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MidwestTickling – Serpentine Facedown

Serpentine is lying facedown and her feet are tickled.

Duration: 16:13.000
Size: 545,669 Mb

Download – Serpentine Facedown

MidwestTickling – Meretrix plays TicTacToe

Meretrix plays a few games of TicTacToe. She has to choose where she plays without looking. If the space she chooses is already taken she has to skip her turn. She is challenged to win at least 1 of 7 games. Can she do it? I guess you’ll have to find out.

Duration: 10:33.046
Size: 396,222 Mb

Download – Meretrix plays TicTacToe

MidwestTickling – Meretrix in Nylons

Here we have Meretrix facedown again. She is wearing nylons, which she says makes tickling much worse! Her nylon feet are tickled mercilessly and then the nylons are ripped away and the tickling continues.

Duration: 11:53.046
Size: 141,222 Mb

Download – Meretrix in Nylons

MidwestTickling – Meretrix Holds a Dollar

Meretrix tries to hold a dollar between her feet. She is not allowed to drop it. Let’s see how she does.

Duration: 4:39.046
Size: 115,222 Mb

Download – Meretrix Holds a Dollar

MidwestTickling – Meretrix Hogtied


Meretrix . . . hogtied . . . and tickled . . . fun!

Duration: 14:42.425
Size: 422,069 Mb

Download – Meretrix Hogtied

MidwestTickling – Meretrix Feet

Meretrix sits down to have her extremely sensitive feet tickled. I quickly learn that her toes are a hot spot!

Duration: 12:36.412
Size: 212,102 Mb

Download – Meretrix Feet

MidwestTickling – Meretrix Face Down

Meretrix is lying face down while her vulnerable bare feet are tickled. A variety of tools are used, all with great reactions! Meretrix is a lot of fun.

Duration: 10:07.412
Size: 380,102 Mb

Download – Meretrix Face Down