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DollHouseStudio – Long Finger Nails Tickling Feet While Dangling Shoe

Dangling shoe and tickling feet with long red finger nails. So foot model would lay back with her legs crossed and feet hanging off the edge of the bed or couch and dangling her heel. Tickler would sit behind her feet, somewhere around her knee and just tickle the sole of the foot while the foot twirls around and shoe is dangling from toes. It’s ok if the shoe falls off from time to time. You would just do some tickling barefoot then place the shoe back on and repeat the tickling. I love the index finger tickle technique, so if you could do a lot of that in this one I’d really appreciated. And just focus on the arch of her foot when tickling. You can add anything you like to this one. That’s all.

Duration: 7:55.966
Size: 793,923 Mb

Download – Long Finger Nails Tickling Feet While Dangling Shoe

DollHouseStudio – Kylie Nylon Feet Tickling

Kylie’s feet are tied up wearing nude color nylon socks. She’s very ticklish. Jenny is tormenting her big feet tickling her with her long blue finger nails. She giggles as soon as Jenny’s finger touches her nylon soles!

Duration: 5:30.766
Size: 549,187 Mb

Download – Kylie Nylon Feet Tickling

DollHouseStudio – Jenny Foot Tickling In Fishnets

Jenny gets tickled in black fishnets, feet tied up. She’s scrunching her tiny feet, wiggling toes, giggling and laughing as Kylie tickles her with no mercy, ripping her socks off and tickling her bare feet. Her petite nylon feet are super ticklish. Watch to see if she can take all 7 minutes of feet torment!

Duration: 7:36.900
Size: 762,65 Mb

Download – Jenny Foot Tickling In Fishnets

DollHouseStudio – Foot Tickle In White Footies

If the foot model can start off the video wearing her white footies or ankle socks and the tickler can have the long red nails again. So the position would be like zoomed in so all we see is the foot in the air and the long nails. The first 30 seconds would be like a sock removal tease where we see a finger slowly lift up the back of the sock from the ball of her foot to expose the sole of her foot while the foot twirls around a bit, just teasing the viewer. After 30 seconds you remove the sock completely and walk your nails from the ball of the foot to the middle. Once you get to the middle you lightly twirl your index fingernail around the arch of her foot and tickle for about a minute at a time while she curls her toes and scrunches her sole and eventually pulls her foot away like she’s too ticklish. Then we see your hand grab her ankle and bring her foot back into view of camera and repeat the walking and tickling her arch until she can’t take it and pulls her foot away.

Duration: 7:44.833
Size: 779,789 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle In White Footies

DollHouseStudio – Feet Tickling Feet

Kylie tickles Jenny’s soles softly with her toes. Jenny is pretty surprised that it tickles so much. She is wiggling her short toes and scrunching her feet giggling and laughing. Her soles are super ticklish. You can get a nice close up view of Jenny’s small feet and wrinkled soles tickled by Kylie’s long toes (both having a red toe nail polish).

Duration: 7:04.233
Size: 709,01 Mb

Download – Feet Tickling Feet

DollHouseStudio – Black Finger Nails Tickling Feet Hanging From A Sofa

Kylie’s sitting barefoot with her big feet hanging form a sofa. Jenny is tickling her with long nails (black nail polish). Her feet are so ticklish. She’s giggling, laughing, curling and scrunching her feet and wiggling her long toes. You will love how her foot wrinkles as Jenny’s fingers tickle her pretty soles!

Duration: 5:36.633
Size: 557,981 Mb

Download – Black Finger Nails Tickling Feet Hanging From A Sofa

DollHouseStudio – Trapped Barefeet Index Finger Tickling With Long Red Finger Nails

Tickler would have feet trapped in between legs and tickle using all 3 techniques. You can also tickle both at the same time every now and then. You know I have to throw in an index fingernail technique so if you could do the one where she digs her long red nail into the sole and tickles while the sole scrunches up and foot twirls this would really turn me on. Thats all.

Duration: 6:58.000
Size: 696,976 Mb

Download – Trapped Barefeet Index Finger Tickling With Long Red Finger Nails