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UKTickling – Jay Shows Amy How It’s Done!

We thought it would be fun to let Amy try her hand at tickling. As Missy Jay is ridiculously ticklish it should be easy to tickle her out of her mind…well it is, but still Amy’s tickling skills leave a lot to be desired! She takes off Jay’s boots and playfully tickles her bare soles. Jay is so ticklish, she squirms and completely cracks up but even so, the tickling looked a little on the lame side and we decided Amy just isn’t up to the job! This is bad news for Amy as it meant she would have to be on the receiving end instead and Jay definitely knows what she’s doing! The girls switch places and Amy has her wrists and ankles bound with her feet in her friends lap now. Jay goes to work and soon has Amy laughing and wriggling. Moving things up a step, she then takes her by surprise completely as she begins nibbling and lickling Amy’s bare soles and toes! Amy is shocked how much it tickles and Jay takes full advantage, tickling her like crazy and then turning her face down and straddling her legs. She spends a long time teasing and tormenting Amy’s helpless soles and toes, playfully drawing shapes on her soles and finding all her tickle spots. With her face buried in the sofa, Amy can only laugh herself breathless whilst Jay goes to work, adding baby lotion and rubbing it all over her super-sensitive bare feet! She sits on top of Amy’s ankles, pinning her feet tight as she tickles her into complete hysterics for several long minutes. Amy is left red-faced, gasping for breath, and still cracking up when she’s finally done with her. A great scene…Amy may want to work on her own tickling skills after this one – for the next time!

Length: 16:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jay Shows Amy How It’s Done!

UKTickling – Cherry’s Step-Mother Mummified & Tickled In The Stocks!

Cherry brings her real-life step-mother back for more tickling – and we persuaded her to be mummified and tickled for the first time! It’s quite a challenge for Cherry’s mum as she has some of the most ticklish feet around but she’s feeling brave enough to put herself through it. To make things a little more fun, we also added in the stocks, so her feet aren’t going anywhere as a cat-suited Cherry torments her super-sensitive soles and toes! To start with Cherry playfully teases her mum’s sheer nylon feet with her long nails. She spends the first couple of minutes lightly tickling to warm her up but even that has her laughing and squirming. Then, at a command Cherry speeds it up, tickling more intensely until her mum is howling with laughter! She’s soon pretty exhausted but Cherry doesn’t let up with the tickling and she barely lets catch her breath as her sharp nails scratch her soles and get right under her toes. After a few minutes, we add the toe-ties, which only makes things even crazier for her poor mum who laughs and laughs as Cherry works over her helpless trapped feet. She then adds baby oil, rubbing it into the pantyhose before unleashing more tickling and driving her completely nuts! She gets brief respite as Cherry rips off the nylons, but it’s short-lived as she puts the toe-ties back on and then continues tormenting her oiled-up bare feet too! Cherry laughs at her mum’s reactions as she continues the relentless tickling for the final five minutes, keeping her barefeet toe-tied the whole time and really going to town. Just as it’s coming to an end, she goes all-out for the last few seconds, making her shriek and beg. She didn’t have a chance to get her own back this time, though we’re sure she would have liked to! Next time maybe?

Length: 15:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cherry’s Step-Mother Mummified & Tickled In The Stocks!

UKTickling – Ariel’s Sensitive Soles In The Double Stocks!

Tall beauty Ariel Anderssen gets some more tickle- as her large sexy soles go into the double stocks for the first time! Ariel’s feet are super-ticklish and in this position she’s totally helpless as her wrinkly soles get thoroughly tormented. Wearing a tight dress with sheer pantyhose and heels, Ariel’s hands are bound behind her back with her long legs trapped in the stocks. The heels come off and she’s soon laughing and shrieking as her her sheer nylon feet are tickled. Her feet are relentlessly tickled with fingers and hairbrush, which drives Ariel nuts! Her tightly trapped legs prove extremely ticklish too and her upperbody is even worse as Ariel bends double trying to escape! The electric toothbrush is used to tease and tickle her amazing arches and super-long toes before the nylons are ripped and Ariel’s big bare soles get tickled too. After some teasing tickles with the feather, her bare feet are baby lotioned for an intense tickling finale with fingers and hairbrush on her sensitive bare soles that leaves Ariel breathless. She’s completely exhausted when it’s finally over!

Length: 11:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ariel’s Sensitive Soles In The Double Stocks!

TickledPink – New Girl Sara “Lets get those socks off” This is seriously going to be bad i know it!

Well, Bare foot tickling fans here you go! Socks are off and Honestly Cam walks in on the start of it,,literally as I’m getting ready to remove her socks,,It was perfect ,,,They meet right there as we are getting ready for the BARE foot part and Cam is like ” can i help” no joke thats how this went down,,its awesome,,

Thats when Cam was LIKE OMG we are foot twins haha..Anyway,,This is a good one ,,i mean just wait till you see these reactions when cam tickles her feet,,Then a crazy 2 on 1 tickling that is well, priceless,, You are going to love this girl ,,i mean how couldn’t you? just look at her!! Enjoy Sarah,,,I know this will be a Fav! your welcome 🙂

Length: 11:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – New Girl Sara “Lets get those socks off” This is seriously going to be bad i know it!

TickledPink – Lost Footage BARE FEET TICKLING!

Came across some LOST FOOTAGE! Here we have Diane from one of her first tickle sessions where we removed her socks and went after her feet BARE!!! This laugh is perfect and wait till you see her bare feet get tickled,,just tickle perfection!

Length: 7:07
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lost Footage BARE FEET TICKLING!

TickledPink – Lost Footage ALL SOCK TICKLING!

Came across some LOST FOOTAGE! Here we have Diane from one of her first tickle sessions in her awesome tube socks! (how cute are they!) Enjoy some perfect sock tickling with an awesome gal & some incredible feet!

Length: 10:43
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lost Footage ALL SOCK TICKLING!

TickledPink – Destiny “REVENGE is a Bitch girl!”

Ok, Listen up! For all of you that just LOVE revenge clips, Get ready for your next OMG this is vicious clip!

Destiny came in as Saras first friend and sara wanted her in the chair first ( i cannot wait to tickle your feet she said) Destiny obliged and went first,,,In all honesty sara was just going to tickle destiny and be done but after the way sara went after her feet Destiny almost begged us here to get sara in the chair..Lets just say we pretty much made her! LOL,,And thank God we did,,we have found ourselves the next vicious tickler!! She needed NO instruction ,,we KNOW what tickles feet,,the pressure,,the tools, everything,,lets just say Destiny went after it and honestly showed no mercy,,wanted us to even help because she wanted sara to suffer ( but have fun too) she said she never imagined how fun it would be to be able to tickle someone like this and them not be able to move or make it stop! Wait till you see this girl get after Saras feet,,my Gosh,,it was exceptional,,she just dug her nails in and raked her soles like a machine,,when the lotion and gloves came out it was like she was on a mission!! Lets just say when you see this you will see a girl completely wrecked laughing while her feet are tickled,,pretty much a sweaty mess from it all,,But Sara is a trooper & took it like a true tickle champ but WOW,,what a clip,,She mentioned a few times “omg this is bad” and afterwords she said she thought her first time in was bad but for some reason her feet were even MORE ticklish this time round! We are on to something here and its only just begun,,perfect ticklish friends and a NEW vicious tickler that KNOWS how to tickle is what its all about! She asked me to please let her come in when we have new girls to tickle and we are most certainly going to!! Enjoy & your welcome!!

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Destiny “REVENGE is a Bitch girl!”