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TickleAbuse – Valentina Tickles Sexy Slyyy

Is Sexy Slyyy the single most ticklish girl we’ve ever shot, probably not, but watching this video she’s definitely in the top 10, or maybe I’m getting old and forgot the better ones, but life is about the moment, and at this moment I’m saying Slyyy is insanely ticklish, and a joy to watch.

Valentina has this adorable accent and from the moment she starts in on Slyyy you can see how every touch makes Slyyy laugh uncontrollably. You can’t help but come away feeling good from watching this scene.

Duration: 15:40.000
Size: 463,804 Mb

Download – Valentina Tickles Sexy Slyyy

TickleAbuse – Katie Kush Getting an Oily Foot Tickle

Katie has her feet tied together and Jazmin Luv is going to have some fun. The tickling picks up towards the end of the clip and I’m not sure if Jazmin is laughing more than Katie by the end of the clip.

Duration: 10:04.800
Size: 300,377 Mb

Download – Katie Kush Getting an Oily Foot Tickle

TickleAbuse – Dava’s Sloppy Soles

Duration: 10:04.200
Size: 300,724 Mb

Download – Dava’s Sloppy Soles

TickleAbuse – Alison’s Tickle Revenge On Kasey

Revenge is a dish best served laughing and that’s exactly what happens in this clip with Alison getting revenge on Kasey for that tickling she gave her. From the first moment when Alison says, “Payback time” and Kasey says, “Oh No, oh No, oh noo” — enjoy this revenge tickle!

Duration: 14:57.000
Size: 436,878 Mb

Download – Alison’s Tickle Revenge On Kasey

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Tickling Game – Part 2

While still on the table with her wrists and ankles cuffed and secured, Ama the realtor is having to endure much more foot tickle torment in an effort to make her client happy so that she’ll make a really sweet sale. So now comes the part where I use a thin paint brush to brush some coconut oil onto her soles to make them nice and slippery and extra sensitive! The sensation of the brush all along the bottoms of her big ticklish bare feet makes Ama squirm and yell with laughter. In addition to the brush, I use my tongue to lick her long elegant wet toes and ticklish soles. I ask her a couple of questions on behalf of her client and she answers them while I continue to tickle her feet with the brush, my tongue and eventually my fingers!

Duration: 9:07.223
Size: 531,15 Mb

Download – The Tickling Game – Part 2

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Long Time Suffering

I’m known as a very sadistic tickler. All year long I thoroughly enjoy making so many people suffer by tickling them without mercy. It’s truly one of my favorite things to do. But every now and then, I will be on the receiving end of some tickle torment myself. A little taste of my own medicine, if you will. Often times I can deal with being tickled pretty well because there are so few people who REALLY know how to make me suffer. But then along comes Vika, so tall and looking as stunning as ever and with her bare breasts showing in her sexy kinky top, and she’s about to be added to the list of the truly skilled and effective ticklers.

She starts off by climbing on to the bed next me, while I’m already bound spread eagle. The size difference between us is astounding! I mean I’m already super tiny, but compared to how tall Vika is, I look even tinier!

Vika is going to take it upon herself to get even for all of the tickle torment I inflict on so many people. But in addition to mercilessly tickling my tiny, almost naked body, Vika is from time to time going to lean over so that we get our lips close together and even kiss a few times, which REALLY turns me on, and she knows it! But after Vika sensually teases me for a moment, she gets right back to sadistically and aggressively digging her fingers into my ribs and belly. She loves how tight my fit, super petite body feels under her cruel fingers. She also ruthlessly tickles my hips, inner thighs, legs and underarms. There is very little foot tickling in this session.

She thinks I’m learning my lesson, but really all this is gonna do is make me make even MORE people suffer for longer with even less mercy from now on!

Duration: 18:09.231
Size: 1 068,11 Mb

Download – Long Time Suffering

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Exquisitely Ticklish

I have the extremely sexy and super ticklish Indica topless and spread eagled on my bed. I’ve heard just how ticklish she was, so I wanted to see for myself just how ticklish she really is. After getting her strapped down, my plan was to simply tickle her mercilessly and watch her reactions. Much to my delight and amusement, Indica turned out to be as ticklish as I had hoped! As I sadistically use my fingers to tickle her upper body, I loved seeing her sexy little body flopping up and down in her futile attempts to evade the tickling as the wrist and ankle restraints kept her spread and secure. I tickle her feet a couple of times too, but I spent most of the time tickling her ticklish sensitive upper body. I got such a thrill administering such a cruel and aggressive tickle on the exquisitely ticklish Indica!

Duration: 10:24.434
Size: 606,841 Mb

Download – Exquisitely Ticklish