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MellemFootFetish – Bad treatment for a cam girl with MissSweatYumi

For a few months now, I’ve been in a financial mess at home. My husband is increasingly distant, and squanders what little he earns. The situation made me suspicious, and I decided to search his phone. Shock! He’s paying for videos and show cams on an adult website. Most of them with a certain Miss sweat Yumi. I discover her address in their exchanges, because this bastard has offered her a pair of shoes! Mad with revenge, I decide to go to her house to make her regret taking advantage of poor gullible men at the expense of their families. After breaking into her living room, I hide and wait for her to wake up. The attack is swift, and she can’t escape me. I tie her up and wake her with a riding crop. Then I tickle her hard, I want her to suffer, to regret and to stop this sluttish activity. She screams so much that I decide to gag her, to continue until she’s hysterical, trembling with exhaustion!

Length: 8:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bad treatment for a cam girl with MissSweatYumi

MelleMFootFetish – First tickling for Gabriella

This is the very first video of pretty Gabriella, where she’s both adorable and shy.
Gabriella is very ticklish when it comes to her feet, and we didn’t hesitate to check her out. We tied her feet and hands to immobilize her, and started tickling her. To our delight, her sensitivity to tickling increased! At first, she held back, but when we started using a brush and oiling her feet, she started wiggling like crazy.

In the second part of the video, Gabriella is tied up on her stomach, with her feet and hands connected. We start by manipulating her feet a little before moving on to the tickling.
Once again, she tried to restrain herself, but soon began to squirm from the unbearable tickling when the oil was put back on.
She blushed and laughed as if someone had taken possession of her. She screamed and begged, breathless with laughter. In the end, she barely managed to say how horrible we were.

Length: 18:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – First tickling for Gabriella

MellemFootFetish – Graphiti Urbex nightmare

These two young graphic artists love to explore abandoned places to exhibit their work. Thinking themselves safe and alone, they set up shop with music in this uninhabited old house. The music masks the ominous sound of footsteps approaching the room, which appears to be an old office. A man of impressive build catches them unawares and immobilizes them without difficulty. This man is twisted and unhealthy. He asks one of them to tickle her friend’s feet, if she doesn’t want to suffer the same fate. Armed with a riding crop, he corrects the two grapheuses, tying them up with cable ties and gagging them with their blindfolds. The man looks sadistic and takes an unhealthy pleasure in frightening these two women. He seems to be used to these practices, with a whole range of accessories and even oil to practice his vices. He even picks up an old hairbrush lying around on the dusty floor to tickle them harder. The first tickles her friend to avoid the tickling and whip snapping. But that’s never enough for him. She is regularly chastised for her incompetence, or simply for the man’s vice. Eventually, he leaves them tied up, reporting them to the police.

Length: 10:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Graphiti Urbex nightmare

MellemFootFetish – Punishment The student Meisha!

Meisha’s first ever video!
Meisha is caught by her teacher sending nudes. The teacher decides to take matters into her own hands and punish her for this inappropriate behavior in class.
She starts by spanking her. Realizing it wasn’t enough, she took off her socks and tickled her feet, her weak spot. She switches between tickling and spanking before moving on to her armpits and belly. Despite Meisha’s screams and begging, the teacher makes a point of tickling every part of her body to teach her good manners.

Length: 12:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Punishment The student Meisha!

MellemFootFetish – Gently tickled with Petitexsirene

Alexia takes great pleasure in tickling Mellem. Hands and feet tied, she’s at her mercy.
Alexia proceeds to tickle her feet and armpits with a feather, before duct-taping her mouth and putting oil on the soles of her feet to make them more sensitive and slippery. She then takes a brush and starts tickling her oiled and tied feet. It’s too much for Mellem, who can’t stop moving and screaming.

Length: 13:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Gently tickled with Petitexsirene

MellemFootFetish – PUNISHMENT AGAINST SILENCE – The bridesmaid’s punishment

What a shame! This bitch rested with her best friend’s future husband. She plays the saint, blaming the groom and the alcohol. The groom’s friends know all about it and threaten to tell Sandra. They agree to keep quiet, provided she’s punished. A good correction with a hard session of armpit and foot tickling.
For her arms, the protagonists use tape and a broomstick. This way, she can’t do anything. Gagged with tape.
Her plants are oiled, then tickled with fingers and a brush. A roulette wheel is also used to sensitize the soles of her feet.
Her armpits will be intensely tickled, as this area is extremely sensitive. To better hear her confession, they remove the tape from her mouth. Despite her pleas, they will be impassive and severe.

Length: 8:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – PUNISHMENT AGAINST SILENCE – The bridesmaid’s punishment

MellemFootFetish – Real estate agents ready for anything

Real estate agents are known for their determination. Ready to do anything to obtain the exclusive mandate for the sale of this private individual’s house. The commercial conditions are delivered and the client looks rather indecisive. He expresses his agreement, in exchange for which she must accept to be tickled.
After a short reflection, she accepts this perverse game.
The deal is simple: get her feet tickled, while being tied up with scotch tape, in exchange for exclusive rights to the sales mandate for several weeks.

The game begins slowly, in a rather playful. She laughs a lot and seems to be enjoying herself.
As the game progresses, the tickling becomes harder and the accessories more effective. Various brushes are used on the soles of her feet, and oil is also applied, making the tickling unbearable. No longer a pleasure for this woman, she calls a truce.
But he decides otherwise, taking advantage of his position to negotiate the terms of the contract. A fierce negotiator, she gives up nothing.
How long will she resist?

Length: 12:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Real estate agents ready for anything