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RussianFetish – Grabbing Zhenya at home and wild topless tickling to hysteria

Zhenya was relaxing at home on a sofa. She had no idea that a tickler maniac was hiding on the balcony. As soon as the balcony door creaked she was attacked from behind. She moaned, fought back and didn’t want to obey, but the intruder took off her T-shirt, revealing her big beautiful boobs and began to tie the girl with ropes.
When Zhenya was completely tied up, his partner appeared and began to tickle her. He tickled her ticklish spots as if knowing that the girl was ticklish as hell. He tickled her waist, armpits, feet. The tickler positioned her soles up and enjoyed the torment. Zhenya laughed to madness. Then the guy placed her sitting on the couch and began to tickle in this position. Zhenya went crazy. She no longer understood in what positions they was tickled. In the end, when the was already over, he tickled her thighs and sexy ass. Then they left her alone.

Length: 20:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Grabbing Zhenya at home and wild topless tickling to hysteria

RussianFetish – Light soles tickling for Shushara

Height – 156 cm
Weight – 46 kg
Age – 27 years old
Foot Size – 36 (6 US)
Tickling Reaction – 9 points out of 10
Pain threshold – 7 points out of 10

Shushara, or the ticklish foot. Yes, Shushara the ticklish foot, this nickname perfectly characterizes this girl. In general, I am always extremely happy when we manage to film girls with a similar reaction to tickling. Her laughter tones and charges me with energy and pleasure. Just imagine how it happens in tickling comics, there they only bring a feather to the girl’s foot and move it slightly, as she already spreads in hysterical laughter. So the reaction of Shushara reminded me of this. 9 out of 10. And that is only because 10 out of 10 is an almost unattainable ideal. When I asked what her reaction to tickling before filming, she said that her feet are very sensitive. But I couldn’t even imagine how sensitive they are. In general, in this video, I tickle her feet with a feather only, I didn’t even have to take “more serious” devices to make her giggle properly. Enjoy!

Length: 11:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Light soles tickling for Shushara

RussianFetish – Milolica gets tickled in stocks by four hands

Milolica is back! She’s locked in stocks and her bare feet are securely fixed, all her toes are tied.
In this clip, she is tickled by two ticklers, one at her left and one at her right foot. Various devices are used for tickling. At first, Milolica asks for mercy because she is very ticklish. The ticklers are not going to stop and use different methods of tickling her soles. Then she gets a ball gag between her teeth so not of pleading for mercy but moans and mmmph sounds come from her mouth. The ticklers have fun with her feet vigorously, giving her no respite. Enjoy!

Length: 10:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Milolica gets tickled in stocks by four hands

RussianFetish – Tickling Roksana before her bed! – Tickle of stretched girl + Wartenberg’s pinwheel

Roksana is getting ready for bed and is sitting in her pajamas on the bed. A stranger is watching her, then he enters the bedroom and tickles her napping feet. They twitch sexually and smell delicious. He wants more and sneaks up to napping Roksana and grabs her, sending her into an even deeper rest.
When she wakes up, her eyes are already blindfolded, and there is a gag of stockings in her mouth. The girl is stretched out along the bed and the guy tickles her. The tickling lasts quite a long time, he tickles her stomach and torments her armpits. He unbuttons her shirt and tickles the girl’s entire body, and then greedily nibbles her ribs. He removes the blindfold from her eyes and tickles her with chopsticks, then takes Wartenberg’s pinwheel.
After a while, Roksana is in the living room, lying on the floor and tied up. She has a ballgag between her teeth and he enjoys her belly again, patting it and tickling her navel. He also uses chopsticks and an electric toothbrush. In the end, he applies Wartenberg’s pinwheel one more time.

Length: 32:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Roksana before her bed! – Tickle of stretched girl + Wartenberg’s pinwheel

RussianFetish – Waiving Agata’s boobs in the forest – Long outdoor tickling + tickling in the car

Agata was returning home through the woods and it was heated when she wanted to stop and take off her bra. At this time, she was followed and watched as she undresses.
When Agata took off her bra she looked around just in case. Her large breasts got free and she felt cooler. She put on her red dress again.
Having gone a little further, they suddenly overtook her and captured. No one heard her in the forest.
Then, Agata was dragged to a tree and tickled, revealing her breasts. Her boobs swayed from tickling, Agata screamed and laughed loudly. The stranger was tickling her waist with her dress up and enjoying the sight of her white panties.
A little later, he hung Agata’s arms up so her armpits became available to him – he began to tickle them with big feathers, and then squeezed Agata in his arms and tickled from both sides. In POV mode, he watched her tits and tickled her breasts, sides, and armpits more and more.
Then the criminal moved Agatha to his car and began to tickle her bound feet. Then he tickled Agata’s armpits and her belly again, sitting in the back seat.
He stroked her armpits and heard Agata’s rapid breathing, she prayed to stop this .

Length: 23:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Waiving Agata’s boobs in the forest – Long outdoor tickling + tickling in the car

RussianFetish – Tickling Taisia on the cross and hogtie foot tickling

Taisia does stretching exercises, then puts on her jacket, gloves, and gets ready to go out but suddenly a masked man appears from behind… He has some dirt on Taisia and wants to have fun with her in return.?He knocks Taisia out and moves her to a cross, fastens her to it, and starts tickling her belly. He fixes her tighter and gags her mouth with tape. Then he takes a feather and tickles Taisia’s armpits. She goes crazy from that. The man won’t stop and takes an electric toothbrush and tickles her more. Then he focuses on her navel, he moves a sharp object over her belly button and then tickles her body intensely again.?After a while, he puts Taisia on a bench, ties her into hogtie, gags her mouth with a ball gag, and removes her shoes. He starts tickling her bare feet and enjoys Taisia’s screams. Then he removes the gag and fastens metal clips on her toes and the tickling continues. When he’s got what he wanted, he leaves tied Taisia alone.

Duration: 20:41.292
Size: 460,014 Mb

Download – Tickling Taisia on the cross and hogtie foot tickling

RussianFetish – Tickling Kristy’s sexy strong body in boots and trying to escape

Kristy is tied to the cross very tightly and her mouth is gagged with tape. She is in an inclined position. She is trying to get out but in vain.
Then Kristy is completely lying on the floor on the cross and she is wearing blue boots. I start to tickle her body, she’s in unbuttoned jacket and I get to her armpits with a feather. I do everything so that she reacts strongly – she laughs from tickling and I continue. Now I tickle her with my hands with a stronger focus on the armpits and sides – where she is terribly ticklish and she laughs and moos through the tape.
Then I’ve taken off her shoes and tickle her soft beautiful feet. You will also see the tickling of the feet in the reflection of the mirror, and then POV feet tickling. Kristy asks for mercy, but I continue to torment her.

Duration: 16:35.546
Size: 362,116 Mb

Download – Tickling Kristy’s sexy strong body in boots and trying to escape