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GlobalTicklingStudio – Yessica’s Held Down Hysteria!

Back now to some upper body tickling fun, and three video series with Yessica, Mariana and Noheli. Up first in the hot seat is Yessica (her of the mesmerizingly ticklish soles). Noheli will hold her bound arms while Mariana takes first crack at finding Yessica’s most ticklish spots on her upper body, but that is basically everywhere so not the most difficult of tasks! Mariana gets some great ticklish reactions from Yessica’s sides, underarms and belly (plenty of zerbert action too!) before swapping places with Noheli. Noheli being physically much more imposing dominates Yessica quite a bit more than Mariana, and is more firm in ensuring that Yessica gets her fair share of upper body tickling torment, and is particularly ruthless with Yessica’s ticklish armpits, and with blowing zerberts on her sensitive tummy. Really fun first round of this series, nice playful vibes between the models, and of course lots of ticklish laughter from Yessica.

Length: 8:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yessica’s Held Down Hysteria!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Redhead Silvia’s Ticklish Soles In The Vertical Stocks!

24-year old red-headed Silvia is just all kinds of cute, and so we are very pleased that Nino was able to entice her into the vertical stocks to see how ticklish her feet are. Turns out Silvia those pale soft soles are pretty darn ticklish, and Silvia has a steady laugh with plenty of gasps and surprised expressions at Nino’s practiced foot tickling. The oil amps up her reactions quite a bit, and the brush is definitely the worst for her. We are looking to film an upper body video with Silvia soon, as we suspect those pale hollows under her arms might be very ticklish too!

Length: 7:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Redhead Silvia’s Ticklish Soles In The Vertical Stocks!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Mariana’s Intense Stocked Foot Tickling Torment!

The super-foot ticklish Mariana has found herself as the subject of an awesomely long and ruthless GTK custom request. Mariana finds herself wrapped, toe tied and stuck in the sofa stocks, and unfortunately for her the model that will be tickling her bare feet nonstop for 15 minutes is none other than Ingrid. To make matters worse, Ingrid has been given instructions to be a merciless as she possibly can be with Mariana.

Ingrid starts out with a few minutes of intense tickling with her fingers, which drives Mariana plenty nuts, hysterical laughter, begging and giggly squeals fill the air as Ingrid works here magic fingers up and down Mariana’s soles and between her toes. But then the main event begins, which entails Ingrid oiling up Mariana’s soles and beginning with an intense and ruthless brush tickling session with a broad pink hairbrush, as well as a comb and another bristly brush, alternating between them to keep Mariana guessing. Not that it matters, as they all produce hysterics from Mariana, and Ingrid gets nice and deep into Mariana’s extremely ticklish arches by grabbing her toes to hold them back often.

Ingrid truly enjoys tormenting Mariana in this way, has a crazy amount of fun and is not afraid to show it, winking, smiling and talking to the camera periodically without stopping her ticklish work on Mariana’s wiggling helpless bare soles. This one is quite a wild ride and fans of intense foot tickling should be well satisfied.

Length: 15:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mariana’s Intense Stocked Foot Tickling Torment!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Francia’s Revenge on Irama’s Ticklish Soles In the Vertical Stocks!

The Devilish Tickler Irama now finds the tables well and truly turned, with her own extremely ticklish bare soles facing upwards in the vertical stocks, completely vulnerable for mature hottie Francia to take her revenge. Francia being an experienced foot tickler herself wastes no time at exacting that revenge, employing many of the same tricks Irama just used on her, such as holding her toes and ticking the taut bare soles of her feet as she writhes in hysterical laughter. Francia is especially merciless once she retrieves the brush for the final few minutes, which leaves Irama a giggly sweaty and ticklish mess by the end of the session.

Length: 8:38
Resolution: 1532×862

Download – Francia’s Revenge on Irama’s Ticklish Soles In the Vertical Stocks!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Ceci’s Extreme Barefoot Stocked Tickling!

Ceci has had a blast so far using her new stocks on a nice array of models, but of course it was only a matter of time before she found herself trapped in her own device. We thought we would go a bit more extreme for her, so stipulated tight plastic wrap, a blindfold, and lots of nonstop tickling and teeth NIBBLING on her helpless ticklish bare soles. But who to draft in to administer such a ? There was only one model that fit the bill, Ceci’s good friend and fellow tickler, Naz! Naz looks pretty damn hot in this one too!

The first few minutes let you know Ceci is really out of her depth in this setup as each stroke and tickle from Naz on Ceci’s soles takes Ceci unawares, and she begs Naz to stop immediately, but Naz is under strict instructions to be merciless, so proceeds to tickle Ceci’s feet ruthlessly. Then follows a 3 minute section where all Naz does is nibble Ceci’s soles and toes, keeping her guessing about where she will strike next the whole time. Naz then lubes up Ceci’s soles and proceeds to her vigorously with her nails and the hairbrush for the remainder of the video leaving Ceci an exhausted tickly mess by the end.

Length: 10:01
Resolution: 1412×794

Download – Ceci’s Extreme Barefoot Stocked Tickling!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Student Sara’s Hot Tickle Session On The Bed!

We visit again today with the explosively ticklish student Sara, who finds herself tied to the bed with fellow student Jessy straddled on top of her with very wicked and ticklish intentions towards her upper body and soles. This one is an excellent custom order from one of our favorite clients, and as you can see Jessy and Sara had a fantastic time making it come to life. Jessy teases Sara a lot by wiggling her wicked looking nails above her armpits before finally letting them descend and skitter into Sara’s flawlessly smooth armpit hollows, which causes Sara to buck and scream with ticklish laughter, occasionally managing to shout out “no por favor!”. But Jessy continues regardless, laughing and smiling, while exploring Sara’s belly and sides a lot, but always returning to her extremely ticklish armpits. For the second half of the video Jessy goes down and sits on Sara’s ankles, again teasing her a little before her nails make contact with Sara’s soft ticklish feet, and we are treated to a number of different angles showing her feet tickled close up, as well as in a wider shot where you can see Sara’s wild reactions and Jessy’s devious grin as she tickles her friend mercilessly. Jessy ends the session with a few minutes of foot scrubbing, which again causes hysterical reactions from the ticklish student Sara.

Length: 10:20
Resolution: 1548×870

Download – Student Sara’s Hot Tickle Session On The Bed!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Student Sara Is Hysterical In The Vertical Stocks!

Student Sara was completely without mercy when it came to tormenting the insanely ticklish Yanara, and so it is little surprise that after being tickled that way Yanara was out for revenge. This was Yanara’s first time tickling another model and clearly she learned a lot by being on the receiving end from Sara and Nino in her first few videos as a ‘lee. Yanara has a blast tickling Sara’s perfect soft pale ticklish soles, getting some truly hysterical reactions from the beautiful student. Yanara employs many of the same tactics used to such great effect on her, including holding Sara’s toes so she can easily access her ticklish soles, as well as merciless oiled finger and brush tickling which drives Sara especially nuts given this is her first time in the vertical stocks.

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1532×862

Download – Student Sara Is Hysterical In The Vertical Stocks!