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HotGirlsTickling – Lisa vs Katarina Tickle Battle! Part 1 Sneaker Socks!

You want to see LISA getting TICKLED so much? OKAY, WE HEARD YOU!

18 year old student girl Lisa vs. 18 year old student girl Katarina!

European Age: 18 years Height: 1,68m Shoe size: 36 (EU) Favorite shoes: Nike Air Character facts: Social behavior, dominant, loves to tickle older girls Weak spots: Feet (extremely), armpits, neck, legs “I am afraid of Katarina that she takes a serious revenge on me, but I know her weak spots and how ticklish she is!”

European Age: 18 years Height: 1,74m Shoe size: 39 (EU) Favorite shoes: Adidas Stan Smith Character facts: Funny behavior, nervous about tickling, loves to go to the gym Weak spots: Feet, rips, legs “I talked with Sophie before this shooting and promised her to tickle the f*** out of Lisa. This one is personal!”

In the first part, you will see Lisa and Katarina tickle each other in socks. You can already see the girl’s ticklish, weak sports! The two tickle each other is such a sweet way, LISA is laughing and GETTING DOMINATED at the same time!

In the second part, things get more serious when both take out their socks and try to tickle each other soft soles. Lisa has a little advantage as she has her effective long red fingernails, but Katarina wants the revenge on Lisa! Its getting intense!



Length: 15:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lisa vs Katarina Tickle Battle! Part 1 Sneaker Socks!

HotGirlsTickling – Tickling Student Girl Emily under her Shirt!

Length: 17:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Student Girl Emily under her Shirt!

HotGirlsTickling – Ticklish Agent Emily – Breaking the tough Girl!

Sexy Agent Emily brake into an apartment to steal important documents from her enemy. Unfortunately, at the moment where she found the paper she was searching for, her rival knocks her out and she wakes up tied to a chair. She desperately tries to get out but couldn’t move! However, Agent Emily thinks she is a strong girl and can deal with these situations… She pretends to not speak English and replies only in Russian. Agent Emily was trained to deal with these situations, but her enemy has an idea. “Emily, are your soles ticklish?”

The strong agent instantly knows that her feet are a weak spot of her strong body, but still tries to stand tough. Will she survive the interrogation and act like a tough agent? The tickler takes off her sneakers and starts with slow tickling. Emily directly freezes…

Length: 23:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Agent Emily – Breaking the tough Girl!

HotGirlsTickling – Ticklish in High Heels – Please, not my weak spot!

Emily wearing High Heels, bound in her own couch in her own living room?!

Just by seeing her in this position gives me absolutely goosebumps!

But it’s getting even better when mean Katarina starts to tickle her sensitive upper body with her long fingernails. That’s everything? OH NO! AT THE SAME TIME, I START TO TICKLE EMILYS FEET INSIDE HER HIGH HEELS!! Emily was confident and thought she would be safe in her High Heels, but quickly realized how ticklish her feet are when someone’s getting with his fingernails inside her shoes and start to tickle her!! This girl was laughing so much from the tickling! Even after the shooting she told me that we please never do that again, she didn’t like the feeling of getting tickled with her shoes on… It gives her the feeling of not being in the control anymore!

Length: 19:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish in High Heels – Please, not my weak spot!

HotGirlsTickling – THIS IS TOO MUCH!!

A 19 year old student girl wearing High Heels tied up on a chair without being able to move? The perfect foundation of a ticklish session! KATARINA AND ME BOTH TICKLED HER TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME! The combination of me tickling her upper body and Katarina tickling her sensitive soles with her fingernails drove her absolutely crazy! 18 minutes of pure Tickle Madness… This girl was furious after the session!

Length: 18:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – THIS IS TOO MUCH!!

HotGirlsTickling – Half Turkish Half Russian Girl tickled by 18 year old!

Length: 23:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Half Turkish Half Russian Girl tickled by 18 year old!

HotGirlsTickling – Two 18 year old girls tickle older student girl Layla! I hate you both!!!

New model Layla arrived! She is a medical student and 24 years old.

First off, Layla has quite a BITCHY/PRINCESS LIKE behavior. She likes expensive clothes, has a typical LV bag and hates nerds. She doesn’t want a friend who is poor and is always looking for an opportunity to become famous. Her parents are very rich and raised her up with that kind of attitude. Too bad, her step-father just canceled her student money and she now has to earn money for paying her rent. Layla heard about the shoot with Emily and asked me if we could do a session together. I didn’t like the way she spoke, but I immediately thought of giving her a TICKLISH LESSON. I agreed and told Lisa and Katarina about her. She immediately said they want to TICKLE THE F*** OUT OF HER! And OMG these two 18 year old girls were so mean!! I always get the feeling that Lisa and Katarina like to tickle, especially older girls who have an arrogant behavior. I tagged both against the older student and it felt like a TICKLE ATTACK against her. You will see two 18 year old girls having fun with poor Layla, tickling her extremely soft feet and super sensitive upper body!

In the first part, Katarina takes off Layla’s shoes (Nike Jordans) and tickles her extremely soft soles. After a few minutes, LISA JOINS her and tickles her sweaty armpits! As if that wasn’t enough, LISA IS TICKLING HER SENSITIVE FEET AND KATARINA HER UPPER BODY AT THE SAME TIME! Layla was completely exhausted, but it’s only halftime for her. In the second part her super ticklish armpits will suffer even more!

Layla was furious at Lisa and Katarina after the shooting, should she get a revenge on these two 18 year old girls?

Layla’s shoe size: 38.5 (EU)

Length: 24:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Two 18 year old girls tickle older student girl Layla! I hate you both!!!