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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The night shift A doctor with a tickling patient

Stella plays a patient at a hospital and is about to go to rest for the night and turns off the lights and goes to rest and starts to snore, once she’s resting the doctor Daphne working in the night shift walks in to the room to check Stella but instead Daphne lifts up the covers and starts tickling Stella’s socked feet at first while Stella snores and as time passes Daphne removes on sock bit by bit first tickling the heel then the sole and finally the toes and after some time removing the other sock in the same fashion and now tickling the other bare foot and then both at the same time Daphne also uses different tools like feathers, toothbrush and a brush.

Tickling Stella’s bare feet first with one feather and then using two different feathers and then moving on to the brush and finally using the tooth brush and then goes back to using her fingers and holding one foot in place so Stella can’t move it and tickles her relentlessly while Stella snores, wiggles her toes and flex and scrunch up her feet and then Daphne holds bot feet in place and continues the tickling while Stella snores but eventually the tickling wakes Stella up but Stella tries to handle the tickling and continues to snore but eventually has to bite her lip and the covers and after a while she has had enough and starts laughing hysterically and Daphne continues the tickling.

Until Stella threats to tell Daphne’s boss that she has been tickling her patient and might be fired so Daphne asks what Stella wants in order not to tell her boss and Stella has a devious smile and tells Daphne she wants to tickle her feet while she rests and Daphne can’t do anything but to agree and removes her shoes and gets in to the bed and Stella tries how ticklish Daphne is on her socked feet and it seems like Daphne is very ticklish while she’s awake and Stella gives doctor Daphne a foot massage until she falls resting and starts to snore loudly and once Daphne snores Stella can finally starts to tickle Daphne’s socked feet and Stella likes that Daphne’s feet are so big because that means there’s more to tickle and after a while removing on sock tickling the heel first then the sole and finally the toes and then tickles the entire foot trying to find Daphne’s most ticklish spots while Daphne snores, wiggles her toes and flex and scrunches up her foot and the Stella removes the other sock in the same way heel, sole and toes and tickles the entire barefoot after that.

Daphne’s bare feet are not only big but very sweaty from walking all day in shoes and socks which make them even more sensitive and ticklish which Stella enjoys and uses to her advantage, Stella uses first one feather to tickle one of Daphne’s foot and the tickles both feet and then uses two feathers while Daphne snores, Stella then oils up one foot to see if oil makes Daphne more ticklish and compares if the oiled foot is more ticklish then the non oiled foot with her fingers and then uses a hairbrush on her feet and finally uses the toothbrush to tickle Daphne’s sweaty feet and toes bending the toes backward so Daphne can’t move them while Daphne snores.

Stella goes back to using her fingers and tickles Daphne relentlessly while Daphne snores, and rubs her feet together and Stella tickles Daphne’s toes and gets in between them and even likcing them and after a while Daphne wakes up and tries to remain snoring and bites her lip and the covers and not laugh but Stella’s tongue swirling between the toes and up and down the soles while she tickles the other foot gets too much for Daphne and she starts laughing hysterically begging for the tickling to stop but Stella continues for a while to teach her a lesson not to tickle her patients feet and Daphne promises to be nice and not to tickle her patients and Daphne admits she likes when somebody plays with her feet and tickles them so Stella waits until Daphne falls resting again and is snoring and continues to tickle Daphne’s feet for a while before she also gets into the bed and you see both of their feet sticking out from the covers and they’re both snoring and giggling silently while dreaming about having their feet tickled

Duration: 41:48.200
Size: 1 564,52 Mb

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – A tickle battle #2

Today Gisy will take revenge by tickling Rose, bringing her to exhaustion. The girl has had no mercy towards Gisy in the past, tickling her in every part of her body and relentlessly, but this time it will be up to her to suffer without the possibility of rebelling or getting pity. Gisy is amused seeing how much Rose is ticklish in particular under the armpits and along the belly, but also under her feet and hips! Rose is in so much pain and swears to Gisy that she will do anything as long as she stops, but Gisy just wants her revenge!

Duration: 10:24.880
Size: 388,574 Mb

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The Tickling Questioning

Stella is the leader of a dangerous criminal organization. But she has had a carelessness and has been captured by the police. The police have questioned Stella to find out the next crimes that her organization is going to commit. Nothing was bale to make Stella speak. So the police decide to call Agent Rose, who is a special intelligence agent. When Agent Rose gets to where Stella is. Stella is in her underwear with her arms and legs stretched out on a massage table, her wrists and ankles bound. Agent Rose enters the room and introduces herself. She tells Stella that they usually call her in cases where the criminals don’t want to talk. Stella tells her that she is not going to say anything either. Special Agent Rose smiles and tells Stella that we’ll see if it’s true. While looking at Stella tied up, Special Agent Rose begins the interrogation. And she begins to tickle her very slowly with her nails in Stella’s armpits, ribs, and feet. Will Stella be able to resist the delicate interrogation of Special Agent Rose or will Special Agent Rose be the one to make the criminal Stella speak with her delicate tickle tecnique?

Duration: 25:12.040
Size: 903,314 Mb

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Eleonore and the ticklish thief

Eve is a thief in search of jewels. Eleonore is a successful businesswoman who is divorced and lives at home alone. Eve sneaks into Eleonore’s house one night to search for jewelry. Eleonore wakes up while Eve is trying to find the jewels to steal. Eleonore manages to reduce Eve and ties her on a massage bed with her legs and arms stretched out. He asks what he is doing at home. But Eve refuses to answer. Eleonore decides to use another method to make her speak. She begins to tickle Eve’s armpits and ribs very slowly with her nails, while she continues to question her to tell her what to look for, Eve resists and Eleonore decides to continue tickling her feet slowly now. Finally Eve confesses that she is looking for the jewels to steal. Eleonore continues to tickle her a bit, as a punishment. But he tells Eve that he will continue with his punishment later. Eleonore goes to shower without realizing that Eve’s bonds have loosened, caused by Eve’s movement due to the tickling. Eve manages to free herself and waits for Eleonore to get out of the shower. And follow the procedure that Eleonore used with her, tie Eleonore to the massage table with her arms and legs stretched out. Eve begins to interrogate Eleonore to find out the location of the jewels. Eleonore refuses, Eve smiles and tells Eleonore that she has another way to make her speak. She begins to tickle very slowly with her nails on Eleonore’s armpits and ribs. Eleonore smiles but is reluctant to tell him anything about the jewels. Eve decides to continue questioning her and now she goes to tickle Eleonore’s feet very slowly with her nails. After a while of torture, Eleonore can’t resist anymore and gives Eve the location of the jewels. Eve smiles and decides to continue tickling slowly, and after some more tickling torture. Eve takes the jewels and leaves. Language Eleonore tickles Eve (Italian) Eve tickles Eleonore (Spanish)

Duration: 30:09.320
Size: 1 129,637 Mb

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Una serva quasi perfetta – An almost perfect servant

Miriam is Eve’s prisoner. She is sitting on a chair and the man orders her to kneel in front of him, but the girl refuses and does not yield. Eve insists, uses kind manners and is calm, but warns her, if she doesn’t follow orders, he will be forced to use hard manners. Miriam doesn’t look scared and refuses to get down on her knees in front of him.

Now Miriam is tied up, lying face down, mummified with cellophane and tied to the bed, she cannot move in any way. Only the feet are exposed. Eve gives her a last chance, tells her that if she agrees to kneel in front of him, all this will end and he will free her, but the girl is too proud and once again refuses! At this point, the man turns around her and stops at her feet, then slips off the ballet flats, leaving the soles of her feet uncovered. Only now Miriam understands what coast she is about to suffer: the terrible tickle on her feet! The girl suffers a lot and so she begs Eve to free her, promises him that she will kneel in front of him and do whatever he wants, but the man refuses: he has given her too many opportunities to change her mind and now she deserves to be punished! Eve starts the timer and continues to tickle her feet for five minutes. Miriam is beside herself, she begs, squirms, screams… she doesn’t tolerate this punishment, it’s too much! After the first 5 minutes, Eve decides to leave with another 5 minutes, the girl begs him, but it is useless! The girl is exhausted and is now willing to do anything to make it all stop. At the end of the time, Miriam promises to carry out any order, so Eve unties her and the girl without batting an eye kneels docile in front of his tormentor and thanks him.

Miriam now looks like a perfect slave, obeys every command and doesn’t resist. She is on her knees, with her hands on her knees, palms up. Eve orders her to lie on her stomach and tickles her soles, the docile girl agrees. Miriam has to resist, keeping her feet together and not moving. The tickle is delicate and the girl suffers just enough not to disappoint her master. At this point Eve orders her to take off her shirt and show him her breasts, but the girl refuses. Eve threatens her by telling her he will have to punish her. This time it will be even worse for Miriam!

Miriam is tied on her stomach, hands behind her head, arms outstretched. Eve starts tickling her armpits and continues for five very long minutes. Miriam is suffering a lot, the tickle in that area is an incredible torture, but she still does not give up. After the time, Eve again orders her to undress threatening her to continue for another 5 minutes, but she still refuses. The torturer is impressed by her determination and decides to free her by complimenting her willpower!

Miriam is mummified face up on the couch. Wear ballet flats and stockings. Eve is behind her on a chair and puts his feet over her face and orders her to lick them, the girl refuses and moves her face, he seems amused. However, seeing the girl does not give up, the man begins to tickle her feet, then takes water and pours it on her stockings, but even so the girl seems to tolerate torture, so the man tears off her stockings and starts tickling her soles nude. Now the girl is really in pain and squirms unable to resist. Miriam agrees to worship Eve’s feet and in disgust begins to lick them. Eve is amused by the situation and after a few minutes he takes one of his shoes, places it on the girl’s face so that she is forced to smell it well and tells her not to move, if she drops it he will be forced to devise a new punishment!

Duration: 54:48.280
Size: 2 050,659 Mb

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Un esperimento da concludere – An experiment to be concluded

After returning from a alternative night club where is in use try ticling experiment, to Lunakya and Nina remains the desire to continue the experiment with each other. Especially Lunakya will be tested by her friend Nina at sensitive points on the feet, armpits and hips, with fingers and tongue in the armpit is really terrible and theyoung girl resistance !

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 5256 kbps

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Duration: 20:19.720

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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Friendly proof

Laura and Elizabeth decides to try in friendly way a tickling resistance proof ! we will look for the most sensitive points, but who will win the challenge? in the end a surprise 🙂

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 4901 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 157 kbps

Duration: 21:04.520

Size: 762,5 Mb

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