UKTickling – Jay Hogtie-Tickles Amy To Tears!

Missy Jay makes a return to UK Tickling after a year away and she’s persuaded super-ticklish best friend Amy to come along again too! Jay reduced Amy to complete hysteria on their last visit together when she mummified and tormented her feet. She goes one better this time as she hogties Amy and makes her cry with laughter! Wearing a tight dress and sheer pantyhose, Amy is hogtied on her front. Jay soon has her laughing as her crazy long nails tease her nylon soles, and it’s not long before Amy is cracking up completely! It takes barely two minutes of Missy Jay tickling her helpless feet and sides before Amy is crying with laughter – and it continues for the entire clip! Jay relentlessly tickles, lickles and nibbles on Amy’s sexy nylon soles, before ripping the pantyhose and doing the same to her bare feet too. Amy laughs and sobs uncontrollably as Jay sucks her toes whilst running her long nails all over, reaching up to grab her ribs, belly and armpits. Poor Amy is in pieces throughout this one and the tears don’t stop coming…she was a complete wreck by the end. If you like to see helpless ticklees getting reduced to total jelly you will love this one! A welcome return for this super-ticklish pair. Naturally, we let Amy get her own back afterwards and she didn’t mess around (coming up soon!)

Length: 15:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Hogtie-Tickles Amy To Tears!

UKTickling – Amy Pins Jay & Gets Her Own Back!

Time for some payback and Amy doesn’t mess around! Jay is insanely ticklish but even so, Amy doesn’t intend to go easy on her…with her stretched out on the bed, she takes full advantage, pinning her down and tickling her out of her mind! Amy starts off with some hard tickling on the upperbody that has Jay squealing and freaking out in no time at all. Climbing on top of her, Amy proceeds to torment her nylon feet, then sits back to tickle her trapped torso too! Poor Jay is completely helpless with her sides and underarms totally exposed to Amy’s merciless tickles. She laughs like crazy as Amy tickles and nibbles her nylon feet, then bites through the pantyhose to expose her super-ticklish bare feet too! Amy’s fingers and tongue work over her soles and toes as she tickles, licks, nibbles and sucks on Jay’s sensitive toes and arches to drive her really nuts. Try as she might, Jay can’t throw her off and Amy just sits back, using her full weight to trap her as she tickles from head to foot. It’s a relentless tickle attack that has Missy Jay laughing hysterically, begging and struggling frantically until the last minute when she slips a hand free and grabs Amy’s side, making her jump and squeal. It then descends into a furious tickle fight with Amy getting the upper hand again. Jay is totally breathless and dripping with sweat by the end of this one – it’s brief but crazy! You’ll love it!

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Amy Pins Jay & Gets Her Own Back!

TKLCLAWS – Sunny’s Sensual Tickle Pt 2

Sunny’s toes get tied up in this one. Her feet aren’t really that ticklish, but some of her reactions make me think she likes having them teased, and tickled, especially that smile.

Length: 8:52
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sunny’s Sensual Tickle Pt 2

TKLCLAWS – Sunny’s Sensual Tickle Pt 1

In this clip I have Sunny’s pretty feet in my lap, and I’m slowly working over her soles with the claws. I love the way she smiles, and giggles while I play with them. There’s something about the way she moves her toes while her feet get tickled that’s so attractive.

Length: 6:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sunny’s Sensual Tickle Pt 1

TKLCLAWS – Keys To The Safe Pt 2

Mrs. Knolls has this beautiful, loud, strong laugh that fills up the room. I’m still trying to find out where the key is, but the most valuable information I got to this point was that underneath her toes are the most ticklish spot on her feet. In this final clip of the series I exploit that, and try to break her into telling me where the key is.

(This Is A Roleplay)

Length: 6:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Keys To The Safe Pt 2

TKLCLAWS – Keys To The Safe Pt 1

Mrs. Knolls is a banker who happens to manage a bank that holds $18 Million dollars in the safe. I found out where she works, and that she has the key, along with some very ticklish, and pretty, size 12 feet. I capture her, slip her shoes off, and am determined to get the key to the safe. Will she tell me where the key is?

(This Is A Roleplay)

Length: 8:26
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Keys To The Safe Pt 1

ShyAndWildTickling – Collector 2 – Part 7 – Victim 6 – Reagan Lush

Length: 7:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Collector 2 – Part 7 – Victim 6 – Reagan Lush