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TheTickleRoom – Still Ticklish Toes Marylou!

What. A. Return! For those who are new Marylou is one of our most popular models EVER. I do not know if I ever told anyone how we met but I always say a higher power connected us. Marylou answered an online ad because she was curious about trying something new. Well we met at a drive thru where she literally just hopped in my truck like “lets go!”. I actually scold her to this day lmfao but our friendship grew from there. She started as an innocent girl who literally would blush talking about sex and tickling to now being a headstrong amazing woman. Well after a hiatus she is now BACK and ready to laugh for all of you again (even though the first thing she says is why did I do this again) because she is hyper and I mean HYPER sensitive. We start removing Marylous shoes and exposing her black socks that are so sweaty from a long day of work her soles color shines through. The MOMENT I touch her feet she LOSES it. It has been years and she is already screaming and laughing. The socks are still on and shes this bad. I get the socks off quick and she is fighting and laughing trying to keep it in. She said it was extremely overwhelming. The lotion and tools are WAY to much for Marylou now. I don’t need any toe ties for this and do not use them because seeing Marylous foot shape is so sexy as she fights the tools. This is one of my favorite clips I shot from Texas and its good to see her back.

Length: 10:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Still Ticklish Toes Marylou!

TheTickleRoom – Desi and Veronicas Double Hogtie

Veronica and Desi just went through a HELLISH tickle. But now its time for BOTH of them to get it. Veronicas make up is ALL over the place and Desi is exhausted. This is the final push as they are hogtied facing the camera and I step behind them. I tickle both their feet now Veronica is TERRIBLY ticklish and hysterical off the bat while Desi giggles until I start getting her thighs. Now its a chorus of laughter by Veronica and insults by Desi as she struggles. I then get my tongue between Veronicas toes and she LOSES it. For those who are new she is INSANELY licklish. But now Desi who HATES lickling starts fighting more afraid of getting her toes sucked but instead I tickled her soles and she fights so I go for her sides. She screams laughing cursing me out calling me a bitch and then I suck her toes and she LOSES it before I start tickling both their toes and now Desi is way more ticklish. I then focus on Veronica and start sucking her toes intensely while she hysterical laughs. But we cant leave Desi out so I start tickling Desis thighs. I leave Veronica alone and start heading to Desis toes and she FIGHTS me until my tongue slides in her toes and she goes crazy but I do NOT stop. She protests telling me off before kind of getting out of her bondage so I make it WAY worse on her. This is one more hilarious amazing clip with 2 amazing talents.

Length: 8:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Desi and Veronicas Double Hogtie

TheTickleRoom – Amys Hysterical Upperbody!

Amy was fun to tickle on her feet but her stomach and armpits? Oh man its the WORST for her. The moment I touch her stomach she is a giggling mess. The hips are really bad the moment I start. She is HYSTERICAL laughing as hard as she can. You can tell this is TOTALLY different from the feet. But then…..belly button fans rejoice. The MOMENT I touch her belly she LOSES it. She cannot handle it AT ALL. One finger and its OVER but then I bust out the raspberries. She lets COMPLETELY loose when I do that to the point where I have to give her a chance to breath. She is opening up so much more now. She is more comfy and loving the release of laughter. Then I get to those ribs. She is hysterical AGAIN. EVERYTHING above those knees makes her hysterical. She is unable to stop laughing until my hands are off for a while. She is one of the top upperbody ticklish models in Texas but then? Its armpits time. Exactly what I expected. She LOSES it. Her laugh is EXPLOSIVE now to the point where she NEEDS breathing breaks. This is one amazing upperbody where ALL of you from the hip ticklers to the belly button fans ALL get love. Rejoice. We have an upperbody queen!

Length: 10:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Amys Hysterical Upperbody!

TheTickleRoom – Allisons Gang Tickle “For The Homie!”

So for those who are new to The Tickle Room Allison has been one of our most popular and longest running models for 8 years now. Well she brought a new model Sapphire and they both helped me tickle torment poor Sakura. Well Sakura now wants some damn revenge but Allison decides it would be better to let Sapphire see her go first so she giggles her way into the stocks. So Allison is a GREAT sport about being tickled and ALL of the sensitivity is on her SOFT size 8 soles. Well we start with her toe tied and now me, Sapphire, and Sakura all gang up on Allison and her poor soles……and lets just say Sapphire and Sakura QUICKLY learn how much lickling and tickling are an evil combination.

Length: 16:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Allisons Gang Tickle “For The Homie!”

TheDevilsFootstool – Suki’s Bikini Tickle

Here is the very sexy Suki relaxing on a bed while she has her size 5 feet teased and tickled. Suki is only mildly ticklish but her sexy soft feet are still a lot of fun to play with. I have Suki take on the counting game challenge in this clip while laying face down and soles up. Enjoy!

Length: 10:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Suki’s Bikini Tickle

TheDevilsFootstool – Morgana Wrapped and Tickled

Goddess Morgana is mummy wrapped, blindfolded and her size 10 feet are locked in stocks. This was the first time I tickled Morgana and was pleased how ticklish she was. Morgana has a sexy laugh to match those beautiful size 10 feet. Enjoy!

Length: 11:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Morgana Wrapped and Tickled

TheDevilsFootstool – LilMizzUnique’s Bare Feet Tickled in Stocks

This is the second part LilMizzUnique’s first ever tickle video as well as her very first time in stocks. This is the second part of a two clip series where LilMizzUnique has her size 7 bare feet locked in stocks and tickled. Unique also is flipped onto her stomach for some soles up tickling in stocks. Enjoy!

Length: 16:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – LilMizzUnique’s Bare Feet Tickled in Stocks