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TheFootFantasy – Armpit Tickling For Christmas

Cleo and Mandy Candy are all dressed up and ready for the holiday! This year Mandy was thinking of giving you a Christmas surprise as she tells Cleo. Cleo agrees and the girls tell you they are going to let you watch Mandy’s armpits be tickled. You know Mandy hates the but she knows you really like watching it, so consider it your gift from her. Cleo ties Mandy’s arms back and uses her nails to tickle right under Mandy’s pits. Mandy laughs struggling and thrashing as Cleo tickles her mercilessly under her pits, the right pit, left pit and both as Mandy laughs. Cleo gets Mandy right between her legs tickling Mandy’s under arms even more. Hope this is a Merry tickle Christmas for you, from Mandy and Cleo.

Length: 8:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Armpit Tickling For Christmas

TheFootFantasy – Tickle Punishment

Roxie and Courtney are bff and they share the same bedroom. Roxie took Courtney’s shoes from her closet without telling her to wear them during a party at night. Courtney realized her shoes are missing and she wants to know who took them away. Roxie tells Courtney that it was Macy, and she has decided to confront her. Macy is in her bedroom sit on the bed and suddenly Courtney comes in with Roxie and Mandy. Roxie and Mandy confront her and Courtney start asking where her shoes are, but Macy asks to let her go and says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Courtney is getting tired and asks Roxie what she thinks they should do to punish and make Macy confess, and Roxie says, “Let’s tickle her”. Mandy and Roxie take Macy to the bed while Courtney sits in a chair that is right beside the bed, she put her socked feet over the bed and start checking her smartphone. Mandy is tickling Macy’s armpits while Roxie is tickling her socked feet. After a minute, Roxie asks Courtney if she should take Macy’s socks off to tickle her bare feet and Courtney says, “Great Idea”. Macy doesn’t want them to do that, but Roxie removes each sock and tickle Macy’s bare feet. Macy still getting tickled reminds Courtney that Mandy had a nap in her bedroom, so now Courtney changes her mind and orders Macy and Roxie to tickle Mandy to see if she confess. Now is Mandy the victim, Macy tickling her armpits and Roxie tickling her socked feet. Roxie again asks Courtney to take the socks off and Courtney says “Off Course”. Roxie removes each sock to tickle Mandy’s bare feet. Nobody knew that Courtney had a secret camera in her bedroom, and while using her smartphone she found the video where she clearly saw that it was her best friend Roxie that took her shoes from the closet. She tells that to Roxie and, called her a traitor and immediately ordered Mandy and Macy to tickle her. But Roxie managed to convince them to tickle Courtney instead since she has always been mean with them, so they both took Courtney to the bed to tickle her. Mandy and Macy tickling Courtney’s armpits and body while Roxie is tickling her socked feet. Then Roxie starts to take her socks off and Courtney says “No please not my bare feet, I am your leader and I order you not to do that”. She doesn’t listen to her and take each sock off and tickled her bare feet. Things may seem resolved, but Mandy and Macy were unfairly tickled because of Roxie, so is time for payback… They put her in position to be tickled, Mandy starts tickling her armpits while Courtney and Macy tickle Roxie’s socked feet. Then Courtney tells Macy to take her socks off (flipping them) so she fully pays everything she has caused… Roxie is begging them to leave her socks on but it doesn’t work and they all enjoy tickling her barefeet and being punished.

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Punishment

TheFootFantasy – Stefania Mafra Tickles Cleo

STEFANIA MAFRA has the sexy CLEO all TIED up in her bed, BOUND at her WRISTS and ANKLES and helpless to STEFANIA and her plans. CLEO has no idea what’s coming until STEFANIA starts to run her FINGERS up CLEO’S BELLY and ARMS and TICKLES CLEO. CLEO LAUGHS as STEFANIA TICKLES all over her STOMACH and ARMPITS. STRUGGLING CLEO can’t help but to LAUGH as she gets TICKLE TEASED by STEFANIA.STEFANIA wants to find CLEO’S most TICKLISH spot and move to CLEO’S BARE FEET, SOLES, and TOES. CLEO LAUGHS so much as STEFANIA TICKLES her FEET. Watch as STEFANIA MAFRA allover TICKLES the helpless CLEO.

Length: 8:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stefania Mafra Tickles Cleo

TheFootFantasy – Roxie Tickles Akira’s Feet,Toes, & Soles

ROXIE RAE noticed when she was giving young 19 year old AKIRA SHELL,FOOT WORSHIP for the first time that AKIRA was really TICKLISH on her FEET. Now ROXIE has got AKIRA, BAREFOOT with her FEET in ROXIE’S lap. ROXIE hold AKIRA’S FEET up and shows them off, telling AKIRA she’s going to LICK and WORSHIP them again but instead, ROXIE just starts to TICKLE AKIRA’S FEET. AKIRA LAUGHS as she is at the mercy of ROXIE and her TICKLING. AKIRA is very TICKLISH and her FEET wiggle as she tries to beg ROXIE to stop. ROXIE doesn’t stop though. ROXIE uses her FINGERS and a HAIR BRUSH to TICKLE AKIRA’S FEET. Maybe if AKIRA SHELL can endure the FOOT TICKLING she will get FOOT WORSHIP after.

Length: 7:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxie Tickles Akira’s Feet,Toes, & Soles

TheFootFantasy – All Natasha Wants For Christmas

Natasha is napping on the couch this Christmas, waiting and hoping for her only Christmas wish to come true. All Natasha wants fr Christmas is to be tickled and this is her lucky night. Santa’s little helper, Roxie finally arrives clicking on lights and making her way to napping Natasha on the couch. Roxie knows about Natasha’s wish and wakes Natasha up with tickles. Roxie’s fingers tickling Natasha’s feet over her socks, moving up Natasha’s legs and thighs tickling up to her belly and armpits before taking off Natasha’s socks and tickling her bare feet. Natasha laughs loving the tickling from Santa’s elf for Christmas, finally happy to get her Christmas wish and lots of tickles!

Duration: 6:11.204
Size: 514,806 Mb

Download – All Natasha Wants For Christmas

RoxieRaeFetish – The Quiver Factor 3

Girlfriends, Roxie Rae and Dava Foxx are in their sexy bikinis, chatting, when Roxie asks Dava if she’s ever heard of the quiver factor. Roxie explains how play and slight tickling and rubbing on her tummy can cause it to quiver. Roxie invites Dava to try it on her as Dava runs her nails on Roxie’s tummy and she shakes from it, enjoying t and Dava does it more laying Roxie back and kissing and licking Roxie’s bellybutton and belly too. Roxie is curious if Dava has the quiver factor and tells Dava she has to find out, doing the same thing back on Dava’s belly. Dav does have the quiver factor and Roxie enjoys watching as she worships and rubs Dava’s belly.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 11419 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 192 kbps

Duration: 10:57.657

Size: 910,348 Mb

Download – The Quiver Factor 3

RoxieRaeFetish – Roxie Tickles & Lickles Krissy’s Armpits

Roxie Rae is so excited because she’s never shot with Krissy Koven yet and she’s ready to tickle Krissy and her armpits. Krissy is next to Roxie in her bra and panties as Roxie asks her some questions about being tickled under her arms in a short interview. Next Roxie wants to give Krissy some tickle tests under her its to see how long it takes before Krissy breaks. Roxie has Krissy raise her arms and Roxie sits behind her tickling and lickling her pits as Krissy laughs until she can’t take it anymore and breaks her pose. Next Roxie has Krissy put her arms down and slides hr fingers between Krissy’s pits and arms, wiggling them and tickling Krissy as she falls forward from the tickling. Roxie tells Krissy put her hands behind her head exposing those pretty unshaved armpits as she licks and tickles more, with Krissy laughing until her hands fall. Roxie has the perfect resolution to fix this problem and lays Krissy down in a Y shape, restraining her wrists and arms stretched. Now Roxie can tickle Krissy under her armpits and she will be helpless to it. Roxie loves tickling and Krissy is very sensitive and ticklish to Roxie’s fingers and nails under her armpits.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 11420 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 192 kbps

Duration: 11:28.454

Size: 953,059 Mb

Download – Roxie Tickles & Lickles Krissy’s Armpits