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GlobalTicklingStudio – Yanara’s Upper Body Is Way Too Ticklish!

New model Yanara (27) has some wonderfully ticklish feet, but we were interested where else she was ticklish. It turns out the answer is everywhere! We gave the gorgeous Student Sara the task of finding her weakest spots as she has quite the flair for tickling models tied down on the bed. Sara did not disappoint, teasing and tickling Yanara mercilessly while all the time having a ton of fun. Sara has Yanara straddled on the bed and dances her long nails up and down her armpits and exposed belly, causing hysterical laughter to pour out of Yanara with every stroke. At the halfway point Sara is handed a bottle of lotion. Yanara knowing what that means from her foot tickling in the vertical stocks exclaims “no! no!” before smiling and resigning herself to the intensified tickling Sara is about to gleefully lay on her upper body. Sara wastes no time lubing up Yanara’s belly and armpits, and then proceeds to skitter her nails across Yanara’s sensitive skin causing her to buck and giggle uncontrollably.

Length: 8:07
Resolution: 1510×850

Download – Yanara’s Upper Body Is Way Too Ticklish!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Nessy’s Intense Held Down Hysteria!

We realized that Nessy had yet to undergo any upper body tickling, and so this clip takes care of that oversight. Nessy finds herself held down to begin with by the adorable and hot Neho, while the very skilled Isa tickles her out of her mind. Isa has a ton of fun with Nessy, especially when she realizes just how insanely ticklish she is on her upper body, and how even light zerberts on her stomach send her into peals of laughter and begging (in English too!). Isa’s long nails wreak ticklish havoc on Nessy, before the equally merciless Neho takes over, lathering oil on Nessy’s belly and underarms before using her own nails to tickle Nessy senseless. Literally any touch on Nessy’s armpits, belly or sides drive her wild, so Isa and Neho have a very easy and fun job in this clip!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nessy’s Intense Held Down Hysteria!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Jhonaiska’s Ticklish Soles In Trouble In The Vertical Stocks!

Smokeshow Nino’s experimentations with her new vertical stocks continue now with the very pretty Jhonaiska and her flawlessly smooth and ticklish soles strapped in for the ride. Nino hits her stride a lot more in this one, and is really merciless with Jhonaiska’s feet, alternating between holding and tickling one foot, two hands on two feet, oiled soles and the brush. Jhonaiska is extremely ticklish all over her feet, and Nino keeps her guessing constantly where she will tickle next, getting some fantastic reactions all the way through. This one is well worth checking out!

Length: 7:08
Resolution: 1656×932

Download – Jhonaiska’s Ticklish Soles In Trouble In The Vertical Stocks!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Irama Tickles Gabi’s Upper Body without Mercy!

That devilish tickler Irama is at it again! This time she has poor ticklish Gabi (41) tied down on the bed with her arms secure tightly above her head, and has straddled her intent on having a few good laughs! Irama teases Gabi with light then hard tickles on her stomach, underarms and sides, but it is Gabi’s underarms that get the serious belly laughs, and Irama zeroes in on that like the skilled tickler she has very quickly become, darting her fingers in and out of the smooth hollows of her helpless giggly victim, offering very brief respite only to allow her to begin tickling with renewed vigor once again. Irama as usual is having the best time, and by the end Gabi is an exhausted, sweaty giggly mess!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1538×866

Download – Irama Tickles Gabi’s Upper Body without Mercy!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Irama Gives Adorable Joscinda A Ruthless First Foot Tickling!

Irama gave adorable new model Joscinda (30) a wicked introduction to tickling in the last upper body clip, but we are far from done introducing Joscinda to the tickling world. And so we proceed to Irama getting to show Joscinda what foot tickling is all about. Irama has Joscinda wrapped and helpless on the sofa, and is clearly giddy with excitement that she gets to the pretty woman’s soles. Irama is always excited to tickle, and it comes across so much in this one, as she licks her lips and sticks out her tongue, clearly enjoying every second of dominating Joscinda with tickling. Irama starts light, teasing with her nails, but soon ramps up her efforts, applying more pressure, and is rewarded with more intense reactions from Joscinda each time. Irama then surprises Joscinda by grabbing her feet and nibbling her toes and soles with great enthusiasm, causing Joscinda to tilt her head back in hysterical laughter and call for divine help (none came). Irama then lathers her soles with lube, increasing Joscinda’s sensitivity further for more nail tickling followed by a stiff sole tickling with the brush. Poor Joscinda is quite distraught by the end of this one!

Length: 8:16
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Irama Gives Adorable Joscinda A Ruthless First Foot Tickling!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Gabi Tickles Student Thiany’s Big Bare Soles!

Today we have the return of popular student model Thiany and her big ticklish bare soles. Gabi has Thinay wrapped with her feet propped up at the end of couch, toe-tied and ready for some laughs. Gabi tickles lightly for a few seconds to gauge her new victim (never having worked with Thiany before), and when she is rewarded with squirms and laughter, wraps her arm around Thiany’s ankles tucking them tightly, and then proceeds to really dig in and tickle those big smooth bare feet driving Thiany wild. Gabi also sneaks in quite a lot of nibbling, which was not in the script, but we’re not complaining, as it gets some wonderful high-pitched reactions from Thiany!

Length: 8:07
Resolution: 1472×828

Download – Gabi Tickles Student Thiany’s Big Bare Soles!

GlobalTicklingStudio – Nino Tickles Yanara’s Soles in the Vertical Stocks!

Smokeshow Nino has two new toys – one is her new vertical stocks, which she absolutely LOVES for tickling the soles of her models feet. The other is Yanara, a brand new super cute 27 year old model with extremely soft and ticklish soles, and a musical desperate laugh. Put them together and you have a superb new format for Nino to showcase her foot tickling talent. This was the first video attempt using the new stocks, so it is somewhat of a beta test. We have since filmed more with different camera angles, and additional ballast weight added to the frame – turns out there is engineering involved with this stuff sometimes, who knew? So bondage nerds know that this is somewhat of a work in progress, please spare us your merciless criticism for now at least.

Nino’s thirst for foot tickling however is as highly developed as ever in this one, and she really gets newbie Yanara good on her feet, loving every moment of having her soft soles right at her fingertips and unable to escape at all. Yanara is extremely sensitive to the oil and hairbrush scrubbing her ticklish soles.

Length: 7:02
Resolution: 1604×902

Download – Nino Tickles Yanara’s Soles in the Vertical Stocks!