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ToefuEntertainment – Jennifer Teaches Little Alex a Lesson – full

Little Alex is a wonderful dear roommate until she thinks that she doesn’t have to “pay” for anything because her looks always get her whatever she desires. Well think again… Jennifer will teach her a lesson about how things are going to go. Jennifer is a very sexy brunette who you don’t want to cross. Unfortunaltely – for Alex, she’s in for a very long afternoon. Jennifer tells Alex about how she’d like to tie her up to play and convinces Alex to give it try. They both get comfortable putting on their sexy bikini’s. Jennifer ties up Alex in a nice spread eagle and blindfolds her for added fun…Surprise, its time to “pay” the rent. Alex thought this was to have some fun.. what? what are you doing? hey, don’t tickle me! Yeah, Jennifer is going to do the tickle until Alex decides to pay. Jennifer finds all of Alex’s weaknesses and this little blonde bombshell until she almost wets herself. Jennifer starts with a slow teasing tickling as she tells Alex what her real intentions are and if she doesn’t agree to pay up, this tickling is going to go on all afternoon. Jennifer’s BF shows up, and quickly adds an extra bit of for a fe And Jennifer just loves the thought of that b/c tickling cute girls is just one of her many pleasures. . … and watching is one of ours!

Length: 19:06
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Jennifer Teaches Little Alex a Lesson – full

ToefuEntertainment – Dom Jennifer Plays with her Tickle Slave Alex

This is one of those rare tickling videos that is a must have if you love watching a beautiful curvy dom take complete tickle control of a little petite tickle slave. Jennifer ties her lovely little BLINDFOLDED Tickle Slave Alex in a very vunerablebondage position that few girls could do… But little submissive Alex is a perfect slave and will endure it for the pleasure of us all. Both ladies are adorned in sexy bikini’s.. DOM Jennifer starts off in her red cloak and eventually removes it to reveal her glorious body… Poor Alex must endure all Jennifer’s tickling… and Jennifer remains in complete control telling her Tickle Slave to be still, and quiet during the tickling.. Alex tries and tries.. and eventually Jennifer DUCT TAPES Alex’s mouth to keep her laughter in control.. oh, how lovely to watch Jennifer slowly move about Alex’s outstretced feet, legs, and ticklish bottom tickle her at will…Starting by tickling Alex’s feet through her shoes then removing each one… the camera angles are awesome given the extreme bondage position of little ALEX… there is NOTHING ALEX can do… SHE CAN”T EVEN BEG FOR MERCY>> JUST WHIMPER.. and gasp and GIGGLE through her DUCT TAPED… awwww, poor little tickle slave…

Length: 10:43
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Dom Jennifer Plays with her Tickle Slave Alex

ToefuEntertainment – Bikini Tickle Party On Alex

Check out this Triple Tickle cast of lovely ladies Jennifer, Little Christa, and Alex. These lovely ladies get into sexy bikini’s, agree to take turns, tickle each other. This is ALEX’S turn. No story line here. Just serious tickling by two hotties on a third hottie. ALEX is stretched out showing off her tight abs and lean body while JENNIFER and LITTLE CHRISTA start tickling her. Under arms, Abs, stomach, Hips, thighs… and all the way down to ALEX’S tiny little feet where the girls use finger nails, hair brushes, and other tickle tools to DRIVE ALEX crazy. They know they better tickle hard because soon it will be their turn… and TICKLE PAY BACKS are a BITCH.. Njoy!!

Length: 9:06
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Bikini Tickle Party On Alex

ToefuEntertainment – Alex’s Mummified Tease Tickle

Just more of a good thing.. Watching little Alex wrapped tightly,, mummified,, with her lovely hardcore abs, underarms and ticklish little feet sticking out for our LOVELY JENNIFER to tickle . After Jennifer tickles Alex’s upper body, she moves down to those ticklish little tootsies and teases and tickles Alex with her finger, hairbrush, and finally,, plays “guess what?” she is drawing tickling Alex with a ball point pen.. Just awesome.. Jennifer loves bound up girls..!!

Length: 11:29
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Alex’s Mummified Tease Tickle

ToefuEntertainment – Alex’s Hogtie Tickle Hell

Alex is in some serious trouble. No plot here,,, just the Lovely JENNIFER Tickling the HELL OUT OF PETITE HOGTIED Alex. Of course Jennifer finds all Alex’s ticklish spots. But, when JENNIFER ROLLS Alex over and starts digging her thumbs and FINGERS into ALEX’S HIPS AND TUMMY… ALEX GOES COMPLETE CRAZY..

Length: 15:36
Resolution: 640×480

Download – Alex’s Hogtie Tickle Hell

ToefuEntertainment – Tainted Tea Toe Show Tickling of Liza by Andi – Part Two TICKLNG ONLY

scr-65 scr-66 scr-67

Tainted Tea Toe Show Tickling of Liza by Andi – Part Two TICKLNG ONLY ** this is just the second half of the video for those who just want the BOUND TICKLING PART ** of this video. WOW! Andi starts tickling too much…. This just gets better as Liza awakes to find herself bound . . . but not tight enough for some tickle fun!! SO Andi tightens up the ropes and wait until you see her tickle Liza silly! Liza is ticklish everywhere… but, man, her LEGS are especially ticklish!! Just wait until Liza gets free!! Andi will get some extreme TICKLE PAYBACK!!!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 640×480,, 6118 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 64 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 8:32.040
Size: 268,966 Mb

Download – Tainted Tea Toe Show Tickling of Liza by Andi – Part Two TICKLNG ONLY

ToefuEntertainment – Foot Tickling Highlights Clip Sampler – Part Two

scr-64 scr-65 scr-66

More foot tickling sample video clips!!! This is the second in a series designed for all those foot tickling fanatics! Nothing but lots and lots of foot tickling! You will get to view, enjoy, and sample minute after tickle torture minute of highlights from some of our Toefu Entertainment's tickling videos. If you like what you see, you can find and order the full video clip from our store as well. Njoy!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 640×480,, 9640 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 64 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 14:22.057
Size: 452,681 Mb

Download – Foot Tickling Highlights Clip Sampler – Part Two