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RussianFetish – Vanda – Intense tickling in stocks – Upperbody and Feet

Vanda is fixed on the bench with her feet up, her legs spread out to the sides and fixed in large stocks. Vanda’s hands are fixed above her head, and in her mouth, she has a large ring gag, which keeps this cute angel’s mouth wide open. This girl loves to be securely fixed while being tickled.

In the beginning, I tickle her upper body for a long time, tummy, ticklish wet armpits, I apply a little oil on her chubby tummy and navel area.
Then, I go to her bare feet and tickle her soles with different devices, while vanda goes crazy and laughs sweetly. Enjoy!

Length: 16:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vanda – Intense tickling in stocks – Upperbody and Feet

RussianFetish – Psy Helmet – The story how Mad Doc made Astrid his tickle toy

This story begins with a curious Astrid etered a mysterious room on an abandoned building and stumbled upon a strange environment. She saw a large, semi-dark room where a strange bench stood in the middle. Among other things, there was a hairbrush on top of it. As Astrid studied her find, a shadow flickered from behind.
“Damn, it looks like I’m not alone here”, thought the beauty.
“Who’s here? Hey!”, Astrid called out. But nobody responded. “Maybe it was just a mouse?”, she thought, but just in case she went to check. Finding no one, she turned around and at the very moment a stranger in scrubs attacked her…

Astrid found herself tied to the bench she discovered a few minutes ago. The mad doctor took off Astrid’s shoes and socks and tickled her bare feet.
“You nasty pervert!”, screamed the disgruntled beauty, writhing and resisting the tickle.
“Don’t you like tickling, babe?”, the doctor asked.
“I hate it!”, Astrid screamed.

Astrid resisted tickling her feet in every possible way. Her capturer obviously didn’t like that, so he left and returned with a strange device in his hands.
“Now you’re going to love being tickled …”, he said. The device looked like a helmet with some electronic stuff added. The scientist put it on Astrid’s head and turned it on.
Astrid instantly felt sparkling impulses penetrating right into her brain, she tried to resist, but in the end the helmet took over her. Astrid’s face became calm, her gaze became blank.

“Now you will obey me,” proclaimed the doctor.
“Now I will obey you,” Astrid muttered back.
“You will love tickling now,” he said.
“I will love tickling now,” Astrid repeated.

Astrid repeated everything the mad scientist had said. When the session ended and the scientist turned off the helmet, Astrid fell resting and regained consciousness, her mood and behavior changed dramatically…

“Oh hello, who are you?”, she asked cheerfully.
“I am your friend,” the scientist replied.
“Wow, cool!” Astrid exclaimed.
“What about tickling?”, the scientist asked.
“Come on!”, she replied readily.

The crazy scientist began to tickle Astrid’s bare feet and she laughed happily, it seems now she really liked it. Unlike the last time, Astrid laughed and smiled, and also asked him not to stop.
Subsequently, having played enough with Astrid, the mad doc invited her to bring her friend there to tickle her together. Astrid gladly agreed. The call began, and Leya picked up the phone and, suspecting nothing, agreed to come at Astrid’s invitation to a “party”. Until she arrived, the scientist and his new toy was going to prepare for the meeting….
To be continued. Enjoy!

Length: 19:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Psy Helmet – The story how Mad Doc made Astrid his tickle toy

RussianFetish – Dice game on Lada’s belly

Lada hasn’t been our guest for a long time. This time, a funny game awaits her.
She lies fixed in X position with a mask over her eyes and is covered with a sheet. I tickle her through the sheet and she giggles slightly, she’s shy. I massage her belly, then apply some cream and squeeze her navel. I scratch and tickle it. I take a magnifying glass and examine her navel. I spread it with my fingers and look deeper into it.
Then I do various manipulations with Lada’s navel, use a nut, a washers, I draw on it and place objects in her navel.
Then I grease Lada’s belly with oil, place a dice on it and our little game begins.
I write on paper under the numbers which part of Lada’s body I will tickle according to the number of dice eyes:
1 – Ribs. 2 – Waist. 3 – Thighs. 4 – Belly. 5 – Navel.

On the second sheet, I write how I will torment her stomach:
1 – Electro toothbrush. 2 – Paddle. 3 – Stick 4 – Hand. 5 – whip 6 – Belt.

On the third sheet, I write how I will torment her navel:
1 – Key. 2 – Finger. 3 – Tongue. 4 – Tweezers. 5 – Fork. 6 – Candle.

On the fourth sheet I will write that I will lick from her belly.
1 – Med. 2 – Candy. 3 – Pop corn. 4 – Nutella. 5 – Coca Cola. 6 – Effervescent pill.

After the dice game I draw on her belly words related to her navel and belly, and also ask what she liked and disliked about the game.
At the end, I squeeze and tickle her belly for a while and leave.

Length: 1:07:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dice game on Lada’s belly

RussianFetish – Intense Tickle-licking for Agata + Orgasm while tickling armpits and boobs

We continue the series of clips with tickling of topless Agata using a vibrator.
This time, Agata is lying on a bed, bound to it. Dero will tickle her using mostly his tongue.
At the beginning, he tickles Agata with feathers, and then she covers her mouth with his palm and bites her belly, tickling her delicious body with his tongue.

From time to time Dero massages and squeezes her boobs, tickling her nipples and licking her armpits.
The camera looks from above, being above Agatha. Dero uses a vibrator on her body, tickling her with the vibration.

Then he intensively licks her body, applying cream and oil. In POV mode, Dero massages Agata’s juicy boobs and tickles her armpits as well as under her panties.
In the end, he places the vibrator between her legs, first on her panties and then under them, continuing to tickle Agata with his tongue.

Length: 38:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Intense Tickle-licking for Agata + Orgasm while tickling armpits and boobs

RussianFetish – Crazy Minerva’s Explosive Laugh – Standing upperbody Tickling and Lying tickling in catsuit

The new model Minerva is a real crazy one 🙂
She is 40 years old, she is easy-going uninhibited person. At the same time, she is a bit rude and uncouth. Good news that she didn’t hesitate to laugh out loud from the tickling, which drove her mad.
At first, I tied topless Minerva while standing. I started with a soft tickling with a large feather, she immediately reacted, sharply and loudly.

Then I used my hands and Minerva was already begging to stop. She was laughing out loud and it seemed that she was about to explode with laughter. I lubricated her body with oil and began to tickle harder, and Minerva screamed something and choked in her own laughter.
Here you will see several shooting angles. In the end, I put a cane between her teeth and she had to keep it as long as possible. She was extremely ticklish and tried to run away from me.

The second scene is even more crazy. Minerva lied on a mattress wearing a catsuit and tied with leather cuffs in a hogtie. As soon as I lightly touched her feet she burst into loud laughter. She jumped on the bed and laughed non-stop. Of course I kept tickling her.
Later, I unzipped her suit and Minerva was already lying on her back, as a result of her kicks. I began to tickle her sides and breasts mercilessly, and then switched back to her feet. I tickled her and drove her crazy.
At the end, Minerva was able to free one arm, she was completely exhausted so we decided to take a break.

Length: 19:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Crazy Minerva’s Explosive Laugh – Standing upperbody Tickling and Lying tickling in catsuit

RussianFetish – Olivia – Foot tickling in stocks after jogging

Before filming this video, Olivia did some jogging. Her feet sweated and became even more sensitive. Olivia is a little embarrassed by her sweaty socks and feet.

Initially, she is locked in stocks in her sneakers, John removes them on screen, then removes her dirty socks exposing her fragrant feet. Throughout the clip, Olivia’s feet get tickled with various devices and her big toes get tied to the stocks. Olivia laughs sweetly. Enjoy!

Length: 21:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Olivia – Foot tickling in stocks after jogging

RussianFetish – Lisenok dominates Agata – Three images of the Mistress for the ticklish slave + some bastinado

Agata, dressed in rags, is chained to a mattress in a dungeon. An imperious Lisenok in a black mini dress approaches her. She enjoys the sight of the helpless girl and slaps her cheeks. Leaves for a while.
When Lisenok returns, she is already wearing a leather bodysuit and red boots with high heels. She unfastens Agata and rips off the rest of her clothes. Now she tells the naked and embarrassed slave to crawl across the floor on all fours.

Chaining Agata, she leads her back and forth across the room. Then she lays her ass up and starts slapping her. She puts handcuffs on Agata’s hands. Lisenok likes Agata’s sexy buttocks. Then she moves to the feet and starts spanking them, first with a whip, then with a stick and a paddle.
She then picks up Agata and puts a ballgag in her mouth, then she tickles her slave intensely. From surprise and amazement, Agata squeals and laughs through the gag. Lisenok tickles her feet as well. After some tickling and spanking, she leaves Agata alone for a while.

Later, Lisenok arrives in a red latex catsuit and puts handcuffs over Agata’s ankles. She is lying on her back and Lisenok, patting Agatha’s naked body, begins to tickle her sides again. Agata is gasping from her laughter.
Lisenok slaps Agata’s butt and body with a long whip and leaves her alone for a while.
When she returns, she picks up a vibrator and stimulates Agata in different positions, on her side and with her legs up. From time to time she slaps her tickling toy on the ass.
In the end, Agata gets another dose of intense tickling and is left alone.

Length: 42:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lisenok dominates Agata – Three images of the Mistress for the ticklish slave + some bastinado