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LetsTickleArielsFeet – Crossed Ankles Tickle


I propped up her feet over the toy box with her ankles crossed. Then I peeled her socks off and tickled her soft white soles with my fingers and a few different brushes while she begged me to stop. I turned it up a notch when I put on a vibrating glove and stroked her feet, she wasn’t expecting that. she was going crazy when I straddled her ankles and used my fingers to take her past her limit.

Duration: 10:20.319
Size: 961,608 Mb

Download – Crossed Ankles Tickle

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel’s Office Chair Tickle

I tied her wrists to the chains in the ceiling as she knelt backwards on an office chair. I wrapped plastic wrap around her middle, securing her to the chair. After tickling her ribs and armpits, IU knelt behind her and took off her flip flops. Then I attacked her soft pink soles with my fingers scraping until she screamed thenpetting her feet with my soft fingers as she begged for mercy. When she thought we were done I turned her face toward the camera and her ticklish feet some more. You will love how much she gets in this one.

Duration: 9:18.983
Size: 59,197 Mb

Download – Ariel’s Office Chair Tickle

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Anniversary Tickle Part 2

Part 2 starts with Ariel going nuts as I blow on her now totally sensitised soles. She is so ticklish that she keeps on laughing even after I stop because the breeze from the ceiling fan was tickling her. I go on to tickle her soft feet with a feather before I straddle her ankles and tickle her out of her mind. I didnt stop until she was begging…

Duration: 6:44.199
Size: 255,398 Mb

Download – Anniversary Tickle Part 2

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Anniversary Tickle Part 1

We made this clip in celebration of our five year anniversary making clips. We went away for the weekend and put the bed in the cottage to good use on the very first day. In this part I slip her black flats off and slip a tie around her big toes. Then I tickle her newly pedicured soles with my fingers, a backscratcher (very effective) and a hair brush. I had been warning her that I was going to tickle her unmercifully since we left home and she was even more ticklish than usual from all the anticipation. As soon as I took her shoes off she started going crazy. Great tortuous tickling in both parts of this clip.

Duration: 10:00.839
Size: 391,592 Mb

Download – Anniversary Tickle Part 1

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Just The Feet! – My Personal Favorite from 2012!

I dont usually post clips unless they show Ariel’s laughing face but this one is special. It was actually made last summer when we were cleaning up the morning after a blow out party. I found a bag of brushes I had taken out of my tickling tools bag long before. Soon she was on the floor on her back with her beautiful and slightly dirty soles tied straight up in the air. I tickled her with my fingers, then a variety of brushes that has her laughing out of her mind. I finished up with a ten finger attack on both soles that has her begging me for “no more tickling”. Her laughter and begging was at an all time insane level! Great Tickling and a close up view of her soles!

Duration: 10:27.132
Size: 366,572 Mb

Download – Just The Feet! – My Personal Favorite from 2012!

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Back in Black!

For Ariel’s first tickling clip in years, she wore her favorite socks, black with grey toes and heels. I tickled her briefly through them before tying her toes together. Then I tickled her soft white soles with my fingers, a brush and a feather. At one point the toe tie comes off and she begs for mercy, swearing she is sorry, but I raked her soles with that brush as she screamed with laughter anyway.

As a finale I straddled her ankles and tickled her spots until she spread her toes in a howling foot tickled orgasm.

Duration: 9:02.942
Size: 753,683 Mb

Download – Back in Black!

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel’s Nylon Pedicure Tickle Ankles Untied

Wow!!!! Intense tickle tortue in this one. Ariel had a pedicure less than 24 hours before I insisted on tickling her feet. She was scared to do this clip because her soles were so sensitive. When she came home from shopping I tied her to a comfy chair and offered to leave her ankles untied to calm her fears. I pulled her shoes off and dug ito her soft nylon covered soles as she practically went through the roof. Her laughter got even crazier as I tickled each foot before pulling her nylons off and tormenting her soft pinks soles bare one at a time as she surrendered to her own ticklishness. her poor feet were always moving and it really shows how bad the torment was for her.

Duration: 10:52.210
Size: 121,912 Mb

Download – Ariel’s Nylon Pedicure Tickle Ankles Untied