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ZenTickling – Harley Fails Lotus Pose

It is Harley’s turn to sit in lotus pose while her friend tickles her from behind. As soon as Minnie’s fingers touch Harley’s body she begins to buck and squirm. Her hands are bound behind Minnie so there is no getting away, and Minnie grapples with Harley as they flop around. Minnie spends a lot of time on Harley’s tummy, prompting some begging as Harley exclaims ‘NOT BY BELLY BUTTON!’. The armpits and ribs get a bit of attention as well. Seeing Harley giggle as her toned abs are tickled awesome.

Duration: 5:18.633
Size: 385,643 Mb

Download – Harley Fails Lotus Pose

RussianFetish – Ticklish nightmare of Ulyasha – 19 yo girl’s ticklish big feet and upper body

Ulyasha goes to bed and puts on a rest mask. She took off her shirt and went to bed in a skirt. When she fell resting, she realized that her hands are tied and there is a ball gag in her mouth. She can’t do anything and only a man in black hangs over her and is going to… tickle!
“Oh no! I’m ticklish!”, she thinks and feels the sharp metal claws tickling her young body. She squirms and laughs loudly, but the man in black tickles her beautiful body even more as he crawls under her skirt to her navel.
Now the girl is already without a skirt, in her underwear and the man tickles her big feet with a comb and hands. She just can’t stop laughing. She is waiting for this dream to end and she wakes up.
Meanwhile, the man takes sharp things and uses them to tickle her. He slides them over her slender body. Then he takes two large feathers and tickles the girl even more. Then he tickles her with his hands and Ulyasha almost chokes with emotions.
Finally, she wakes up – no one is around. She gets up and sees a metal claw on the floor, just like in her dream…

Duration: 27:55.965
Size: 2 744,009 Mb

Download – Ticklish nightmare of Ulyasha – 19 yo girl’s ticklish big feet and upper body

RussianFetish – Poor Agata stripped and tickled with oil again + Lick tickle of her body and boobs

1. Agata is tickled again by two hands on a black background. She is tied up by her hands and tickling hands (in gloves with bones) touch her body and squeeze her breasts, caressing her nipples and tickling her sides. All this time, Agata’s boyfriend was present in the studio and watched what was happening with interest.
Then hands remove Agata’s pantyhose and panties and stroke and tickle her crotch. Agata rolls her eyes in pleasure. They add a little oil to Agata’s breasts and the hands again touch her tits and smear the oil all over her body. Then they go back to Agata’s crotch and tickle and stroke her.

2. Agata is tickled while lying down with nibbling and licking her armpits and breasts. First, I tickle Agata with feathers all over her body. Then I near her belly and tickle her navel with my lips and bites. At the same time, I tickle her sweaty armpits. Agata begs to stop because she is very ticklish. But it’s too early! I squeeze her nipples and cover her mouth as she laughs.
Now the camera shoots from above and I again bite Agata’s sides, tickling her. I bite her breasts and nipples and then grab a vibrator and tickle Agata’s body with it. In the end, I bite, tickle, and squeeze her belly and boobs again. I tickle her armpits intensely so that her tits shake.

Duration: 25:05.712
Size: 2 397,047 Mb

Download – Poor Agata stripped and tickled with oil again + Lick tickle of her body and boobs

Octopus – 18YO Emma – Upperbody

It’s time to test Emma’s upperbody. Girls: she’s all yours!

Duration: 9:39.412
Size: 2 763,09 Mb

Download – 18YO Emma – Upperbody

UKTickling – Jay Gives Amy’s Body Total TickleTorture

Missy Jay torments Amy yet again in this hot F/F body tickling custom! Bound standing upright with her arms up, Amy’s trim body gets a thorough workout as Jay perfectly demonstrates her tickling skills. Amy looks extremely cute in a little miniskirt with a tied-up shirt that leaves her sides and belly completely exposed to Jay’s long nails. They prove lethal on Amy’s bare skin as she begins playfully tickling, very lightly at first making Amy laugh and squirm around as she tries to pull away. Jay has perfect access to some of her worst tickle spots as she moves around her, teasing and tickling her sides, ribs, belly and armpits, getting behind her so she can get her tickling hands right around Amy’s trim waist! She has Amy in fits of hysterical laughter as she tickles her relentlessly from every side, squeezing her torso and ribs, then spending a long time working over her belly. It’s a long and very cute tickle session, which only gets crazier as it goes along, with Amy also toppling the Mule as she jumps and jerks around. Both girls had a blast making this one and you’ll love it too!

Duration: 16:23.096
Size: 1 800,281 Mb

Download – Jay Gives Amy’s Body Total TickleTorture

TicklingParadise – Tiffany’s First Tickle!

This is clip 5 from Ticklish Body Paints….Introducing Tiffany, in her first tickling experience. She just wants to get the little flower in her belly button duplicated in paint……but she didn’t realize it would be that ticklish! She has two painters on her, and she’s trying not to move or laugh, but you can see the agony on her face! Bella pulls out the electric toothbrush to help “penetrate the paint” and this becomes absolute for Tiffany….and absolute heaven for the painters and for YOU!!

Duration: 12:56.408
Size: 1 049,659 Mb

Download – Tiffany’s First Tickle!

TicklingParadise – Harper’s Ticklish Painting!!

This is clip 2 from Ticklish Body Paints….See Harper, another one of your favorite models with an incredible reaction! Wait until you see how she reacts when the paintbrush is stuck right into her belly button! And when the brush touches her armpit, she really loses it. She squeals, “Stop, please stop” as her real life step-sister, Bella, slowly drags the brush down her leg to her feet…you will be thinking “Oh my God” and Harper is saying, “Oh my God”! And the cleaning she gets after the painting is even more for her …especially on her bare feet!!

Duration: 11:59.452
Size: 1 058,111 Mb

Download – Harper’s Ticklish Painting!!