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BCTickleAndFetish – Tiny Hands, Huge Feet

Little Luna has already turned Amazon Kendra into a sweaty, pleading mess. Her little hands aren’t done though. Now Kendra’s huge feet are locked in the stocks. Luna starts with running her fingers over Kendra’s slick nylon covered feet. Kendra is already struggling and going bonkers. Then the nylons get ripped open and baby oil gets applied to Kendra’s soles. From this point on it’s game over for the athletic amazon! Her feet are hyper sensitive to everything and Luna uses everything to drive Kendra wild. Perhaps the best results are with the fingernails. Kendra’s feet are almost double the size of Luna’s hands but it only gives Luna more space to tickle. Luna really has this amazons number. Kendra cannot take tickling at all. This poor amazon gets turned into another begging, sweaty, struggling mess! Foot tickling fans do not miss this!

Length: 11:48
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tiny Hands, Huge Feet

BCTickleAndFetish – It’s An Innie Outie

Since it’s Luna first time back in a while, you know we had to let Kendra play with her belly button. Luna is not sure what to expect. As soon as Kendra inserts her finger into Luna’s deep belly button she gets her answer. She says it’s a weird feeling but you can tell it definitely tickles! Just like everywhere else on this poor girl, her belly button is very ticklish. Kendra’s long fingers penetrate deep inside her navel constantly. Kendra also brings out the flosser. Luna was already jumping and squirming around, now she’s really suffering. She’s cusses like a sailor while the amazon Kendra torments her belly button.

Length: 6:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – It’s An Innie Outie

BCTickleAndFetish – I’m Still Ticklish Damnit!

After a long hiatus, Luna Vera has made her return to the world of tickling! If you are a tickling fan, you definitely know of Luna. She is easily one the most ticklish girls of all time and has been in a ton of videos over the years. She tickled the life out of our favorite amazon Kendra. Now it’s her turn to suffer on the table. Luna’s petite body was made for our bondage table. Kendra’s hands are so big and they easily roam Luna’s most vulnerable spots. Luna is still just as ticklish as ever! For such a petite and innocent looking girl, she curses like a sailor. Kendra tickles her armpits, ribs, stomach, sides, waist area, and neck in this one. She gets some much needed payback while little Luna suffers and cusses every 2 seconds! Hot clip!

Length: 8:45
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – I’m Still Ticklish Damnit!

BCTickleAndFetish – Hot Bound Muscle Woman

Tapered Physique is in yet again another precarious position. Her upper body is extremely ticklish and that is the focus in this clip. Her muscular body is put on the X frame and Bella is instructed to wreck her. Bella has had her number lately and her technique works wonders on Tapered. She mainly tickles her armpits, abs, and sides. She also tries tickling her inner thighs, pelvic bone area, and butt which all get good reactions from Tapered. We are delighted that this muscular cutie turned out to be more ticklish then expected. Her high pitched squeals and flailing body are a site to see when tickled. Look for more of her in the future!

Length: 6:24
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Hot Bound Muscle Woman

BCTickleAndFetish – Gia Gets Hers

Gia has been on a tickling rampage lately. Her latest victim was KK Qing. Poor KK has taken a lot of torment from her and finally gets a small measure of revenge. Gia is looking gorgeous in her pink bikini. It is very skimpy, revealing, and leaves all of her tickle spots wide open. KK waste no time tickling the hell out of her. She tickles with very fast fingers everywhere and does not let up. Gia was not quite ready for KK’s fast finger assault. She has nowhere to go and is at the mercy of KK Qing. It serves her well for all the tickling she’s inflicted on other girls lately.

Length: 6:22
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Gia Gets Hers

BCTickleAndFetish – Catherine Foxx Returns Part 1

One of our all time favorites has finally returned! Not only have we not worked with her in years but she took about a 2 year hiatus from being tickled. We’re so glad to welcome her back with a bang. In this first video we interview her for a couple of minutes and catch up with her on some personal and tickling questions. Afterwards, Travis gets behind her and tickles her armpits, ribs, and belly button. No restraints in this one. She simply keeps her hands behind her head and just takes non stop tickling. Catherine is known for her animated reactions to tickling. They are some of the best ever! See for yourself when the electronic flosser meets her belly button. It is clear that loves she tickling as a whole and is one of the legends in the fetish. Part 1 only contains upper body tickling. Price reduced a little for the interview in the beginning.

Length: 10:30
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Catherine Foxx Returns Part 1

BCTickleAndFetish – Can I Tickle You Forever

We got more with our new favorite ticklee, Haze. She is just one giant, cute, ticklish ball of fun! This is another rare video of her getting tickled on her upper body. As you’ve seen, she’s extremely ticklish in her armpits, ribs, sides, belly buttons, and hip area. She even admits through fits of laughter in the middle of the video that she’s ridiculously ticklish. Her whole upper body gets a thorough tickling. Her over the top laughter fills the room as usual. Perhaps the best thing about Haze is that she seems to actually like being tickled. At the end of the clip the tickler asks her if he can tickle her forever. She’s says no but then says he can tickle her for a very long time though, despite being in near insanity from tickling. Who wouldn’t want to tickle her forever?

Length: 6:17
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Can I Tickle You Forever