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GlobalTicklingStudio – Yessica’s Mesmerizing Ticklish Bare Soles!

Naz is back with a brand new model, Yessica, who’s soles are as mesmerizing as they are ticklish. Naz has Yessica wrapped up on the sofa and toe tied, and as soon as she starts tracing her fingers up Yessica’s perfect soles she realizes she is about to have a lot of fun with these feet. Yessica wiggles her feet and flexes her toes constantly, as though she is trying to reduce how much the tickling is getting to her, but it makes no difference as Naz alternates between tickling her soft soles and between those flexing toes. Yessica periodically bucks forward while laughing hysterically when Naz hits the most sensitive spots on her feet, and depsite it clearly tickling a lot is enjoying the experience throughout. Once the oil goes on her soles though it is definitely game over for Yessica, and even more so once the neon pink hairbrush makes contact with her slick bare soles.

Length: 7:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yessica’s Mesmerizing Ticklish Bare Soles!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Student Sara’s Tickle Revenge on Mature Hottie Francia’s Upper Body!

After student Sara was devastated by Francia’s merciless upper body tickling in the last video, of course there had to be a revenge clip. This is Francia’s very first upper body tickling, and so a totally new experience for the mature hottie. Sara is VERY motivated in this one to repay the cruel tickling she received, and she delivers it with no small amount of joy and energy. Sara gently explores Francia’s pits and belly and is rewarded with wonderful loud laughs and begging from Francia, who it turns out is very ticklish on her belly and underarms. Sara bounds back and forth between Francia’s sides, belly and underarms, keeping Francia guessing the whole time, while keeping a constant flow of laughter coming from her bound victim. A great highlight is when Sara applies the lotion in a fun pattern up and down both of Francia’s arms, into her armpits and on her belly, before rubbing and tickling the lotion into Francia’s sensitive spots, causing Francia to shake her head back and forth, begging and laughing knowing that things are only going to get worse for her over the course of the rest of the video. Super fun upper body tickling and an excellent revenge from Sara!

Length: 8:06
Resolution: 1494×840

Download – Student Sara’s Tickle Revenge on Mature Hottie Francia’s Upper Body!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Smokeshow Nino Tickle Tortures Irama’s Helpless Upper Body!

Smokeshow Nino is finally making her first foray into upper body tickling, and her first victim is arguably the best tickler on her squad, the devilish ‘ler, Irama!

Nino has straddled Irama on the bed with her wrists tied securely and tightly above her head, poised to explore Irama’s helpless bare armpits, ribs and midriff, laughing and wiggling wicked looking fingernails closer and closer to her belly and armpits. We know already that Irama has terribly ticklish soles, but how about her upper body? The woman can’t stand it! Nino absolutely Irama here, moving from her super sensitive underarms, to her belly, to her sides and back round again in a constant cycle of tickling and hysterical laughter. At the halfway point Nino oils up Irama’s armpits and belly, and really goes to town, her victim to laugh helplessly and shriek as she is subjected to the worst tickling of her life!

Length: 8:09
Resolution: 1524×858

Download – Smokeshow Nino Tickle Tortures Irama’s Helpless Upper Body!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Paty’s Sensitive Soles Tickled Up Close By Naty & Isa!

We return to Anna and friends for some fantastic soles close-up foot tickling action today. The very ticklish and beautiful Paty finds herself handcuffed and toe tied on the bed with the super hot Naty tickling her soles solo with those wickedly long nails of hers. Paty’s reactions are superb, and about 3 minutes in Isa with her even longer nails, adorably mischievous smile and green dye-job joins the fun, causing Paty to howl with even more laughter. After being double-teamed with fingernail tickles, Naty then retrieves a stiff brush and scrubs Paty’s sensitive soles while Isa holds her feet still by gripping her tied toes. Naty discovers that the brush works remarkably well on Paty, especially when she uses it on her soft arches and heels.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paty’s Sensitive Soles Tickled Up Close By Naty & Isa!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Nerdy Valentina’s Upper Body Tickle Torture Revenge on Jessy!

Last time Jessy had herself a fun time mercilessly tickling a tied down Valentina’s upper body, so now the tables of turned how will she fare? Not all that great as it happens that Jessy is is pretty darn ticklish under her own armpits and on her soft exposed belly! Valentina relishes her new role as tickler, and is ruthless in seeking out spots that elicit greater laughter from her bound former torturer. Valentina is very good at using her thumbs in particular to wiggle inside and apply pressure to Jessy’s most sensitive areas (pits and sides), and Jessy is, shall we say, very jiggly and giggly in her reactions to Valentina’s relentless tickling.

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1570×884

Download – Nerdy Valentina’s Upper Body Tickle Torture Revenge on Jessy!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Smokeshow Nino Has Some VERY Ticklish Armpits!

Yesterday we saw Smokeshow Nino’s debut as an upper body tickler, but today the tables have been turned and she finds herself on the business end of a major upper body revenge tickling from the devilish tickler Irama. Does Nino have very ticklish armpits? The clue is in the title, of course she does! Nino has extremely ticklish smooth hollows that respond brilliantly to Irama’s initial soft teasing, and even better when Irama applies pressure to get more extreme rises out of Nino. Irama also tickles her belly and ribs without mercy. Nino has her eyes closed for a lot of the video, just absorbing the tickling as best she can as she cackles with ticklish agony while Irama extracts a fantastic revenge on a helpless Nino!

Length: 8:07
Resolution: 1466×824

Download – Smokeshow Nino Has Some VERY Ticklish Armpits!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Hot Student Emily’s Super Ticklish Soles In The Vertical Stocks!

Smokeshow Nino’s ability to find ridiculously hot new students for her stocks apparently knows no bounds. Emily is a stunning and very ticklish student with amazing feet, and a great personality to match. Emily has some fantastic reactions, and her soles are pretty mesmerizing. At first they look quite long and slim, but when Nino pulls back her toes to really tickle deep in her soft arches, they become a lot wider, providing ample ticklish canvas for Nino to work on. Emily’s laugh is adorable too, as are her facial expressions at having her feet tickled in such an intense way. If you are into super hot students with very beautiful and ticklish feet, this one might be for you!

Length: 7:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hot Student Emily’s Super Ticklish Soles In The Vertical Stocks!