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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Resistenti? Ma quanto? – Resistant? Really?!

Numa and Eleonore are late for work again. Daphne, their director does not want to hear any excuses and does not accept explanations, she will have to fire them! The two girls implore her, get down on their knees and say they are willing to do anything to keep their job; so Daphne decides to test them. To continue working in the office, they will first have to take a series of special challenge …
First they will have to stay still, against the wall, with both arms raised and undergo a tickle all over the armpits, as if that were not enough, the girls will have to read a few pages of a book while maintaining concentration while being tickled.
During the second challenge they will sit on a chair with their stomachs uncovered and will have to undergo a long tickle all over the abdomen and along the sides, Daphne really wants to see which of the two will have greater resistance and will tolerate tickling better.
At this point, Eleonore and Numa, visibly tried by the previous tests, will lie down on a bed while Daphne will tickle them everywhere, on the feet, along the legs and again on the stomach and under the armpits.
To finish, in turns, one girl will have to make raspberries by pressing against the abdomen of the other, even here it will be hard to resist this particular tickle!

Length: 39:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Resistenti? Ma quanto? – Resistant? Really?!

SimplyTickling – Terra Mizu Hogtied and Tickled by Megan Jones and Kalesie

We upgraded our hogtie bondage rig and who better to test it out on than Terra Mizu? Terra is still in her silky pajama’s and is all tied up with no where to go. Kalesie and Megan start lightly teasing and ticking wherever they can reach on Terra with their long nails, Barefeet, Knees, Belly, sides, armpits and neck. Then Flipping Terra over to better access her ticklish Belly! Until the girls learn just how much it tickles Terra when you tickle thru the silky material! Terra really starts to lose it when the girls start tickling her hips and thighs this way, eventually I jump in to really tickle her hard and Terra actually safewords a few times for a break!

Length: 6:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Terra Mizu Hogtied and Tickled by Megan Jones and Kalesie

ItaliansTickling – Why not!

Today Veronica should have made only one video but when sensitive girls like her arrive at Italians tickling it is too difficult to send them away like this and so we proposed to her to make a second belly down video with her best side well exposed. Veronica was not very convinced but in the end some extra money never hurts and so she gave in again this time. Another 15 minutes no stop of pure suffering, also because now the two tormentors are learning to use their nails well and this does Veronica no pleasure at all. Enjoy your video.

Length: 15:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Why not!

ItaliansTickling – Goodfellas

Our agreement with Sofia were pretty tight: she had to tickle but no being tickled. Unfortunately Giulia couldn’t keep on doing one more video without any break, therefore we asked Sofia to be tickled as her colleague can take a deep breath. She’s a nice lady which couldn’t say no but she asked to be kind with her. As she’s so young she’s pretty naive and she couldn’t understand these video are made on purpose to take our victim to the limit! Enjoy your video!

Length: 17:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goodfellas

AdaraDigital – Tickled And Cumming

I can’t say I am even sure how I got into this predicament… guess pretty girls make me stupid…. I was just showing them we could used the chair for our shoots… I DID NOT mean that I wanted to be tickled and made to cum over and over again….

Length: 10:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled And Cumming

RussianGirlsInDistress – Double Tickling torment for Helga in car

Length: 27:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Double Tickling torment for Helga in car

NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – A Lesson In Loyalty

Nyxon and GG have just about had it with Nyssa not being completely loyal to them. Nyxon has done everything from posting vague passive aggressive posts on social media, to finding memes that kinda sorta insinuate things about and toward Nyssa. She’s really done almost everything except be direct and in Nyssa’s face, because she feel she doesn’t have to. Nyssa should get all these damn hints, and Nyxon is pissed that she doesn’t. So instead of just talking to Nyssa, Nyxon and GG decide to play a little game. They are going to trick her, lead her on…Nyssa arrives to the house and thinks she’s doing a feitsh glam shoot, but little does she know they have other plans in store for her. Nyssa did her make up all nice and is excited to get some really cool edgy rope bondage photos done today, hopefully before the heat melts all her perfectly done make up off. Everyone knows Nyssa sweats hard, so she’s hoping to get started quickly. She’s naked and on her knees, wrists tied up to the post and her feet tied to each side of the platform. Then Nyxon and GG enter, and see her so vulnerable, just like they wanted her. Unable to lower her arms, Nyssa is in a pretty helpless position when they ladies start to tickle her. They move from the arm pits to the feet and everything in between. Nyssa is screaming “No, no, nooooo!!” but they just don’t stop. They even tickle her on her butt cheeks and her thighs, Nyssa is completely tickling everywhere!!! Nyxon then tells Nyssa, this is a lesson in LOYALTY…They ladies feel Nyssa has not been loyal to them and this is their revenge, Nyssa will have to pay. Nyssa doesn’t understand and as much as she struggles to get out, she can’t escape. Poor Nyssa, she just doesn’t seem to get it, so Nyxon and GG plan to be extra evil and leave Nyssa outdoors all night to get bitten up by the bugs, maybe then Nyssa will fully understand the importance of loyalty…

Length: 7:28
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – A Lesson In Loyalty