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GlobalTicklingStudio – Tania’s Ticklish Toes!

Ceci The Tickler returns now with a new model’s sensitive bare soles tightly in her tickling clutches, the wonderful Tania! Ceci has become very clinical in exploring the ticklishness of feet, almost clinical you might say. Constantly testing to see where she can get the most extreme ticklish reactions, Ceci quickly figures out that it is Tania’s toes that her weak spot, and that tickling there causes Tania to tilt her head back and howl with ticklish laughter. Later on Ceci also discovers that Tania is VERY susceptible to tickle scrubbing on her flawlessly smooth and sensitive bare soles. As always Ceci has an insane amount of fun tickling a new model’s soles for the first time, with a wicked smile on her face. Tania is no exception with excellent reactions and hysterical laughter throughout.

Length: 8:02
Resolution: 1920×920

Download – Tania’s Ticklish Toes!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Sian Wraps And Leg Log Tickles Arabely’s Bare Soles!

The quite now formidable foot tickler Sian returns now, and has brought along a new model to to sit and be wrapped and held in her clutches as she ruthlessly tickles her bare soles. Arabely is a 31 year old woman who has never been bound and tickled like this before. Sian gives her quite the introduction, and finds that digging her thumbs into Arabely’s arches produces hysterical laughter that causes Sian herself to crack up too at how much that method tickles Arabely’s pale, soft and narrow soles. Oil and brush get even more of a rise out of Arabely, and Sian tightens her leglock to try and account for Arabely’s bucking when the brush makes contact with her feet. fun new model for sure and Sian’s cute smiles and laughter at Arabely’s predicament add quite a bit to this one too.

Length: 8:05
Resolution: 1920×920

Download – Sian Wraps And Leg Log Tickles Arabely’s Bare Soles!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Paola’s Extreme Stocked Foot Tickling!

We are back to the stocks now, and a one-two punch of intense foot tickling clips with two models who have never crossed brushes before – Paola and Aunt Sian.

First up is Paola, and the main thing to know about this clip is that Sian gets the most intense reactions out of Paola to date, she really gets her good in this one no doubt. Likely the blindfold and maybe just extra sensitivity of her feet on the day were the reason for this, but in any event it’s a great session. Fans of frantic begging pleading and eruption into hysterical laughter as those requests are ignored and rewarded instead with intense foot tickling and verbal teasing should really enjoy this one, as Paola is constantly proclaiming “no, no! no mas!”, but Sian just carries on tickling her very sensitive and helpless charge with her finger, oil, the brush, tickle glove, and then fingers again for a few minutes at the end which really throws Paola into hysteria as she thought that part was over!

Length: 10:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paola’s Extreme Stocked Foot Tickling!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Mature Lupe’s Sensitive Soles Wrapped and Stocked!

Mature Lupe has appeared in other videos, but we are very pleased to now have her in the GTK fold, as she is a mature lady with unbelievably ticklish soles. Naz has her wrapped and placed into the stocks on the sofa with her bare feet helpless in front of her ready for a session of intense foot tickling. And that is exactly what Naz delivers here, and she has a ton of fun doing it too. Naz starts with her fingers and is taken aback at how ticklish Lupe is, but proceeds to tickle her mercilessly anyway. Once the oil comes out Lupe is toast, as Naz switches between tickling both of her feet and holding one still while she really digs into the arches and between the toes, making Lupe howl with hysterical laughter. Naz finishes off with a solid session with a pink hairbrush, teasing Lupe all the while as she traps each foot and scrubs the taut slick bare soles in front of her producing some wonderfully ticklish reactions from her bound mature ticklee.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mature Lupe’s Sensitive Soles Wrapped and Stocked!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Francia’s Most Intense Foot Tickling In the Vertical Stocks!

Mature hottie Francia finds herself in ticklish trouble yet again. This time she is having her first session in the vertical stocks. There was only one tickler we could unleash for such an event, the Devilish Tickler Irama, and man is she on form in this one.

Immediately Francia realizes that her feet are very vulnerable, with no way to defend against Irama’s skilled tickling fingers. Irama has tickled Francia once before, and clearly remembers her spots, delving deep into and under her toes. Her favorite trick is to grab Francia’s feet and use her thumbnails to tickle the pads of her big toes, which drives Francia absolutely wild hysterical laughter, begging Irama to stop when she can catch her breath which is rare in this clip. Once the oil is added Francia’s toes and soles are in a whole other world of trouble as Irama utilizes the same tactics but with her feet being even more sensitive Francia is a complete ticklish mess. In the wide shot section you will see just how much fun Irama is having, smiling and flicking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth as she admires her ticklish handiwork on Francia’s wiggling ticklish soles.

Length: 8:24
Resolution: 1468×826

Download – Francia’s Most Intense Foot Tickling In the Vertical Stocks!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Dani A Wraps & Tickles Francia’s Ticklish Soles No Cosquillas!

Fan favorites Francia and Dani A. return now for a wild foot tickling showdown. Wrapped and mummified on the sofa with her soles ready for a thorough and merciless tickling is Francia, who was extra sensitive for this one. Dani A. having now gained a lot of ‘ler experience and very quickly really shows how much she has learned as she makes Francia beg and plead for “no cosquillas!” while expertly tickling her ticklish bare soles. Dani A. has only one answer for Francia and that is “Si! Cosquillas!”, while not missing a beat in administering a phenomenal foot tickling on a hysterical Francia. Fingers, oil and the brush all come into play, and a real highlight is how much fun both models are having, Dani a lot more than Francia of course, with the younger model having a smile on her face at her victim’s predicament through the whole clip.

Length: 8:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dani A Wraps & Tickles Francia’s Ticklish Soles No Cosquillas!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Yanara Is The Perfect Foot Tickling Toy!

Yanara (26) is one of our favorite new models, because she is just hysterically ticklish everywhere, especially on her super sensitive soles. The slightest touch to them brings peals of laughter, she is undoubtedly a perfect foot tickling toy. This is Yanara’s second time in the vertical stocks, but we were in a kind of beta testing phase when she first tried them out. Improvements having been made, she finds the experience MUCH more intense this time, not least because we arranged for the very hot Student Sara to be the model tickling her perfect bare soles. This is Sara’s first time tickling a woman in the vertical stocks, and she absolutely LOVES the freedom and domination for unrestricted nonstop controlled foot tickling it provides.

Yanara’s reactions are perhaps some of the most intense we have captured to date. Her feet are just so darn ticklish. When she is shown the oil, which she remembers from her first video, she freaks out shouting “no, no, no!!!” before Sara quickly applies it to her soles and continues tickling, barely missing a beat. Similarly, when she is shown the brush she totally loses it (picture capped below and in the preview, it’s priceless :)) begging “no, no, por favor!!” before Sara applies it mercilessly to her helpless bare soles, the begging giving way to an adorable smile and wild laughter immediately.

Length: 8:22
Resolution: 1578×888

Download – Yanara Is The Perfect Foot Tickling Toy!