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LaPrincesasTickling – Nazareth Needs To Tickle – Revenge

Brand new series of 3 clips…Where we will see Nazareth have a blast tickling Sian and Trella in a soft Hogtie situation where she has total control and then both ladies will have there revenge in the final clip of the series.

Trella and SR (Sian) are just ready now to give Nazareth a taste of her own ticklish medicine and of course Naz is now in a regret state of mind, because she knows what’s going to happen to her. Both ladies grab a weakness on Naz and they start working on her like a fiddle. Nazareth explodes right away and she’s a bag of everything from there on in.

This is a very calculated and fun revenge clip to watch and Nazareth was a perfect victim to be placed in this position 🙂

Duration: 5:01.198
Size: 838,532 Mb

Download – Nazareth Needs To Tickle – Revenge

SensuousSubmission – FTT: Luna Dawn & Miss Quin Tag Team Dr Whitney

Poor Dr. Whitney Morgan can’t seem to catch a break lately. She stumbled upon the wrong client – Luna Dawn – in her last session…. Luna just so happened to rent her place out as an AirBnB, the perfect place to keep Dr. Whitney tied up tight for the time being to not cause any havoc. Neglecting Dr. Whitney, Luna rents out to Miss Quin whom immediately recognizes Dr. Whitney from a previous tickle session. Overcome with tickle anxiety, both Luna and Quin have some fun with Dr. Whitney tied up tight – tickling her flesh all over, using her own tickle tools upon her, RIPPING her skirt to shreds to use as both a blindfold and cleave gag to muffle her ticklish laughter! Ah, but alas Luna has to ship Dr. Whitney on out of here while Quin rents the house.. Ready for a little more fun Dr. Whitney? With Luna’s bondage buddy just begging to get his hands on you?? To be continued…

Duration: 8:07.553
Size: 440,627 Mb

Download – FTT: Luna Dawn & Miss Quin Tag Team Dr Whitney

CaliLogansBondageBoutique – Truth Or Dare

Jane Starr, Cadence Lux and Cali Logan sit around in a circle playing “Truth Or Dare.” Cali picks “Truth” so Cadence asks her, “what is your biggest sexual fantasy?” Cali contemplates this for a moment, and answers that she’d love to be tied up spread eagle!! Cali is so innocent that she doesn’t even know what “spread eagle” called! Cadence then DARES Cali to go through with her fantasy… Cadence already has ropes tied to her bed and everything!! She clearly is it into this kinky bondage stuff already! Naughty Cadence!

Cali reluctantly agrees. and the gals quickly tie her up, arms over head AND ankles. Cali begs for only 5 minutes worth of tie up time, but that’s it! She’s nervous! Jane and Cadence totally agree then finish off the rope ties. Suddenly, Cadence has an idea! This bondage scene wouldn’t be complete without a nice duct tape gag AND some hand-over-mouth smothering! Goodness! Cadence clearly is springing her fetish onto poor little innocent, naive, unsuspecting Cali. Cadence calls it the “full experience” and that Cali will “love it” as she slaps a piece of duct tape onto Cali’s mouth!

Little Cali Logan is left struggle and moan while Cadence and Jane tell her how hot she is all tied up like that. They continue chatting while Cali struggles. She begs to be untied, but Cadence says she has to stay tied up for the full 5 minutes! Cadence is nice enough to peel off the duct tape though… only so her and Jane can TICKLE Cali and HAND OVER MOUTH SMOTHER her from laughing!!! Jane mouth smothers Cali while Cadence tickles Cali’s armpits and ribs… then they switch!! Cali gets a great bound tickling session… next up, Cali gets another duct tape gag… and her feet tickled! Finally, the gals really give her the full experience by rubbing Cali to orgasm before just leaving her there tied up!

Duration: 20:17.149
Size: 1 491,767 Mb

Download – Truth Or Dare

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Victoria Thieving Hospital Staffer’s Long Toe and Wrinkled Sole Tickle Abuse


When the chief nurse and her deputy think that new hospital staffer Victoria is stealing items they set a trap for her. The deputy lays in bed in one of the unused ER rooms after a double shift feigning rest. Sure enough Victoria comes in to try and steal her watch. The Deputy grabs her to hold her and the cheif nurse comes in. They both tie her to a gurney and pull off one of her shoes ready to tickle-abuse it in order to find out if she is working alone or for someone. When they pull the shoe off they are both impressed with how long her foot and especially ties are and how wirnkly her narrow sole is. So they can’t resist tickling between her long toes to watch them wiggle and curl and splay as she screams to be let go. Her soles wrinkle as they go to town finger tickling her toes and soft sole…. She can’t get away though and is forced to endure continuous tickling until she fesses up. Lots and lots of closups in this one of her soft sole and long toes being tickles as she reacts.

Duration: 15:06.400
Size: 937,351 Mb

Download – Victoria Thieving Hospital Staffer’s Long Toe and Wrinkled Sole Tickle Abuse


BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Kiara Double Team Tickled on One Bare Foot and Tummy

After their shift is over two nurses bet each other their colleague Kiara who swears she isn’t ticklish can’t last more than ten minutes under their talented fingers. When Kiara enters they tie her down to the gurney in a between shift napping area pull off one of her shoes and tickle and then double team tickling her barefoot. At first, Kiara seems to be taking it well — even enjoying herself. But as the two nurses continue double-teaming her foot she finally can’t take it and breaks. Not satisfied and betting she won’t last, the two nurses decide to take it to the next level. While one continues tickling her exposed foot the other strips off her top and begins tickling her tummy, sides, and underarms… Now Kiara really can’t take it and she breaks as multiple parts of her body are tickled at once! Will she last the ten minutes??? Watch and see!

Duration: 18:49.680
Size: 1 168,941 Mb

Download – Kiara Double Team Tickled on One Bare Foot and Tummy

BCTickleAndFetish – Snitches Get Tickled Part 2

Kendra is getting to the bottom of who snitched on her. It’s starting to become clear that both of her tutors had some involvement in ratting her out. Kendra has also started to turn her nerdy tutors against each other. Slyy is mad and seeking retribution against Adriana for tickling her. She gets her chance because Kendra now wants to punish Adriana. She has replaced Slyy’s position on the X frame and finds herself being tickled tortured. Once again Kendra is calling the shots, demanding Slyy to tickle her harder. She joins in and together they make Adriana suffer. Her armpits, ribs, and stomach all get tickled while she tries to tell her side of the story through fits of laughter. Kendra also decides that she’s not quite done tickling Slyy. She removes Slyy’s top and tickles her armpits and sides while Slyy tickles Adriana. Next they move to Adriana’s feet and punish her more. Poor Adriana is probably more ticklish than Slyy and really gets puts through the ringer!

Duration: 11:11.041
Size: 498,292 Mb

Download – Snitches Get Tickled Part 2

BCTickleAndFetish – Stretch That Core Kendra Allure

Kendra’s long, athletic body is all laid out on the stretch ball. Adriana and Slyy take place beside her and implement the new stretching technique that is increasingly becoming more popular. With Kendra all stretched out, both girls begin to run their nails across Kendra’s stomach to loosen her up. Kendra squirms and giggles but when the nails starting probing inside her belly button, this girl loses it. She is so big and strong the girls can barely keep her on the ball. They stay persistent and keep fingering deep inside her navel. Then the girls whip out the electronic stimulation tool for maximum results. Kendra wants abs and a stronger core but this might not be worth it!

Duration: 6:28.825
Size: 284,95 Mb

Download – Stretch That Core Kendra Allure