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BrokenShellFantasies – Burglars Last Meal The Smo-ther Out

“For this she will wake up tied to the bed, shoeless and tape gagged with socks laying over her nose and you playing with her feet. You give her the same speech about not calling the police but decide to play a game to see if she can make it out. All she had to do is last longer than the time set for hours (like nine hours) you pinch her nose shut until she faints. You wake her up with an ice cube on her feet and tell her at this rate she is screwed. Next you foot gag her and wake her up with tickling and nibbling. It still hasn’t been close to an hour but you’re bored and you know she won’t make it so it’s the final round. All she has to do is make it until the timer hits 0 but with tape over her nose. You tape her nose and lay on her watching her as she slows her struggling then faints.”

Length: 17:25
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Burglars Last Meal The Smo-ther Out

BrokenShellFantasies – Squirting and Squirming

Length: 10:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Squirting and Squirming

BrokenShellFantasies – Making Irene Cum From Her Soles

Sensually rubbing oil all over Irene’s sensitive soles, you start to work your way up her soles promising a sensually shocking foot experience. Making her moan, you press into her muscles and rub slowly down. Moving around, finding all her sensitive spots, you start to tickle and tease her little tootsies. Laughing and scrunching her toes, she tries to keep you out of her slippery little cracks between her toes. Sneaking your way in, you work her up with a mixture of massages and tickles to orgasmic ticklish bliss.

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Making Irene Cum From Her Soles

BrokenShellFantasies – Foot Tickling Ziva To Cum

In a stunning yellow two piece, Ziva is all smiles as she is about to get tickled by one of the best foot masseurs in town, not realizing how intense of a session is in store for her sensitive soles. Being drained and worn out all week long, Ziva is longing for a satiating massage for her sore feet. Restrained and feet tied together, she giggles as the warm, greasy hands of the masseur start caressing her feet. As hands slowly stroke the back and the corners of her feet, she giggles instantaneously – as if she could not contain the tingling satisfaction. Ziva starts giggling sexily and sweating even more as the fingers gently glide from the soles of her feet up towards the spaces between her foot fingers. She moans for her life as the foot massage intensifies and makes her scream so bad her body nerves were throbbing with deep pleasure. What is that sensation washing over her? Pleasure emerging from the frustration of tickling, Ziva moans and thrashes sensually as her massage climaxes with tickles.

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Foot Tickling Ziva To Cum

BrokenShellFantasies – Double Team Tickling Akira

Sleepover time means pussy tickling time!

Rarely ever letting herself get captured and tickled, Akira is the assigned tickle victim for the custom video this time! An eager Misty and Maria are getting their hands all prepared and stretched for the main event! Payback time! Akira’s all out naked and both legs are stretched upwards – her two friends side to side. Starting from the edges of her clean shaved pussy, they give her soft finger tickles. She laughs uncontrollably until she squirms and begs for them to stop.

The girls level up their tickling performance and they do it in circles, from the edges of her clitoris, to the tip of her toes slowly towards her butthole. She giggles and laughs so hysterical that her body’s swaying all over the place! She could not contain her feels! Her hips are thrusting up and down, wanting to be relieved from the sensual tickling made by the two girls, but it all seems inevitable. She just could not resist it! Begging, moaning, and a lot heck of laughing, emanated the whole bedroom until Akira screams out the magic word to stop. Game over.

Length: 11:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Double Team Tickling Akira

BrokenShellFantasies – Tricked Into Tickles

“Kendra all flustered confides with Akira about her fears of being controlled. Akira sits down Kendra and grabs her by the chin and begins speaking in a sensually mesmerizing voice.

Akira: “Look into my eyes…”

Kendra begins to fall under her spell, as she continues to have her cheeks squished with both hands, and stare into Akira’s eyes as she stands over her

Akira: “Don’t worry (Akira lean’s down and kisses Kendra on her forehead while still squishing her cheeks), I’ll take care of you. Just continue to look into my eyes and listen to the sound of my voice, for you will soon be spell bound and completely under my control. Just trust in me and it will all be okay. Do you trust in me, don’t you?”

Kendra with a faint sounding voice, talking through her squished lips

Kendra: I trust you…

Akira: “That’s right my dear. Going forward, you are going to call me your mistress, is that understood?”

Kendra: “Yes, mistress…”

Akira: “There’s a good girl. Now your mistress can’t decide if she wants you to worship her feet or if she should tickle yours, what do you think?

Kendra: “My feet…feet are sooo…sooo ticklish…”

Akira, still grinning and squishing Kendra’s cheeks, leans down to get close to her face. Akira kisses Kendra on the lips, and puts her hand under Kendra’s chin, and helps her stand up, and continues to hold her chin as they exit the room, and the scene ends.

Kendra is out on the bed, tied up with her feet exposed and tied together. Akira sits next to her and squishes her cheeks with one hand to wake her up. Kendra wakes up, is no longer under Akira’s spell, and is confused/scared as to what happened to her.

Kendra: “What’s going on?! What did you do to me?! Why am I tied up?!”

Akira gets up and moves to Kendra’s feet, still standing, slaps her soles with both hands and begins playing with them

Akira: “Well, you were really upset, so I decided to spell bound you so we could have a little bit of fun. I just wanted to cheer you up!”

Kendra: “But why did you tie me up?”

Akira then gets on her knees, so she’s faced to face with Kendra’s soles.

Akira: “Because I’m going to tickle your feet silly head!”

Akira begins tickling Kendra’s feet with her bare hands, but eventually adds baby oil to her soles, and uses a brush for several minutes. Thrashing and laughing uncontrollably, Kendra suffers through being tickled in her most sensitive spot- her bare soles! After she’s finished tickling her feet, Akira then goes to sit on Kendra’s lap facing her, and squishes her cheeks with both hands one last time.”

Length: 16:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tricked Into Tickles

BrokenShellFantasies – Scarlett Venom Foot Tickled To Cum

After a very tiring day at work where she stands all day long in a mall, Scarlett finally relaxes at home and her most awaited time of the day is here! Waiting, you are all prepared for your steamy foot-massage session. This beauty positions her silky, pink soft soles towards you as he puts a massage oil on both sides. Scarlett breathes deeply in pleasure upon the first few strokes of your fingers. You start slowly caressing each foot in an up and down motion as the lube creates a smooth texture for extra sensation. Softly tickling both of her soles, gently gliding your fingers up, until you reach her smooth toes. You sensually rubs your fingers in a circular motion and in between, going back to her soles. Scarlett can’t help but giggle and squirm as you grab, press, and put some pressure on her feet. Scarlett almost runs out of breath as she gives an outburst of sexy giggles. The extremely tingling sensation makes Scarlett burst into massive pleasure. Surely, she cannot wait to go to work and be back home again for a foot-massage session with you!

Length: 12:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarlett Venom Foot Tickled To Cum