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Tickler4You – Victoria in nylons (full version)

Description of part 1

Special for nylons lovers. Check this out. Victoria is back to the stage in the third time. This video was made according a plot one of the customers. He is fan of the nylons foot-tickling. There are 3 parts in this video. In ihe part 1 Victoria is in sitting on the bed position and mr. Tickler tickles her feet in front of her capturing her feet in the different ways. Victoria’s laugh is very cool, it’s a huge pleasure tickling her beautiful feet again and again. Victoria is one of the model who really loves tickling.
Description of part 2

This part is for people who like brutal tickling. Victoria is in facedown position and mr. Tickler is tickling her feet fixing them sitting on their. My favorite moment of this part is when mr. Tickler is tearing the nylons up on Victoria’s feet tickling feet with a comb. And than the time has come – mr. Tickler gets her bare feet and continues foot tickling.
Description of part 3

Here is a hogtied position. You may see the reaction of Victoria.

Length: 31:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Victoria in nylons (full version)

Tickler4You – Victoria is back (Part 2)

Victoria is in hogtied position. Mr Tickler tickles her cruely.

Length: 13:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Victoria is back (Part 2)

Tickler4You – Victoria is back (Part 1)

Victoria gets a tickle challenge. She is a fantastic girl with very sexy feet. The softest soles ever. I tickled her feet and armpits with a great pleasure. I can’t wait our next session!

Length: 17:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Victoria is back (Part 1)

Tickler4You – The first time for Lera

I was very excited to get Lera with her size 8 ticklish feet in my hands. She didn’t expected how ticklish she is. She was moving her body all the time I touched her feet. Sometimes she was laughing even when I didn’t touch her at all. Just take a look on the preview.

Length: 18:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The first time for Lera

Tickler4You – The first session for Lena

Lena is tiny brunette with sexy (size 5.5) feet. She visited for her first ever foot tickling session and what an experience it was! I cuffed Lena to the bed with her ankles tied together in the facedown position. This is one of the most favorite position when I fix the girl, bestride her and tickling feet. Lens is extremely ticklish and her reactions were amazing. She felt absolutely helplessness when I bestrode her. She tried to get rid off the cuffs during all session but it was useless. After some intense foot tickling with fingers, brushes and a toothbrush, Lena begged to stop tickling, because she couldn’t take it anymore. It was awful and funny at the same time. “Anything but the soles, please!!!”, she begs about mercy again, but it doesn’t help. I just change my brush and continue. So check it out how she suffers!

Length: 10:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The first session for Lena

Tickler4You – Sveta has tickle session in the stocks

This is the first session for Sveta in the stocks. I fixed her feet in the stocks and we started the game. Sveta has a very sensitive feet (size 8) and she giggled every time I barely touched her soles or toes.

Length: 20:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sveta has tickle session in the stocks

Tickler4You – The first time for Polina (part 2)

Length: 10:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The first time for Polina (part 2)