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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The night of the tickle seminar

Laura and Elenore play teachers and Daphne is the principal and they are going to attend a seminar early the next morning so they are all napping in a hotel, and they get ready to go to bed because they have to wake up early and the room has a dark ambiance because it’s night and Laura and Daphne rests in the bed while Elenore is napping at the floor at the end of the bed on a mattress and Laura is quickly resting and snoring while Daphne is taking a business call and her big sweaty bare feet are sticking out from the covers dangling at the edge of the bed and Elenore starts tickling Daphne’s big sweaty feet with a feather while she’s on the phone but Daphne doesn’t mind and seems to enjoy the tickling and crosses her feet and rubs them together, scrunches and flexes her feet and wiggling her toes and after some feather tickling Elenore tickles Daphne’s feet with her fingers and as Daphne gets off the phone the tickling stop and they all go to rest and snore.

But after a while Elenore wakes up to the smell of Laura’s sweaty bare foot that is sticking out from the covers and Elenore starts tickling Laura’s foot with the feather and lifts up the covers and exposes the other bare foot as well and now Elenore tickles both of Laura’s bare feet with the feather exploring every ticklish spot on her feet while Laura snores, Elenore then switches to fingers and notices Laura’s soles are extra ticklish tonight because of the sweat and Elenore also uses a toothbrush to tickle Laura’s feet and a paint brush and oils up one of Laura’s foot and test if the oil makes Laura even more ticklish and Laura snores, and Elenore is about to go back to rest when Daphne exposes one sweaty foot and it sticks out from the covers and wiggling her toes almost inviting Elenore to tickle her big and sweaty foot and Elenore starts tickling Daphne’s foot while she snores and uses the same tools and the oil on Daphne’s big sweaty feet as well teasing and tickling Daphne’s big sweaty feet intensely exploring every ticklish spot and wrinkle, driving Daphne wild in her dreams while she snores, flexes, scrunch up and wiggles her toes after a long time and a lot of tickling Elenore get in the bed with Laura and Daphne and goes to rest and starts to snore.

After a while Daphne wakes up to the snoring of Elenore and Laura and now Daphne finally can fulfill her fantasy to tickle the teacher’s feet while they rest and snore and she starts with Elenore and lifts up the covers to expose her sweaty bare feet and starts tickling her with the fingers bending Elenore’s toes back so she can’t move her feet and continues the finger tickling while Elenore snores and then Daphne uses a feather, tooth brush, paint brush and oils up Elenore’s feet to get them even more ticklish and then Daphne lifts up the covers to tickle Laura’s sweaty feet and uses the same tools on Laura’s bare feet and also oiling up her feet and then Daphne tickles them both at the same time with her fingers while Laura and Elenore snore, wiggling their toes, flexing and scrunching up their feet and rubbing them together and Daphne drives them wild with the tickling in their dreams and Daphne then goes back to rest satisfied she finally got to fulfill her fantasy and they all snore and their feet are sticking out from the covers and as morning comes one of the hotel staff enters their hotel room and starts tickling all their feet giving them a ticklish wake up call

Length: 40:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The night of the tickle seminar

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The Long Ticklish Night Of The Three Thieves

Gisy comes home and, after a hard day work, gets dressed for bed in a dark bedroom and goes to rest with her feet sticking out from the covers and starts snoring while three tickle thieves break into her house. They finds Gisy napping and snoring and notice her sweaty bare feet sticking out from the covers, they start tickling her feet relentlessly´using different tools .Eventually she wakes up and laughs hysterically and the thieves tickle her until she promises to leave the apartment. Gisy agrees because she can’t take anymore tickling.

The three thieves Pamela, Eve and Eleonore now have a place to hide from the police and goes to bed in a dark ambience bedroom. Eve and Pamela are fast resting and snoring while Eleonore doesn’t seem to be able to fall resting, and notices their socked feet sticking out from the covers and gets an idea, since she can’t rest she’s going to tickle them while they rest. She starts tickling the socked feet while they snore away and after some time she takes off their socks little by little first tickling the heel, then the sole and finally the toes. Then she tickles the other socked foot and removes the sock in the same way and tickle both their sweaty bare feet. Eleonore uses different tools like feathers and a toothbrush while Eve and Pamela snore, she rubs their feet together and wiggles their toes, then she goes back to using her fingers tickling them relentlessly until it seems that they are about to wake, so Eleonore stops and acts as if she was resting. Eve and Pamela wake up and ask Eleonore if she had tickled their feet but Eleonore denies she did anything and they believe her, so they go back to rest.

After a while Eve wakes up to Pamela and Elonore’s snoring and can’t fall back resting. She knows that the two girls like when someone plays with their feet, so Eve lifts up the covers and starts tickling their socked feet while they are snoring. After some time Eve removes one of their socks little by little first tickling the heel, then the sole and finally the toes. Then she does the same to the other foot using different tools, like feathers, paint brush and a toothbrush to tickle them while they snore. She flexes, scrunch up, rubs their feet together and wiggles their toes, then she goes back to using her fingers to tickle their sweaty bare feet until Pamela begs for the tickling to stop in her rest and say no don’t tickle, don’t tickle and please not the toes, but Eve continues because she knows that Pamela secretly loves it. In the end they all wake up and then go back to rest and snore while dreaming about getting tickled and talking in their rest.

Length: 32:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Long Ticklish Night Of The Three Thieves

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Raspberry tickling !

An alternative way to tickle? well yes, with her mouth to make raspberries on the belly, and Stella knows it very well, a method to make you d*e of laughter.

Length: 9:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Raspberry tickling !

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Niente aperitivo stasera ! – No aperitif tonight

Stella picks up Giuly from the office, but doesn’t respect the rule: the boss was clear, he doesn’t want eccentric girls in his offices, so Giuly, annoyed, says “we have to be serious” Stella starts laughing … “serious?” so she attacks her with relentless tickling, until she is exhausted with laughter, but Giuly replies to her, torments her friend Stella by tickling her in her turn, but in any case it will be Stella who has the better!

Length: 13:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Niente aperitivo stasera ! – No aperitif tonight

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Belly tickling situation #2

Pamela is tied up as immobile (her arms and legs possibly plastic wrapped to the massage table) with her belly, upper body — and especially her belly — left completely exposed. Eleonore stands next to her with a mischievous smile. Eleonore then starts poking Pamela’s tummy while asking her a series of questions: “Are you really ticklish? Do you get tickled a lot? Who usually tickles you? Do you love or hate to be tickled?” Then it comes the time to rate techniques and locations. Eleonore tells Pamela to tell her on a scale of 1 to 10 how much it tickles when she does this and proceeds to tickle her belly with fingers. She continues by poking her, kneading her ribs, tickling her belly button and hips and sides, and sometimes feet (I appreciate if occasionally there could be tickling done with the mouth on the belly, like raspberry). Never moving from one spot until she’s gotten her rating. “What about when I do this? How bad does it tickle here? If you want me to stop you have to tell how much it tickles!” After a while, Eleonore stops asking for ratings and instead goes all out on Pamela’s stomach, navel and armpits tickling it furiously and telling her that she has to admit that she loves it. Even if Pamela admits it, however, Eleonore doesn’t stop, but after the questionnaire and the test, now Eleonore will have the same treatment, and you know, Pamela is quite vindictive.”

Length: 37:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Belly tickling situation #2

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Resistenti? Ma quanto? – Resistant? Really?!

Numa and Eleonore are late for work again. Daphne, their director does not want to hear any excuses and does not accept explanations, she will have to fire them! The two girls implore her, get down on their knees and say they are willing to do anything to keep their job; so Daphne decides to test them. To continue working in the office, they will first have to take a series of special challenge …
First they will have to stay still, against the wall, with both arms raised and undergo a tickle all over the armpits, as if that were not enough, the girls will have to read a few pages of a book while maintaining concentration while being tickled.
During the second challenge they will sit on a chair with their stomachs uncovered and will have to undergo a long tickle all over the abdomen and along the sides, Daphne really wants to see which of the two will have greater resistance and will tolerate tickling better.
At this point, Eleonore and Numa, visibly tried by the previous tests, will lie down on a bed while Daphne will tickle them everywhere, on the feet, along the legs and again on the stomach and under the armpits.
To finish, in turns, one girl will have to make raspberries by pressing against the abdomen of the other, even here it will be hard to resist this particular tickle!

Length: 39:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Resistenti? Ma quanto? – Resistant? Really?!

TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Vendetta Privata – Personal Revenge

Stella is so angry, she has entered Rose’s house and is threatening her. She takes her into the bedroom and sits her on the edge of the mattress. That little bitch tried to rip off her family, pretending to be a representative of some charity, Rose is so able to get money from Stella’s parents, but now she will pay! Oh yes, that naive chose the wrong prey. Stella takes off the ballet flats from Rose and begins a long tickle treatment. First whe tears off her pantyhose, then ties her to the bed and starts tickling her soles with precise finger movements. Not content, she will use other tools such as feathers and brushes, gradually intensifying the cruelty of her revenge, eventually arriving at an electric toothbrush. Rose is in tears, she can’t do anything, she can’t move and her feet are so ticklish!

Length: 29:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vendetta Privata – Personal Revenge