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StuckInTheStocks – Terri is LOSING IT!

Of all the women I have tickled in Stuck In The Stocks, Terri is one of only two who can completely lose it just by having her feet tickled with feathers! Here she goes from “mildly nuts” to “GET AWAY FROM MY FEET” in just eight minutes! She literally thought I had bugs on her toes when I was tickling her with my fingers! This is the side footage remastered for clarity of her session where later on, she broke out of one of her cuffs and was flailing around like a bat in a dryer! The hottest, most ticklish MILF ever!

Length: 8:20
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Terri is LOSING IT!

StuckInTheStocks – Genevieve GETS It Good!

The best thing about tickling women with big feet is all that real estate! Think of all those delicate nerves to drive crazy! Amazonian Genevieve (6’1″ tall) has size 12 feet, and she giggles like crazy. This is the whole B camera footage of a visit she had, so you get a nice close up view of her feet getting it from all of the really evil toys in the toybag, and you can hear her going crazy as a result! Watch those long toes wiggle!

Length: 7:30
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Genevieve GETS It Good!

StuckInTheStocks – Elise is wrapped up and helpless!

Elise is cinched tight into a straitjacket and is staring at the tops of her feet, knowing that their ticklish bottoms are at my mercy. I’ve tickled her enough to know where her worst spots are (right below her toes) and I’ve told her I know as much and she’s in trouble! You can’t see it but she’s got a big grin of horrible anticipation on her face, because she knows what she’s in for. I love tickling her, because at a certain point, she breaks out in this girlish little “hee hee hee” laughter which is simply ADORABLE. If I’m lucky, she’ll start thrashing her head back and forth, which is her body’s sign that she is nearing the end of her rope, and may even beg me to stop! But before I get to that part, I’m going to watch her long toes twitch and rake all my toys over her little size 7 meaty soles!

Length: 9:18
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Elise is wrapped up and helpless!

StuckInTheStocks – Brandi and Robin Tickled Side by Side!

This is the full-size view of best friends Robin and Brandi locked side by side in the stocks, and tickled silly! Brandi kind of enjoys being tickled, while Robin–well, let’s just say for Robin, having her feet tickled is something close to the worst torment she can imagine! Also, while their outside hands are restrained to the outside edges of the bed, their inside hands (next to each other) are free, so occasionally you may see them flailing about (and hitting each other)! Robin has her own clip store elsewhere, so she doesn’t mind when her face pops into frame, and you may see it once or twice, with an ear-to-ear “I’m being tickled out of my mind” grin on her face! And of course, the big size ten feet of both girls get a good working over!

Length: 13:10
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Brandi and Robin Tickled Side by Side!

StuckInTheStocks – Athena Taut and Close Up!

Athena has what I like to call a “fabulous MILF laugh.” Mature women have the best laugh when you tickle them, and Athena has everything from a deep chuckle to a high giggle, and if you tickle her right, she’ll even beg you to stop! Here she discovers that we do our homework at Stuck In The Stocks, and if you’ve been here before, every “worst spot” you have is catalogued and remembered for the following visit! Her long toes are pulled back tight, and that makes her feet a perfect target for taking a feather and sliding it in between her toes and all along the sensitive sides of her feet, which has her rolling and howling with laughter!

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Athena Taut and Close Up!

StuckInTheStocks – Tomiko, stretched out and tickled!

If you don’t know about Tomiko, you should—she’s literally the bright-eyed, super-charismatic sweetheart of the tickle world! Meeting her in person, you feel like you’ve just met a supermodel, even dressed down to earth in jean shorts and a sparkly blue Batman tee shirt (she confesses to being a huge comic-book geek). This is the third-camera footage of our shoot that didn’t really see much of the light of day, but it’s just as glorious now! It starts out with feather tickling, but by the end she’s getting destroyed with combs under her toes! (Little bit of trivia: before this, nobody had ever tickled Tomiko’s toes with combs and it was so brutal, she asked afterward, “What WAS that?” When I told her, she said, “I have to try that out on [fellow model] Fayth-On-Fire! That was CRAZY!”)

Length: 11:41
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tomiko, stretched out and tickled!

StuckInTheStocks – Gina’s Toes Are Locked In!

When it comes to the sheer sadistic joy of tickle , is there anything better than tickling the daylights out of someone on their worst spot? The place that absolutely drives them nuts? For Gina, it’s in-between her toes! She hates things between her toes so much that she won’t wear flip flops, and refuses to walk in grass barefoot. So this is the close-up footage of Gina’s poor toes pulled back and tied down, and I spent most of this clip tickling in between her toes and listening to her simply go crazy! She knows what I’m going to do, but there’s nothing she can do about it! I start out with soft little feathers, and close out with the buzzy tips of the flossers, and inbetween, all you can hear is the laughter of Gina slowly losing her mind!

Length: 8:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Gina’s Toes Are Locked In!