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TheTickleRoom – Sophia The Lawyers Audition “Serious Laughter!”

Here we have the amazing lawyer Sophia! She is 24 years young from Colombia with SOFT and SEXY size 7 feet. We start with the simple interview with Sophia in socks where you can see her toe sweat making its imprint straight off the NYC streets. The moment I start with her socks is SHOCKED staring at her feet in disbelief at the situation. The moment I remove her socks she is SUPER NERVOUS. Her delicate feet are so soft that the moment I graze a finger on them she jumps trying to protect her soles. I have Sophia fully toe tied and now she really cannot get anywhere as my fingers dance on her soles. With fingers Sophia holds off giggling but not bursting. I add some lotion and go faster. Sophia looks more confused giggling quicker but still holding out but her feet are SHAKING. The moment I add all the tools poor Sophia LOSES it bursting with laughter IMMEDIATELY trying to cover her mouth from her unexpected laughter! Sadly it seems this is a one and done thanks to her relationship but lets all appreciate Sophia shooting! Her upperbody was actually not ticklish so this and her foot worship (visit the foot room) are the only videos.

Length: 8:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophia The Lawyers Audition “Serious Laughter!”

TheTickleRoom – Layla the Bombshells Audition Pt 1 “The Perfect Lee”

O MAN Tickle Room gigglers and ticklers we have a VERY special moment of me saying I hit GOLD with a new model. Layla is a 20 year old Lebanese Latina with SEXY size 7 SUPER FUCKING TICKLISH feet…..and she SNORTS. This is LITERALLY a BOMBSHELL model dropped into my lap by Kairi. We start with Layla in the stocks doing her interview and the MOMENT I remove her shoes and tickle her socked feet she is a giggling mess but then the SOCKS come off and she is CACKLING. I tie EVERY toe back and she is FULLY restrained unable to move. The moment my fingers touch her soles her face LIGHTS UP with a massive grin and a laugh that she CANNOT control. I tease Layla by talking to Kairi and then making my hands go EVEN FASTER and Layla IMMEDIATELY SNORTS unable to even beg or talk. Then I add a LOT of lotion and poor Layla is OVERWHELMED laughing hysterically at the new sensation. But the tools I waste no time breaking out the massager and the MOMENT I find the right spot she is OFF with more snorts and cackling. This is one AMAZING clip you do NOT Want to miss! I better see my email FLOODED for customs of this 10/10 model!

Length: 10:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla the Bombshells Audition Pt 1 “The Perfect Lee”

TheTickleRoom – Breaking Katy Pt 2 “The Worst Tag Team”

O man. The fans kept messaging me on Instagram and Twitter BEGGING for the tag team and we were not really gonna do it but Katy said she could handle it. Well this video 100% proves otherwise. Poor Katy was NOT prepared for this. Me and Tasha are getting ready as I spray Katys soles heavily with oil We start with fingers and poor Katy is already begging through the gag. Then me and Tasha amp it up with brushes and you can tell shes already broken as Tasha says “Poor thing” without actually stopping. We then don hand gloves and at the same time go as fast as we can and Katy is IMMEDIATELY trying to beg us to stop. The gag is too much for her and she BEGS us to remove it so we do and bring out her lovely mask. You can tell Katy is so spent and can barely laugh at the intensity of how her body feels. We break out the brushes again and she squeals and laughs but then tries to zen us out. Well Tasha is having NONE of it as she grabs a brush and we double team her. She tries hard to keep it in before safe wording and we let her. We end it with a WEIRD combo of the back massage and dental flosser combo and Katy just FALLS apart in the worst way I have ever seen safe wording. She did say however if anyone ever wants her to go through a TRUE tickle hell with all the tools and paid enough…she would do it!

Length: 8:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Katy Pt 2 “The Worst Tag Team”

TheTickleRoom – Breaking Katy Pt 1 “Tasha is Evil”

Here is a short and EVIL video of Tasha tickling poor Katy and her size 8 feet in the stocks wide stance. She is completely gagged and blindfolded in a straight jacket. Its a very intense position that you can tell Katy is terrified being in but she says “I think I can do it!” Well lets just say she was pretty wrong and not actually able to say anything once the gag was in and Tasha gets her hands (mostly fingernails) on Katys feet and in between her toes. Katy is trapped. The moment Tasha starts you can see Katy fighting in the gag as Tasha tickles her in waves on intensity before adding oil. The oil is a secret INTENSE weakness for Katy and she goes INSANE the moment Tasha goes FAST on her poor soles with the new hand brush. Then Tasha breaks out the other hand brush and poor Katy BUCKS forward trying to safeword through the gag screaming for help but Tasha doesn’t let up….and this is just part 1…..

Length: 5:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Katy Pt 1 “Tasha is Evil”

TheBKTickler – The Special Super Bowl Deal – The Ticklegasmic Finale

It’s official that sinthia is getting turned on to high degree from our special deal. So our finale to our deal, she’ll love love this one. She tied up naked to my table, blindfolded not wondering what’s gonna happen next. But I did… MORE TICKLING! And from the way she was tied up, I got to find some great new tickle spots. The screaming she did gave away the spots. But later on I made her feet… and a vibrator to her pussy. So things worked out pretty well.. she get an orgasms. And a new customer for super bowl Sunday. Enjoy the final installment to this role play series. Available now

Length: 12:37
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Special Super Bowl Deal – The Ticklegasmic Finale

TheBKTickler – Leyna’s tickle sample

Brief story: this past summer, I went to Brooklyn to do a shoot with dommesquad (type her name in my clips store to see our amazing content), and I leyna lust while I was there. It was fun time meeting her and she had another tickle shoot in the house. And fast forward, when I got her attention, I asked her to do a quick little clip, and she agreed. Basically a little sample of what she would be going through if she had a full-on tickle shoot with me. And for 5 minutes straight, she went through hell. Feet, belly, even the armpit, and any other spot I can find.. they weren’t safe from me when tickling leyna. One of the most Intense 5 minutes of tickling you’ll ever see.

Length: 5:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Leyna’s tickle sample

TheBKTickler – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA INK! Bella’s tickle table debut

So Bella ink decided to spend her bday in New York City…. and even though last minute, opportunity knocked at the perfect time! And I traveled to the city to give her a bday gift she would never forget on the tickle table… in the form tickling. Starting with the feet. I have followed her work for years.. so I know off the bat that’s crazy ticklish. So I was ready to make a great first impression since this was my first time meeting her. So My fingers started slow on her soles slow but that didn’t last long… and when I saw the fear in her eyes when the oil got applied to her soles. Also the first of her feet were extremely tickling. She told me nobody had tickled the front of her feet but she didn’t realized that she was dealing with a different type of tickler. Whipped out the feather and I was loving her reactions to it. Along with the reactions to the electric toothbrushes…. even gave her a challenge to keep the spike ball in between her feet while tickling all over her feet.. now I would love to tell you how she reacted when I whipped out the hairbrush and my special tickle weapon on her. But that’s when you should be purchasing this new video to find out. So you do that. Available now.

Length: 13:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA INK! Bella’s tickle table debut