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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tickles and Nibbles

Laying on the bed with super hot Sydney has gotten me in the mood to play with her bare feet. I remove her sexy heels to reveal her stunning beautifully shaped size 8 feet. What I like most about her feet is that they are crazy soft! I love feeling the soft skin of her soles under my fingers. They’re sensitive too. So when I lightly and sensually drag my fingertips along the bottoms of her feet, I hear her giggle and that’s music to my ears. Turns out, Sydney wanted to do the same thing to my feet. So she removes my own sexy shoes and she started to play with my small size 6 feet. I take care of my feet nightly, and they’re always so nice and soft. It felt so good to feel Sydney’s hands and fingernails all over my ticklish soles. The light tickling from her nails were really making me giggle. She would give my feet and toes little nibbles and licks, and the feeling of her warm breath on my feet was seriously turning me on. Sydney and I had such a good time playing with each other’s bare feet like this

Length: 8:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Focus on Ama’s Super Sensitive Armpits

Ama is one of the most ticklish people I’ve ever had the pleasure of tickle tormenting. A little while ago, Ama revealed that her most ticklish spot was her armpits. So today, I decided to use that information against her. I cuffed her wrists together using heavy duty restraints and secured them over her head and to the chair. I also cuffed her ankles to front the legs of the chair. With Ama comfortably bound to the heel chair, her armpits fully exposed, I decided to use my long fingernails to sadistically tickle her armpits for a while. Nowhere else, just her super sensitive armpits. Ama laughs hard and can do nothing but endure the ruthless tickling of her super tickling armpits!

Length: 8:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tough Girl Suffers

Bondage has the ability to render anyone helpless. Even if you’re a strong and tough girl like super sexy Adara Jordin, you can’t do anything except await your fate. And as fate would have it, Adara finds herself on my tickle table, tightly bound with heavy duty leather restraints on her wrists and ankles. I even have extra restraints on her muscular thighs for extra security. She ain’t goin’ anywhere! I waste no time at all. I dig my 10 fingertips into her sides and wiggle them as I tickle all up and down her ribs. I taunt her like I normally would, but I keep it toned down a bit this time. So I just maintain my focus on the tickling and watching her reactions. I fucking love the feel of her tight sexy body under my fingertips. Her hard belly, armpits, ribcage, hips and legs are mercilessly tickled in this lengthy tickle torment session. I go down to the foot of the table and give her bare soles a thorough working over too. I was amazed at just how soft Adara’s beautiful feet are. Her soles are like silk! I go back up on the table and straddle her where I continue my relentless tickling and making her suffer. I completely enjoyed every second of it! Her, not so much.

Length: 14:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tickle Tickle Monster

As Lilith rests in the bed, the tickle tickle monster appears at the foot of the bed. She starts to tickle Lilith’s little bare foot as it peeks out from under the blanket. “Tickle tickle tickle…coochie coochie coo!” the monster says repeatedly. She also taunts Lilith with lots of other baby talk too! Then the tickle tickle monster makes her way onto the bed where she begins tickling Lilith’s upperbody. But Lilith is squirming around too much and the tickle tickle monster decides it’s best for Lilith to be bound so she can continue tickling Lilith unimpeded! Next we cut to Lilith bound spread eagle on the bed while wearing nothing but her panties. The furry tickle tickle monster uses her furry paws to tickle Lilith all over her body. “tickle tickle tickle!”. Her belly, sides armpits and her “cute little ribbies” are thoroughly tickled by the monster’s furry paws. The monster also makes her way down to tickle petite Lilith’s small bare feet, “Coochie coo!”

Length: 15:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

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ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Stepmom’s Severe Tickle Discipline

So my little stepdaughter Freya thinks she can do whatever she wants just because her Father is out of town for a while. I’m just a “stepmom” and so she doesn’t have to listen to me apparently. So when she comes strolling through the door in the morning after having been out all damn night without even so much as a phone call at least, she was greeted with me. And I was very pissed off. Young adult or not, I will not be disrespected by that little brat under my own roof.

After confronting her, I decided she needs to be disciplined for her actions. So I gave her a choice, either let me discipline her or I will tell her Father and he’ll handle it. She chose me, probably because she felt my punishment wouldn’t be that bad. Well, she’s about to realize, she thought wrong. I tell her to go get some sleep and I’ll deal with her later.

Later on that day I went to the room where she was sleeping. I removed most of her clothing except for her panties. This segment starts with me finishing up with strapping her spread eagle to the bed. Freya is practically naked and extremely vulnerable. She wakes up and is immediately confused. I reminded her that she chose to let me deal with her discipline and that it’s time to be punished. Her tiny skinny body looks so helpless. She’s just barely 4’10” and weighs not even 90lbs. Before the punishment begins, I used one hand to gently tug on one of Freya’s hard nipples while my other hand stroked her inner thigh. I tell her if she just would have behaved and come home, we could have played and I could have made her feel really good. I know I’m a pervert, whatever. But anyway, she didn’t and so instead I must punish her, and it will be severe. I know that Freya is extremely ticklish. So the method of discipline I have chosen is a very long and torturous tickling. This won’t be playful. This tickling will be aggressive and excruciating. The no-nonsense kind of tickling meant to make her feel like she’s being punished. My fingers are going to dig into her narrow ribcage and her hard belly. Her armpits will be thoroughly tormented. Her hips will be tickled and her inner thighs will be tickled extensively. Her ultra small and sensitive size 2 bare feet will feel the tickle wrath of my fingers. I will tickle her without mercy and watch her suffer as she thrashes and bounces around, unable to move.

She is going to learn to respect me whether she likes it or not.

Length: 19:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stepmom’s Severe Tickle Discipline

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Stepdaughter’s Tickle Punishment

Little Miss liar thought that I wasn’t going to find out that she didn’t get her report card and tried to hide it from me. You’d think by now she would know that she will never get away with lying or misbehaving with me, ever! She knows that when she’s bad, I punish her swiftly and harshly! I like to get creative with my punishments. And this time, I’m going to fully exploit her ticklishness as a way to teach her a lesson that she’ll never forget! So when she finds herself on the bed, blindfolded with her hands cuffed behind her back and her ankles cuffed together and fastened to the the bed, she knew she was in for it! It was time to suffer the consequences.

I untie her sneakers and remove them. Then I use my long red fingernails to tickle her socked feet for a few moments. But that was just the beginning. Next I peel off her socks which were damp from having been in her sneakers all day. That also meant that her feet were a little sweaty. I’ve always found that slightly sweaty feet were way more tender, sensitive and ticklish! Especially when nails like mine ruthlessly tickle them. I scold her during the entire punishment. I tickle her feet nonstop with my nails as she laughs and twists around on the bed. I even use a couple of feathers on her bare tootsies for good measure. Since she’s blindfolded, I wanted to take advantage of that and let her feel the sensation of the tickling feathers before going back to mercilessly tickling her sensitive bare feet.

For her sake, this better be the last time my stepdaughter ever lies to me, or else!

Length: 10:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stepdaughter’s Tickle Punishment

ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Stefania Suffers a Vicious Tickling

When you’re a true tickle sadist like me, you don’t need a reason to make someone suffer mercilessly. Whenever I have an opportunity to get my fiendish hands on someone sexy like Stefania, I will always jump at the chance, just for fun. It’s unfortunate for them, but great for me 😀

Not only was I extremely happy to have beautiful Stefania nearly naked and cuffed tightly to the table, the icing on the cake was to quickly learn just how helplessly ticklish she is. From the first moment my fingers made contact with her soft delicate skin and saw her reaction, I knew I was gonna have lots of devilish tickling fun with her.

My fingers aggressively dig into her armpits, ribs, sides and belly as Stefania thrashes around on the table, unable to defend against the tickling. Watching her suffer through my tickle torment and listening to her sweet genuine laughter got me so excited! Her underarms is definitely one of several weak spots for poor ticklish Stefania. I move down to the foot of the table to tickle her exceptionally soft bare soles for a little while before making my way back up to her topless upperbody. I really can’t express enough how much I love making someone suffer through severe tickle torment, especially when they’re as ticklish as Stefania!

Length: 9:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stefania Suffers a Vicious Tickling