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DollHouseStudio – Toe Tickling Under Blanket

Jenny is napping in a bed. Her feet are covered by a blanket. Her friend Kylie comes in and and decides to mess around with Jenny’s feet. She uncovers them to reveal Jenny’s soles, which are facing the camera. Kylie sits on the foot of the bed/kneels (whichever is better) by Jenny’s feet and begins to gently play with them. She pays a lot of attention to Jenny’s toes, gently massaging them one by one. She lightly runs her finger across Jenny’s soles, gently pinches her heels, massages them, etc.

That sort of thing, just some nice light foot play, but have Kylie pay extra special attention to Jenny’s toes. Have her play with them by pinching and wiggling them with her thumb and forefinger, massage them, rotate them, kind of do a “this little piggy” sort of thing. But don’t actually sing it or anything because I want kylie to be quiet like she’s respecting that her friend is napping.

Duration: 12:10.166
Size: 884,157 Mb

Download – Toe Tickling Under Blanket

DollHouseStudio – Tied Up Ankles Tickling With Long Nails

Jenny has her ankles bound and feet hanging from the edge of a bed and Kylie simply tickles her soles using the 3 techniques below. Kylie uses her index finger to tickle Jenny’s soft soles, also using both index fingers and tickle both feet at the same time. Next Kylie uses both hands to tickle both feet at the same time with her long nails while Jenny’s feet move all around trying to avoid the tickling.

Kylie enjoys playing with Jenny’s ticklish soles with her long fingernail and watching her feet struggle to get away.

Duration: 5:30.400
Size: 396,414 Mb

Download – Tied Up Ankles Tickling With Long Nails

DollHouseStudio – Lawyer Feet Tickling

You (Kylie) are a powerful lawyer who works a lot and doesn’t spend much time at home. You can tell your husband is becoming dissatisfied with your marriage because you are never around, so you decide to surprise him for his birthday by letting him do something you typically never let him do -Tickle your bare feet.

Husband arrives home from work to find your feet locked in the wooden chair. First he removes your stilettos. Over the next several minutes, he uses his fingers to figure out where your feet are most ticklish, taunting you each time he finds a spot.

Full/ankle length business suit incl. stiletto high heels
Red painted toe nails
Toe ring(s)
Tickling type: Sensual m/f foot tickling using fingers only

Duration: 5:26.133
Size: 391,748 Mb

Download – Lawyer Feet Tickling

DollHouseStudio – Foot Massage And Oil Foot Tickling Jenny

Kylie lost a bet and jenny made her massage her tiny feet. Kylie wasn’t too happy about it as she just got back from a nail salon with her new long red finger nails. She is rubbing her oily feet for a few minutes when decides to surprise Jenny and starts tickling her feet covered in oil with her long fingernails. Jenny giggles and laughs as Kylie traps her feet with her leg and keeps tickling her until she can’t take it anymore!

Duration: 5:59.100
Size: 430,989 Mb

Download – Foot Massage And Oil Foot Tickling Jenny

DollHouseStudio – Toothbrush Rope Bondage Barefoot Tickling

Jenny’s feet are tied with a rope and soles close up ready to be tickled. This time Kylie is using a toothbrush to tickle her feet. She’s super ticklish and keeps giggling and laughing. Her sexy toes curling and foot scrunching as she’s struggling against tickling!

Duration: 3:48.566
Size: 272,131 Mb

Download – Toothbrush Rope Bondage Barefoot Tickling

DollHouseStudio – Tied Feet Tickling Torture

Jenny’s feet are tied up with rope bondage. He feet are very ticklish. Kylie tickles her with her long fingernails until she can’t take it anymore laughing and giggling!

Duration: 3:34.500
Size: 255,263 Mb

Download – Tied Feet Tickling Torture

DollHouseStudio – Socked Feet Tickle


Duration: 3:08.733
Size: 225,487 Mb

Download – Socked Feet Tickle