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BalkanTicklishGirls – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 4

The tickling journey of the beautiful Svetlana continues with part 4. In this video she lies on the couch on her belly, exposing her thighs, but and back to me. I start with her feet, where I play for a while with her soles, heels, and toes. Svetlana laughs a bit, but the feet are not her most ticklish area.

I then move above her legs, tickling her under her knees, she is definitely ticklish there, her thighs and ass.

In the second part of the video, the tickling continues on her upper body, where she is much more ticklish. I start slow, with feathers. I try her back, sides, and ribs. Svetlana squirms and giggles. Then I decided that it is time to attack her most ticklish spot-her armpits! Once I touch them, the blonde cutie explodes into wild laughter. Multiple times she tells me that it tickles her a lot and begs me to stop, but I showed her no mercy.

I tickled her to insanity on her armpits till the end of the video, producing some very arousing moments of pure ticklish laughter and begging for mercy.

The whole video is subtitled in English for full enjoyment.

Length: 11:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 4

BalkanTicklishGirls – Natalia’s worst nightmare! Part 2

This is part 2 of Natalia’s worst nightmare! In the second video, the beauty is tied to the couch, absolutely helpless and vulnerable to the tickling hell I am about to unleash on her.

In the beginning of the video, I use my favorite feathers on her feet as a warm up. Natalia reacts pleasantly, as she is ticklish even to the slightest touch of a feather. Poor cutie, she doesn’t know that this is just the beginning. 😀

I continue tickling her with feathers in a close-up scene of her amazing feet. Her laugh increases with every up and down stroke of the two feathers I use. But once I start using the thicker part of the feathers, Natalia goes completely nuts and explodes into an arousing laughter. As you can probably imagine, I took complete advantage of the situation and tickled her nonstop.

Next are my playful fingers, thanks to which, Natalia finds a new level of ticklishness and laughter. Her toes are hypersensitive and I absolutely love playing with them, causing the poor girl to twist, shout and laugh uncontrollably.

After I was done with the finger tickling, I introduced the electric toothbrush and the electric flosser to the scene, taking her last breath. It spilled out with one of the best laughs I have ever heard.

I then decided to move to her upper body, where I tickled her sides, ribs and armpits. She is super ticklish there as well. In the end, I tried her inner thighs and produced enormous laughter from Natalia, which I think is the perfect final for a very, very wet and pleasurable ending down there. ;P

Length: 11:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Natalia’s worst nightmare! Part 2

BalkanTicklishGirls – Unbearable tickling for the beautiful Gabi part 1

I am happy to present to you my new tickle model-Gabi!

This beauty possesses one of the most ticklish bodies I have ever seen. Even the slightest touch of a feather on her feet, belly or armpit, drives her insane.

She used to be a wrestler, and a tough girls, but OMG when you start tickling her, she melts in your hands.

Feathers, brushes and fingers make it unbearable for her. She laughs and laughs, because it tickles her soooo bad.

The entire video is subtitled in English, so that you can enjoy her tickling punishment.

Length: 10:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Unbearable tickling for the beautiful Gabi part 1

BalkanTicklishGirls – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 3

This is part 3 of the Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish series with the blonde beauty Svetlana. In this video the cutie is tied to the couch, wearing a sexy pair of bikini. I explore her ticklish feet and armpits. Most of the video consists of close-up scene of her sexy, soft, young feet and my tickling quest with different tools, to find the most ticklish spots on her feet. I start with my favourite feathers, exploring every inch of her sexy soles, toes and heels. Svetlana laughs nicely.

Then I introduce the electric flosser and the hairbrush into the scene, making the cute blondie laugh much harder.

During the close-up scene, you can hear the sound of the leather restraints being pulled by her, which makes the whole experience much sexier and more arousing.

After I am done with her feet, I move to her sexy upper body, where her sexy belly and armpits, are waiting to be tickled. Her armpits again are her most ticklish sport, and I tickle them with a lot of pleasure. 😀

As always the whole video is subtitled in English for maximum pleasure.

Length: 11:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 3

BalkanTicklishGirls – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 2

This is part 2 of Svetlana’s tickling experience. This time the blonde cutie is tied to the couch, with her arms raised and tied behind her head, to open her armpits for the tickling hell to come.

After the first video, her sensitivity increased, and I discovered that the armpits are her weak spot. You can see in her reaction at the beginning of the video that she is afraid of what is about to happen, cuz’ she knows how ticklish she is on her armpits. She even begs me not to tickle her too much. How cute. But nothing can stop me to tickle her to insanity 😀

I begin the tickling with my favorite feathers, which produces some very nice laughs from her. Her snow-white smile and red lips further contribute to the sexiness of the video.

Next are my playful fingers. Once I start dancing with them on her armpits, Svetlana explodes in uncontrollable laughter. The beauty squirms, begs, laughs hysterically, and twists insanely for the next 12 minutes. It was such an enjoyment for me and I am really happy that I can share this magnificent experience with you guys.

You will really enjoy this video.

Length: 12:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 2

BalkanTicklishGirls – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 1

I am very excited and happy to present to you my new amazing ticklee-Svetlana. Svetlana is a gorgeous blonde with a very positive attitude, sense of humor, and most importantly-veeery ticklish. 😀

The first part of the video represents an interview, so that you can get acquainted with her. Her sexy smile and overall look enchants you immediately.

After we are done we’ve the interview, I join her on the couch to test where she is ticklish. You can definitely see that she is a bit closed at first, as if she is afraid and reluctant to allow the ticklish sensation to overwhelm her. I try her sides, belly, ribs. And once I touch her armpits her ticklishness immerges. She is extremely ticklish on her armpits, and as the video goes, she becomes more and more ticklish.

Next are her feet. But she has these sexy boots on her. Hmmm, I should remove them. Oh, that was a very sexy experience for me, I must admit. 😀

And once her boots are removed a pair of sexy, young, soft feet come into the scene. Absolutely marvelous! I barely contained myself to not lick them. 😀

I start tickling her on the feet, her reaction is modest in this video, but in the coming videos, as she warms to me, OMG! Her feet become sooo ticklish. 😀

Overall the video is a nice introduction to this blonde Goddess, with sexy scenes, gentle, sensual touches, to warm her up for the upcoming tickle hell. 😀

And with every other video, that I will post in the future, her ticklishness grows to insanity.

As always the entire video is subtitled in English for maximum pleasure.

Length: 10:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 1