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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Tickling Game Part 1

Ama really needs to make this sale and she knows that by pleasing Matt will definitely work in her favor. So she comes to me for help. And it just so happens that I am aware of one of Matt’s strong fetishes that involves foot fetish, tickling and lickling. I let Ama know that if we make and send him a video of her being tickled by me while we play a game, that should seal the deal and she’ll get a hefty commission. Ama instantly agreed!

In this, part one of the Tickling Game, Ama is on the table with her wrists bound at the sides and her feet are cuffed together and secured to the table. I remove the shoes from her large size 9 feet and then peel off her socks. Ama’s very sensitive soles are now bare and completely vulnerable. I use my fingertips to tickle all up and down her ticklish feet and toes while Ama laughs and rocks back and forth. I use my tongue to ‘lickle’ on her feet and toes too which also produces reactions from ticklish Ama. Then as part of the game, I stick a couple of quarters between Ama’s toes, and she has to make sure they don’t fall as I tickle her feet. Do you think Ama can make this first round without letting the coins drop?

Duration: 11:44.180
Size: 529,974 Mb

Download – The Tickling Game Part 1

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Suffer the Consequences

Little Alice is going door-to-door for a fundraiser, when she knocked on my door. Now, it’s not like I’m not a charitable person. In fact, I’m highly charitable. However, I do have a sign in front of my house that says, ‘No Soliciting”. Alice here disregarded that sign. She thought that just because she’s 4’6″ tall and is as cute as can be, she can just do whatever she wants. Well, that doesn’t work with me. And I plan on teaching her a lesson for not respecting my sign. It’s also a good excuse to take part in one of my favorite activities, which is inflicting tickle torture on someone.

Ultimately, I figured out an easy way to get her stripped out of most of her clothing and bound to the bed. That’s when I used my highly skilled long red nails and fingertips to tickle torture poor little Alice for being so disrespectful. She’s such a tiny thing too! I was afraid I was actually going to hurt her. Well, not really. I tickled her mostly bare upper body before tickling her very small, sensitive size 2 bare feet. I tickled her all over her body and made her suffer the consequences for disrespecting my ‘No Solicitation’ sign!

Duration: 9:29.545
Size: 429,067 Mb

Download – Suffer the Consequences

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Stefania’s Feet Bound and Tickled

Shortly after meeting beautiful Stefania, I couldn’t wait to see how ticklish her meaty soles were. So I cuffed her ankles together and secured them to the chaise lounge where I then used my fingers to tickle the bottoms of her soft feet. I got a kick out of her watching her feet wiggle around and hearing her giggle. My fingers were aggressive and fast as they tickled her bare soles and toes!

Duration: 8:09.966
Size: 367,921 Mb

Download – Stefania’s Feet Bound and Tickled

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Bound Ticklish Oiled Soles

I have Kitty right where I want her! She’s on the tickle table with her feet cuffed together and firmly secured. And I plan on having some devilish fun by oiling up her wrinkled soles and then using my fingers to mercilessly tickle her sensitive oiled feet! She can’t do anything except to take it as my fiendish fingers aggressively rake all over her ticklish baby oil covered bare soles!

Duration: 8:21.110
Size: 376,004 Mb

Download – Bound Ticklish Oiled Soles

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Little Tickle Fairy

Tall gorgeous blonde Vika had just finished up practicing her foot teasing with her beautiful big size 10 stocking feet when the Tickle Fairy showed up. That tickle fairy was me! And I wasn’t about to waste an opportunity to see just how ticklish Vika is. I use my fingers tickle her sensitive pantyhose covered feet, as well as my furry tickle paws and a feather too. I peel her stockings off because I want to get those amazing bare feet of hers too! It turns out, Vika is just WAY too ticklish! She needs to be restrained!

After getting Vika cuffed spread eagle to the bed, I begin tickling her upperbody. My fingers attack her armpits, sides and belly. Vika is super ticklish! The way she bounces all around as she’s being tickled were the reactions I, the tickle fairy, was looking for! I truly loved the fact that little me, who is only 5’1″ was making this beautiful, tall 5’10” girl suffer so much under my hands! I unbuttoned her top and uncovered her breasts to make her feel even more vulnerable. Then I continued my tickle torture attack all over her body, including those big soft ticklish feet, using my bare hands and even using the furry gloves and some feathers too. This was an all out tickle torture assault on poor helpless Vika.

Duration: 15:22.421
Size: 909,612 Mb

Download – The Little Tickle Fairy

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – No Mercy For Tiny Freya

Skinny, topless, tiny 4’10” Freya is stretched tight and bound to my torture table. Her body has been covered with oil and she’s about to receive the tickling of her life! I use my fingers to tickle her ticklish, narrow little rib cage and tight belly. The oil increases the tickling sensations as my cruel fingers tickle her upperbody without mercy. Her exposed underarms, that are also covered with oil, just scream for extensive tickling. I spend lots of time using my fingertips to mercilessly tickle them. I watch her face as she laughs and struggles. This is the kind of sadistic tickle torture that I love! I move down to her extremely soft, small feet that are also oiled and very ticklish. My fingernails tickled her feet aggressively as they wiggle around. I thoroughly enjoyed tickling her soft little feet! I move back up on the table where I continue on with tickle torturing Freya’s ticklish upper body. Poor little thing.

Duration: 15:42.785
Size: 716,061 Mb

Download – No Mercy For Tiny Freya

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Hyper-Ticklish Suffering Slave

It’s been brought to my attention that one of my slaves, Ama, has been slacking in her chores and duties. She must think that just because she’s so beautiful that she has special privileges. Well, I don’t tolerate acts of insubordination. So I bring her into my chamber to question her about her behavior. I have her put her gorgeous big size 9 bare feet on my lap and I start tickling them as I talk to her. She’s not owning up to anything, so she’s left me with no other choice but to restrain her to my table and sadistically tickle torture her. And I could not be happier, because Ama is one of the most ticklish people I’ve ever known. And there’s nothing more I enjoy doing than mercilessly tickling someone.

The scene then switches to Ama already restrained, and I waste no time as I begin poor Ama’s long and cruel tickle torture. I remove her top, revealing her incredibly sexy, skinny body and dig into her delicate ribs, sides and flat hard belly. I move down to her feet where I rake my fingertips all over her large, super soft ticklish soles. After a while, I finally move back to her her naked upperbody, which is now glistening with sweat. Ama laughs and thrashes on the table and does everything she can to get away from my torturous fingers the entire time, but without ANY success.

Hyper-ticklish Ama will learn that she is to be an obedient slave, or else she will suffer cruel tickle torture, like she is suffering today.

Duration: 15:10.619
Size: 690,254 Mb

Download – Hyper-Ticklish Suffering Slave