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StuckInTheStocks – Robin tries to break the stocks!

Robin is my favorite kind of ticklee—she hates to be tickled, she’s horrifyingly ticklish, and she owes me a favor. Which means that I get to collect on my terms, which is why her feet are tightly locked in these stocks! She’s strong enough that she damn near breaks them kicking her legs around, which is even better! I have to rest my full upper body weight on them, but that leaves me nice and close so I can drive her insane with various tools on the bottoms of her feet. She’s going to be screaming and thrashing when I’m done with her! Don’t you wanna watch?

Length: 9:24
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Robin tries to break the stocks!

StuckInTheStocks – Kaylee Racked!

This is the nice long shot of Kaylee stretched out and made comfortable—just so she can be uncomfortable when I start doing evil things to her toes! I start out by individually pulling apart her toes so I can drag a feather between them, and then it’s time for the paintbrush! Then it’s raking my fingers all over her soles for a good long time while she twitches and shrieks, and then I bring out the toothbrushes! This is slow agonizing tickle torment at its best!

Length: 10:34
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Kaylee Racked!

StuckInTheStocks – Elise Masked and Tickled Silly!

Just because she’s got a mask on doesn’t mean she can’t get any air–as a matter of fact, she’s getting a LOT of it, because she’s laughing herself crazy! Elise has been away for so long, it was time for her to stick her feet in the new portable stocks, and there’s a whole bunch of new toys to tickle her feet with! I think the new vibrating massager was driving her out of her mind, but then a good going-over with a pet grooming glove and all it’s little nubs also did a number of her sanity!

Length: 8:26
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Elise Masked and Tickled Silly!

StuckInTheStocks – Vesper, Feet First

Vesper’s hands are cuffed underneath her knees, so she’s sitting up with her feet right in front of her, and locked in the portable stocks. The first time she got tickled sitting up, she could see everything that was going to happen to her feet, but this time, she’s blindfolded. She knows what’s going to happen, but doesn’t know exactly what or when is going to be raked across the soles of her feet. It’s a slowly escalating bout of tickle , culminating in the newest evil toy: a vibrating scalp massager. By that time, she’s just an eruption of giggles!

Length: 9:07
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Vesper, Feet First

StuckInTheStocks – Selene Squirming!

I’ve found that one of the most fun ways to tickle someone is to start gentle, and ten tell them what you’re planning to do–it really messes with their heads! In this case, I start out with a couple of pen styluses and tell Selene I’m going to write a novel on the bottom of her feet! Her hands are cuffed to the top of the bed, and her feet are in the mini-stocks and she’s got ankle cuffs on pulling her toward the bottom of the bed, so she’s stretched out and has to suffer through the tiny torment! After that, it’s raking sharpened guitar picks over the underside of her toes, and then a vibrating scalp massager! Watching her arch her back and howl with laughter is exquisite!

Length: 9:15
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Selene Squirming!

StuckInTheStocks – Selene Amped Up!

I’ve known my friend Selene for a long time now, and when I started doing tickling videos, she’s someone I wanted to get in the stocks for forever. But she kept backing out for the longest time. And then, once she finally agreed to it, it seems like she’s really into it! I’ve kind of discovered that there must be some sort of link between women with a lot of tattoos (she has two full sleeves; she hides them for her respectable day job) and tickling—I think they’re used to extreme sensation. Selene also has gorgeous feet with long toes that spread out wide when you tickle her—I love dragging things inbetween her toes just to hear her go crazy and to watch her spread her toes out like they’re screaming! I started out here with feathers that I drag between all of her toes (especially her little toes that look like they’re trying to go horizontal) and then flossers, Sonicare toothbrushes and the blue scrubbers that erase her brain almost completely! Her hands are cuffed under her knees, so she can see everything that’s going to happen to her, which makes the headspace even more deliciously evil. This video is a closeup of her feet but you can pretty much figure out everything that’s happening inside her poor brain (which is getting pureed with tickle by the end)!

Length: 8:02
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Selene Amped Up!

StuckInTheStocks – Mallory Wants OUT!

This is Mallory’s first time being stocked and tickled, and she’s obviously slightly nervous..and then, when it starts, she immediately starts trying to yank her feet out of the stocks! (That’s not going to happen!) I start out with the flossers down by her heels and s-l-o-w-l-y start dragging them up the center of her feet. By the time I’m poking the buzzy tips between her toes, she’s going so crazy, she can barely form words! After the flossers, I ramp up the evilness of each toy bit by bit: electric toothbrushes, hairbrushes, massagers, and my fingers and her laughter gets more frantic at every step! This clip is remastered for smoothness and data flow, so it’s much larger in size than my usual clips, but it’s eight minutes of deliciously frantic laughter!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Mallory Wants OUT!