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FrenchTickling – Common Hysteria In The Stocks For Paige & Veronique

We are very proud to present you one of the most explosive tickle duo ever in our productions.
Paige and Veronique are immobilized together in the stocks for an extremely intensive tickle punishment.
Both girls are hysterically ticklish and you will see here a common explosion of hysterical laughter as we rarely seen.
The session is mostly foot tickling action but you’ll enjoy a lot of underarms tickling too.
Paige and Veronique lose all control of themselves in this clip and we invite you to watch the preview clip to understand exactly what we are talking about.
Girls are super super ticklish and you will never forget this extreme duo and their hysteric laughters.

Length: 22:24
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Common Hysteria In The Stocks For Paige & Veronique

TicklingIsFun – Olivia and Akira Side By Side

Now we tie Olivia and Akira side by side on the bed to let our expert tickler have some fun with them. It’s always a pleasure to have two very ticklish ladies strapped down. LB has them laughing and squealing almost right out of the gate. He takes his time and tickles each by themself and at the same time. At one point he evens picks up the feathers they used on each other and tickles and teases their vaginas at the SAME TIME! This is a classic of a clip and one you must see!

Length: 14:11
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Olivia and Akira Side By Side

FrenchTickling – Remastered Vintage Series Common Punishment On The Bed For Aicha & Falida

This is the last part of Aicha & Falida’s first experience in tickling.
Both girls are now tied on the bed for a common punishment from head to toes.
This was a very fun session with two extremely ticklish beauties who really enjoyed their experience in our laughing world.
The tickler plays with their immobilized feet and with their ultra sensitive upperbodies in a foutain of arousing laughters.
Aicha & Falida are two legends of our productions and we never forget these gorgeous models.

Length: 10:11
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Remastered Vintage Series Common Punishment On The Bed For Aicha & Falida

TicklingIsFun – Akira Shell and Olivia Kasady Bikini Duel

Two lovely (and ticklish) ladies come over for some tickling fun. Rarely do we have 2 ticklish ladies at the same time. So we decided to do a slight twist to the bikini challenge. As normal, we have them hold the top strings in their mouth. But as an added twist, we tie their bottom strings together. So if one of them moves too much they risk untying both of thei bottoms. This makes for a fun game where they not only have to keep their own modesty, but have the others modesty in their hands as well.

Length: 10:54
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Akira Shell and Olivia Kasady Bikini Duel

TickleHotness – Ticklish Sushii & Indica – Part 1

Length: 10:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Sushii & Indica – Part 1

TicklingIsFun – Megan and Mia Tied Down

Still wearing their pirate costumes, we tie Mia and Megan beside each other. In this position, our tickler can work both these lovely ladies over on their very ticklish bodies. They even take pleasure in watching the other being tickled, laughing at their friends torment. These are two very ticklish ones, (Especially on the knees). We will have to have them back soon!

Length: 13:07
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Megan and Mia Tied Down

SolesScream – Whitney and Kitty Tickled at Bar

Scene starts at foot level The ladies are chatting among each other while I lay on the ground and remove their shoes. The ladies don’t acknowledge my existence as I start tickling thing out of their shoes. They do their best to maintain their conversation while laughing and fighting the ticklish sensation.

Halfway through we see the bar top view where the ladies struggle to maintain conversation. You can see them fighting valiantly against the distraction. The camera then angles to show me using various finger tactics on their feet. Will they have to acknowledge my existence?

Length: 6:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Whitney and Kitty Tickled at Bar