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HoustonFootFetish – An unexpected mix-up (LSSP Foot Tickle)

A series of complicated events and a schedule mix-up results in Houston Foot Fetish thinking he’s at the NTC (National Tickling Convention) but turns out its the LSSP. He books two up and coming models, Princess Sophia and Kiki Cali, under the guise of it being a tickle torment session but they are under the impression that it’s going to be an intense spanking session instead. What started as a crazy misunderstanding instead turns into a hilarious and unexpected fun and new experience for all three of them, as Kiki and Sophia have never been tickled before. Especially while having their ankles tied and restrained with rope at the same time!!

Length: 12:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – An unexpected mix-up (LSSP Foot Tickle)

HoustonFootFetish – STOP FUCKING TICKLING US! We just want to play video games

Lua and Apricot are two petite emo E-girls who enjoy playing video games while being barefoot. Unbeknownst to them a mystery tickler is going to interrupt their video game session and tickle their innocent gamer girl feet while they are propped up on the table amidst their favorite game. They are ambushed by the tickler out of nowhere and completely blind-sided having little to no preparation of the intense tickling on their milky white tender gamer girl soles. The mystery tickler is relentless and blitz tickles them both back and forth starting with Apricot and working his way to Lua after making Apricot pass her the controller from being tickled so hard that she’s laughing uncontrollably and can no longer concentrate on the game. The same happens to Lua Saturnii as she is tickled so hard and aggressively she too has to play hot potato with the controller as she can’t focus on the game from being tickled so intensely. Eventually the mystery tickler starts to play 4D chess and begins to tickle both of their smooth milky white feet at the same time causing them both panic, confusion and of course loud & uncontrollable laughter. They are completely overwhelmed by them both being tickled at the same time and can no longer play their favorite video game but instead beg and plead that their tickler stop his raid on their feet to little to no avail. They are completely frantic and are struggling and squirming to get loose from his grip as he mercilessly tickle torments their soles. They constantly ask him to stop and only when he has had his fill and fun with tickling their feet does he eventually relent the tickle madness as he is satisfied with their loud screaming and laughter and leaves them alone to finish playing video games after he has sufficiently traumatized them and their sensitive & tender feet!!!!!

Length: 13:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – STOP FUCKING TICKLING US! We just want to play video games

HoustonFootFetish – Tickling Lua and Apricot’s Pitts

Lua and Apricot are taking a brief break from playing Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4 after an intense gaming session. They are discussing their new favorite fighting game, when all of a sudden on of their friends comes from out the back room and begins to randomly tickle them both without any rhyme or reason. It all happens so fast; Apricot was just sitting there listening to Lua talk and the next thing you know her delicate armpits are ambushed tickled relentlessly and nonstop without just cause. Lua can just sit there and shock and laugh at the out of the blue playfulness of it all, when she is also tickled under her milky white delicate armpits by the Ler as well. She immediately erupts in chaotic and uncontrollable laughter as her armpits and sides of her body are just as ticklish as her bare feet. Lua and Apricot are both laughing uncontrollably at this point and are constantly asking and begging for the Ler to stop tickling them under their arms but to no avail. The Ler constantly cycles back and forth between the two only giving them each short breaks to barely catch their breath before he starts tickling the other once again making sure the laughter is constant and spread evenly among the two innocent gamer girls. Eventually, the Ler gets a bright idea! He has two hands, and there are two sexy gamer girls, so he decides to tickle them both at the same time, resulting in simultaneous uncontrollable laughter from them both as they plead for him to stop his tickle ambush on them both. He does not listen however and continues to tickle them both all under their armpits and on their sides as much as he pleases until he gets tired from all the squirming and struggling, they are doing Their laughter and reactions result in spasms that are a treat to any tickle enthusiast and once the Ler has had his fill, he then finally stops tickling them. All Lua and Apricot can do at that point is frantically catch their breath and try to recover from this traumatic tickling experience that just took place! It was a miserable experience for them but pure unfiltered tickle bliss for the Ler and the viewer!!!

Length: 10:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Lua and Apricot’s Pitts

HoustonFootFetish – Yule-Tied & Tickled

Lua Saturnii and Stacy Luxxx are bound and all tied up for the holiday season. They necessarily aren’t on Santa’s naughty list but they certainly aren’t on the nice list either. They are securely restrained with rope at their ankles and they are tickled in rapid succession back and forth with various tickle torment devices. Lots of loud laughter and struggling are featured in this Holiday tickle clip with plenty of Holiday cheer spread between the two as they are tickled on the bottoms of their feet mercilessly. They try their best to endure and struggle to get free but to little to no avail as they are very ticklish on their feet they are screaming with laughter as the tickling is so intense that they beg and plead for the ler to stop multiple times. Tickle lovers, Merry X-Mas and happy holidays and be sure to stuff this present in your festive shopping cart for your tickle torment entrainment with these two gorgeous beauties!!

Length: 15:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yule-Tied & Tickled

HoustonFootFetish – Light as a feather, stiff as a board (Tickling Edition)

During an intimate girl’s night sleepover, Sablique Von Lux offers to teach Vika a game she likes to play. Vika is at first very hesitant, because she thinks it’s going to be a torment game, but she reluctantly agrees after a little peer pressure from her friend. Sablique then begins to teach Vika the rules of light as a feather – stiff as a board but with a twist. In Sablique’s version of the game she incorporates full body tickling into it, completely changing the tone and aspect of the game. In her tickle torment version, one must stay stiff as a board while being tickled or else the Ler will get to tickle even more intensely to the Lee for not staying stiff. Vika learns this the hard way, as she is literally learning the rules as they go, putting her at a major disadvantage but luckily, she is a quick study. She turns the tables on Sablique in a surprising fashion once it’s her turn to become the Ler as she manages to quickly deduce all of Sablique’s most ticklish spots all over her body. Once a fun bedtime game between friends, quickly escalates into a full body girl on girl tickle fight, including but not limited to: feet, armpits, belly buttons, ribs, knees, and many other naughty areas. The duo expends a very large amount of energy tickling each other relentlessly back and forth and by the end of the game, they are both extremely exhausted and ready for bed as they both are tickled to their absolute limits and can’t take anymore. This was one intense and laughter filled game of Light as a feather / Stiff as a board though!!!!!

Length: 12:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Light as a feather, stiff as a board (Tickling Edition)

HoustonFootFetish – Emma Frost Psychic stuck in the stocks (Telepathic Tickle Torment)

It’s Senior skip day at the Xavier Mansion for gifted youngsters and one young & promising student has taken it upon himself to prank the Headmistress of the Academy. Emma Frost (Vika) is tricked into getting into a pair of pillory stocks and getting her toes tied & bound under the guise of a training exercise and it all goes downhill (or uphill) depending on perspective. The two most surprising things are that Emma can turn her skin into diamonds but needs to be able to concentrate do so but is unable since she is being constantly and mercilessly tickled so she can’t focus on doing so at all. The other thing is that Emma is a powerful telepath, so the gifted student must’ve known to clear his thoughts to hide his true intentions or else she would have read his mind and figured out his ploy way ahead of time. Instead, she is trapped in the stocks being tickled by every torment inducing tickle device that could be found just sitting around the mansion’s armory. Unfortunately for Emma (or fortunately if you’re a fan of tickling) she is eXtremely ticklish on her feet. She’s a size 9.5″ and every inch of her marvelous mutant soles is extremely delicate to the touch. She bursts out into fits of laughter when she is barely even touched on the bottom of her feet. She has to endure a lot as they are the only two in the mansion and no one is there to help release her as she begs and pleads and threatens to expel the student if she isn’t released. Nevertheless, she is tickled up to and past her limits and explodes into fits of uncontrollable laughter as she is continually tickle tormented by her own student much to his delight and much to her dismay!!!

Length: 10:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Emma Frost Psychic stuck in the stocks (Telepathic Tickle Torment)

HoustonFootFetish – Don’t you dare tickle my toes while I’m tied up and bound

Ama Rio’s big and pink size 9.5″ feet are tied up tightly by rope as she sits there helpless. The Ler promptly begins to tickle her feet without regard and uses an assortment of torment tools for maximum tickling effect. The beautiful brunette is put through the gauntlet and her endurance is really put to the test once the Ler founds a secret spot on her feet that makes her react violently as this particular tickle G spot makes her erupt with loud laughter and she fights, kicks and screams to get away and make the tickling spot once it’s discovered & taken advantage of. Several times during this tickle session the Ler has to stop and laugh as Ama’s reaction is so candid and genuine that it is an overall hilarious moment for both the Ler and the Lee!!!!!

Length: 9:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Don’t you dare tickle my toes while I’m tied up and bound