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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Upside Down Tickle Punishment


Nyssa promised to cancel her membership and change gyms, but she thought she could just outsmart Maxine instead by working out at a different time. But she didn’t know Sushii was a friend of Maxine’s and spotted her at the gym and ratter her out. Nyssa sneaks into the gym, barefoot of course, peeks around and thinks the coast is clear, so she starts to do some stretching on the inversion table. And here comes trouble! Quickly Nyssa is cuffed upside down on the inversion table, all the while Maxine is ranting on about how that fitness trainer is HERS and Nyssa’s gonna get it now! Nyssa doesn’t know what to do when she hears them taking the machine apart, and they remove the foot rests!!! Poor Nyssa is gonna be all sweat and screams from on out while Maxine and Sushii tickle punish those soft bare soles. You didnt think they were going to leave her armpits alone in this position did you? They Don’t!

Length: 10:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Upside Down Tickle Punishment

HotGirlsTickling – Half Turkish Half Russian Girl tickled by 18 year old!

Length: 23:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Half Turkish Half Russian Girl tickled by 18 year old!

AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Ticklefull

Miss Quinn just received her new set of restraints and is excited to try them out. She immediately texts her two besties Autumn Bodell and Morgana Soles. Autumn volunteers to be the first to try and gets on the bed. The restraints wraps around the thighs and cuffs the wrists. Miss Quinn and Morgana start to tickle Autumn’s nipples and then proceed to test out her ticklishness all over her naked body. Miss Quinn uses a vibrator to pleasure Autumn as the tickling continues. Autumn’s reactions are priceless as these two expert ticklers have their way with her. Watch as Morgana and Miss Quinn tickle Autumn’s nipples, hips ears and of course her sensitive feet. In the end Autumn receives her much anticipated ticklegasm.

Length: 6:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklefull

AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – Tickle Cop

Nurse autumn Bodell called for the police to come to their office. She and nurse Kim Chi knew it would be officer Jazmine Cruz who would come. Officer Cruz Never misses an opportunity to come to that office. Showing up in a police uniform and questioning patients. The questioning became interrogation and then the tickling began. Officer Cruz had been tickling patients for quite some time but word got to Autumn and Kim. That’s when the two sexy nurses decided to turn the tables on the tickle freak. When Jazmine responded to the call, Autumn and Kim were waiting and confronted the tickle cop about her exploits. She was placed in a restraint device the held her on her hands and knees, totally vulnerable to the tickling whims of Autumn and Kim. With s variety of tickling tools, all of Jazmine’s tickle spots are stimulated. The nurses delighted to tickle her ribs and arm pits and of course those sensitive feet. But the most fun was stroking her butt and hamstrings with feathers. The Tickle Cop becomes the Ticklee Cop.

Length: 12:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Cop

GinaryTickleAdventures – 3 Girl Strip & Tickle Card Game With Maria Jade, Melanie Hicks, & Nikki Brooks – FULL

Part 1… Girlfriends – Nikki Brooks, Melanie Hicks, and Maria Jade – sit on the bed, and Melanie proposes that they play a little game. She knows Nikki and Maria love tickling – so she suggests they play a strip poker game with a tickling theme! The loser has to take an item of clothing off, and then gets tickled, and whoever is completely naked first, gets tied to the bed and tickled until they can not take anymore! The ladies agree to the game, and they get the cards ready to play. Melanie, Nikki, and Maria play, strip off clothes, and tickle each other until one of them loses. Watch to see who it is!

Part 2… Nikki and Melanie strap Maria to the bed after she loses a poker game, and they slowly start to tickle Maria up and down her naked, vulnerable and ticklish body! Nikki and Melanie work their way all over Maria’s body, tickling her sides, underarms, legs, soles, and more. They tickle Maria relentlessly, making her squirm and scream all over the bed, unable to break free from the chains they tied her down with. Nikki and Melanie tickle Maria until she can not take it anymore!

Length: 28:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 3 Girl Strip & Tickle Card Game With Maria Jade, Melanie Hicks, & Nikki Brooks – FULL

FiestyGoddessFina – Tickle the Anxiety Away! ft Goddess Fina, Mistress Nahla Feti, Sativa Feti

Fina arrives at the doctor’s office, clearly stressed out and very nervous. In walks twin healthcare providers, Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla to help treat her. After a brief clinical evaluation, Dr. Sativa ultimately diagnoses that is Fina suffering from anxiety brought on from her high stress job! Dr. Sativa doesn’t hesitate to tell Fina about a new form of immersion therapy that’s promised to cure her anxiety but ONLY if she finished the treatment to completion! Willing to do anything for a quick fix, Fina signs all medical releases from Nurse Nahla without properly reading the paperwork describing methodology and side effects! Dr. Sativa instructs Fina to strip completely naked and change into a patient gown.

Once they leave the room, Fina strips naked but doesnt seem to be able to find a hospital gown anywhere! Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla hastily come back into the room who’s greeted by an anxious, nude patient Fina who’s supposedly “not ready for treatment anymore and needs some more time think things through”. Dr. Sativa informs Fina that’s it’s simply TOO late and if she would’ve ACTUALLY read the fine print of medical release package like she was supposed she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

Refusing treatment after signing the consent forms is simply not an option! Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla calm Fina down and begin their innovative machiavellian-like treatment to calm Fina’s nerves.

Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla bind naked Fina to their medical table and with each brush of their instruments the healthcare twins start to torturously tickle her anxiety away! With every stroke of their fingers all over her ticklish naked body, Fina emphatically squirms and thrashes all over the operating table. Dr. Sativa and Nurse Nahla then grabs a series of their very own hand-made tickle tools used to tickle Fina as she completely immobilized. Every surface of Fina’s naked body is tickled relentlessly until they’re ready for phase 2 of their treatment plan!

Length: 13:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle the Anxiety Away! ft Goddess Fina, Mistress Nahla Feti, Sativa Feti

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – I sensibilissimi piedi della strega Daphne – The ticklish soles of Daphne the witch

Daphne is a witch, taken by surprise while she is doing some of her magic, she is blocked and immobilized by Lilith and Eve who attack her from behind and tie her to a chair. At this point the two begin to tickle her everywhere to make her confess, Daphne cannot rebel, so she is tickled under the armpits, along the soles of the feet and on the sides. She can’t resist and so the two decide to insist, also using oil all over her feet and continuing to tickle them, also using some tools to make everything even more unbearable. In the end, Daphne has nothing to do but confess!

Length: 31:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I sensibilissimi piedi della strega Daphne – The ticklish soles of Daphne the witch