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ItaliansTickling – What goes around comes around

It’s been a while since Bianca lent herself as a slave and so I think this is the right day to get her back into the role that she does best. We already know how much Bianca is tickling but we don’t know how good Valeria is at it and so we’ll see. When I contacted Valeria I had to promise her that I would also give her the chance to be a tickler and it excited her a lot since she knew who the other girl would be. Now Valeria has the chance to take revenge and I must say that she does it very well, perhaps because she really does it with pleasure and enjoyment or maybe because poor Bianca is really the perfect victim. Enjoy your video.

Length: 14:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – What goes around comes around

ItaliansTickling – The pillory

I named this clip “The Pillory” as every ladies we came across had to stand this submission tool. Lilli had the chance to test it and it always been the most hated tool ever by our ladies. There’s nothing more to talk about, the clip itself can provide more than 15 minutes Lilli’s suffer. Enjoy your clip!

Length: 15:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The pillory

ItaliansTickling – Scared eyes

I think I have never seen in my entire career so much terror in the eyes of a girl while she is undergoing tickling and Agata with amazement was able to give us this pleasant satisfaction …..
Agata has just turned 22 and is trying to earn some extra money by modeling and discovering that girls are well paid by us, she decided to contact us. Like the vast majority of girls, Agata did not understand the type of work, also because if she had known most likely she would not have accepted. The poor girl is one of those girls who suffers tickling in a really exaggerated way, especially under her feet and the continuous laughter really takes her breath away so much that she goes into a respiratory crisis. Managing the shooting was not at all easy because very often the pleasure of tickling a girl like Agata exceeds the protection of the girl’s own health. Enjoy your video.

Length: 14:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scared eyes

ItaliansTickling – A terrible experience

We decided to get two ladies to tickle the victim as one couldn’t be enough. We did more and more, that’s why it has been such a bad experience for Silvia, based on her sensitivity to tickling. Her body is so sexy as shown on the preview, just the thought of being touched freaks her out. A fiftheen minutes madness for her, made by two ladies which won’t be pleased untill she won’t be done. Enjoy your clip!

Length: 14:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A terrible experience

ItaliansTickling – Bianca is back

Bianca is one of our favorite ticklers that we contact every now and then to make her tickle some of our girls but every now and then she too (as per contract) has to undergo a good dose of tickling.
For those who like to see the suffering in the eyes while a girl undergoes tickling, Bianca is the right girl because in addition to hearing her laugh without control it is really exciting to see her expressions of suffering that ask us for mercy, while knowing that she too will not be spared. Do not miss this new video also because you will notice that Bianca is the perfect victim but Carmen has a real talent in tickling girls. Enjoy your video.

Length: 15:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bianca is back

ItaliansTickling – Giorgia’s first time

We already met Giorgia on “Terrible Tickling” but this is her first tickling video, the first experience ever. She won’t forgive it because she’s dealing with both ladies as you can witness on a preview. These two, love watching her being desperate and asking for mercy despite my random request to stop: our victims need to rest a few second. Giorgia will be close to her highest level, just a few more minutes and she could have been crying. Enjoy your clip!

Length: 14:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Giorgia’s first time

ItaliansTickling – Little Alina

Alina has always been curious about our clips and she got in touch with us to get all the informations she needs. She surprised everyone despite her 1,5 mt height: she got a sexy and sensitive body tough. We didn’t understand why she agreed on being tickled but we know it has been a fifteen minutes suffer as she didn’t know whether crying or laughing somehow. We overdid quite much but watching her suffering that much has been more than we expected to be. Enjoy your video.

Length: 16:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Little Alina