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SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy with Paris Love

Paris Love comes to see Dr. Whitney Morgan for a case of the foot tickle phobia. It seems as though Paris has a new man in her life and he has a FOOT FETISH! But Paris Love isn’t terribly comfortable with what he wants to do to her feet.. “He wants to lick them, kiss them, massage them, suck them.. and.. and.. TICKLE them…” Dr. Whitney offers a little bit of reassurance, offers to give her a demonstration of how AMAZING it’s going to feel.. Paris can trust her, after all… she can trust Dr. Whitney, she’s a doctor after all…. Dr. Whitney straps and ties Paris down to REALLY REALLY get at her feet… kissing, licking, sucking, worshiping her huge size 10/11 soles! BUT… what could REALLY get Paris to enjoy foot fetish is a little orgasm therapy-fantasy… Dr. Whitney places a vibrating wand in between Paris’ legs making her CUM while worshiping her feet! After orgasming though… Dr. Whitney REALLY lets her have it – tickling her feet ALL OVER to exhaustion!

Includes: feet, foot fetish, therapy-fantasy, therapy-roleplay, foot worship, foot licking, toe sucking, big feet, ebony feet, soles, toe wiggling, bondage, bound, laughing, tape gagged, tape gag, orgasm control, orgasm training.

Duration: 16:13.105
Size: 904,372 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy with Paris Love

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy with Bijoux

In this little throwback… The big bad Foot Tickle Thearapist has the lovely Bijoux in her clutches, and she’s going to really do a number on Bijoux pretty soft little soles! Of course she starts to slip off her shoes, tickles those soft little pink soles.. Bijoux grumbles, struggles, not wanting her feet to be tickled nor touched! But Dr. Whitney Morgan isn’t having another patient escape, giving a Bijoux a swift, firm hand over her mouth, and she’s out like a light to tie up tight! Bijoux comes to, tied up tight by her wrists and akles for Dr. Whitney Morgan to go tickling crazy on those pretty little thrashing soles and wiggling toes of hers!

Duration: 14:14.987
Size: 787,844 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy with Bijoux

SensuousSubmission – Burglar Whitney Morgan Tickles Paris’ & GiGi’s Feet

There’s been a burglar on the loose in the neighborhood.. And this burglar apparently has a thing for TICKLING FEET! Paris Love and GiGi Lyn have recentely moved into a new house and feel like they’re being watched, in fear they snuggle up to bed together for the night.. hoping to have locked the doors tight. Not tight enough, Whitney Morgan creeps in to see their socked feet dangling from the covers while they slumber. She can’t help but give them a little tickle with her finger tips.. they giggle and stir. She slowly slips off their socks one by one to tickle those soft wrinkled soles of theirs. She knows they’ve awoken, yet they try to remain quiet laughing through snoring, but Whitney tickles them more and more on their bare feet with fingers and feathers.. convinced they WILL give the code to their safe so Whitney can sneak out before the police arrive..

Duration: 24:25.197
Size: 1 375,504 Mb

Download – Burglar Whitney Morgan Tickles Paris’ & GiGi’s Feet

SensuousSubmission – FTT: Luna Dawn & Miss Quin Tag Team Dr Whitney


Poor Dr. Whitney Morgan can’t seem to catch a break lately. She stumbled upon the wrong client – Luna Dawn – in her last session…. Luna just so happened to rent her place out as an AirBnB, the perfect place to keep Dr. Whitney tied up tight for the time being to not cause any havoc. Neglecting Dr. Whitney, Luna rents out to Miss Quin whom immediately recognizes Dr. Whitney from a previous tickle session. Overcome with tickle anxiety, both Luna and Quin have some fun with Dr. Whitney tied up tight – tickling her flesh all over, using her own tickle tools upon her, RIPPING her skirt to shreds to use as both a blindfold and cleave gag to muffle her ticklish laughter! Ah, but alas Luna has to ship Dr. Whitney on out of here while Quin rents the house.. Ready for a little more fun Dr. Whitney? With Luna’s bondage buddy just begging to get his hands on you?? To be continued…

Duration: 8:07.553
Size: 440,627 Mb

Download – FTT: Luna Dawn & Miss Quin Tag Team Dr Whitney

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 3 – Revenge Tickling


Dr. Whitney Morgan returns to find that her patient Luna Dawn has escaped her ropes.. er medical restraints.. Escaped, but not gone. Lune creeps up behind Dr. Whitney, wrapping her neck tightly in the crook of her elbow. Dr. Whitney’s eyes widen, roll into the back of her head, she collapses into Luna’s arms. Now, time to seek a little Foot Tickle Therapy or rather.. tickle revenge on Dr. Whitney.. Tightly secured to a pole with her own ropes, hands above her head, ankles tight below – still in high heels. Luna Dawn has her way with ticklish Dr. Whitney Morgan. RIPPING her blouse open, buttons flying everywhere.. shreading her black pencil skirt off of her to get to her naked flesh to tickle – even using her very own tickle tools on her for revenge! Leaving Dr. Whitney to struggle.. maybe Luna will check up on her eventually.. and bring a friend.

Duration: 10:15.314
Size: 560,187 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 3 – Revenge Tickling

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 2


Guess who’s back? Back again.. Dr. Whitney Morgan is back.. shhhh don’t tell any friends.. unless.. they’re TICKLISH! Last we left Luna Dawn attempting to make an escape.. but no no no… NONE of Dr. Whitney Morgan’s foot tickle therapy patients EVER leave without getting their FULL FOOT TICKLING TREATMENT! With “medical” tickle tools, rope.. er “medical” restraints.. the whole nine yards on her bare soft wrinkled pink soles and pink tootsie toes! But Dr. Whitney might have under estimated Luna Dawn.. upon her return, she SEEMS to be gone.. but… will it be time for some tickle revenge if Luna gets her way…? To be continued!

Duration: 7:54.540
Size: 426,46 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 2

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 1


Duration: 7:48.868
Size: 419,361 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 1