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FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Desktop Tickling! Pt 1 Encrypted Laughter!

THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Alexa works as a tech at an intelligence agency. Just as she’s finishing up encrypting some sensitive data files, evil Reagan Lush sneaks up on her! She’s unable to stop Alexa from encrypting the files, but that turns out to be to Alexa’s disadvantage!

Soon, Alexa is tied up with her feet secured to some weird device that Reagan mounts on the desk. Alexa’s not sure what to expect, but she assures Reagan that she’s not going to decrypt the files. Reagan removes Alexa’s shoes and starts to coax her, by massaging her feet. But, the massage soon turns to pure torment, as Reagan viciously tickles Alexa’s crazily flailing feet!

Try as she might, Alexa can’t rip Reagan’s restraint device free from her desk! Fingernails, the steel chopstick, hairbrush and claw massager all make life a ticklish hell for Alexa’s nimble-toed feet, as she cackles and shrieks, begging for mercy! Now and again, Reagan goes back to rubbing Alexa’s feet, just to throw her off balance, but every time the tickling begins anew, it’s very clear that Reagan means business! Will Alexa decrypt the files? Will her ticklish feet become a threat to national security? Find out now!

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FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Holistic Hilarity! Pt 2 You’re Not Ticklish, Are You?

Holistic therapist, Dacey Harlot, let her guard down, after tickling the hell out of Reagan Lush’s feet. Bad move. Infuriated, Reagan subdues Dacey, wraps her in a straitjacket and straps her into the stocks!

Dacey tries to reason that Reagan signed a contract, forbidding clients to revenge tickle her, but Reagan grabs to agreement and tears it up, right in front of her! Then, she removes Dacey’s sandals and asks her if she’s ticklish. Unfortunately for Dacey, she’s every bit as ticklish as Reagan! And then, it begins!

Reagan’s fingernails to go work on Dacey’s scrunching, squirming soles and toes! Dacey laughs and squeals and begs, but this only serves to egg Reagan on! Soon enough, Dacey’s own tools are used against her hilariously ticklish tootsies, as Reagan revels in her laugh-addled suffering! Hopefully, getting some well-earned tickle revenge will help Reagan relax, after the insane day she’s had!

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FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Nylons Are Worse! Pt 9 Slyyy Loses Her Damn Mind!

Slyyy is one of our hottest (and most ticklish) models, yet somehow we’ve never shot a candid video with her, one on one! Thanks to her reminding us of this fact, we’ve decided to fix that. Now, Slyyy sits nervously in the stocks, awaiting her impending tickle doom … in nylons.

Slyyy is already super ticklish. Her big, size 9.5 feet are so sensitive that even a foot massage is too much for her. (We’ve tried. And we try again, in this video.) She admits to doing her own pedicures, because having someone else handle her feet is just too much for her. She also admits that as ticklish as her bare feet are, they’re even moreso in nylons!

Honestly, even if you don’t have a tickling or foot fetish, watching and listening to Slyyy being tickled is very entertaining. Hilarious, in fact. She howls, cackles, thrashes about, like a woman possessed and shouts semi-coherent obscenities as her feet flail about, in a toe-squirming frenzy! Whether it’s feathers, soft brushes, fingernails, whatever, Slyyy’s unbearably ticklish tootsies can’t handle it!

Speaking of fingernails, Macy Cartel arrived at the studio, while we were filming this and was delighted to lend a hand … or rather, her long, wicked nails! She steps in and drives Slyyy absolutely berserk as those nails spider walk up and down her soles and skitter between her toes! Slyyy is in toe-tal tickle panic, in this one. Don’t miss it.

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FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Rise of Nefertiki! Pt. 3 Nefertiki’s Tickle Revenge!

Last episode, the goddess Eris (Jessica Jones) mercilessly foot-tickled the Egyptian sorceress, Nefertiki (Honey), to learn the whereabouts of her golden sandals. However, Eris’ plan has backfired! The tickle torture has awakened Nefertiki’s latent goddess powers! Now, with a simple command, the newly awakened Egyptian goddess of tickling is free … and Eris is now mummy-wrapped from shoulders to ankles, dreading her fate! And Eris’ big, bare, size 10 feet are the perfect tickle targets!

Eris hows and shrieks with hearty guffaws and crazed cackling! Her tender tootsies flail and squirm, in a tickled panic, but there’s no escaping the tickle goddess’ long, wicked fingernails … or feathers, brushes and whatever else she uses to tease and torment Eris’ hilariously ticklish feet! The Greek goddess of strife wonders how her scheme could have gone so wrong as she begs for mercy!

Nefertiki wants Eris to bring back her newly-won servant, Amara (Dacey Harlot), from Limbo. But, will Eris be able to focus her power adequately, while being tickled silly? And even if she can, what happens when Amara returns to find her cruel, former mistress in such a helpless state? Find out now!

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Download – The Rise of Nefertiki! Pt. 3 Nefertiki’s Tickle Revenge!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Rise of Nefertiki! Pt. 2 Mummified, Betrayed and Tickled!

Nefertiki (Honey) won her wager against Eris (Jessica Jones), but the petty and unstable Greek goddess does not taking losing very well! She banishes her servant, Amara (Dacey Harlot) to Limbo and casts a spell that leaves Nefertiki mummy wrapped from shoulders to ankles! Nefertiki magically sent her coveted golden sandals away, last episode, and Eris demands to know where they are!

Nefertiki defies the double-crossing goddess, but Eris finds a conveniently-placed writing quill and heads toward the bound sorceress’ helpless, bare feet with it! Her fear of what Eris might do with the feather are realized quickly as the goddess strokes her long, narrow, bare soles with it, sending her into fits of panicked laughter! Nefertiki’s long toes wiggle and squirm as her soles scrunch and flex! She writhes around as much as she can, but there’s no escaping the humiliating foot-tickle torture!

Eris mocks the shrieking, guffawing sorceress as fingernails, feathers, oil and brushes keep her laughing, til she’s hoarse and nearing exhaustion! But, just as a second round of hairbrush-induced tickle agony begins, Nefertiki’s power surges! Will it be enough to free her? Find out now and stay tuned for the next episode!

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Download – The Rise of Nefertiki! Pt. 2 Mummified, Betrayed and Tickled!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep 184 Ticklante vs The Serpent Queen!

IDW PUBLISHING PARODY: Last time around, the evil Serpent Queen (played by KK Qing) agreed to join forces with two Hammer agents, to stop the Ticklante! But now, the Ticklante has tracked down the Egyptian immortal, to renew a centuries-old enmity! Their battle is brief, but hilarious, as Ticklante chooses to fight by launching a tickle ambush on the sexy Amazons ribs!

In no time, our hero has the enraged immortal subdued, bound and partially mummified! Her sandals are removed, to reveal her giant, size 11 bare feet! Ticklante wants to know who freed the Serpent Queen from her imprisonment, but the spiteful demigoddess merely sneers at him … that is, til he starts tickling her big, helpless feet!

The Serpent Queen howls, cackles and shrieks with uncontrollable laughter, as her big soles flail about and her long toes, scrunch, flex, wriggle and writhe! Fingernails, feathers and all manner of tickle tools keep the super-powered enchantress in foot-tickled hysterics, as she slowly breaks! But, when she does break, not only does she out the Hammer, she also claims to have heretofore unknown info about the Egyptian goddess, Nefertiki, and her connection to our hero! Looks like more mystery and intrigue are afoot (two big ones, in fact), so don’t miss this one!

Vdeo: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6778 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 19:55.494
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Download – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep 184 Ticklante vs The Serpent Queen!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Karly’s Home Shopping Tickle Disaster!

Celebrity TV hostess, Karly Salinas, is doing a bit for CAKL Network’s Home Shoppers Channel. She’s showing off an automated gadget, called the Robo-Foot Massage, which allows people who live alone to get a foot massage, without calling a masseuse! The device even removes her shoes for her! She’s a bit taken aback, when she sees that the device’s hands have been fitted with the long fingernail attachments, but she bravely goes ahead with the demo. Her feet are strapped into a set of steadying restraints and she’s ready to go!

As Karly gets into having her tired, aching feet rubbed by the device, she mentions that she likes her foot massages to be a little rougher, so she uses the remote to adjust the machine to one of its highest settings. Big mistake. Suddenly, the hands go from tenderly massaging to cruelly tickling her (now) wildly squirming feet, with its wicked fingernail attachments! Karly goes berserk, cackling and thrashing about, caught completely off-guard! As the hysterical hostess struggles, in a laugh-addled fit, she drops the remote and starts swearing, on live TV!

As Karly’s foot-tickling ordeal continues, sales for the Robo-Foot Massage skyrocket! The demo, such as it is, has gone viral and viewers are absolutely loving the show … so much that management has Karly’s wrists strapped down and won’t allow anyone on the set to give her back the remote! A cameraman tries to help, but when he tells her that management will only allow him to do so much, she cusses him out … thus earning herself an even more intense tickle setting, as he teaches the snooty celebrity a lesson in manners!

Though the demo isn’t going as planned and has Karly in toe-squirming, sole-scrunching, laugh-out-loud tickle agony, sales are through the roof! People seem to be buying it as a gag gift, so management re-brands the Robo-Foot Massage as the Self-Tickler 2000! Hopefully, management will be kind enough to give Karly some hazard pay, for taking one for the team!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6817 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Download – Karly’s Home Shopping Tickle Disaster!