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TICKLETortureInnocentTicklishGf – Erika Part 1 – Erika never accepted to be tickled obligated by her family

Erika hates being tickled (FM/F). Erika is not a fetish model, she isn’t either a model, she is the girl next door that will NEVER ever accept to be tickled. And she will never accept participating in a fetish video!

Erika has made some mistakes, and her family discovers it. We made an agreement with her (very poor) South American family and then her family obliged her to participate. Just to be absolutely clear, this video is NOT STAGED. In this video – with permission of her family – we use tickle as Correctional Education method

You may not believe in angels, but you believe in doctors! Even if they use tickling as a therapy or as a Correctional Education. And you cannot imagine how many people we had to involve and corrupt to organize this. Fortunately in many countries corruption is legal if you make a bill as a “donation”…

And of course, as always with our victims, her family received free-of-charge medical insurance, and some debts paid.

What you will see is real. We asked her to hold and not to laugh, but she can’t hold, she is too ticklish. She is very ticklish, probably not as ticklish as Fernanda, who peed her pants and refuse 1250$ to participate again, or Vanessa, who couldn’t even breathe with her non-stop hysterical laughing, or Darla that had her face soaked with tears from so much crying while laughing. But however Erika hates to be tickled, and hates that she can’t control her laugh, and her body when tickled, you will see how hard Erika tries not to laugh… how hard she tries to hold the torment…

Length: 16:03
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Erika Part 1 – Erika never accepted to be tickled obligated by her family