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MellemFootFetish – Two girls Licks or Tickles ft romy

Little game between girlfriends : The naughty dice Special Fetish. Caressing, nibbling, licking, tickling, kissing are the actions. Armpits, belly, feet are the body parts.
Romy and Mel are 2 sensual women, playful and especially very ticklish. They will take turns to have a sexy action on each other’s body. The laughter, the moaning, the begging will make the temperature rise and excite them.

A fun and hot game! Want to play a game?

Length: 17:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Two girls Licks or Tickles ft romy

MellemFootFetish – Tickled hanging by the feet

Tied up and suspended by the feet, arms blocked by the straitjacket. We are free to play with this little submissive. Master John and I will tickle her feet with multiple props. We are a very complementary and delicately sadistic bînome.
This last one will nevertheless annoy me by its insolence .So I will correct her by making her lick my feet and by gagging her with a foot stuck in her mouth, while John tickles her hard with the brush and the electric toothbrush. Until I turn off her bratty side.

Length: 9:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled hanging by the feet

MellemFootFetish – The hitchhiker tickles armpits and feet by 2 protagonists

Out in the car looking for a new prey for our sadistic games. We hunt down little hitchhikers to tickle them just for our pleasure.
Today we fall on a young redhead a little bourgeois, what pleasure! We park in the precipitation on the first carpark that we cross that of an old cemetery, in spite of the regular passage of vehicles.
She wakes up in the trunk of the car disoriented the arms tied behind the head chained with tape. My accomplice takes care of his armpits, and I take care of his feet. He starts the hostilities gently with the pen while I tie her ankles together with tape. I slowly remove her shoes to discover my little toys. Her feet are small, groomed and polished, rather hot and sweaty and a little smelly. Perfect as I like them, I can’t help licking them at times.
I discover their sensitivity with the end of my long nails, she reacts strongly from the first guilis.
Quickly obliged to gag her with her dirty socks to atenuce her laughter, to continue.
Her armpits are also very sensitive to tickling, quickly she begs us to stop. The more she begs, the more the excitement rises, the more the accessories follow. Long nails, feathers, oil and brushes as well as a glove with dreadful pimples are linked on her delicious feet.

Length: 12:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The hitchhiker tickles armpits and feet by 2 protagonists

MellemFootFetish – Soft and sensual tickling with footjob

Mr. tied my wrists in the air, my lower legs between them too. I am sitting, my armpits my ribs and my pretty feet totally accessible. He is going to play with me with a beautiful feather caressing my body to make me moan under the tickling. It frustrates me not to have any caresses, not to feel his hands. I tease him a little to excite him by talking about my feet so soft and ticklish, he resists and decides to use a brush to make the exercise less soft and more painful for me. His excitement goes up a notch to see me laugh, moan and tense up. It is still quite gentle and bearable for me. Seeing him so excited encourages me to play along and accept his excesses. I see the bulge in his jeans grow, I know it will crack. He generously oils my feet from the front and soles, and takes out his hard sex to caress my feet. He masturbates while fucking my feet and toes. Then he takes back the small oily brush and tickles again the base of my toes, the most sensitive zone… I moan more and more about the situation, the sensati ons … He masturbates on my tickling soles without stopping until he floods my soles.

Length: 11:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Soft and sensual tickling with footjob

MellemFootFetish – Tickled and fucked between pleasure and torment

An erotic game with my partner, he ties me up on my knees on the massage table. My wrists tied to my ankles, I am offered with my buttocks in the air and soles of my feet ready to endure his slightest desires.

He starts to play with my plants, with the feather and the brush. I am quite ticklish, but the restraint and the excitement increase my sensations tenfold. He has chosen my outfit, a sexy fishnet set with a closure at the crotch. He doesn’t resist long before opening it to tickle my pussy and my ass. Well decided to make me crazy, he gives me pleasure and at the same time makes me endure tickling. He makes me understand that to have my orgasm I have to let him do it and endure the hairbrush and the toothbrush on my feet and between my toes.
He also uses the Wand, to make me wet and make me want him to continue. A perverse game between pleasure and punishment.
This little game will make him all hard and very excited. He decides to turn me over and introduce himself into my pussy while continuing the tickling and the wand.
I will cum, intense pleasure and ordeal at the same time. He will end up watering my feet as if to reward them.

Length: 24:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled and fucked between pleasure and torment

MellemFootFetish – stocks & tickles for both of them – Hush Step-Daddy is sleepping

I secretly invite a friend to my house to play tickle. I love it! But my parents are resting, I mustn’t wake up my step-father or we’re both screwed.
I am more experienced than him, I start the hostilities. With the feather I test his sensitivity, his most ticklish zones. Then without mercy I tickle him strongly, I like to hear him laugh, moan, and beg me to stop. The brush and the glove will get the better of him.
I then leave him room to get his revenge. I’m ticklish too and I love it. Seeing a partner get kinky and sadistic by giving him power over me. He makes no detours and tickles me very hard from the start! Very hard to resist …

Length: 17:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – stocks & tickles for both of them – Hush Step-Daddy is sleepping

MellemFootFetish – Intense Reunion

After 2 months without seeing each other, Romy decides to come back into my hands. The distance between us is long, but the pleasure of playing together has kept us coming back again and again for 2 years. I’ve acquired some new accessories and was eager to let her try them out.
A chain attached to his collar to a hook on the ceiling, with his legs joined by a leather restraint. A strap around her ankles to keep her feet firmly in place, and a small strap to hold her thumbs together. She’s ready to play. I’m going to celebrate our reunion with an intense tickling session on her feet. Feather, nails, hairbrush, toothbrush, alternating gentleness and sadism. I get off on it and so does she. .

Length: 11:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Intense Reunion