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DoctorYukino – Japanese lesbian tickler and massager

Length: 38:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Japanese lesbian tickler and massager

CurationDeTickly – Ama Vision Ama Tickled by Sablique and Vision a WandaVision Parody

After dozing off watching Wandavision with Sablique, Ama awakens to find herself in a 50’s style sitcom and needing to de-stress from the rigors of modeling! Luckily her gal pal Sablique is there to help keep her calm and guide her through her sitcom-style fetish dreamland.

Sablique has now guided Ama to a scene that has her in the stocks in her kitchen, with plenty of tickly tools just lying around. Sablique takes full advantage, and dives right in tickling Ama’s vulnerable soles. First gentle, and then more intense as she digs in a bit more now acknowledging the audience watching. She taunts Ama quite a bit and lets her and the viewing audience know, she prefers the screaming laughs! Hearing loud laughing and screams from outside, Ama’s husband, Vision, bursts in the house in a panic to find his wife being tickle tormented by a strange friend. After Ama briefly explains, Sablique convinces Vision to join in on the tickle fun! He and Sablique use their hands, tools, and totally tag-team Ama into submission before she yells “ENOUGH!!!” which signals its time to stop or she’ll do something crazy with her powers! This was fun to make and a great clip! Pick this one up for STOCK-tober 😉

Length: 13:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Vision Ama Tickled by Sablique and Vision a WandaVision Parody

ZenTickling – Tickle Free For All

Here is the grand finale with these amazingly fun girls. All three sit in a line and start off by concentrating on tickling the person in front of them, but chaos wins out and the girls end up tickling whatever body part they can see. Nicole is a wicked tickler and gets both Edith and Jenn giggling. After a bit of madness we do a short tickle contest, seeing how much each girl can take. Jenn is first, sitting straight up with hands laced behind her head, and she tries to stay still as Edith and Nicole tickle her all over. Edith goes next, then Nicole. All three girls had a ton of fun and we’re likely to see more of Nicole and Jenn in the future.

Length: 8:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Free For All

ZenTickling – Slap or Tickle – Riot’s Turn

After gleefully turning Edith’s ass bright red it’s now Riot’s turn to be tied down and given a choice between smacks and tickles. Edith relishes the opportunity to slap Riot’s rear, alternating between butt cheeks and slowly increasing the intensity until Riot asks for tickling. Unfortunately for Riot she is extremely ticklish, so she doesn’t get much of a break. Edith smiles while she watches Riot’s facial reactions to the tickling that she is receiving. Edith’s skilled fingers explore Riot’s armpits and sides, finding just the right spot to cause Riot to scream for spanking. When Zen joins in he uses his tickling skills to absolutely wreck poor Riot.

Length: 6:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slap or Tickle – Riot’s Turn

ZenTickling – Slap and Tickle – Edith

This one has been a long time coming. Our first smack and tickle clip was so popular that we have meant to make another one at some point. Riot heard the concept and thought it sounded like fun, so we decided to make the best of it. Edith is up first, tied face down on the bed with Riot positioned behind her dealing out tickles and slaps. She tickles Edith all over, looking for the most ticklish spot so that she gan get Edith to beg for smacks. Edith has some tough choices to make, and switches back and forth several times. When Zen jumps in the intensity ratchets up a few notches, and soon Edith is in a bad spot. Hearing her desperately scream ‘TICKLE! TICKLE ME!’ is so freaking satisfying.

Length: 12:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slap and Tickle – Edith

ZenTickling – Arms Up Challenge – Edith and Riot

Here is the last of the clip that we made with the delightful Riot. Both girls are unbound and being playful on the bed, so we decide to do a quick tickle challenge. Edith goes first, putting her arms above her head and trying to keep them still while Riot tickles her all over (Zen may help a bit off camera hehe). After a bit the girls switch, and Riot tests her willpower as Edith uses her fingernails expertly on Riot’s armpits. Edith seems to do a better job overall, but Riot does perform admirably. Hope to have Riot back soon!

Length: 3:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Arms Up Challenge – Edith and Riot

SimplyTickling – Sinthia Bee’s Arms Held Armpits and Belly Tickled by Autumn Bodel

With how ticklish Sinthia Bee is on her upperbody, I knew that holding her arms down and letting Autumn Bodel tickle all over her bare armpits and belly would drive her into hysterics. Autumn’s fingers are like tickle lightning and Sinthia loses it!! It really didnt matter where Autumn tickled, belly, ribs, armpits.. all are super ticklish and Sinthia goes from squeaking and laughing to silent begging in seconds. Autumn has alot of fun tickling her friend silly and I do my best to hold her down.

Length: 6:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sinthia Bee’s Arms Held Armpits and Belly Tickled by Autumn Bodel