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BCTickleAndFetish – Stretch That Core Gia Love

Length: 6:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Stretch That Core Gia Love

BCTickleAndFetish – My Poor Belly Button

Catherine Foxx is stretched out on an exercise ball with her sexy stomach and belly button wide open. KK can’t help but to get her claws on that sexy body. KK has long nails which prove to add even more sensitivity to Catherine. As soon as KK’s nails graze her skin, Catherine is freaking out. Then KK takes her pointer finger and sticks it right in Catherine’s belly button. She has a strong core but not even Catherine can keep her composure. She’s laughing, shrieking, twisting, turning, and struggling to remain on the ball. KK loves having complete control over her reactions. So much so that she whips out the electronic flosser and uses it right in Catherine’s navel. Catherine is beside herself! Eventually she loses her balance and falls off the ball in exhaustion. KK gives her belly button a work out with nails, the flosser, and even her tongue at times. Catherine’s belly button isn’t very deep but it sure is sensitive!

Length: 6:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – My Poor Belly Button

BCTickleAndFetish – Kendra Facedown Ass Up

Kendra Allure is officially the most ticklish amazon we have ever worked with! All you have to do is poke this woman anywhere on her body and she will freak out. With a body and an ass like hers, what better position to put her in then facedown on the X frame in pantyhose. Petite and cute Luna has the honor of tickling the amazon in this one. She makes her return to tickling as the tickler and she wears Kendra out. She starts by running her long nails all over Kendra nylon covered butt, thighs, and legs. Kendra’s butt is extremely ticklish especially on the sides. Kendra goes so crazy that Luna tries to sit on her to keep her still. Luna is too small and Kendra is so strong that this does not work out well. After being bucked off Luna decides to move to her nylon covered feet. Luna’s little hands do amazing work on Kendra’s big feet. At this point Kendra is drenched in sweat and begging for the tickling to stop. Next, Luna targets Kendra’s upper body. The look of agony on the amazons face is priceless. She is sweating and struggling mightily to escape Luna’s fingers. Her armpits, ribs, and sides are all vulnerable and Kendra has nowhere to go. If you like seeing a strong, athletic, and dominant woman being reduced to a sweaty, begging, distraught mess don’t miss the video! Kendra is seriously top 3 most ticklish girls we’ve ever worked with. The way she clearly struggles with tickling is genuine. Luna had to be instructed to keep the tickling constant because she started feeling bad for Kendra. This video is FIRE!!!

Length: 12:29
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Kendra Facedown Ass Up

BCTickleAndFetish – Huge Hands, Tiny Feet

Kendra’s revenge on Luna continues. This time it’s Luna’s turn to get in the stocks. Amazon Kendra looms over her like a predator getting ready to pounce on her prey. First, baby oil gets applied and already Luna is jumping out of her skin. Kendra takes pleasure in tormenting this little girl. Her long fingers easily cover every inch of Luna’s soles and toes. Luna is struggling mightily and cursing like a sailor again. In addition to fingers, all the tools are used as well to drive Luna wild. Her cute, small soles can’t take it.

Length: 8:55
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Huge Hands, Tiny Feet

BCTickleAndFetish – Interrogating The Queenpin

The Infamous Mz. Haze has finally been captured by detective Cross. She is the main crime boss in the city and the head of the 5 major crime families. She faces hard time but Cross offers her a sweet deal. All she has to do is give up the heads of the other 4 families. She refuses so the detective has an idea. He ties the tough queenpin to an X frame and tickles the hell out of her upper body. Mz. Haze is cackling and can barely speak as he tickles her armpits, ribs, belly button, and waist. Mz. Haze is beside herself but only replies with smart ass remarks and useless babble. Cross gets frustrated and tickles her more and brings out an electronic flosser. The queenpin is ultimately defiant even though she is clearly suffering from the tickling. Find out whose will is stronger. Mz. Haze has the most infectious laugh! This is the first time she’s been tickled on her upper body and what a treat it is for tickle fans! You’re going to love the back and forth banter between Cross and Haze. You’re going to love Mz. Haze as well, we promise!

Duration: 14:58.875
Size: 642,627 Mb

Download – Interrogating The Queenpin

BCTickleAndFetish – Interrogating The Queenpin Part 2

Mz. Haze is proving to be either one tough chick or a glutton for tickle punishment. She just endured over 10 minutes of intense upper body tickling interrogation. Detective Cross is determined to get her to flip on the 5 heads of largest crime family in the city. Haze has remained defiant despite the tickle torment she’s endured on her upper body. So naturally, the next step is to tickle her nylon covered feet. Detective Cross quickly puts Haze in the stocks and removes her heels. He begins by simply rubbing her feet and that is enough to already have Haze giggling. She continues mocking the detective by giving him ridiculous answers. So he continues tickling the daylights out of her. His fingers just glide over those nylons with such ease. Haze’s infectious laughter fills the room again. She has taken so much tickling and may be starting to get a little delirious at this point! Detective Cross gets tired of her silly remarks and brings out tickle tools. All of them in conjunction with his fingers is clearly driving her mad. Will the tough lady gangster finally give in?

Duration: 13:01.614
Size: 553,942 Mb

Download – Interrogating The Queenpin Part 2

BCTickleAndFetish – Gia’s Got Goosebumps


This is the last installment between these 2 hot Cuban girls. Gia has pushed Megan to her limits and made her say red. Now Megan gets her last chance at revenge. She uses her long nails all over Gia’s sexy body. She even reaches around and tickles her ass the same way Gia did her. The best results are in her armpits, ribs, and belly button though. The last few minutes Megan focuses on those areas and really makes Gia squeal, laugh, and struggle. This is not the most intense video but still good if you’re a fan of Gia.

Duration: 8:48.981
Size: 383,706 Mb

Download – Gia’s Got Goosebumps