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RealBareSoles – Very silly friend in Central Park — sole caressing and tickling

I was in Central Park shooting the caressing/tickling segment with the size 12 blonde artist, and in fact was saying goodye to her, giving her a hug when I thought I heard someone call my name. Strange! So the size 12 artist strode off, all six feet of her, and I turned to go only to see my very silly friend standing right behind me! She's worked with me before and she is WONDERFUL. So I explained to her what I had just been doing to the big feet of the size 12 artist, and she said, oh I'd like to work with you again actually and she told me the reason (needed money) so I said, how about now? She said, "are you kidding, absolutely!" So I went from shooting one strange public tickling session to another one! Very silly friend is also very, VERY ticklish on her soles, particularly under her toes, so I found an old tree that had a deep notch in it so I could ensconce her in it. I already had the ankle restraints so I thought that would be sufficient. We sat down and I told her I was first going to caress her soles, gently and lovingly. This worried her — her soles are so ticklish she was already squirming inside even without being touched. As I started she had to sort of talk herself out of being ticklish, but after a while she was actually enjoying it — soles that are very ticklish are very sensitive and if you rub them in such a way that it DOESN'T tickle, it feels amazing, and my very silly friend had a very enjoyable five minutes. But then, into every life a little rain must fall, or in the case of my very silly friend, a LOT, as the ankle restraints were put on and she was subjected to almost seven minutes of one of the things she finds most unbearable — her bare soles being tickled. She got tickled steadily, mostly on the sole closest to my hand, sometimes inside the toes, which I have to reserve because she might pass out if you do in there too much. She's so adorable, when people would walk by she would jokingly beg them to come to her rescue! (No one did, but one such man, carrying a briefcase, stopped and watched for about two minutes, then chuckled and walked off.) I think I went at her soles a little TOO much, because she was making this little squeaky noise she hasn't made before! lol There are three clips of this — the caressing clip, the tickling clip, and then the complete thing, with both caressing and tickling. This is the complete one.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 15308 kbps, 17.133 fps
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Download – Very silly friend in Central Park — sole caressing and tickling

RealBareSoles – Inez Sole Pose, Caress and Tickle at the Hotel!

Gorgeous Inez came to a hotel with me and my helper and we enjoyed her feet! First we just let her show off her soles — they are sheer perfection as she wriggles, wiggles, waves and flexes. Her soft pretty soles are so beautiful. So, we couldn't help ourselves and felt we really had to touch them. And so we did! We gently caressed the sensitive bottoms of her feet. This sweet angel of a girl just relaxed and purred as two people treated and pampered her pretty soles. I loved it when she closed her eyes and just swam in the pleasure. But finally, being devils, we just HAD to tickle this darling lass! My helper did most of the dirty work and used her hard sharp red nails to tease and tickle Inez's helpless soles. What a sweetheart — everything Inez does is gentle, including being ticklish. She giggles and smiles as her soft soles, now held in place by shackles, are tickled without being able to escape. Watching this lovely girl and her bare soles just puts me in a trance….

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 11693 kbps, 17.133 fps
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Duration: 13:51.347
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Download – Inez Sole Pose, Caress and Tickle at the Hotel!

RealBareSoles – Beautiful Inez has ticklish feet

I shot two segments with the girl I'd later get to know as Inez in the park, and she was very aware of what I was doing both times. The second time, this gentle, intelligent, openminded young woman spoke to me, asking me about my interest in her feet. I told her and she said it was not only ok, it was adorable! We got to talking some more and eventually she discovered I like feet, and more specifically, the soles of feet, so much is because they are ticklish. Not inhibited, she agreed to pose for a shoot in which her feet would be tickled. We got on a train waiting to pull out and settled in, she put her feet up, and I tickled them! She's go gorgreous and her soft, beautiful soles are sensitive to the touch so this was incredible fun. She seems to find it very amusing too, despite how ticklish she is. Very intrepid, she told me she would not mind having her bare soles exposed to strangers as the train filled up — a very exposed and vulnerable position to be in. Well, I think she was a bit embarrassed anyway, as can be seen from the look on her face as she peers around looking to see who's about to come by … and who might be looking at her cute bare feet. The most tickling is at the beginning of the segment, but now and then I snuck in some tickles on her soft, warm soles, because I just couldn't help myself! Also I wanted to see the looks on peoples' faces when those pretty little feet that were so adorably poking out into the aisle were suddenly tickled and began to wiggle all around ….

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 7122 kbps, 17.133 fps
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Duration: 12:22.274
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RealBareSoles – The Paloma Tapes 1 — Vee’s soles!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1440×1080,, 8023 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 11:16.846
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Download – The Paloma Tapes 1 — Vee's soles!

RealBareSoles – Size 12 artist bare-soled train tickle

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 11163 kbps, 14.985 fps
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Duration: 11:02.261
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Download – Size 12 artist bare-soled train tickle

RealBareSoles – Playful Pretty Blonde — Sole Invasion!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 13539 kbps, 17.133 fps
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Duration: 14:23.646
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Download – Playful Pretty Blonde — Sole Invasion!