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SensuousSubmission – FTT: Luna Dawn & Miss Quin Tag Team Dr Whitney

Poor Dr. Whitney Morgan can’t seem to catch a break lately. She stumbled upon the wrong client – Luna Dawn – in her last session…. Luna just so happened to rent her place out as an AirBnB, the perfect place to keep Dr. Whitney tied up tight for the time being to not cause any havoc. Neglecting Dr. Whitney, Luna rents out to Miss Quin whom immediately recognizes Dr. Whitney from a previous tickle session. Overcome with tickle anxiety, both Luna and Quin have some fun with Dr. Whitney tied up tight – tickling her flesh all over, using her own tickle tools upon her, RIPPING her skirt to shreds to use as both a blindfold and cleave gag to muffle her ticklish laughter! Ah, but alas Luna has to ship Dr. Whitney on out of here while Quin rents the house.. Ready for a little more fun Dr. Whitney? With Luna’s bondage buddy just begging to get his hands on you?? To be continued…

Duration: 8:07.553
Size: 440,627 Mb

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SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 3 – Revenge Tickling

Dr. Whitney Morgan returns to find that her patient Luna Dawn has escaped her ropes.. er medical restraints.. Escaped, but not gone. Lune creeps up behind Dr. Whitney, wrapping her neck tightly in the crook of her elbow. Dr. Whitney’s eyes widen, roll into the back of her head, she collapses into Luna’s arms. Now, time to seek a little Foot Tickle Therapy or rather.. tickle revenge on Dr. Whitney.. Tightly secured to a pole with her own ropes, hands above her head, ankles tight below – still in high heels. Luna Dawn has her way with ticklish Dr. Whitney Morgan. RIPPING her blouse open, buttons flying everywhere.. shreading her black pencil skirt off of her to get to her naked flesh to tickle – even using her very own tickle tools on her for revenge! Leaving Dr. Whitney to struggle.. maybe Luna will check up on her eventually.. and bring a friend.

Duration: 10:15.314
Size: 560,187 Mb

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SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 2

Guess who’s back? Back again.. Dr. Whitney Morgan is back.. shhhh don’t tell any friends.. unless.. they’re TICKLISH! Last we left Luna Dawn attempting to make an escape.. but no no no… NONE of Dr. Whitney Morgan’s foot tickle therapy patients EVER leave without getting their FULL FOOT TICKLING TREATMENT! With “medical” tickle tools, rope.. er “medical” restraints.. the whole nine yards on her bare soft wrinkled pink soles and pink tootsie toes! But Dr. Whitney might have under estimated Luna Dawn.. upon her return, she SEEMS to be gone.. but… will it be time for some tickle revenge if Luna gets her way…? To be continued!

Duration: 7:54.540
Size: 426,46 Mb

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SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 1

Duration: 7:48.868
Size: 419,361 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 1

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Indica Fetish Returns Part 3

Poor Indica Fetish is having a really really hard time keeping herself together with Dr. Whitney Morgan. All of her foot tickling tests have proved oh so hard, she can’t seem to keep from squirming, flexing her toes, scrunching her soles, and laughing with deep belly laughter. So this next tickle task will prove extra difficult.. she must remain COMPLETELY silent! Dr. Whitney Morgan will TIME her – 3 minutes – no laughing! No gasping! Not a peep while she tickles Indica’s bare wrinkled soles with her fingernails. To help, Indica has been bound with rope at both her wrists and ankles.. but it’s not really any help at all. As you can imagine, she fails even just the first test with seconds left! So her time is DOUBLED! When can’t stand the tickle torment any longer, Dr. Whitney gives her the option to belt out laughing BUT while keeping her feet STILL and begging to switch from toes to soles to toes to soles to toes to soles.. In the end, Indica finds her time with Dr. Whitney in Foot Tickle Therapy very theraputic, quite helpful, learning to LOVE ticking and being tickled.. Even suggests she see Dr. Whitney for another session, even perhaps.. getting to tickle another patient? To be continued…

Duration: 14:06.045
Size: 782,16 Mb

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SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Indica Fetish Returns Part 2

Continued.. Dr. Whitney Morgan has suggested that to further along her Foot Tickle Therapy, Indica Fetish must use a little restraint on her ever so violently thrashing ticklish feet. Now her ankles, tightly bound – but that’s all.. for now. She must also practice verbal, physical, and mental restraint in the next few ticklish games they will play! Such games as.. Indica must sing “This Little Piggie..” while Dr. Whitney tickles EACH individual toe. As Dr. Whitney finger tickles Indica’s bare soles. she can gasp, grunt, but better NOT LAUGH ALOUD! Last but not least, some crafty tickle tools between her toes.. but she MUST keep her toes spread WIDE and COUNT the seconds as she holds them still while giggling through her teeth. Failure to pass all of the theraputic tickling games will only result in MORE foot tickle therapy on the clock with Dr. Whitney Morgan.. and you know, she’s not going to have a winning streak this session.. to be continued in Part 3.

Duration: 11:21.847
Size: 622,766 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy Indica Fetish Returns Part 2

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Indica Fetish Returns Part 1

The lovely and ever so ticklish Indica Fetish returns to see Dr. Whitney Morgan for more… foot tickle therapy. Quite frankly Dr. Whitney is ever so shocked to see Indica in her office, she surely thought she tickled the pheobia out of her. Indica is ready to fully submit to Dr. Whitney’s tickle therapy to cure her ever so ticklish fears and woes. Dr. Whitney suggests some tests.. in the form of a game.. While slipping off Indica’s Converse Sneakers, Dr. Whitney tickles her socked soles beneath. Indica must try her hardest to keep her sneakers from falling off of her ever so ticklish feet. But of course, she can’t while laughing and thrashing her feet wildly. But how about those sweaty black ankle socks? Dr. Whitney peels a little bit of them to tickle her heel, slowly reaching under, tickling more and more of her soft wrinkled soles. But.. She.. Must.. Keep.. The.. Socks.. On.. Even as they hang just by her ticklish purple tootsie toes.. Or else she’ll get to experience what’s in Dr. Whitney’s ticklish tool bag! And, you know she does.. But.. all of this isn’t enough. Dr. Whitney suggests they take her therapy session to the next level and introduce just a LITTLE bit of rope to halt her ticklish thrashing..

Duration: 9:44.250
Size: 533,682 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy-Fantasy Indica Fetish Returns Part 1