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BCTickleAndFetish – Stretch That Core Bella Ink

Bella looks phenomenal after just having her first baby. However she still wants to keep her core tight and looking good. Who better to help her than IFBB professional bodybuilder Tapered Physique. She has Bella all stretched out on the ball and decides to try something a little different with her. Instead of traditional core workouts, she wants to work Bella’s core by stimulating her belly button. Tapered slowly fingers and tickles deep inside, and around Bella’s bellybutton. Bella is very sensitive and ticklish. She giggles and struggles to keep her balance but Tapered dosen’t stop. In fact, she brings out a stimulation tool in the form of an electronic flosser. The sensations inside her navel are too much for Bella to handle. She swats Tapered’s hand away but it doesn’t stop her. This a core workout that Bella will never forget!

Duration: 6:25.993
Size: 282,982 Mb

Download – Stretch That Core Bella Ink

BCTickleAndFetish – Quickie With Adrianna Evans

Adrianna has quickly become a favorite here. What’s not to like? She’s cute, bubbly, and extremely ticklish. Easily in our top 10 most ticklish girls we’ve ever worked with. This is a short but sweet upper body tickling clip with her. The tickler uses fingers in her armpits, stomach, sides, and belly button. He also tickles her thick, delicious inner thighs and waist area. There’s not one spot on her that’s not ticklish. Adrianna may also have the best facial expressions out any girl. You can see the pure anguish on her face lol!

Duration: 5:21.673
Size: 233,1 Mb

Download – Quickie With Adrianna Evans

BCTickleAndFetish – More For Megan

As we’ve seen, Gia really has Megan’s number. She continues to push Megan’s limits in this clips as well. She gives Megan a little reprieve in the beginning but soon after Gia is instructed to really make Megan beg. That exactly what Gia does. She really digs into Megan’s ribs and side boob area. And of course, Gia did not forget about how ticklish Megan’s ass is! She reaches around and uses her nails to tickle Megan’s ass which drives Megan wild. To make matters worse, Megan is blindfolded the entire time as well. This is one of the few times you will ever see Megan pushed to her limit. Lots of laughing, shrieking, struggling, and for Megan in this clip.

Duration: 8:38.718
Size: 377,175 Mb

Download – More For Megan

BCTickleAndFetish – Keke All Racked Up

The adorable Keke is stretched out on the table and vulnerable the way we like her. Travis now gets a chance to tickle her curvy, ebony frame. He starts out on her armpits, ribs, and sides. You know he can’t resist tickling her big outie belly button either. Keke laughs her head off and gives good reactions to her upper body being tickled but now its time for the feet. We initially thought her armpits were the most ticklish spot but now it’s clear the feet are her worst spot. She has big, wide soles with a lot of space to tickle on them. Fingertips, brushes, the back scratcher, and the flosser all do wonders on her lovely ebony soles. Keke is a joy to tickle and we look forward to having her back in the future!

Duration: 12:52.791
Size: 540,888 Mb

Download – Keke All Racked Up

BCTickleAndFetish – Akeema Has An Outie

Akeema has a nice curvy belly but more importantly she has a huge outie belly button! It sticks out like a sore thumb, waiting to be played with. She’s laid out in the perfect position, in a sexy outfit that perfectly exposes her belly button. Travis applies lotion and fingers all around Akeema’s outie causing her to laugh and struggle. Then he continues to torment her belly button with other tools while Akeema lies there and takes it. Her outie navel is like a button just waiting to be pressed!

Duration: 6:32.262
Size: 272,354 Mb

Download – Akeema Has An Outie

BCTickleAndFetish – You See These Nails!

Bella took a great deal of tickling from Tapered. Luckily her boyfriend came home, caught Tapered in the act, and freed Bella. Now Bella has a chance to tickle torture the muscular frame of Tapered and get some revenge. Tapered thinks that she’s strong enough to break out of the bondage but quickly sees that’s not the case. She questions rather or not Bella can make her break. What she doesn’t realize is that Bella has extremely long nails which turn out to be the perfect kryptonite to Tapered’s muscles. Bella flat out tickles the hell out of Tapered! She starts with the feet using her nails primarily then switching to a barrage of tools. Tapered lets out some really loud screams and laughter. Like a lot of strong women, she struggles very hard and goes nuts. When Bella moves to her upper body it’s all over. You should hear the screams Tapered lets out when Bella’s nails tickle her armpits, ribs, and abs. This strong, muscular, bodybuilder is TICKLISH! Surprisingly, despite Bella’s relentless nails, Tapered remains defiant. Bella just continues to torture her breathless. Don’t miss this video! Tapered is one of the most ticklish bodybuilders you will ever see!

Duration: 11:30.778
Size: 517,755 Mb

Download – You See These Nails!

BCTickleAndFetish – Scar On The X

Scar turned out to be very ticklish on her feet. We were delighted to see that her muscular upper body and thighs were equally ticklish. Her armpits get a moderate response but her ribs, sides, belly button, and inner thighs are her real weakness. Just like in the last video, Scar is not a screamer nor does she fill up the room with laughter. The struggle is real for her though. The way she struggles and contorts her body to move away from the tickling is hot! She tries to fight it so much and is unsuccessful of course. Her looks, banter, and the things she says while being tickled are pretty sexy. She might actually enjoy being tickled to a certain extent lol. Scar is a sexy, ticklish female bodybuilder that we hope to tickle again.

Duration: 9:29.059
Size: 343,69 Mb

Download – Scar On The X