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BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Tickle Nibbles Misty’s Feet

Misty finds herself in a rather ticklish situation! She can’t help but squirm and giggle uncontrollably, even from the slightest brush of Akira’s skilled fingers!

When Akira’s talon-like nails grazed Misty’s sensitive supple soles, Misty couldn’t help but squirm from the ticklish onslaught. With delicate precision, her skilled fingers glide between Misty’s toes, thoroughly exploring every crevice and gently caressing her nails along the curves of her heels. Misty experiences an indescribable sensation as her soles crunch and her toes curl from the intense pleasure of nonstop tickling. Akira continues to tickle her feet relentlessly, ensuring that every inch of her exquisite feet is thoroughly tickled.

Akira has a knack for uncovering the ultimate tickle zones on Misty’s super-sensitive t ootsies. With a gentle breeze caressing her feet, her toes are in for a wild ride, scrunching up in a futile attempt to resist the toe-tingling pleasure. Getting up close and personal, Akira’s fingers do a little dance in the cozy nooks between Misty’s toes. Things really heat up as Akira takes a nibble on her delicate soles, giving her teeth a little workout on those thin-foot snacks. Misty gasps for air as she tries to casually avoid the sensation of the tickle nibbles as her front teeth nibble in softly on the sides and corners of her wrinkled soles.

Her sole mission: tickle, nibble, and scrape Misty’s toes to send her senses soaring! She’s absolutely tickled pink watching her toes curl up like they’re in a toe tango, desperately avoiding her tickling fingers. Then, she unleashes the ultimate tickle attack, leaving Misty gasping for air and laughing like there’s no tomorrow! Misty moans in tremendous pleasure and feeling as Akira’s teeth grind and nibble on her toes one by one, then moving to the sides of her soles and planting soft, gentle teeth nibbles on her foot flesh. Her feet tingle from the intense pleasure of being nibbled by Akira’s solid teeth, and her giggling is only amplified when she continues to tickle her feet with her sharp, manicured fingernails, scraping her arches.

Watch out for Misty, she’s about to reach peak squirminess! The electrifying tickle nibbles have her on sensory overload. She might need a quick breather before Akira launches another tickle attack!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Akira Tickle Nibbles Misty’s Feet

BrokenShellFantasies – Jasmin Foot Tickles Akira

Presented with a rare and unique opportunity, Jasmin tricks Akira into getting all tied up on the couch- trapped for Jasmin’s own pleasure. That way, she can focus on thinking about all the thrilling ways to overstimulate her nervous system and override her body with over-sensitivity. Akira can beg and plead all she wants, but Jasmin is determined to unleash the ultimate foot tickle attack extravaganza. She previously thought Akira was only somewhat ticklish, but now she realizes how explosively ticklish Akira really is!

Starting off gently, Jasmin is curious to see Akira’s tickle level meter rise and fall before her very eyes. Jasmin uses a brush made of black feathers and bristles that are too soft and fluffy to be effective in scrubbing her heels. The black feather’s pointed tip is the perfect stimulant to release Akira’s foot sensitivity to greater heights. Pulling a quick switch, she then uses the sharp end to scratch her soles, tracing the curves of her wriggling toes. Akira’s feet crunch and flail with each scratch of the feathers, and this only makes her laugh hysterically.

After Jasmin is satisfied with her feather tickling on Akira’s feet, she takes a little black feather duster and uses its soft feather bristles, which are overly bushy and scattered, to see if she can induce Akira to squirm even more. She spins the feather duster over her feet the same way she did with the feathers, brushing it over her crumpled soles, but this time she presses it in between Akira’s toes and the crevices between them, eliciting peals of uncontrollable laughter. Jasmin has been having a blast watching Akira squirm under her relentless tickling tactics. But she’s not ready to call it quits just yet. Armed with a long wooden brush, she expertly wedges it between Akira’s toes, giving them a delightful scrape with its slightly firm bristles. Akira’s sanity is hanging on by a thread as she desperately tries to process all the sensitivity while gasping for air. But Jasmin is determined to satisfy her curiosity and uncover the secret behind how her tickle toys send Akira’s hypersensitive feet into a frenzy.

Who could possibly overlook her beloved scratcher toy (resembling a tiny rake) as she playfully drags it across Akira’s well-worn soles, giving them a gentle scrub with its comb-like teeth at the tip? With a flick of a switch, Jasmin adds some extra “buzz” to Akira’s foot-tickling extravaganza by turning on the electric toothbrush. Those electrifying vibrations are sure to make Akira’s feet tingle with delight! Jasmin works her magic with the electric toothbrush, giving Akira’s heels a foot scrub treatment that even Cinderella would envy!

Akira’s laughter bursts forth, a futile attempt to resist the relentless tickles. Bound and helpless, she’s left with no choice but to endure the electrifying sensation that pushes the limits of human tolerance. “Tickle, tickle!”

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jasmin Foot Tickles Akira

BrokenShellFantasies – Jasmin POV Foot Tickled

Jasmin is feeling incredibly excited and fully prepared for her highly anticipated foot massage today. She has been eagerly anticipating this massage session for quite some time now, this massage will be a much-needed relief for her!

During the first few seconds of Jasmin’s booked foot massage session, everything seems normal. The masseur skillfully massages her feet, using expert thumb movements to work on her soles. However, things take an unexpected turn when Jasmin’s feet are suddenly chained and cuffed. But hey, she just shrugged it off, thinking it was just a fancy new protocol at the massage shop or a new massage treatment of some sort. As long as her tootsies are relaxed and refreshed, she’s cool with the whole foot bondage situation. Already enjoying a wonderful therapeutic foot massage, she feels completely relaxed when she notices that the masseur’s fingers start to move in circles around her wrinkled soles, and then they become sharper and more pointed, unintentionally causing her heels to feel a bit ticklish.

Jasmin bursts into uncontrollable laughter as the masseur tickles her feet relentlessly, leaving her overwhelmed with sensation before she can even ask him to stop. Her legs thrash about, desperately attempting to escape the tickling sensation on her feet. However, the foot collar is so tight that she finds herself unable to do anything except succumb to the delightful tingling pleasure caused by the foot tickles.

The foot tickles go from zero to tickle-licious as the masseur unleashes feather power! Those feather bristles are so soft and squishy, they practically tickle Jasmin’s soles into a frenzy! Jasmin is about to experience the tickle attack of a lifetime with a mini feather duster. Those bristles are definitely coming for her aching soles! Her feet go wild with tingles from the feather duster, making her squirm and scream with ticklish delight!

As Jasmin anticipates the synthetic feathers brushing her feet, she finds herself instinctively curling and crunching her soles. The feathers glide effortlessly over her feet, gently rolling and scraping against her wrinkled soles. Her excitement intensifies as she experiences the exhilarating sensation of extreme foot tickles. The hairbrush, with its firm long bristles, skillfully swirls around her feet arches, causing her to let out joyful screams. The new massage treatment can be quite overwhelming, with each little part bringing a different sensation. First, there’s the hairbrush, followed by the mini-scraper that resembles a rake. Finally, the electric toothbrush is used, which gives Jasmin an electrifying jolt of sensation. It’s so intense that she can’t help but scream in both pleasure and sensation.

She has never experienced such heightened sensitivity before. Despite feeling on the verge of bursting from the overwhelming sensations, she finds the massage treatment to be incredibly unique and addictive as it sends her feet into a frenzy of delightful sensations. Jasmin’s been waiting for this massage forever, and her tired feet are begging for more TLC (Tickling Loving Care!).

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jasmin POV Foot Tickled

BrokenShellFantasies – Sassy’s Holiday Cheer

Forget about those fancy, luxurious gifts your girlfriend’s expecting you to give for Christmas. You’ve got something way more exciting up your sleeve – some delightful feet tickles! Now that’s what you call a unique Christmas surprise!

Sassy was totally caught off guard by the surprise tickles you had in store for her this Christmas. She couldn’t help but squirm and flail her legs as she sees your fingers curling up, ready to launch a tickle attack. Once your skilled fingers get to work, giving her feet an intense tickle, there’s no stopping until she’s laughing so hard she’s gasping for air.

Relentlessly tickling away, your fingers dance across her snow-silky soles, leaving no spaces untouched by your expert touch. Tickling her wiggling toes, your naturally sharp fingernails gently graze her heels, reminding her that laughter is the only thing she can do while squirming all over the place! And of course, the Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without some pine tree ornaments. And what better way to put those sharp edges to use than by giving her feet an unexpected scrape? Oh, and we can’t overlook the oil, making her soles extra slippery and the grease spreading all over her feet, giving them a shiny shimmering look – just more reasons to playfully tickle her.

Those wriggly soles and pointy toenails of hers sure know how to dance under your tickling touch! You just can’t resist giving her oiled feet a good scratch, exploring every nook and cranny between her toes. And let’s not forget the joy of witnessing her hilarious reaction to those relentless tickles. It’s a tickle fest that won’t be ending anytime soon – until she bursts with oversensitivity!

No need to give lavish Christmas gifts to your girlfriend this year. Instead, surprise her with some exhilarating foot tickles that are sure to check off all the boxes on her holiday wishlist!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sassy’s Holiday Cheer

BrokenShellFantasies – Akira Shell Ties & Tickles Jasmin Jai

Jasmin Jai puts up a valiant effort to deny the tingles and heightened sensations caused by Akira’s intense tickles, but alas, resistance is futile against her tickling expertise!

When you find yourself in a precarious position, all bound up and unable to move, with Akira Shell’s talented ten fingers looming closer and closer to you- it’s time to squirm! Jasmin’s just the same, as her hands and feet go wild with tickles, putting on a show even with the tiniest nudge. Like she’s experiencing the tickling of a lifetime, Jasmin’s got a serious case of tickle-induced squirming and shaking. Akira’s feather duster skills have her squirming like a smooth contortionist, with her chest heaving and her curling and clenching as hard as she can. Akira’s brush is like a tiny tickle device, making Jasmin whimper and moan as her poor feet get taunted and tickled mercilessly.

The uncontrollable laughter, the fits of giggling, and the screaming of Jasmin while getting tickled all the more make Akira eager to play with her sensitive body using her prepared tickle-toys to heighten her body sensitivity even more. This time she uses a wide, giant feather to tease Jasmin’s delicate armpits, the pointed end of which she reaches in to stimulate gently. Jasmin’s having so much fun from the intense tickling session, and Akira’s just too excited to get her more tickling toys to use for her extra sensitive body. This time, with the miniature rake, with its small cool metal teeth, just enough to drag and scrub on her extra squirmy pink soles. To top things off, Akira goes in for the ultimate tickle-toy – the electric toothbrush. Hearing the toothbrush turn on, Jasmin feels the toothbrush bristles automatically creating a vibrating motion brushing all over her extra-squirmy, sensitive body!

Akira finds Jasmin’s laughs and squirms far too entertaining to stop, so she tickles her relentlessly for as long as her physical sensitivity will allow, and even longer than her mouth can hold for all the irrepressible laughter!

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Akira Shell Ties & Tickles Jasmin Jai

BrokenShellFantasies – Ama Rio Ties and Tickles Princess Natahlia

Playfully devious Ama Rio has something special planned for her best friend Natahlia- she’s going to manipulate her into falling for her scheme so she can tie her down on the bed to prevent her from escaping… moments later, Natahlia is strapped down tight to the table with her arms tied above her head! What a mistake that was! Ama Rio decides it’s time for more tickle fun together, but with her being in complete control!

Looming over Natahlia, Ama Rio tells her friend that she just couldn’t resist getting her hands on her, before pouncing in with tickles. Toes squeaking against the leather of the table as Natahlia fights off her friend’s tickling, the room is filled with her loud resistance, accompanied by Natahlia’s audible laughter. With such clean feet, wrinkled soles, and perfectly arched heels, Ama Rio finds it all the more enjoyable to try out all the intensive tickles she can give to her friend. Tickling all up and down her sensitive and exposed torso, rib by rib, hip by hip, Ama Rio discovers extremely satisfying responses as her friend gasps and laughs uncontrollably at every scrape her sharp, natural fingernails make against her delicate skin.

With her body wiggling and curling so tightly like a worm, Natahlia gives up and lets loose, as her friend’s soft touches and incredibly satisfying tickles make her so sensitive that she is rendered speechless and can only erupt in laughter! There’s nothing left for Natahlia to do but to submit to her best friend’s will at this point, which likely involves getting tickled so hard all over (neck, armpits, tummy, thighs, down to her lovely feet) that she’ll most likely feel severely overstimulated afterward!

Length: 12:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio Ties and Tickles Princess Natahlia

BrokenShellFantasies – Princess Natahlia Revenge Tickles Ama Rio

Some sweet tickle revenge payback has been long overdue, and Princess Natahlia has plenty of reasons to shackle and severely punish her bestfriend Ama Rio, and expose her most sensitive ticklish spots. Who better than her best friend to know her most sensitive spots?

Ama Rio never thought she’d laugh so hard in her life! Even still, Natahlia is eager to tickle-punish her as revenge for tickling her so hard she had to recover for days! As she gently scratches her friend’s soft feet soles, while seeing her almost break the bed from getting tickled so hard, Natahlia now realizes the very reason why she’s getting the same reaction from the same friend who betrayed her and tickled her feet too! And now, she’s going to double the pleasure by tickling her friend’s, particularly sensitive feet!

The poor woman just couldn’t keep the giggles to herself; she laughs so hard she almost runs out of breath, pacing up and down in her ecstasy at being tickle-punished by her best friend. At the certain point where her friend’s almost bursting from oversensitivity, Natahlia realizes how she remembers the sensation of having her most sensitive body part tickled by fingers that squish so hard and ceaselessly on her skin, never pausing.

And with her body writhing and getting electrified by Natahlia’s tickles, Ama Rio kicks and flaps her legs all over the place as if pleading for her to stop. After this, perhaps they can finally call each other friends…again?

Length: 13:00
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Princess Natahlia Revenge Tickles Ama Rio