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TickleIntensive – Do You Love Your Country?

Age: 28

Foot Size: 10


How much do you love your country? It’s a question Southern belle Ama is going to be made to answer, whether she likes it or not!

Clad in patriotic swimwear, Ama is strapped to the bed and viciously gang tickled by Courtney, Vika, and Kitty. They demand to know how dedicated she is to her country, but no matter much she professes her genuine love for the USA, the girls don’t seem to believe her! They tickle her NONSTOP on her big sensitive soles, her hyper ticklish inner thighs, and her upperbody, making her scream at the top of her lungs with PURE HYSTERIA!

“USA, USA, USA!” the girls chant as the gang tickling goes on and on without respite. Poor Ama’s tickled until she’s reduced to a quivering, hysterical, albeit patriotic, mess!

Fans of watching a hot girl being broken by tickling will not want to miss this scene!

Non-Stop Gang Tickling.

Length: 9:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Do You Love Your Country?

TickleIntensive – Ama’s Beach Day

Super ticklish southern belle Ama Rio is at the beach today with her friends, and she was having a great day… that is, until her friends buried her in the sand and left her trapped to go get some snacks!

Ama’s looking for a helping hand to get her out of the same, but too bad for her that Kitty Quinn spots her head and ticklish feet sticking out of the sand… AND SHE JUST CAN’T RESIST TICKLING HER FEET! Ama screams with hysterical laughter and whips her head back and forth frantically, begging Kitty and the random passerbys for help, but her cries go completely ignored and Kitty tickles her feet to her hearts content!

Just when Ama thinks it can’t possibly get any more humiliating, Adara Jordin joins Kitty in tickling Ama’s bare soles, using her long to nails to trace ticklish patterns all over her big sensitive soles! Her friends haven’t come back yet and it doesn’t look like the girls are going to stop tickling her anytime soon! POOR AMA – ALL SHE CAN DO IS LAUGH AND LAUGH AS THE INTENSE TICKLING REDUCES HER TO TEARY-EYED WRECK!

Non-stop Foot Tickling.

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama’s Beach Day

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Worst Suffering

Ama Rio is one of the most ticklish people who I’ve ever had the pleasure or tickling tormenting. Someone as ticklish as she is really helps to fulfill my sick and sadistic desire to tickle someone and really make them suffer.

I have her on my bed in heavy duty leather restrains. I have several tethers attached to the cuffs which attach to the bed. She’s spread and stretched and can’t move much at all. To make matters even worse for Ama, I have her blindfolded so she won’t see what’s coming. I rip off a piece of duct tape that I cover her mouth with, just to make her feel even more vulnerable. Then I proceed to tickle the living daylights out of her. I don’t talk much. My only goal is to make Ama suffer as I tickle her armpits, belly, ribs and sides. I don’t tickle her feet at all. I want to concentrate solely on her upperbody. There are some long stretches of continuous underarm tickling which drives her to the brink of insanity. And I just look on and watch Ama’s reaction and relish in her ticklish agony.

Just to switch gears on her, I pull her top down a bit to reveal her sexy sensitive nipples and beautiful tits. I kiss and lick them as I continue to tickle her with my fingers. The teasing sensation of my mouth on her nipples while also being tickle tormented at the same time is enough to send her through the roof. The the heavy and tight restraints were definitely needed!

Length: 10:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Worst Suffering

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Ama’s Big Feet Are Chained Up and Tickled

There’s nothing better than being able to mercilessly tickle a pair of helpless ticklish bare feet. I seriously can NOT get enough of that! And when those feet are the large ticklish size 9 feet of Ama Rio, it’s even better! Ama’s big feet provides my petite hands with lots of room to explore and torment. There’s just so much sole to tickle! But this time, I don’t just use my fingers to tickle Ama’s vulnerable feet, I use hair brushes too.

To make matters worse for Ama (better for me), I have her lying on her back and have her feet in suspension ankle cuffs high off the ground. The perfect tickling height for such a petite girl like me.

Ama’s feet are always so exquisitely soft, but they were so soft today that I even commented on it in the scene. While I relentlessly tickled her suspended big bare soles, I had the urge to lick her toes for a bit as I was tickling them!

Length: 7:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama’s Big Feet Are Chained Up and Tickled

ShyAndWildTickling – Darke Stalker Auto – Episode 1 – Ama Rio

Length: 5:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Darke Stalker Auto – Episode 1 – Ama Rio

SexualAlexis – Sushii tickles Ama

Length: 7:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sushii tickles Ama

TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt FINALE “YOU’RE MINE FOREVER!”

Ama Rio is now fucked. Tasha has switched sides AGAIN but Layla is PISSED. She won’t let Ama Rio protest AT ALL. Ama is now in a straight jacket, nude, gagged and blindfolded. Tasha has a vibrator and LONG nails ready to DESTROY her but Layla is ALL over the feet. Soles up Ama Rio FIGHTS as Tasha PUSHES her and does NOT stop with the vibrator. Layla is the most mean we have EVER seen her. She does NOT stop telling Ama Rio how she is going to be her tickle bitch FOREVER and how much she wants to COMPLETLEY destroy her. Ama Rio is now Laylas FOREVER.

Length: 4:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt FINALE “YOU’RE MINE FOREVER!”