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OurFantasyChest – The Bet – Episode 8 (FULL EPISODE)

* This Video Contains Both: The Bet (PART 1) & The Bet (PART 2) *

Myles has been watching their sexy home videos and realized that Gwen is absolutely kicking his butt in the tickle department. In a previous session, she strapped him down and discovered how amazingly ticklish his upper body is. She proceeded to devour his tummy, chest and armpits with hungry tickles until he was a begging mess. Now, Myles is out for revenge.

Looking to take advantage of Gwen’s stubborn confidence, he bets her that he can make her use a safe word in a foot tickling session. If he can, then he finally gets to tickle her super ticklish clit! (A tickle spot that’s always been off limits). Gwen agrees to The Bet on one condition: If she wins, and doesn’t use the safe word, she get’s to tie him down and tease his nipples to orgasm. No hand job, no blow job, just constant nipple teasing until he cracks and cums for her. 

Those are high stakes for Myles, but being confident he can win, he takes her on and the bet is underway!

Join Myles and Gwen for a high stakes tickle session and take a seat at Gwen’s delicious nylon soles as Myles slowly slips them off and gets down to business. Who will win?

Duration: 19:00.139
Size: 1 391,448 Mb

Download – The Bet – Episode 8 (FULL EPISODE)

OurFantasyChest – Testing for Tickles – Episode 13

Come join Gwen and Myles on a tickle experiment that is as sexy as it is adorable. Take a front row seat with Myles as he genuinely seeks to find the most ticklish spots on Gwen’s feet and the most effective tickle tools for each spot.

There’s no restraints in this one, making it super challenging for Gwen to keep still as Myles easily finds tickle spots, techniques and tools that make her laugh and flail all over the bed. This playful tickle session is for the foot and tickle lovers out there who want a more honest, intimate and behind the scenes look at their favourite fetish couple on the internet 🙂

Duration: 14:26.732
Size: 851,053 Mb

Download – Testing for Tickles – Episode 13

OurFantasyChest – Christmas in July – Episode 19 (The Complete Tickle Session)

* This Video contains BOTH Part 2 and Part 3 of “Christmas in July” *

You know what’s better than getting an AMAZING gift for Christmas in July? Finding out that it’s actually a two part gift!

Myles will tell you that his eyes practically popped out of his head in excitement when he found out that his ‘Christmas in July present wasn’t just to worship Gwen’s orgasmic nylon feet after a long day it work, it was also to tickle her orgasmic nylon feet after a long day of work …

The rules were simple, Gwen explained:

“When I go to work tomorrow, I’m going to put on a fresh pair of nylon socks for you to once again rip off, only this time you’re going to rip them off so you can tickle me! I don’t think I need to remind you how ticklish I am in those nylons after a long day; So when I’m all wrapped up in your favourite foot tickling position, my super sensitive feet completely helpless, remember that you’re the luckiest man in the world!

Watch as myles gets a very clear remainder that he is indeed the luckiest man in the world, as he slips Gwen’s flats off her helpless, perfect nylon feet, and finds himself in foot tickle heaven!The ultra thin sheer socks covering Gwen’s soles were like a beautifully elegant wrapping paper covering a gorgeous Christmas present  But now it’s time to unwrap them, as Myles once again tears those sweaty nylons off of Gwen’s sexy feet, revealing her incredible, ticklish soles.

Duration: 17:05.090
Size: 1 249,621 Mb

Download – Christmas in July – Episode 19 (The Complete Tickle Session)

OurFantasyChest – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 3)

Watch as Myles slips a vibrating egg down Gwen’s pants and shifts from tickle , to teasing , focusing on licking and sucking her super sensitive nipples and soles as the vibrator plays away on her helpless clit.

The room, once full of laughter, will now be full of moans …

Duration: 6:19.746
Size: 463,23 Mb

Download – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 3)

OurFantasyChest – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 2)

Myles kicks things up a notch and it goes from playful tickles to a very intimate exploration of her soles using various tools.

Watch Gwen ride out fits of laughter as Myles tests her reactions with various tools including; an electric toothbrush, electric flosser and firm hairbrush. Every time she begins to adjust, he switches things up, causing a whole new wave of giggles to erupt. 

He even worships her helpless sensitive soles in between the tickling to keep throwing her off. things are heating up in this one.

Duration: 10:20.186
Size: 759,166 Mb

Download – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 2)

OurFantasyChest – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 1)

If there is one thing that makes Myles weak in the knees, its a woman with ticklish feet. 

Despite Gwen claiming that she isnt ticklish, Myles knows very well that she is. Feet that soft and perfect just HAVE to be ticklish. Taking advantage of Gwens confidence, Myles convinces her to be strapped to the bed after a long day at work for a little tickle exploration…

Myles starts by slowly removing her left boot to reveal her sweaty nylon sole. The shoe removal makes her giggle… This was it. It was time to prove that Gwen’s tough girl act of “not having ticklish feet at all” was a bunch of bull. 

Watch as Myles slowly, softly and methodically turns a “not ticklish” Gwen into a pile of giggles!

In Part 1 of this 3 part series, Myles finds out something very interesting: Gwen is extremely “Licklish” after a long day in sheer socks and boots.

Duration: 12:57.209
Size: 949,917 Mb

Download – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 1)

OurFantasyChest – Sole Buffet (Gwen) – Episode 14 (PART 3)

* This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Series *

In the very Erotic conclusion of this 3 Part series, Myles now has Gwen tied with her legs wide apart, and he plans to lick and devour her helpless pussy for as long as he wishes.

Watch him tease Gwen’s throbbing, desperate clit and sensually explore her defenceless body with erotic tickles and licks as she quivers and moans in her bondage for him. He’s placed the camera at her soles so you can watch her feet wiggle and her toes curl in ecstasy as she’s methodically broken down into a desperate, horny mess.

He breaks out the vibrator, desiring to edge her as much as he can, but, overwhelmed by her pleasure, Gwen suddenly cracks in an orgasm! Now she must be punished with a little post orgasm tickle torture …

Duration: 9:47.486
Size: 714,891 Mb

Download – Sole Buffet (Gwen) – Episode 14 (PART 3)