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SolesScreamExperience – Ama Rio Tickled In Nylons While Talking to Stacy

This scene style was organic. I saw how Ama was sitting between shoots while talking to my girlfriend – Phoenix Stacy – and I knew I had to get some tickling in. There are two perspectives, one that shows the tops of her feet, and the other shows more of the soles.

The image focus switches to her nyloned feet in focus, to more of her face in focus as she has some pretty fun reactions to what I’m doing. All the while, she tries to maintain a conversation with Stacy.

Length: 6:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio Tickled In Nylons While Talking to Stacy

GinaryTickleAdventures – Tickle Interrogation Training With Ama Rio & Jenni Foxx – PART 2

Agent Ama Rio lays on the bed still as her Boss, Special Agent Jenni Foxx, trains her to withstand difficult situations she may face on the field. Jenni tells Ama to stay very still as she slowly starts to tickle her all over. Ama has to stay as still as possible as Jenni tickles her all over, telling Ama this will prepare her for staying still when she needs to hide from the enemy. Special Agent Jenni Foxx uses different tools to tickle Ama all over her vulnerable body, testing to see how much Ama can take before she breaks!

Length: 8:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Interrogation Training With Ama Rio & Jenni Foxx – PART 2

SolesScreamExperience – Ama Tickled Whilst Singing

After hearing Ama’s singing voice after a previous shoot, I knew I had to do a singing distraction with her. The clip starts with her introducing herself, and then I proceed to tickle her feet while she attempts to sing Mad World. Next, I tickle her upper body while she attempts to sing Million Dollar Man and Issues, we finish up by seeing if she can sing Someone Like You while possibly being tickled anywhere.

This is playful, and I want to give her a chance so the tickling builds up the longer she can go. I only use my hands for this. You get to enjoy her lovely singing voice and her giggles in this one.

Length: 11:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Tickled Whilst Singing

SilverCherry – Red Chamber of Erotic Tickling

Super sexy Ama Rio is topless and restrained to the table in the red chamber. Beautiful Dacey Harlot is going to use her long sharp fingernails to slowly and erotically tease and tickle Ama’s extremely sensitive body. Dacey uses her fingers to gently play with Ama’s rock hard nipples, and Ama loves every second of that. But then Dacey also traces her fingertips all over Ama’s body, producing shrieks of giggles and laughter. At times, the tickling gets harder on Ama’s ribs and belly. And when Dacey’s fingernails move to Ama’s underarms, forget it! Tickling is pure torment to Ama, so she welcomes when the tickling transitions to nipple teasing. Dacey mischievously alternates between slow gentle surface scratches, harder tickling and nipple teasing throughout the session. Ama never knows what’s coming next!

Length: 7:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Red Chamber of Erotic Tickling

TheTickleRoom – Ama Rios Full Body Gang Tickle

So I wanted to space out the 2nd part of this Gang Tickle with Ama Rio but this. This is where poor Ama REALLY breaks. Dalvina is EVIL in this clip going HAM on poor Amas armpits and Nicole is right there excited to have this power over their friend. Nathalia is ALL over those toes and soles. Ama is now being worked over EVERYWHERE. Just getting tickled on her feet was rough but THIS? She is SO hysterical and laughing so hard she is breathless, unable to even laugh at times, and just falling apart. By the end Ama is so spent and exhausted but sadly this was BEFORE her foot tickle. Honestly if you are not a huge fan of Ama I hope this set changes your mind because she is easily one of the best in the game right now.

Length: 5:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rios Full Body Gang Tickle

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Ama Is Gonna Be Sorry

Ama didn’t think I was going to find out that she hooked up with my boyfriend. But I find out everything! And to think I thought Ama was my best friend. Well, now she’s going to have to pay, and pay dearly!

I now have Ama in my private dungeon and bound wrist and ankle to my board I also have shrink wrap around her legs for good measure. I begin tickling her ticklish ribs, belly, sides and armpits and she pleads for me to stop. But I’m not stopping. Her betrayal warrants this punishment, and I intend to make her suffer for what she did. I tickle her armpits and then I move back to the other areas of her upper body. I don’t tickle her feet during this punishment, because I really wanted to stay where I could closely watch her face as she suffers this tickle torment. And I wanted Ama to see how much I was enjoying tickling her. Later on in the scene I even blindfold and gag her before continuing to punish her with merciless tickling.

Length: 11:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Is Gonna Be Sorry

TheFootFantasy – Anastasia & Ama’s Armpit Tickle Interview

Length: 11:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Anastasia & Ama’s Armpit Tickle Interview