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TKLCLAWS – Liza’s Toes – Pt V

Duration: 8:23.475
Size: 267,277 Mb

Download – Liza’s Toes – Pt V

TKLCLAWS – Liza’s Toes – Pt IV

Duration: 7:29.677
Size: 254,71 Mb

Download – Liza’s Toes – Pt IV

TKLCLAWS – Liza’s Toes – Pt III

Duration: 8:07.983
Size: 262,102 Mb

Download – Liza’s Toes – Pt III

TKLCLAWS – Liza’s Toes – Pt II

Sometimes the conversations I have with the women I tickle while I’m tickling them are just as amazing as the physical tickling. Liza has a great personality for a ticklee, she jokes, teases me with her toes, and when she feels the tickles hit in the right way she holds her head back, and just laughs beautifully. She loves having me tickle her feet, and it shows. Watch this video, and you might find yourself laughing too.

Duration: 10:20.808
Size: 308,433 Mb

Download – Liza’s Toes – Pt II

TKLCLAWS – Liza’s Toes – Pt I

I met up with Liza in NYC, and not only is she gorgeous, but her feet are beautiful, very soft, and ticklish. I explored all areas of her feet, but the hotspot was her toes! Her toes are really sensitive, but they’re also really strong. She was trying to keep me out by scrunching them, but that only made it more fun trying to get in there.

Duration: 11:11.783
Size: 307,893 Mb

Download – Liza’s Toes – Pt I

LaPrincesasTickling – Mariangel Full Control Series – Victoria

Brand new series with our resident tickler Mariangel

Full Control Series

This series will bring you a variety of models. Some new and some returning from previous clips with Mariangel.

The concept of the series is that each clip is 5 minutes with the first portion being upperbody tickling and the second portion of the clip being a close up foot tickling shot.

Ok, so let’s start with a brand new model Victoria (Her step-sister will be the next clip). Poor Victoria (19) was not expecting this tickling thing to be this severe. This new comer is not able to with stand the tickling wrath of Mariangel has her very petite upper body is way too sensitive to tickles.

The laughs are really pouring now since Mariangel as now moved on to the very cute size 6 feet of Victoria. Mariangel is bring a full Cosquillas attack on those cute soles and Victoria is in tickle dismay.

Duration: 5:00.590
Size: 720,763 Mb

Download – Mariangel Full Control Series – Victoria

LaPrincesasTickling – Mariangel Full Control Series – Veronica

Mariangel is back with a brand new 19 year old cutie for us, actually she’s more of a perfect 10 then a cutie. Veronica is another friend of our resident tickler and she was not prepared mentally for this kind of a situation and you can tell from the get go.

Our new future model is not happy at all about what’s going here, you can tell she wants to be mad but she’s stuck laughing instead. It also doesn’t take long before Veronica starts bucking and shaking around trying to escape Mariangel vicious ribs and armpit tickles.

Now Mariangel moves to Veronica’s perfect size 4.5 super soft soles and we get the same reactions all over again. Poor Veronica has some very happy feet and she’s trying to get away, but to no avail.

It’s always fun to watch a super pretty girl tickled and I believe that if the shoe fits…well you the point…enjoy Veronica 🙂

Duration: 5:00.750
Size: 73,362 Mb

Download – Mariangel Full Control Series – Veronica