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HoustonFootFetish – My feet are sensitive, please don’t tickle me!

It’s full speed ahead in this bi-racial blitz tickle video FEETuring the petite beauty known to us as Jessica. This beautiful mulatto is tied up by both her wrists and ankles and isn’t going anywhere as she is in it for the long haul as her nerves & endurance are both put to the test simultaneously. As per usual, a wide assortment of different tickle torment devices are implemented into this tickle experience so the lee can be taken to her highest limits and for maximum laughter and joy for both the viewer & the Ler. Jessica is very sensitive and vulnerable on her delicate ebony soles as those are her most sensitive area to be tickled. The Ler founds this out very soon into the video and takes full advantage of this fact and pays the bottom of her feet extra tickle attention to get her most extreme reactions in a very candid and open fashion! She is definitely taken on a very intense tickle ride with little to no breaks and a very funny part towards the very end where Jessica thinks it’s over but the Ler has to get one more intense reaction from her and comes back to double dip on her sensitive mulatto feet to get more intense laugher from her while her guard is temporarily down!!!!

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My feet are sensitive, please don’t tickle me!

HoustonFootFetish – Ebony cutie is tied up and tickled to her limits

In this never-before-seen tickling clip we have ebony cutie pie Sherri and her cute size 8.0 feet to tickle torment. She is securely tied by both her ankles and her wrists. A wide assortment of tickle torment devices are on hand for maximum entertainment and variety. Even while being completely tied up she still struggles, flinches, squirms, and other evasive tactics but that just makes it even more fun for the Ler. She is eventually fully subdued and tickled on the bottom of her plush ebony soles vigorously & mercilessly. Multiple times she is so overwhelmed as the Lee that she falls over sideways in a fit of uncontrollable laughter which was definitely a highlight for the Ler. Her endurance and voice is put to the test in this clip as the laughter is constant from being tickled against her will and try as she may to escape she is going to be tickled to her limits and she is completely drained of energy & laughter!

Length: 12:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ebony cutie is tied up and tickled to her limits

HoustonFootFetish – Busty Blonde Blitz Tickled

Sexy busty blonde Apricot Pitts is tied and restrained on her ankles & wrists. She is then mercilessly blitz tickled on her bare feet which causes her to explode with very loud hysterical laughter. She is very ticklish on the bottom of her feet and several tickle torment devices are used to for maximum tickle satisfaction. She shouts, wiggles, squirms, and screams out of desperation but to no avail, because she is bound & tied tight with ropes. She’s not going anywhere, but maybe her top is because her overalls can barely contain her juicy and plump breasts which only seem to be separated by a thread before they come busting out. The room really heats up when the ler decides to switch to upper body tickling which includes her hair armpits, upper torso, and ribcage. She is also tickled tormented with no mercy as she is again blitz tickled so hard that she literally falls off the couch… TWICE!!!! This is an intense tickle session as well as an instant classic. With that being said be sure to pick this clip up ASAP as this is also her first time being tickled tormented on camera!!! Armpit tickle enthusiasts as well as foot tickle fanatics will both thoroughly enjoy this gem of a tickle video!!!!!

Length: 13:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Busty Blonde Blitz Tickled

HoustonFootFetish – Ama Rio’s Armpit Ambush

The beautiful Ama Rio is tied by her ankles and wrists while sitting on a couch when she is immediately tickled all over. The focus is on her armpits, upper body, ribs, and stomach. This is a front POV view of the action with lots of insanely loud laughter and struggling from the petite brunette. At a couple of points her reactions are so extreme that she nearly kicks the couch backwards on the LER which was very surprising giving her relatively small size and petite frame. She has very explosive and animated responses when her extra sensitive areas are tickled as she erupts in laughter and jerks & spasms around to try and get free. The fun really starts when tickle tools are brought in to further tickle torment her which amplify the degree of upper body tickling to the next level! She struggles and screams so much that by the end she nearly escapes her rope restraints as she was bound and tied up from the very beginning of this clip!!!!

Length: 10:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio’s Armpit Ambush

HoustonFootFetish – The Grinch ambushes Angel & tickle tortures her (Holiday Tickle Special)

Angel the Foot Goddess is minding her own business when The Grinch makes another surprise appearance completely ambushing her to administer some more tickle to her. She is tickled from head to toe mercilessly and vigorously. Only after the Grinch is satisfied with the misery and chaos he’s caused does he then leave the scene but not before declaring that he will be back next year to ruin the holiday’s again for any poor unsuspecting ladies trying to enjoy the holiday season.

Duration: 7:43.496
Size: 599,386 Mb

Download – The Grinch ambushes Angel & tickle tortures her (Holiday Tickle Special)

HoustonFootFetish – Stacy Luxxx Bound and restrained tickled from head to toe

Stacy Luxxx is back in action getting tickled once again by Guest Tickle host Bobby Tickly! She is bound and restrained on a chair. Her ankles and wrists thoroughly tied with no chance of her escaping her rope restraints. She is then mercilessly tickled all over her body, including armpits and the soles of her feet. Her laugh is loud, adorable and very satisfying to hear. You’ll get a first row POV front row view of this awesome tickle fetish clip and it’s a very rare treat for my tickle fetish fans. This exclusive shoot is a tribute to you guys. Thanks for your continued support and this is an instant classic and must have for foot tickling and tickle fetish enthusiasts alike!!!

Duration: 26:05.363
Size: 1 319,048 Mb

Download – Stacy Luxxx Bound and restrained tickled from head to toe

HoustonFootFetish – Sorceress Morgana tickle tortures Lady Velvet (Nurse v Nurse)

Sorceress Morgana has Lady Velvet right where she wants her, at her mercy on the bed helpless as she is mercilessly tickled with extreme prejudice. Morgana has a wide array of tickle devices in her arsenal and makes sure to use all of them to put Velvet through the ringer when it comes to be tickled. Morgana does such a vicious tickle session on her that Velvet insists on immediately getting her revenge. I wonder how that will turn out for poor Morgana when the tables are turned in this Nurse vs Nurse tickle series!!!!

Duration: 7:00.486
Size: 581,665 Mb

Download – Sorceress Morgana tickle tortures Lady Velvet (Nurse v Nurse)