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RussianFetish – Hysterical Tickle of Topless Harley Quinn – A plea for mercy through a laugh

After the first torment of Alsu (in the image of Harley Quinn), she is topless and panties with her hands tied; on a black background. Now they will tickle her until hysteria. First, it will be two hands that tickle her sides, armpits, and breasts, and then four hands will tickle Alsu to exhaustion. She begs to stop through laughter, but nothing helps, she will be tickled for a long time.
Then Alsu is on a bench with her suit unbuttoned and Marika starts to tickle her with her nails and bites her body. Then she goes to Alsu’s bare feet and then again tickles her armpits. Alsu screams and begs for mercy again.

Duration: 18:38.367
Size: 1 875,594 Mb

File is broken (work only first 14 mins)

Download – Hysterical Tickle of Topless Harley Quinn – A plea for mercy through a laugh

RussianFetish – Topless duo – Kristina sensually tickles Adelia Mult

Two hot and adorable topless babies continue to play with each other. In the first part, Adelia tickled Kristina, now the girls have changed roles. Adelia is fixed on the bench and Kristina caresses and tickles her body. First, Kristina tickles her girlfriend’s upper body, she does it gently and sensually, using her sharp fingernails. She is excited by Adelia’s reaction to tickling. Kristina also uses an electric toothbrush. In the second part, she tickles her bare feet with her nails and the toothbrush.

Duration: 18:37.240
Size: 1 261,541 Mb

Download – Topless duo – Kristina sensually tickles Adelia Mult

RussianFetish – Poor Agata stripped and tickled – Caressing her body with oil and vibrator

Agata is standing in front of a blank background with her hands tied to a ceiling. She’s already whining from this awkward situation.
Two gloved hands appear from behind and begin to tickle Agata. They unbutton her blouse and tickle her body even more. Her bare boobs are very appetizing and sexy, the hands are massaging them, and Agata moans in ecstasy. Then the hands remove her skirt and continue to tickle Agata’s body and fondle her tits adding some oil and tickling Agata’s sides and breasts more intensely.
Then the hands take a vibrator and start giving pleasure to the ticklee. The vibrator satisfies Agata and the hands gently stroke and tickle her body. The vibrator slides over her tits and body. In the end, one hand is holding a vibrator and the other is an electric toothbrush that tickles Agata’s body and her nipples.

Duration: 21:16.942
Size: 2 216,134 Mb

Download – Poor Agata stripped and tickled – Caressing her body with oil and vibrator

RussianFetish – Intense feet tickling in four hands for Gaya in stocks

In this clip, two ticklers are passionately tickle Gaya’s feet. Her legs are locked in stocks apart, her hands are locked in closer holes of the same stocks. All her toes are tied so Gaya can’t move her feet a lot. Each tickler is sitting next to her feet. Gaya likes being tied up, she likes pain, but tickling is her weak spot. Throughout the clip, the guys intensively tickle her sexy soles with combs, hands, and electric toothbrushes, giving her very short breaks to catch breathe.

Duration: 13:58.600
Size: 960,282 Mb

Download – Intense feet tickling in four hands for Gaya in stocks

RussianFetish – Exclusive topless Nonna with Ticklish Ulyasha – 25 min of Hysterical tickling on a chair

Ulyasha is tied to a chair with a bag on her head – she is topless, with a ball gag in her mouth, but dressed in a coat under which a breast roping is hidden.
Nonna approaches her victim, she is going to the girl with her usual indifference. She puts her hands under Ulyasha’s coat and tickles her slender body. Ulyasha squeals and laughs.
Then Nonna takes off her bra for the first time and we see her big sexy breasts. The dominant Nonna takes off Ulyasha’s boots and mercilessly tickles her feet with her hands. The bag has already been removed from Ulyasha’s head.
Later Nonna will use various devices on Ulyasha’s feet – a fork, a massive feather, a comb with oil, metal claws, and an electric toothbrush.
Ulyasha’s feet are bent into sexy arches, she is exhausted and screams in hysteria, drool is dripping on her breasts and she laughs incessantly. This is a real hell for her.
Ulyasha spits out the gag and coughs. Now she is being tickled without the gag. Nonna comes up from behind and tickles Ulyasha’s upper body.
In the end, a man does the same tickling with many objects on her feet and then tickles Ulyasha’s body until she is completely exhausted.

Duration: 28:58.737
Size: 2 849,523 Mb

Download – Exclusive topless Nonna with Ticklish Ulyasha – 25 min of Hysterical tickling on a chair

RussianFetish – Tickle torture of Atlanta by girls + 6 hands tickle and double foot torture with her step-sister

First part
Atlanta is a powerful girl and it is surprising that she is very ticklish. It is even more interesting to observe her reaction, so we tied her tightly to the bench and begin to tickle her. Two girls tickle her with their fingernails, climbing to the armpits and sides, as well as her feet.
Then we arrange an aggressive tickling with six hands. We use hands, a brush and a massager with cream to tickle her feet. After the long tickling, we release Atlanta.

Second part
This part of the video is about tickling and tormenting the feet of Atlanta and her step-sister Gera. The topless girls are sitting on the couch with their feet tied in front and their hands fixed at the back. I torture their feet with fire, and then I make some hits with a rod and a whip and then use a paddle. After that, they have a long torment with the Wartenberg’s pinwheel. In the end, together with Susanna, we tickle their feet and armpits.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 13557 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 189 kbps

Duration: 23:12.349

Size: 2 281,62 Mb

Download – Tickle torture of Atlanta by girls + 6 hands tickle and double foot torture with her step-sister

RussianFetish – She ignored the warning – Fetish movie

Kristina is sitting at her desk planning her next burglary. She plays a little with her high heels on her feet. Later she takes them off and puts her sweaty feet on the desk, flexing her toes. Her phone rings: “Hello, what? Me? Look to the window?”, she says confused, but goes to the window and sets her ass on a danger that is already behind her back. Kristina doesn’t know that the call is only a diversion while a masked man silently sneaks in. She turns back and the masked man surprises her and puts his hand over her mouth. Kristina is very surprised.

Kristina sits on the chair with already tied hands and legs. He says, “We told you last time to stay out of our area. But you couldn’t resist, you stupid cow. Now you deserve a lesson and I want those valuables”. Kristina answers, “Are you crazy? I don’t work for you.” He says, “I see still a big mouth”. He puts a few pieces of tape over her mouth, opens her shirt so her breasts pop out, he teases them and breast-ropes her, Kristina can’t believe it. He forces her on the desk ties her feet, hogties her, ties her wriggling dirty big toes together. Then he says, “I look a little around”. He leaves her alone, Kristina is furious.

Kristina got free from hogtie and toe-tie and tries to open a drawer with her tied hands and grab scissors. He returns: “Oh no!” He puts on the chair. Off her gag. “I see you like it the hard way, would like some more fun?”, he asks. Kristina yells, “You asshole has already opened my shirt isn’t that fun enough? Ok, I give you 30% but that’s it.” He ball-gages her. “Why so unfriendly”, he says. He pulls on her hair, presses a little on the ball-gag. Kristina mumbles, he fondles her breasts. He says, “We warned you, so no deal, where are those valuables?” She kicks him with her tied feet. “Lucky for you I fund some useful things”, he says and puts a feather and a brush on the table. He asks: “Ticklish?”. Kristina makes big eyes, wants to hop away.
He ties her on the chair ties a rope to her tied feet and up with her feet, ties the other end to the ceiling. Kristina starts to wriggle her toes. He ties her dirty big toes tight together and starts to tickle her dirty soles. Kristina grumbles. He ties a thin string from her tied toes to the rope to the ceiling. Now he can tickle her even more ruthlessly. Finally, she tells him that the valuables are down hidden in the pillow on the bed. He says, “Was that so hard?” He leaves her alone.

Kristina got free just battened her blouse, thinking the masked idiot has finally left as he returns again. She goes crazy: “Still here, what the hell?! You have what you want, so leave now!” He answers: “Yes, but I think you still need a lesson.”
Kristina kneels on the floor, already tied hands. “Didn’t you have enough fun you masked sadistic idiot?”, Kristina says furiously. “You have a quick tongue I think I just found the right thing downstairs on the floor to stuff it”, he answers. “What one of my dirty socks?!”, Kristina can’t believe it. He forces her sweaty sock in her protesting mouth and few stripes of tape over it, forces her to stand up, ties a long rope to their tied hands, pulls it from behind between her legs and uses it as a tight crotch rope so her hands are tied tight on the back. Kristina mumbles. “Great in that case take off your blouse again since you liked it”, he laughs. Kristina is absolutely furious as her breast pop out again. He fondles her tits, “Now let’s go!” She wants to destroy him. He forces her down the stairways. Then he puts her on the bed, ties her legs, forces her on the bed, ties her feet, hogties her very tight, ties her wriggling dirty big toes tight together. She wriggles with her feet and spreads her toes. He says, “Haven’t enough yet? If you persist…” He ties all her toes tight together. Kristina could explode. He gives her dirty soles a final tickling. “I hope you got the message this time”, he says and leaves her alone for the final struggling.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 7990 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps

Duration: 47:31.200

Size: 2 823,754 Mb

Download – She ignored the warning – Fetish movie