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HotGirlsTickling – What are you doing Lisa writes on Katarinas soft feet!

Length: 29:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – What are you doing Lisa writes on Katarinas soft feet!

HotGirlsTickling – “Lisa, you are such a b****!” No time to breathe for ticklish Sophie!

Sophie is back! Last time Lisa was tickling her soft feet in our Tickle-Chair, but this time we went one step further! As the most of you already saw from our previous video, Sophie has super ticklish armpits which are starting to sweat very, very fast. Lisa and I were noticing this at the last shooting!

That’s why we wanted to take advantage of her weakness, so we tied her with her hands up to my living room door. Good idea? Ohhhh yes! Lisa didn’t waste any second and started to be mean again to Sophie. Last time I noticed that there was rivalry going on between these two, but this time… Lisa got her bad! The long nails of the 18 year old girl are the perfect weapon for Sophie’s super sensitive armpits. She started laughing uncontrollably and it seems like Lisa had her fun! During the session, Sophie had to stand constantly on her toes because the cuffs for her hands were fixed very high up on our door. The way she moves her feet and toes during the tickling looks super hot! As you can already see from the thumbnail, the tickling was so intense for Sophie that her tears were coming a bit!

Length: 19:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – “Lisa, you are such a b****!” No time to breathe for ticklish Sophie!

HotGirlsTickling – Lisa tickles her older step-sister Sophie! “Lisa, stop it!”

Our first victim is Sophie, a 28-year-old medical student. She agreed to the shoot, but had no idea how intense tickling can be. At first, she enjoyed the tickling with Lisa’s long red nails on her soft feet. But when she used the brush, Sophie’s emotions exploded and she couldn’t hold it in! She said, “Lisa, stop it!!!” several times during this session. Sophie’s armpits are the next area Lisa targeted. Lisa’s long nails are super effective in her armpits, and she burst out laughing. You can clearly see in this video how intense the session is for Sophie, as her armpits were super sweaty and the sides of her top got really wet. After the shoot, she asked me if it was okay because she was a bit ashamed that she was sweating so much during this session. I would also like to mention that her feet are extremely soft and just some of the most beautiful feet I have ever seen in my life! Enjoy the video with poor Sophie and 18 year old Lisa as the mean tickler!

Length: 22:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lisa tickles her older step-sister Sophie! “Lisa, stop it!”

HotGirlsTickling – 18 Year Old Blonde Party Girl gets Tickle Attacked!

I was in partying last weekend in a club and saw this beautiful looking blonde girl. She was wearing a wonderful dress combined with black high heels. Long story short – She looked super-hot! The first intention? How ticklish is she and how sensitive are her feet! Not wasting any more time, I was talking to her and could convince her to a session. I really wanted to tickle attack this 18 year old blonde party girl… Can I introduce you – Victoria!

Katarina and I got her really bad – she is really ticklish and has such a beautiful smile, it is unbelievable! But things getting even more stunning… After the session, she told me that she liked to be in handcuffs and the feeling of being tickled helpless without a way of getting out!!! I was thinking that I am probably dreaming, but Katarina heard it also… She wanted to make a photo with handcuffs for her Instagram and directly asked me when we can make another session… Okay Victoria, but next time we will tie you up in Katarinas bed and Liza will tickle you 25 min without any safe word… I really want to see this blonde girl getting tickled to the extreme and beg Liza for stopping!! Who would like to see it??

One of the hottest and most ticklish girls we ever had!

Length: 26:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 18 Year Old Blonde Party Girl gets Tickle Attacked!

HotGirlsTickling – The most intense video we have ever made! 18 year old Lisa dominates Sophie!

Sophie tied up in the “I” position in her bed?! What can possibly go wrong?

Well, if Lisa joins her! To say it directly in the beginning… I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE OF OUR MODELS GETTING SO DOMINATED FROM OUR 18 YEAR OLD TICKLER, LISA!

Sophie wears her short Calvin Klein top, tight jeans and her High Heels. I can tell you that this outfit is super-hot. The combination from the sporty top and the classy Heels is really something else… If you watched our other videos with Sophie, you know that she is extremely ticklish under her armpits. LISA KNOWS THIS WEAK SPOT AND TICKLES the s*** out of her! At one point, Sophie is moving so much and trying to escape little Lisa’s fingernails that she LOST HER HIGH HEELS and now has only one shoe on! You will see it in the full video, alone this details is super hot. This is a NON STOP TICKLING Video!

Length: 27:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The most intense video we have ever made! 18 year old Lisa dominates Sophie!

HotGirlsTickling – Nervous 18 years old Katarina gets her soft feet tickled!

May I introduce you our next student girl? Katarina, an 18-year-old girl who just turned 18 two weeks ago. She just arrived at university and was directly targeted by Lisa, our main tickler!

Katarina is studying fashion/design and I would describe her character as very innocent and shy. She is a positive person who is always smiling and cares a lot about her style. Katarina was extremely nervous during the shoot, which gives the video a special atmosphere.
You will see an 18 year old girl tickled by another 18 year old girl, extremely unique! Lisa tickles her feet with her long nails in a very playful way and really enjoys it. Katarina can not stand this slow tickling and immediately has to laugh. After ten minutes, she asks me if she can take off her black shirt because she feels very hot. Luckily, her upper body is tickled next and Lisa has now all possibilities to tickle the on her armpits and sides! Katarina can’t hold it in and is super ticklish on her sides, the little top she is now wearing makes it even worse!

Katarinas shoe size: 39 (EU)

33% Feet Tickling / 66% Upper body Tickling!

Length: 18:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nervous 18 years old Katarina gets her soft feet tickled!

HotGirlsTickling – Lisa vs Katarina Tickle Battle! Part 2 “Please, not my feet!”

You want to see LISA getting TICKLED so much? OKAY, WE HEARD YOU!

18 year old student girl Lisa vs. 18 year old student girl Katarina!



Age: 18 years

Height: 1,68m

Shoe size: 36 (EU)

Favorite shoes: Nike Air

Character facts: Social behavior, dominant, loves to tickle older girls

Weak spots: Feet (extremely), armpits, neck, legs

“I am afraid of Katarina that she takes a serious revenge on me, but I know her weak spots and how ticklish she is!”



Age: 18 years

Height: 1,74m

Shoe size: 39 (EU)

Favorite shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

Character facts: Funny behavior, nervous about tickling, loves to go to the gym

Weak spots: Feet, rips, legs

“I talked with Sophie before this shooting and promised her to tickle the f*** out of Lisa. This one is personal!”

In the first part, you will see Lisa and Katarina tickle each other in socks. You can already see the girl’s ticklish, weak sports! The two tickle each other is such a sweet way, LISA is laughing and GETTING DOMINATED at the same time!

In the second part, things get more serious when both take out their socks and try to tickle each other soft soles. Lisa has a little advantage as she has her effective long red fingernails, but Katarina wants the revenge on Lisa! Its getting intense!



Length: 14:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lisa vs Katarina Tickle Battle! Part 2 “Please, not my feet!”