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TacomaTicklers – Ticklish Tiffanie orgasm fiesta

Still tied with her arms over her head and a vibratory strapped to her, our sexy hot milf begins to learn the true torment of tickle torture. She moans and gasps as the first orgasm inches closer before breaking out into an amazing amount of screaming giggles once she climaxes. No part of her body is spared and much pleasure is given!

Come check out this smoking hot clip!!! Also Tiffanie is available at all times for customs so be sure to order yours!

Duration: 6:24.200
Size: 237,518 Mb

Download – Ticklish Tiffanie orgasm fiesta

TacomaTicklers – Ticklish Milf Cassandra

This is my first time working with Cassandra and it was an amazing time. A super ticklish body with an equally obnoxious laugh. The tickling starts with her trapped in the stocks with her toes tied back but soon I realize her upperbody is the real gold mine. I use a variety of tools on her throughout the video until finally she is left gasping and laughing hysterically.

The video is:

2:30 of feet tickling closeup

the rest is upperbody suffering and hysteria. This is a must own for all you upperbody fans!!!

Duration: 16:03.766
Size: 556,321 Mb

Download – Ticklish Milf Cassandra

TacomaTicklers – Ninja tickle interrogation part 2

The ninja goes through another grueling set of tickle torture. Will she finally break as the interrogator targets her soft and smooth underarms?

Duration: 5:15.700
Size: 335,066 Mb

Download – Ninja tickle interrogation part 2

TacomaTicklers – Ninja tickle interrogation part 1

A ninja has been captured that tried to steal plans from the lords’ house. Bound and in sexy clothing, she is to be tickle tortured until she breaks. Her feet will be the first target of the inquisitors interrogation.

Duration: 5:09.400
Size: 342,716 Mb

Download – Ninja tickle interrogation part 1

TacomaTicklers – Her first film session!!!

Here we have the brand new model to TacomaTicklers, Bradli the giggly and ticklish 22 year old!!! She and I am have been friends for about 3 years now and I was given the honor of introducing her to her tickle fetish. We have played for years as session partners but never filmed it till today. It was very much so a last minute phone call from her and working with what I had at the time. However, her ticklishness and laugh bring magic to this video.

The video begins with her ankles tied and her upperbody free. This is the first time she will experience unbound tickling and it drives her wild. She hates being able to move but unable to escape the tickling. I explore her feet with multiple tools before moving on to her upper body making her shrieks and giggle as well as beg me to stop. This only encourages me to dig in more and cause her more of the misery she loves. This girl has a true tickle fetish and you won’t want to miss out!!!

Duration: 12:29.466
Size: 474,756 Mb

Download – Her first film session!!!

CaliLogansBondageBoutique – Truth Or Dare

Jane Starr, Cadence Lux and Cali Logan sit around in a circle playing “Truth Or Dare.” Cali picks “Truth” so Cadence asks her, “what is your biggest sexual fantasy?” Cali contemplates this for a moment, and answers that she’d love to be tied up spread eagle!! Cali is so innocent that she doesn’t even know what “spread eagle” called! Cadence then DARES Cali to go through with her fantasy… Cadence already has ropes tied to her bed and everything!! She clearly is it into this kinky bondage stuff already! Naughty Cadence!

Cali reluctantly agrees. and the gals quickly tie her up, arms over head AND ankles. Cali begs for only 5 minutes worth of tie up time, but that’s it! She’s nervous! Jane and Cadence totally agree then finish off the rope ties. Suddenly, Cadence has an idea! This bondage scene wouldn’t be complete without a nice duct tape gag AND some hand-over-mouth smothering! Goodness! Cadence clearly is springing her fetish onto poor little innocent, naive, unsuspecting Cali. Cadence calls it the “full experience” and that Cali will “love it” as she slaps a piece of duct tape onto Cali’s mouth!

Little Cali Logan is left struggle and moan while Cadence and Jane tell her how hot she is all tied up like that. They continue chatting while Cali struggles. She begs to be untied, but Cadence says she has to stay tied up for the full 5 minutes! Cadence is nice enough to peel off the duct tape though… only so her and Jane can TICKLE Cali and HAND OVER MOUTH SMOTHER her from laughing!!! Jane mouth smothers Cali while Cadence tickles Cali’s armpits and ribs… then they switch!! Cali gets a great bound tickling session… next up, Cali gets another duct tape gag… and her feet tickled! Finally, the gals really give her the full experience by rubbing Cali to orgasm before just leaving her there tied up!

Duration: 20:17.149
Size: 1 491,767 Mb

Download – Truth Or Dare

CaliLogansBondageBoutique – Tickled Foot Slave

Savannah Fox smiles in bed as she struggles in the ropes around her wrists and ankles! Cali Logan is close by stalking her prey. This little slave is so ready to endure more from her dominatrix mistress. Mistress Cali gives Savannah two choices, she can pick tickletorture or she can worship Cali’s feet. Savannah whines because she hates feet… and reluctantly picks tickling! Cali aggressively puts a leather blindfold on Savannah’s eyes and adds a big red ball gag! The tickling begins!

Savannah laughs and giggles through her ball gag as Cali tickles her armpits and neck! She pauses just for a moment and Savannah squirms all around in anticipation! The anticipation is often worse than the tickling! Cali moves onto tickling Savannah’s feet and ribs and armpits to the point that Savannah can barely breath through her ball gag laughter! It really is a true tickletorture! Mistress Cali then takes out Savannah’s ball gag and gives her an ultimatum… if Savannah makes a peep during her next few minutes of tickling, then she has to worship Cali’s feet!! Remember Savannah, don’t make a sound!!

Cali tickles Savannah all over and Savannah makes a good while hiding her giggles… until Cali tickles Savannah’s ribs to tickly that she BURSTS OUT in laughter! She couldn’t hold back one second longer! You know what that means… foot punishment time! Cali puts her dirty bare feet on Savannah’s face and makes her suck on her toes!! Savannah groans and slobbers with Cali’s toes in her mouth… but Cali has more! Cali tickles Savannah, foot smothers her, and ropes ties her smelly high heel to Savannah’s face!! Now Savannah is left to struggle in her ropes with the anticipation of being tickled or made a foot slave!

Duration: 16:09.268
Size: 1 195,933 Mb

Download – Tickled Foot Slave