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TicklingParadise – Shawnee Hogtied & tickled!!


This is clip 4 from Rope Master… Shawnee in her first video with Paradise Vision. The Rope Master has her hog tied in a bikini and works over her entire body. Her cries of “Oh no, Oh no” don’t even phase him as he just keeps going finding all her most sensitive spots. It looks like she can’t stand it… but LOVES it!! Shawnee is guaranteed to be one of your favorites!

Duration: 5:45.006
Size: 28,251 Mb

Download – Shawnee Hogtied & tickled!!

TicklingParadise – Raleigh’s Punishment!


This is clip 2 from TICKLISH DISTRACTIONS.Raleigh and Em are sorority sisters. The study room only has one recliner chair. Em comes home to find Raleigh in it. Em thinks this is her chair and when Raleigh won’t give it up, she gets mad. She comes back later to find Raleigh resting, and ties her ankles down. Then she gives Raleigh an unbelievable tickling until she promises to not sit in that chair during finals. Raleigh is unbelievably ticklish and her beautiful size 10 soles take a beating! She has the most incredible toe action as she squirms and tries to get away, but she has to endure! Em finds a nail file, and uses that on Raleigh too….poor Raleigh!!!

Duration: 9:32.204
Size: 644,7 Mb

Download – Raleigh’s Punishment!

TicklingParadise – Tiffany’s First Tickle!


This is clip 5 from Ticklish Body Paints….Introducing Tiffany, in her first tickling experience. She just wants to get the little flower in her belly button duplicated in paint……but she didn’t realize it would be that ticklish! She has two painters on her, and she’s trying not to move or laugh, but you can see the agony on her face! Bella pulls out the electric toothbrush to help “penetrate the paint” and this becomes absolute for Tiffany….and absolute heaven for the painters and for YOU!!

Duration: 12:56.408
Size: 1 049,659 Mb

Download – Tiffany’s First Tickle!

TicklingParadise – Ticklish Little Red Riding Hood!


This is clip 3 from Ticklish Fairy Tales…..Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to Grandma’s house, when the Big Bad Wolf offers to show her a “shortcut”. Next thing she knows, she’s in the stocks in his dungeon, completely at his mercy. He ties her toes together and whips out the electric toothbrush. For those of you who have seen Natalie before, you know how super ticklish she is and this is her most ticklish performance ever….she really hates that toothbrush and reacts in a major way EVERY time it touches her sensitive skin….and when the wolf rips her sleeves so he can really get to those “sweet armpits”….she goes wild with laughter!! And if that isn’t enough…he uses that toothbrush in one hand and a feather in the other on her super ticklish soles! This scene is sure to be an all time favorite!!

Duration: 16:08.367
Size: 1 527,139 Mb

Download – Ticklish Little Red Riding Hood!

TicklingParadise – Roxanne & the Tickle Game!


This is clip 4 of TICKLISH DISTRACTIONS. Roxanne is on her back, feet up in stocks as Raleigh plays the “Ticklish Game” with her. Raleigh uses different implements to tickle her feet and tells Roxanne if she can guess what is tickling her, she will stop! There is a feather, nail file, brush, a fork, and more! Everything seems to be going fine as Roxanne can guess what they are and then Raleigh moves on to the next “item”…….UNTIL……Raleigh pulls out the electric toothbrush, which drives Roxanne WILD!! Even though Roxanne can guess this one, Raleigh is having too much fun to stop. So much fun with one electric toothbrush, that she pulls out a second one and now there are TWO!! Amazing!!

Duration: 7:19.105
Size: 437,616 Mb

Download – Roxanne & the Tickle Game!

TicklingParadise – Dominique tickled till she cums!!


This is clip 3 from Rope Master…..Dominique is nude, tied in red ropes with beautiful knots all over her body and then she is secured to a pole with her arms overhead. She can�t move. Then Erin (also nude) is tied to her and told to tickle Dominique. When Erin doesn�t tickle Dominique enough (and even when she does) the Rope Master steps in and punishes Erin! She is helpless to the merciless master. Then see the hottest scene you will ever see when the Rope Master is tickling Dominique�s nipples, as Erin is tickling her pussy and thighs. Dominique goes crazy and actually reaches orgasm ��more than once! Her laughing mixed in with her moaning, her body squirming and heaving, is the wildest, sexiest scene I have ever filmed!

Duration: 18:42.117
Size: 93,312 Mb

Download – Dominique tickled till she cums!!

TicklingParadise – Cinderella’s Tickle Torture!!


This is clip 1 from Ticklish Fairy Tales….See sweet Cinderella (played by newcomer, Tayah)…as she is at the fireplace cleaning as usual when her two mean step-sisters (Bella and Natalie) come in to tell her they have been a little hard on her and want to reward her with a massage. As soon as she is secured, spread eagle on the table, they quickly change their tune! They whip out the electric toothbrushes and each work on one of her lovely size 10 feet! While one hand is working on her feet, the other is attacking her unbelievably ticklish knees…and if that isn’t enough they move on to her upper body and attack her there too! She thought her step-sisters had changed and were going to be nice….but she was wrong. They enjoy her and there is no end in sight!

Duration: 10:42.408
Size: 843,749 Mb

Download – Cinderella’s Tickle Torture!!