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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Raspberry tickling! #10

Stella and her new friend Kore compete in a hard tickling session. The two girls are amused by this game and absolutely do not want to lose, they tickle each other along the hips, under the armpits and especially on the abdomen. The specialty of this challenge is the ruspberry tickling, that is, the tickling done with their mouth! It seems unbelievable, but it’s really hard to resist this move. Who will be the more tenacious of the two?

Length: 14:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Raspberry tickling! #10

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Piu di 10 domande per l’assunzione – More than 10 questions for hiring

Eleonore and Alba are the two candidates for the post of editor-in-chief, but only one of the two will be chosen. The boss will assign the place to the one who will hold a higher attention threshold.
But how will the test take place? Gisy will tickle the feet before one and then the other while the competitor will ask a series of 10 questions to the rival. Whoever manages to maintain an understandable, calm tone without laughing will get the coveted job …. But it is not easy to resist the tickle of the head. Alba or Eleonore? Whose will that job be?

Length: 27:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Piu di 10 domande per l’assunzione – More than 10 questions for hiring

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Genio fammi il solletico e sarai libera! – Genius tickle me and you’ll be free!

Rose is an archaeologist, she has just returned from one of her explorations and has brought with her an old dusty lamp. While trying to clean it, Eleonore appears, the genius who was hiding inside. Eleonore tells her that she will be able to grant three wishes. Rose wants to test her and so first asks her to stay in her bra and panties and lie down on the bed. Rose is incredulous and Eleonore explains that she is obliged to fulfill her three wishes, which she has been doing for hundreds of years depending on who finds her. Rose says she would like to free her and the genius tells her that the only way is to really desire him, then Rose replies that she will but first she wants to express her second wish: she wants Eleonore to stay still while she will tickle her all over her body. Eleonore is a little anxious but wants to resist to be freed, so Rose begins to tickle her everywhere, under the armpits, along the hips and even under the soles of her feet. After some time, Rose asks her to change roles, so she undresses and, remaining in her underwear, lies down on the bed while the genius begins to tickle her in the armpits, on the stomach, along the hips and under her feet. Eventually, Rose keeps her promise and as a third wish she tells her that she will be free from now on. Eleonore is very happy and hugs her. The two promise to repeat the experience in the future, they both had fun and love being tickled!

Length: 26:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Genio fammi il solletico e sarai libera! – Genius tickle me and you’ll be free!

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Col solletico diventerai una dipendete perfetta! – Thanks to tickling you’ll be a perfect employee!

Ariane has surprised her employee Lili in her office and now she is scolding her: Ariane is a very orderly and methodical person and cannot bear to find her office in disorder, also important documents have disappeared and now she is suspicious of Lili, so the girl she tries to justify herself and denies that she is responsible, but Ariane doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile Eleonore and Valentina crawling under the desk reach Lili’s feet and begin to tickle her by stroking her soles and tickling her between her foot and her shoe. Lili is in trouble: she can’t be serious and she laughs as she apologizes to her boss. Ariane is increasingly annoyed and it is impossible for Lili to concentrate while the two colleagues tickle her. When the boss notices the two lying on the ground she asks all three what they are doing and Lili confesses that it was all a challenge between them: Ariane is stunned, she does not tolerate these behaviors and promises to take action. Shortly after, taking advantage of Lili’s tiredness, Valentina and Eleonore put her to bed and unbutton her shirt, Ariane arrives and sees the napping girl topless, while her colleagues tickle her. Basita asks what is happening and the two explain to her that these resistance challenges and tickle tests have been going on for some time and serve to increase concentration, they convince the girl that thanks to the tickle Lili is increasingly concentrated and her work performance improve. At this point Ariane is convinced and decides to take part in the challenge, so the three resume tickling Lili all over her body, on her breasts, under her armpits and obviously under her feet. The girl continues to rest, but to a certain she can no longer resist and she laughs out loud while the three do not stop tickling her. Ariane mounts her on top of her and keeps her locked while Eleonore and Valentina tickle her feet. Lili laughs and screams asking to stop, but the three continue, after all they are doing it for her sake!

Length: 24:52.740
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Col solletico diventerai una dipendete perfetta! – Thanks to tickling you’ll be a perfect employee!

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Bank Affairs

Eve is working at the bank and Diana is a corrupt politician who wants a free loan. Eve doesn’t wont to do it, but Diana know how bad Eve likes feet. Diana takes off her shoes and socks and puts her sweaty bare feet on the table, crossing her ankles and rubs her feet together. Diana puts down her feet from the table and tells Eve she can’t play with her feet anymore unless she gives her the money. Diana tells Eve she can come to her hotel room and tickle her and her secretaries feet while they rest Eve cant resist to such an offer and agrees.
Diana enters her hotel room where her secretary Eleonore is already napping, she gives her some tickling to her soles and then goes to bad start snoring loudly soon after. After a while Eve enters the hotel room ready to tickle some feet, she starts with tickling Elenore’s exposed feet. She uses a green soft feather first, then her fingers. After a while she starts tickling Diana’s feet too. Diana and her secretary snores loudly the entire time. They flex their feet, wiggling and spreading their toes while they get tickled. After a while Eve find their tickles spots under their soles and start focusing on them. Diana and Elenore try their best only to snore loudly and not giggle the entire time. Eventually Diana and Elenore wake up but only think it’s a dream and try to go back to rest. In the end they start laughing hysterically and begging for Eve to stop, but she wont because is so funny to keep tickiling her soles while she hears them begging and begging. Ìn the end they all go under the sheet and snore loudly with their soles undercover and exposed. They will dream about being tickled and beg while dreaming to stop it!

Length: 33:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bank Affairs

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Tickling night for the fly attendant

Lilly is a flight attendant getting to her hotel room before her next flight in the morning, the hotel was full but they agreed for her to share a room and rest on a mattress on the floor, Lilly walks into the bedroom and gets depressed for bed and goes to rest on the mattress on the floor, and starts to snore loudly
Valentina enters the hotel room but can hear snoring coming from the bedroom and she notices somebody else is napping in her bedroom, she doesn’t seem to mind this, she gets dressed for bed but before she goes to rest she tickles Lilly’s feet for a while seeing if her feet are ticklish while she snores, trying to find her tickle spots and then goes to rest.
Lilly wakes up because she can smell the scent of sweat coming form Valentina’s feet and she starts tickling her feet with her fingers, Valentina snores the entire time, rubbing her feet together, wiggling her toes, flexing and scrunching up her feet and rest talking, Lilly uses different tickle tools like feathers, toothbrush, hairbrush, and paintbrush, Lilly holds Valentina’s feet in place and bending her toes backwards so can’t move them, eventually Valentina wakes up but tries not to giggle biting her lip and the covers, but she eventually can’t take more tickling and starts laughing hysterically, and Lilly tickles her a little bit more because she thinks it’s hilarious how ticklish her feet are, Lilly agrees tos top tickling Valentina if she lets her rest in the bed and Valentina has to agree because she can’t handle anymore tickles.
They change places so Lilly rests in the bed and puts on a pair of socks and tells Valentina not to tickle her while she rests and Valentina goes to rest on the mattress on the floor, Valentina waits until Lilly starts snoring loudly and then lift up the covers and starts tickling Lilly’s socked feet while she snores, and she eventually scratches off her sock so you can see her heel, Valentina removes the socks bit by bit first tickling the heel, then the sole and finally the toes, and then finally getting to tickle Lilly’s sweaty bare feet, Valentina then glides a feather sensually up and down the sole and in between the toes while holding her foot in place and watching as Lilly’s foot squirms in her grip trying to get away from the tickles but in vain , then using two feathers, then a toothbrush, paintbrush and oiling up one foot and using a hairbrush seeing which foot is more ticklish the one with oil or without oil, while Lilly snores the entire time, rubbing her feet together, flexing her feet and scrunching up her feet and spreading and wiggling her toes, Lilly slowly wakes up and can feel the tickles on her feet and realizes Valentina is tickling her feet and Lilly tries to resist the tickling biting her lip… Valentina continues until Lilly promises to give Valentina a free plane ticklet, Lilly agrees They both go to rest in the bed and starts to snore with their feet sticking out from the covers and after a while the hotel manager enters the bedroom and starts tickling their sweaty bare feet for the rest of the night with a feather and fingers

Length: 43:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling night for the fly attendant

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Streaming TV

LiliBayle, sitting at her desk, has to read some news from the TV streaming, Stella sees her and decides to disturb her by tickling her. she gets down and slowly begins to tickle her feet. LiliBayle must try to stay serious and focused on the news! After a while there is a commercial break, LiliBaylebayle tells Stella to stop, who can’t be serious. The news resumes and Stella takes off LiliBayle’s shoes, increasing the intensity of the tickle. Before the end of the news LiliBayle is obliged to give up, interrupting the reading because she can’t resist anymore! The last few minutes the girls are on the sofa, LiliBayle is angry with Stella who says it doesn’t take anything to stay focused while getting tickle. The challenge between the two starts, they take each other’s feet and start tickling each other to see who gives up first.

Length: 22:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Streaming TV