forth. Well…between Mia’s laughter that is.

Eventually I can’t resist, (it wasnt really eventual – I cut in between the 5 and 6 minute mark) and Unique ends up on the floor hogtied next to her.

Seriously. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same. Two gorgeous girls with truly ticklish feet right there? They probably owe me one (or two…or twelve) but I digress! The remaining time I give them both a good working over as they scream in a cacophony of laughter!

Length: 16:13
Resolution: 1440×806

Download – Hogtied Tickled Duo

FrenchTickling – Anae & Elea’s Tickle Audition

This is the audition of the ticklish student Anae & Elea.
The first part of the session is an upperbody tickle challenge then the second part is focused on their ticklish bare feet.
Both girls are tickled at the same time or successively by the tickler who explore her most sensitive spots.
The tickler tests their ultra ticklish bare feet, underarms, neck, hips and sides discovering wich technique gets the best results.
A nice sexy ticklish duo who endure the worst for a lot of fun.

Length: 15:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Anae & Elea’s Tickle Audition