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LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel’s Solewriting Tickle

Flat out on her back, with her legs in the air puts her soles in a very vulnerable position. Especially after I tied her ankles to the sides of a chairback and tied her big toes to them also just to restrict her movement. I tickled each foot with my fingers for a good long time before I brought out the fine point markers. I almost couldn’t stop it was so much fun!!!!!!

Length: 12:10
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Ariel’s Solewriting Tickle

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel’s socks on the box tickle

Ariel had just come back from a two mile walk in her sneakers and I took her to the box as soonas her sneakers came off. She was scared herself because she knew how sensitive her soft warm soles would be. She doesn’t disappoint as she howls loudly with laughter and I tickled her mercilessly. This clip has a bonus of about two minutes of me straddling her ankles, hiding her feet from her view after she had hoped we were done. It is some of the loudest laughter and best begging I have ever heard.

Length: 11:35
Resolution: 720×480

Download – Ariel’s socks on the box tickle

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel’s Sitting on the Stocks Tickle

I laid her on the flooor face down and bolted her slim ankles into my stocks. I tickled the flip flops off her sensitive feet and then sat on the stocks and tickled her pretty soles to my hearts content. I tickled her with my fingers and then two white feathers before I rubbed some cocoa butter into her soles and her with a dragged comb on her soles. She screamed !!!! It was a great tickling and she was truly . My personal favorite.

Length: 12:28
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Ariel’s Sitting on the Stocks Tickle

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel’s Black Sock and Saran Wrap tickle

I saran wrapped her calves to the footstool and peeled her thin black socks off before attacking her soft soles with my fingers and both ends of a feather. After she was tickled out, I brought out my favorite ink pen and scribbled all over her feet as she screamed for me to stop. When I was untying her, she said she thought I was going to tickle her longer, so instead I straddled her ankles and raked my fingers and the pen on her feet as she laughed uncontrollably.

Length: 10:09
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Ariel’s Black Sock and Saran Wrap tickle

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel Tickled at NEST by Spotman

Ariel and I attended this years NEST recently and it was a gresat time. Saturday was kind of lazy and I managed to get Ariel to let me tie her ankles over the ottoman and tickle her feet. Unfortunately the vid cam wouldnt work. So my friend and I reoorded the on my Ipad. It was bright and her soles looked delicious. I tickled her with my fingers a feather and a fork.

Length: 5:34
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Ariel Tickled at NEST by Spotman

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Ariel tickled at NEST by a Friend

This is part 2 of Ariel’s torment on that NEST Saturday afternoon. I switched places with my friend holding the Ipad and invited him to go to town on her soles. It was a great idea because she went off the charts. He has tickled her before but she was unprepared for the switch. He her soles with a feather and a couple of rubber brushes before melting her down with his fingertips.

Length: 4:55
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Ariel tickled at NEST by a Friend

LetsTickleArielsFeet – Crossed Ankles Tickle


I propped up her feet over the toy box with her ankles crossed. Then I peeled her socks off and tickled her soft white soles with my fingers and a few different brushes while she begged me to stop. I turned it up a notch when I put on a vibrating glove and stroked her feet, she wasn’t expecting that. she was going crazy when I straddled her ankles and used my fingers to take her past her limit.

Duration: 10:20.319
Size: 961,608 Mb

Download – Crossed Ankles Tickle