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RFStudioProduction – Vanda – Soles up foot tickling in stocks

In this clip, the curly-haired beauty Vanda is chained in stocks with her legs spread and raised up. At first, she wears sneakers, and I start tickling her feet after removing them. Once I get rid of her sneakers, I oil Vanda’s bare soles and start tickling them intensely.

For tickling, I mostly use electronic toothbrushes and my hands. The cutie shouts over the buzzing of electric toothbrushes with her squeals.
At the end, when the tickling is over, the camera takes nice close-ups of her hot and oily soles.

Length: 17:31
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Vanda – Soles up foot tickling in stocks

RFStudioProduction – Topless Volchenok goes crazy from double tickling

In this clip, Volchenok wears only panties, she’s fixed on a bench in stocks in an inclined X-pose. All her long toes are tied. She gets actively tickled by two ticklers.
The first one deals with her huge breasts, kneads them, pulls, touches, and tickles her nipples, and the second tickler intensively tickles her soles with combs and hands.

This clip consists of 99.9% intense and uncompromising tickling. Volchenok has a very bright and crazy reaction to tickling and it’s fun to tickle her.

Length: 19:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Topless Volchenok goes crazy from double tickling

RFStudioProduction – Tickling amazing soles of Ivanka the cutie

This clip is completely devoted to tickling the beautiful feet of charming Ivanka. This pretty girl loves all sorts of fetishes and enthusiastically responded to our proposal to tie her up and tickle her feet.

There are three scenes:

In the first scene, a blindfold is put on Ivanka’s eyes, she kneels on the bench with her feet locked in stocks and hands tied behind her back. First, I tickle her socked feet, then slowly take off her socks, exposing her lovely bare feet.

In the second scene, Ivanka is fixed another way. Her legs and arms are fixed in the same stocks. Here’re two ticklers, each tickling one of her feet. Ivanka reacts nice to tickling, laughing lovely, smiling, and making other funny faces. Her feet are very tender and ticklish.

In the third scene, Ivanka is fixed lying down. Her feet are in special stocks with all her toe-tied, her hands are locked in the upper stocks. She also has a red ballgag in her mouth. In this scene, in addition to being tickled, her feet also feel a Wartenberg’s pinwheel that I run over her soles. Enjoy!

Length: 20:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling amazing soles of Ivanka the cutie

RFStudioProduction – Lessons of good behavior for Miss Sensity and flogging in handcuffs from Lisenok

Lisenok takes up her favorite pastime again! This time she teaches Miss Sensity good manners and shows us her beautiful body. And of course, she will tickle her, because she is very sensitive to it. She’s also going to punish a beautiful girl and restrain her with handcuffs.

First, leading her beautiful slave on a leash, Lisenok walks with her a couple of circles around the room. Then she tells her to wait and removes the rest of the clothing from Miss Sensity’s gorgeous body.
Then she slaps her on her breasts, stomach, and a little between her legs. Miss Sensity moans, either in fear or pleasure.

Then Lisenok tickles the girl’s body and then runs a feather along her tanned back. She is pleased with her slave and she tells her to get on all fours so that her feet are together. Lisenok makes several blows on the soles with a short belt. Then she slaps Miss Sensity’s feet and ass with another device, and then intensely tickles her sides, so that the charming slave can hardly restrain herself.

Later, Lisenok leads the girl to the wall and tells her to put her hands behind her back and not turn around. Lisenok handcuffs her wrists and watches, sitting on a chair, how the cutie stands alone.
After that, Lisenok inserts a ballgag into her mouth and slaps her body with a small whip.
Then Lisenok puts metal handcuffs on the girl’s ankles. Now Miss Sensity is in a predicament position. Lisenok pushes the slave upside down on her knees and positions her feet towards her so that it’s convenient to flog them with a paddle.

She then tickles her big tits and sides. Miss Sensity moans from tickling, and Lisenok takes a sharp device and runs it over her slave’s feet. Then, she leaves the girl alone.
When she returns, she punishes the cutie again, spanks her juicy ass, and then cuffs her legs and arms together and tickles her whole body. Lisenok enjoys groans and cries of the beauty. After that, she again leaves the girl alone for some struggling in a tight hog-cuff.

Length: 31:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lessons of good behavior for Miss Sensity and flogging in handcuffs from Lisenok

RFStudioProduction – Tonya is going mad! – Leya and Fekla tickling all the hell out of her

Don’t tell me there’s no God, because if there wasn’t, this tickling challenge would have never seen the light of day. The other day I had an epiphany and I suddenly remembered that damn challenge we filmed almost four years ago and that it’s been waiting for its moment. This video can now be called a nostalgic retrospective in our best traditions.

In it, young friends, then-students Leya, Fekla, and Tonya, are tickling each other for fun. The idea of challenge is simple – to tickle each other to crazy.
This time, Leya and Fekla tickle Tonya so much that she is on the brink of madness. At first, they tickle her armpits and sides with their bare feet and hands, and then they relentlessly tickle her feet, occasionally biting her cute toes.

I assure you that if Tonya had not been restrained at that moment, she would have just run away because she was so ticklish! 🙂
This challenge was from our very first shoot and our first meeting with the girls. These ticklers have absolutely no limits and tickle their victim like crazy. Enjoy!

Length: 8:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tonya is going mad! – Leya and Fekla tickling all the hell out of her

RFStudioProduction – Slow tickle gets faster – Special tickling for Amazing skinny Fashion Model by Agata

Fashion Model returns in a special exclusive clip, which was made by request from our customer. To do this, she even had to come to another city and travel a long way. She was ready for a long tickling, from which she had already weaned and at the same time missed these sensations. She got a lot of fun that day, and we hope you get a lot of excitement.

Agata will use her special tickling technique on our tall and slender ticklee. At first, she starts with a slow sensual tickling, adding more and more oil to the body of her victim, then speeding up and turning the tickling into an erotic test.

Fashion Model will overcome hysterical laughter and will enjoy the excitement that runs through all places of her sensitive body. Agata’s fingers will slide along her thin ribs, and her armpits will shine with fresh sweat. Having laughed and moaned, our cute ticklee will relax for a while…

Length: 32:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slow tickle gets faster – Special tickling for Amazing skinny Fashion Model by Agata

RFStudioProduction – Complex tickling for Dina – Barefoot in stocks and some bastinado

Cutie Dina is in an awkward situation today – locked in stocks. All her toes of her bare feet are tied and her hands are fixed in stocks above her head.

It all starts with me sitting closer to her prepared feet. Not in a hurry, I gradually pick up the pace, starting with a light and gentle tickling with one finger, moving on to intense tickling with a comb, simultaneously tormenting the sensitive skin of Dina’s soles with a Wartenberg’s pinwheel.

Dina laughs, smiles, then gets angry and growls, so after a while, I put a big red ballgag in her mouth and continue our game, where tickling is mixed not only with a pointed spur but also with bastinado. I use a flogger, a riding crop, and a bamboo cane. From this, Dina’s soles become even more sensitive.

Length: 34:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Complex tickling for Dina – Barefoot in stocks and some bastinado