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BCTickleAndFetish – You See These Nails!

Bella took a great deal of tickling from Tapered. Luckily her boyfriend came home, caught Tapered in the act, and freed Bella. Now Bella has a chance to tickle torture the muscular frame of Tapered and get some revenge. Tapered thinks that she’s strong enough to break out of the bondage but quickly sees that’s not the case. She questions rather or not Bella can make her break. What she doesn’t realize is that Bella has extremely long nails which turn out to be the perfect kryptonite to Tapered’s muscles. Bella flat out tickles the hell out of Tapered! She starts with the feet using her nails primarily then switching to a barrage of tools. Tapered lets out some really loud screams and laughter. Like a lot of strong women, she struggles very hard and goes nuts. When Bella moves to her upper body it’s all over. You should hear the screams Tapered lets out when Bella’s nails tickle her armpits, ribs, and abs. This strong, muscular, bodybuilder is TICKLISH! Surprisingly, despite Bella’s relentless nails, Tapered remains defiant. Bella just continues to torture her breathless. Don’t miss this video! Tapered is one of the most ticklish bodybuilders you will ever see!

Duration: 11:30.778
Size: 517,755 Mb

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BCTickleAndFetish – Scar On The X

Scar turned out to be very ticklish on her feet. We were delighted to see that her muscular upper body and thighs were equally ticklish. Her armpits get a moderate response but her ribs, sides, belly button, and inner thighs are her real weakness. Just like in the last video, Scar is not a screamer nor does she fill up the room with laughter. The struggle is real for her though. The way she struggles and contorts her body to move away from the tickling is hot! She tries to fight it so much and is unsuccessful of course. Her looks, banter, and the things she says while being tickled are pretty sexy. She might actually enjoy being tickled to a certain extent lol. Scar is a sexy, ticklish female bodybuilder that we hope to tickle again.

Duration: 9:29.059
Size: 343,69 Mb

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BCTickleAndFetish – Quickie With Shanice Luv

Travis now gets a crack at Shanice Luv. Her feet are explosively ticklish but you have to work to find the spots on her upper body. Harder tickling is her kryptonite. Her spots are definitely her ribs, hips, and inner thighs. At one point she starts sliding down the wall with the X frame and almost falls down. If that wasn’t enough, he calls Kawaii over to tag team her for a couple minutes. Shanice really suffers once you get her going!

Duration: 5:12.432
Size: 219,757 Mb

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BCTickleAndFetish – Just Keep Stretching

Mia couldn’t help but notice Eden’s belly button at the gym. She finds Eden to be incredibly sexy, especially her bellybutton. Eden has a hard, toned stomach and an outie bellybutton that Mia has to see up close. She follows Eden home and sneaks into her house. She catches Eden at the perfect time while she’s stretching in lingerie after her workout. Mia starts touching her belly button which startles her. Eden ask why Mia is in her house. Mia confesses her love for Eden’s bell button and rather then calling the cops, Eden entertains the idea. Mia fingers all around her belly button and abs. She whips out a couple tools to tease Eden and keep her on edge. It’s not exactly how Eden planned to spend her evening but she likes it

Duration: 8:05.885
Size: 361,718 Mb

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BCTickleAndFetish – Bella Learns Gym Etiquette

Bella is one of those people that goes to the gym more for social status than actually staying in shape. She is constantly taking pictures and videos of herself between sets. She loves posting them on her Instagram and other forums. Tapered is an IFFB professional bodybuilder that has no time for these kinds of antics in the gym. Bella is always hogging the machines that she needs to use and holds them up for long periods of time. Tapered is tired of her barbie doll antics in the gym and decides to do something about it. She follows Bella home and ambushes her in her own house. Bella soon finds herself tied on her own bed spread eagle. Tapered takes liberties with her long slender feet and toes. Bella apologizes but it’s far too late. Tapered wants her to pay so she ups the anti by tickling Bella’s feet with various tools. The hairbrush makes Bella damn near jump off the bed! Tapered then moves to tickle her upper body. Bella is ticklish all over but Tapered quickly discovers her worst spots. Bella’s ribs and inner thighs are by far her most ticklish areas. Tapered has strong hands and she really digs in which sends Bella into hysterics. Bella is a complete mess by the time Tapered is done with her. (We got Bella to safe word on this one for the 1st time!)

Duration: 13:04.679
Size: 587,45 Mb

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BCTickleAndFetish – The Beach Is Closed!

Mia ignored the city’s lock down rules and went on the beach to tan. Eden, a member of the Beach Patrol, finds her and detains her. Instead of arresting Mia, she decides to inflict another type of punishment. She binds Mia up to a giant X frame and tickle tortures her! Mia is confused and demands to be set free but Eden doesn’t care. She has long nails and gleefully runs them all over Mia’s sexy body. Mia’s armpits, stomach, belly button, ribs, and inner thighs are all very ticklish. She continually questions the officers motive. Eden could care less. She deviantly smiles as she tortures the poor girl! When she’s done she just leaves Mia bound. Will Mia be able to set herself free?

Duration: 8:49.863
Size: 389,84 Mb

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BCTickleAndFetish – Snitches Get Tickled Part 2

Kendra is getting to the bottom of who snitched on her. It’s starting to become clear that both of her tutors had some involvement in ratting her out. Kendra has also started to turn her nerdy tutors against each other. Slyy is mad and seeking retribution against Adriana for tickling her. She gets her chance because Kendra now wants to punish Adriana. She has replaced Slyy’s position on the X frame and finds herself being tickled tortured. Once again Kendra is calling the shots, demanding Slyy to tickle her harder. She joins in and together they make Adriana suffer. Her armpits, ribs, and stomach all get tickled while she tries to tell her side of the story through fits of laughter. Kendra also decides that she’s not quite done tickling Slyy. She removes Slyy’s top and tickles her armpits and sides while Slyy tickles Adriana. Next they move to Adriana’s feet and punish her more. Poor Adriana is probably more ticklish than Slyy and really gets puts through the ringer!

Duration: 11:11.041
Size: 498,292 Mb

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